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Chapter fifteen: Ribbon of silk

Spike was sitting down on the musty yellow couch opposite Jet. He was deep in contemplation. His chin was in his hand and a lit cigarette burned listlessly from his lips. Jet sat leaning back on the other couch with his hands behind his head and his legs were propped on the table between them.

"So Spike tell me why didn't you turn in Faye huh? Is it because you like her?" Jet taunted and chuckled

Spike narrowed his eyes and glared at Jet "You like making things hard on me don't you?"

"What can I say except when's the wedding, and is there a free buffet?" Jet teased

Spike drew his gun quickly and shot it at Jet, the bullet pierced the yellow fabric just an inch from his head. Spike grinned and put the gun in his breast pocket.

"Next time I wont miss." Spike spitted flatly and he closed his eyes and sprawled out on the couch.

Jet got the picture and shut up. " You didnt have to mess up the chair you know.."

:: Im surprised Spike it looks like you actually made a good choice::

"Is Ed here to stay you think?" Spike asked looking at Ed cartwheel down the corridors

Faye woke up uneasily, at first not sure of where she was. Then she noticed that the entire right half of her body was incased with bandages and some of her left side too. Her head was also partially bandaged.

::Oh great I can't move a single muscle, I'm temporary immobile. Wait, Spike, the bounty hunters, that couldn't have been a dream could it? No, it couldn't have been, he held me, He brought me here.::

Faye smiled and sighed. Right as Faye was about to attempt to get out of bed, Ed flew threw the air, landed on the floor did a summersault and put her face right at Faye's.

"Faye-Faye your awake! Ed missed you!" Ed rubbed her cheek against Faye's.

"I misffed you too Edda. When did youss combe back?" Faye tried to speak but her words came out muffled from Ed.

"I donno Ed comes when Ed comes." Ed pulled away from Faye and flip-flopped out of the room making barking noises.

"Well it looks like Bebop's back to normal." Faye cracked "Now for getting out of this bed." Faye talked to herself

"I wouldn't get up if I were you, you're not fully healed yet." Spike advised, as he stood propped up against the doorframe with his lit cigarette in his mouth

Faye looked at him for a minute, and tried to get up anyway. "I'm not gonna be bedridden today thank you." Faye said simply with a smile as she slowly began to maneuver her body upward.

Spike just stared at her "Its gonna hurt, I know from experience."

" Its been proven women have a higher tolerance for pain than men do, so I think I can overcome a few scratches and sit up" Faye smirked and pushed her only good arm, more upward. She just about achieved her goal when a searing pain jolted through her rib cage and forced her to slump hard back down on the bed.

"Dammit" Faye winced from the pain

"You're a stubborn shrew you know that." Spike laughed as we walked towards Faye with his hands behind his head

Faye glanced at him and frowned "I wouldn't be talking if I were you."

Spike stood beside Faye looking down at her grinning "Do you want some help or not?" he said smoothly

"I got it, I got it, Lughead, I don't need your help" Faye growled

"Alright, be my guest but, don't come crying to me once you break your other arm." Spike began to turn and walk out the door

Slowly, Faye began to prop herself up inch by inch until she finally was sitting up in her bed.

"Ha told you I could do it fool." Faye laughed and smiled widely as she stuck her tongue out at Spike

Spike turned and came back in the room "Forgive me my highness for ever doubting your superior ability of sitting up." Spike mocked her sarcastically

"Hey you were the one just telling me I couldn't do it." Faye's mouth drew into a tight frown and her eyes narrowed

"Alright, alright you win, just shut up already." Spike surrendered and sat down on the bed beside her

"Hmph" Faye turned away from him, as she did a similar searing pain overwhelmed her again and she winced and gritted her teeth.

"Shhhhhhiiiiittttt." Faye clenched her teeth and doubled over, which resulted in even more pain. Faye finally fell backwards moaning.

Spike grinned and laughed at her "Are you still up on that offer of help?"

Faye glared at him and reluctantly threw up her left arm and he helped her slowly up. "Lughead."

Spike fake-smiled held Faye up with one arm. "Ya know, you should listen to me more often." Spike grounded out his cigarette and lit a new one and stuck it in his mouth

"Why is that?" Faye playfully took his cigarette from his mouth and smoked it. Her jade eyes entranced his auburn ones

He brought Faye in close to him and took the cigarette from Faye's lips and threw it on the ground. He then leaned, in an embrace, and kissed her overpoweringly on her lips.

Faye was caught a little off-guard by this, but she had no hesitation to kiss back harder. Her lips parted slightly and his tongue slipped in. She felt his hand move up her back and clutched the side of her face. His hand was massaging her soft cheek gently. Then his other hand went down and clutched her small back tenderly. She took he only good arm and placed it gingerly behind his head running her fingers through his green nappy hair.

::why is he doing this? What about Julia? Does he actually love me?::

Ein walked by the room, looked at Faye and Spike, cocked his head, whimpered slightly and walked back the way he came.

:: what am I doing? Julia, my love am I throwing that all away for Faye? Julia was my first and so far only love, but I feel things for Faye I never felt before.:: Spike pulled away from the kiss and stared into her spherical jade eyes. "That's why." he said simply

Faye gazed longingly at him her jade eyes twinkling like gemstones and her ruby red lips curved like a ribbon of silk into a pure smile. ::Spike kissed me, this is like a dream, only its reality. I think my life is finally getting better. I might have just won this poker game of life. I might have just beaten the house. Wait what if, he just saw me as a replacement for Julia? What if he were kissing me because he missed and needed to kiss her, but saw me?.::

::Faye, I hope you know that you melt me when you look at me with those eyes. Those eyes filled with warmth and life. Its almost if she can see right into my soul and just clean it of all bad thoughts replacing it with a warmness::

"Spike I have to ask you something." Faye whispered to him

"Shoot." Spike smiled while kissing her quickly on her lips again

"Am I just a replacement for the loss of Julia?" Faye asked with a serious tone

"No, you could never replace Julia." Spike told her, but right after he said that, he realized what he had said, but it was too late.

Faye tore away from him suddenly "What! So I'm just a second fiddle for you am I? Well I'm not staying around here any longer so you can play me." Faye stood up quickly and suddenly, and began to storm out the room. Her injuries were not as bad because she had other things to think of.

"Faye no, that not what I meant, come back." Spike ran after her and grabbed her shoulder.

"What do you mean Spike? Tearing his hand off her shoulder "So if I am a replacement for Julia you will never love me, you will only love her?" Faye burst into tears and ran out of the room picking up a pack of Spike's cigarettes and a lighter on the way.

Spike chased after her "No your not her replacement either, Faye, come here." Spike pleaded

"Sorry Spike but this time I'm leaving and I won't come back, not for you or Jet or anyone!" Tears streamed down Faye's face. She picked up her gun, the cigarettes and the lighter and walked briskly to the spruced-up Red tail.

"Oh so you were planning to sell my Ship too?" Faye yelled looking at the new paint job and the repaired engine. "Well I'm sorry you aren't gonna get any money from her." Faye began to climb up the ship, her tears falling on the paint.

Spike ran in front of the ship and yelled to her "Faye please, Julia is gone, I don't care about her anymore, I care about you."

"Where did you get that line from, a soap opera? Sorry Spike but you can find someone else to get a good time from, I'm not some skank to be used for the sexual pleasure of others." Faye blasted over Spike's head and sailed out of Bebop in a love-torn rage.

Memories of Space Cowgirls...


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