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Title: Jaded Muse Jumble

Author: light

A Cowboy Bebop Fan Fic. PG 13

"Tell me again why we are back at Mars? We have been here already." Faye complained as she reclined on the couch

"Well for one there are bounties a-plenty to capture, and second, I think its pretty here." Jet explained as he steered the ship

"Hmm, well I guess we can make a quick stop here." Faye closed her eyes and was about to take a nap when she heard a loud shout.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH not again! Jet the shower is busted again." Spike came running from the bathroom with a towel tied around his waist.

"Aww poor baby, did the water burn you?" Faye sarcastically gushed.

"No, but I bet you would have liked it, if it did." Spike narrowed his eyes and frowned

"There would be nothing I'd rather see than a scalded red Spike screaming in the bathroom." Faye laughed

"Well Spike, I guess I'll fix it tomorrow." Jet sighed, "Can you last that long Spike?"

::those stupid plumbing pipes are such a pain:: Jet gritted at himself

"Both of you are pains in the ass." Spike muttered angrily, as he went to go change into clothes

"Cry me river." Faye hissed and got up to find some food

"I don't think there is any food in the fridge." Jet announced psychically

Faye snorted and looked anyway, there was only a moldy portion of some type of food that probably was once a vegetable. Faye's stomach rumbled and she miserably sat back down on the couch

"Jet we better find some bounties soon or I'll die of starvation." Faye complained

"That would be horrible wouldn't it" Jet retorted

"Ya know you don't have any food either." Faye gritted her teeth, and began to paint her toenails red.

"Heeeeeeellllooooooooo!" Ed came cartwheeling into the room smiling brightly

"Well aren't we a ray full of sunshine?" Faye looked at Ed funnily, and returned to painting her nails.

"Ed wants to know what Faye-Faye is doing!" The aroma of toenail polish coming from the bottle fascinated Ed. She bent down and sniffed it.

"I'm painting my nails and I wouldn't sniff that if I were you." Faye warned as she looked at Ed sniffing it

"Ed don't feel so good." Ed plopped over swirly-eyed from sniffing it

"I told you." Faye finished painting and put the nail polish away into her room. She walked very carefully not to smear the paint. When she rounded the corner she ran into Spike.

"Hey watch where you are goin' gees." Faye said annoyed

"Oh sorry your royal pain in the ass, I wouldn't want to ruin your pretty pedicure now would I." Spike retaliated and pushed Faye out of the way.

"Ya know you really are a pain." Faye looked up at him and snarled. She walked past him and into her room.

"Shrew." Spike muttered under his breath as he walked lazily into the room where Ed, and Jet were

"I hate women." Spike slumped down on the couch and frowned

"I would have never guessed." Jet responded automatically as he found a suitable landing port for bebop

"I thought that it would be better if we decided to dock on the station orbiting Mars so we can make a quick getaway if necessary." Jet told Spike

"Sure whatever. Just land soon I need a drink." Spike stared dozily at the ceiling

"Ed feel weird." Ed announced loudly as she pulled out her computer and snapped on her goggles and proceeded to type with her toes.

Jet landed on the dock. He walked to the Hammerhead and blasted down to Mars, followed shortly by Spike and Faye as they all blasted in different directions across the planet.

Ed and Ein were left alone on Bebop

Ed after a while lifted her goggles and hunted around for Ein. "Hello there doggy. Why does everyone on Bebop leave us behind, and go on adventures with out us?"

Ein cocked his head and barked

"Ed thinks that we should leave Bebop and go on an adventure!" Ed smiled and flipped over Ein a couple of times.

Ein barked and whimpered

"Ed knows how to go, Ed will fly Jets ship and then use remote to send it back. Ed has been practicing!" Ed laughed and rolled into Ein

"We will leave tonight when they are fast asleep." Ed jumped and ran back to her computer and snapped on he goggles.

When Jet, Faye, and Spike got home and fell asleep Ed painted a goodbye note. After painting, Ed grabbed Ein and both snuck out of Bebop on Jets ship.

When Ed left, however, evil brewed within stinking range of Bebop. Vicious and his henchmen of the Red Dragon, had just previously captured Julia and now were planning a surprise attack on Bebop.

"Master what is your bidding?" Vicious' henchman saluted

Vicious pointed to a ship in the distance "You see that ship? I want you to plant this poisoned food onboard." Vicious sneered and handed him a plate of tainted chicken.

"Wouldn't it just be easier to destroy them with our ships guns than poisoning them?" the henchman questioned

"Just do it, you will see in due time what I am up to." Vicious ordered sharply his razor blade eyes glaring at the man.

"Yessir!" He took the chicken and flew to Bebop and planted it there.

"Welcome to Mars, Spike, and happy bounty hunting." He motioned to another man sitting at a computer. The man created an imaginary bounty named Travis Dolton and put into the Bebop's computer.

Vicious sneered, his cold features curled menacingly into a crooked smile "Everything is going exactly to plan."


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