Chapter 10

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"Ferula" Poppy cast for the final time and a bandage wrapped around Dexter's right arm.

He had managed to convince the matron that he was ok, but in reality, he was far from alright. He was going to be sent back to the Slytherin common room and they would attack him again, he just knew they would.

Dexter knew that he wouldn't survive if they did. He may have only been eleven, but he wasn't stupid. He knew that his problems wouldn't be solved overnight.

He was in danger and ironically, the danger came in the form of his own house.

Draco Malfoy told him that it had been the Gryffindors he had to watch out for, but it turned out that the Slytherins were just as dangerous.

He wasn't about to place his trust in anyone else. He had been hurt too many times. By his friends, his housemates, his parents...

Dexter wanted nothing more than for his mum to give him a kiss on the forehead, to wipe his tears away and to tell him that everything was going to be alright.

He wanted his father to ruffle his hair and to hold him, like he had done when Dexter had been younger.

But his parents weren't hadn't sent him any letters. They weren't there to fix his problems anymore.

This wasn't the type of thing his parents could fix. This wasn't like the times he'd fallen over when he was younger. They couldn't slap a plaster over this one.

Dexter had spent the previous night sobbing silently into his pillow until he'd fallen asleep.

He had come to Hogwarts thinking that it would be great. 'You'll make great friends' the hat had said. 'It's the best of all the houses' Jack had told him.

Lies. They were all lies. He just hadn't seen it before because he was so damn trusting!

He couldn't go back. He wouldn't go back. They couldn't make him.

Dexter made a split second decision right then and there.

"I'll be back to change the bandages in an hour or so. Just call me if you need anything" Poppy told him with a smile before walking away to where Dexter assumed her office was.

Little did the matron know was that Dexter wouldn't be there in an hour or so.

The eleven year old jumped off of the bed once he was certain the matron had gone, hissing as he put pressure on his feet. He was still sore from the Cruciatus curse.

Dexter shuddered as he was reminded of the torture curse. It had felt like hot knives were stabbing at him over and over again. It had only lasted one or two minutes, but it had felt like hours.

'Another reason not to go back' he told himself.

Dexter stumbled over to the door and slowly opened it so that it wouldn't creak and alert Madam Pomfrey.

After he was sure that no one was roaming the halls and waiting to jump out at him, Dexter pushed open the doors and hurried out of the hospital wing.

He'd be damned if he let them get him again.

He stuck to the shadows as much as he could, just in case somebody were to see him. He knew that he could get into a bit of trouble by the Professors when they found out that he'd left the hospital wing, but surely his life was more important than a detention.

'At least I know why I wasn't a Gryffindor. I'm a coward' Dexter berated himself, peeking around a corner. The coast was clear and so Dexter pressed on.

It pained Dexter to be running away from his problems, but what else could he do?

Dexter audibly groaned when he saw the staircase he would have to climb up.

'You could always go back to the hospital wing and wait for them to send you back to the dungeons' a voice in his head told him.

Dexter put his foot on the first step and grabbed a hold of the banister. He would have to take it slowly and be careful not to overexert himself.

Dexter felt the bandage around his torso unravelling and he winced, holding his chest with the hand that wasn't gripping the banister like a lifeline.

'Just one staircase Dexter, then you can rest' Dexter told himself.

Dexter narrowed his eyes with newfound determination and began limping up the stairs, heart pounding wildly in his chest. If someone saw him, he'd have no chance of escaping.

Dexter bit his tongue hard enough to make it bleed and his eyes began watering as his arms spasmed suddenly, sending a shock wave of pain down his spine.

Dexter stopped for a moment to take a breath. He was good at coping with pain, mostly because he was so accident prone. This, however, was a different kind of pain.

Never before had Dexter thought he'd ever feel sorry for Death Eaters, but if they experienced this type of pain every time they stood before You-know-who, he felt a sense of pity for them. He knew that they sort of deserved it, after all, they willingly hurt and killed people for no reason other than the fact that they seemed to think that they were better than everyone else, but he wouldn't wish that sort of pain on anyone.

Dexter's entire body spasmed and his foot slipped off the step. He managed to grab the banister before he fell forward, but not before he nailed his head on one of the steps.

He blinked, disorientated. Luckily he hadn't knocked himself out and only managed to give himself a small cut on his head.

Dexter began stepping more carefully and thought that he probably looked a little silly, but no one was there to see him make a fool of himself for once.

Dexter finally made it up the stairs and gave into the childish urge to stick his tongue out at it before turning towards the hall.

He had only been in school for a few weeks and hadn't yet explored the entire castle, so he didn't know where everything was.

'Where's the Owlery?' he asked himself, scratching his head with confusion. Everything looked the same, it was like a maze!

'They should really make maps for us to follow' Dexter huffed before choosing to go right. After all, right is always right. Right?

Harry sat in his Transfiguration class that day, but his mind wasn't on casting any spells.

He wondered if the students had gotten expelled for attacking Dexter.

'Probably not, Snape must've found a way to get them off the hook' he thought bitterly.

How anyone could go out of their way to brutally attack an eleven year old was absolutely sickening.

Harry lifted his head to look at Professor McGonagall under the pretence that he was actually paying attention. He really didn't need detention that day.

Harry looked over at Ron, who was sitting beside him, half asleep and he grinned. Ron had slept like a baby the night before, how he was still tired was beyond him.

'Unless he just finds the class boring. It wouldn't be the first time' Harry chuckled inwardly. He made sure the professor wasn't looking before shaking Ron's shoulder, causing the red head to turn and look at him.

"Bored?" Harry mouthed, amusement shining in his eyes.

Ron looked over at the Professor, who had her back to them before looking back over at Harry and mouthing, "When is it over?'

Harry shrugged, he never really kept track of the time, it usually just flew by.

He turned and looked at Hermione, who was sitting just behind him and as usual, taking notes and raising her hand whenever she could. Some things never changed.

"Hermione" Harry whispered to her.

She didn't seem to hear him at first, but then she looked over at him with raised browns. She didn't look impressed.

Harry tapped on his wrist, mouthing, "time?" to which she looked at her watch and whispered, "Thirty minutes left."

Harry turned back to Ron and told him what Hermione had said. He had to stifle a laugh when Ron threw his head back with a pained expression on his freckled face.

Harry looked forward and finally began paying attention to the lesson.

When had McGonagall started talking about conjuring?

The lesson seemed to last forever, but McGonagall was finally beginning to wrap things up and Harry packed his things away.

He planned on checking on Dexter in the hospital wing. Hopefully the kid had woken up by that time.

Harry picked up his bag and caught up with his friends, who were waiting for him by the door.

"I'm off to the-" "Library. Yeah, we know" Ron cut Hermione off before she could finish her sentence.

Hermione narrowed her eyes at him, but the twitching of her lips betrayed her annoyed expression.

"I'll see you two at lunch" Hermione said, glaring pointedly at Ron before leaving in the direction of the library.

"What do you recon she's looking for this time?" Ron asked, but Harry wasn't paying attention. He had a pensive look on his face as he stared down the hall.

Ron turned to see what his friend was looking at.

Turns out that what he was looking at wasn't a what after all. It was a who. And that who was Draco Malfoy, who was staring right back at them.

Finally! A confrontation between Harry and Draco coming up in the next chapter. What is Dexter planning? Sorry for the 'cliffhanger' if this can be considered one. I hope you liked this chapter, the next one will be out soon. :-)