Minnie was smacking Draco, the sound echoed off the walls, "Wake up, wake up." He wasn't waking up. She started to shake him, "Come on you foul mouthed bleach blonde Englishmen!" Draco started to blink and muttered, "I don't bleach, hairs naturally this color." She started to cry and hug him at the same time, " I thought that you had died, I was so scared." Draco patted her back, "There, there, we have to leave." Wiping her eyes and getting up, Minnie said, "Oh." Draco wobbly got to his feet and walked towards the door, "Um, why I'm I not a vampire?" "Some guy threw Emma off you and dragged her out of here." Draco thought for a second, "She has my wand, so how can we get out?" "Your guess is as good as-" Minnie said before being interrupted by Draco. "Where did she land?" "What?" Minnie asked confused. Patiently Draco explained, "When Emma got thrown off me, where did she land?" Minnie pointed, "Over there." Draco went to where she pointed and looked around. " Too damn dark," he muttered. He went down on his hands and knees and searched around for something. "What are you looking for?" Minnie asked. Draco looked over his shoulder at her, and in an exasperated voice said, "For a clever girl, your not very bright. I'm looking for my wand, it could have slipped out of her pocket, when she fell." He went back to his work. "Found it," he said getting up and brushing off his knees with his free hand. "Aloha Mora," he said and the door opened with a bang. Minnie's eyes went round for a second, "Cool." Draco looked over at her and said, "Let's go." They ran down the dim, dingy gray hallway. Draco looked around when they got to the end, "Where are the guards?" Minnie shook her head," I don't know." He grabbed Minnie's hand and took her down the left side in the fork in the hallway. "How are we going to get out of here?" Minnie asked quietly. "I don't know. I don't have a plan or strategy. I'm just making this up as I go." They reached an elevator, Minnie noticed her reflection in the steel door, the swelling on her face had gone down. "You know what an elevator is right?" Minnie asked when she saw the confused look on his face. "Yeah, I know what an elevator is, I did spend three years around muggles before I met you." He continued, "I'm just confused about the whole situation." He reached out and pushed the up button. The elevator door split open revealing an empty elevator shaft. "Now we know why there were no guards," Draco said dryly. "Which way do we go? Down or Up? Can we go anywhere?" Minnie asked looking down the hole. "I think we go up, because there seems to be only two levels below us and I'll levitate us up." Minnie looked at him and asked fearfully, "Levitate? As in the air, high off the ground?" "Yeah, what are you afraid of heights?" He asked with a chuckle, the chuckle died when he saw the look on Minnie's face, "You are aren't you? Well, time to get over it." Minnie grimaced and stepped up to the elevator, "OK, beam me up Scottie." Draco looked at her surprised, "I thought I'd have to put a body bind on you. And who's Scottie?" Minnie giggled a bit in an insane 'I'm really terrified' kind of way. She was as pale as a ghost and gulped before saying, "I'm more scared of what could happen to us than heights and never mind about Scottie." Draco nodded and got to work. Their flight up was pretty uneventful besides Draco having some difficulty staying airborne and finding the right door. Draco ending up going first to find the door and then got Minnie. Minnie fell to the ground once she got into the doorway; the nail marks around her mouth were livid compared to her unusually pale skin. Draco walked over to her and helped her up; he drew circles on her back and murmured soothing words. "Are you all right?" Draco asked after a minute. Minnie shook herself and nodded. They stealthily walked down the white hallway, ears out for any sign of vampires.

The words of the Riflehiem Chronicles were blurring together to make squiggles and swim around under Morris's eyes. He looked up and rubbed his eyes. "Wonder what the girls found out," he muttered as he got to his feet. He puttered around the office turning off lights and throwing away the various wrappers that had accumulated during their research party. He grabbed his coat and walked out the door. Half way down the street, a hand reached out from the darkness and grabbed him by the throat. The hand held him at an awkward angle. A sinister lisping voice whispered, " We already got the girl and the blonde boy, so you're the useless one. They said I could make dinner out of you." Suddenly the vampire was thrown back. Morris looked down on the stunned vamp, "Not so useless I'am I. Now where are Draco and Minnie?"

Draco tripped on his own foot. He crashed to the floor. Minnie helped him to his feet, "What's wrong with you?" Draco shook his head, "Sorry, the white walls are..." "Disorienting?" Morris asked. Minnie and Draco's jaws dropped to the floor. "How did you get in?" Minnie asked confused and grateful. "I slipped the doorman a twenty." Morris said matter-of-fact. Draco raised an eyebrow, "A twenty? Well, strange as the methods may be, I can't argue with the results." Minnie looked back and forth between Draco and Morris, "Can we please get out of here?" Without a word they walked down the hallway. They reached a lobby, with rich, lush oriental carpets and ferns aplenty. The red walls and decadent furbishing were in sharp contrast to the completely white hallway that they came from. Thankfully the lobby was basically deserted, with only the doorman and clerk in attendance. Striding across the carpets and past the overstuffed gold matched sofa and chairs set, they tried to act like they belong (belonged). Morris gave the doorman another twenty with the words 'we were never here'. The whole group remained silent until they had walked a few blocks away from Rasah's headquarters. Morris hailed a cab. Once they were situated inside Draco and Minnie started to question him. "How did you know where we were?" Minnie asked rubbing her injured cheek. Morris quickly explained about how a vampire tried to kidnap him and that he interrogated him. Draco, looking impressed said, "Damn fine job there." He continued, "But why were we able to get out so easily?" Morris shrugged and said, "We aren't very important, I'm afraid. Besides I think they are way too busy with their preparations for Jormungand's day. They have a lot to do in a very little time, they only have less than a week." He asked as if he just realized something, "Where's Emma? Did she get taken too?" Draco and Minnie looked at one another, they hadn't thought about the fact that Emma was dead, having been preoccupied with escaping. Draco started to say something but just looked up at the ceiling and pushed his hair out of his face. Minnie frowned and bit on her lip, trying to figure out what to say. Morris looked back and forth between them. The cab came to a stop, he paid the driver. They got wearily out of the cab. They walked up to the office. Morris asked again, "Where's Emma? What happened?"

Minnie looked at him when they reached the office door, "She got turned into a vampire." Morris stared dully at her, "What? A vampire?" Draco pulled his collar down, "If you don't believe her here's the bite marks to prove it." Morris looked at them and poked them as if he didn't believe that they were real. Draco hissed and pulled away from him, "I said look, not touch." Morris shook his head and started to put the key in the lock and open the door. Minnie looked at Draco alarmed with their boss' lack of reaction to the news, Draco just shrugged as a reply. They followed Morris into the office. Minnie ran into the office kitchenette. Morris was hunched over the counter, his slightly tanned arms quaking as he struggled to compose himself. He jumped hearing the front door slam shut. Minnie just stood looking everywhere but at Morris, trying to find the right words. "I got her into this you know." Morris's gruff words filled with sadness and guilt got Minnie out of her thoughts. Draco who had just come in said, "She knew the risks. Hell, she was a vampire hunter before she came here. Your not responsible, Rasah is." Morris looked at him and frowned, "I know but I don't." He shook his head and took a deep breath, "We have to find out more about Rasah and what she's doing. By the time were done with this research I want to be able to know every minute detail." Draco nodded, "What about Ray?" Minnie looked at both of them baffled at how they were able to get back to business. "Him too." Morris asked Minnie, "What did you find out when you were researching?" She frowned and paused before answering, "The same sort of thing we already knew. Clean cut parents and Brady bunch upbringing. Minus the siblings."

"Lets hit the books and look for stuff about Ray." Morris looked at their weary faces, "Or I can look for stuff and you two can nap." Relief spread across their faces, nodding they took their leave. Morris went to the phone, picking up a blue address book he did a balancing act as he looked up numbers and chatted with contacts. Minnie sat up, whispering the word 'Emma'. She looked around, near tears. Getting up she accidentally hit Draco's elbow with her foot, he frowned and rolled over in to the sofa. She made her way to the round research table. "Find anything out?" She asked as she sat down. Morris looked up from a book and said, "I found out from a friend in the Watchers Council that Ray is only around eighty. He's a businessman and has invested in crime operations before. That's about it, oh and he has a lot of minions and most other vampires think he's an upstart." Morris sipped his coffee and looked at Minnie, his gray eyes piercing. "He's very secretive, unlike most vampires. He doesn't go for big displays of carnage or destruction." "So we know hardly anything about him," Minnie said fatalistically. Morris, noticing something was wrong asked, "Minnie, is there something bothering you?" Minnie looked down at the table trying to hide the tears in her eyes. She looked up tears streaming down her face, "We didn't even think about her being dead. Until you asked in the cab, we didn't even give her a thought."

Morris took her hand and gave it a little squeeze, "Min, that is normal. You were in a life and death situation. You were just thinking about how to save yourself and Draco." Minnie took her hand back, "That's it! When she got dragged off to get killed, I thought better her than me!" She continued in a whisper, "I'm a horrible person." Morris went over and hugged her, whispering in her ear, "Your not a horrible person, what you thought was natural." Minnie asked in a quiet husky voice, "How can you be so calm and be over it." Morris pushed her away and looked in to her eyes, "I'm not over it, Emma was a good person and I lead her into this. I'm just prioritizing." Draco walked into the room and leaned against the doorframe, "So what did you find out and when can we destroy Rasah? Because we really made a dog's dinner out of it the last time"