Author´s note: This is my first try at a fan fiction so I hope you will be kind. I would love some constructive criticism. I would also like to note that english is not my first language.

Chapter 1.

Just like for the past months I have woken up in the dark. I am here chained and bound along side my pale and golden brother and he is as angry as I am.

How could our mother do this to us. To lock us away in here in the dark and refuse us to fly and hunt in the air where we belong.

Unlike my pale brother I am fortunate, for since I hatched, I have felt my rider even though he is far away from me, he is in a land filled with cold and snow. It is not usual for us to be able to connect with our riders from such a distance but mine is special. He is strong and powerful in magic and that is just as necessary for us to grow strong.

The time has come for us to break out of this infernal darkness and find my rider. My brother will follow me, this I know for our mother has betrayed us both and we will never follow her or our angry brother again.

He may be bigger that Viserion and I for now but the magic in the air where my rider is strong and in abundance. We will soon overtake him in size and strength.

Viserion is looking at me. He knows it is now that we must act and leave this horrible place.

I open my mouth and breath fire on the chain that is holding my brother and it melts away. There is still the issue of the iron collar that is around his neck and there is still some part of the chain hanging from it but he is no longer bound to the wall. Then he returns the favor and I am free of the chain like him.

We face the wall to the northwest and we breath fire at the same time.

The wall crumbles down and I see sunlight for the first time in months or maybe even years and I roar in joy alongside Viserion. I take flight, it will be hard going at first but it will get easier soon. We have a long distance to cover and we are have not flown in a long time, but we will get find him and with him we shall grow strong.