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Reality Viewing: Nora's a Mommy

-Chapter 8-

-Last Time-

"It wasn't even real though."

"Oh, like you wouldn't have done that too if given the chance."

'Huh, so this is what it's like from an outside perspective,' Ruby thought as she watched her partner and Nora bickering. 'Yang's right, we do sound like an old married couple…'

-And Now-

"Alright, break it up you two," Kushina stated as she grabbed the squabbling duo by the shoulders and pulled them back into their seats. When they continued to bicker though, the redhead rolled her eyes before swatting them both on the head, almost causing the pair to fall out of their seats from the force. "Keep it up and next time it'll be your asses."

Now that got both Weiss and Nora's hands to all but teleport to their rear ends protectively as the color drained from their faces. ""We'll stop.""

"Good." With that matter settled, Kushina swiped the remote and selected the next episode.

-Chapter 8-

- Pinky y Cerebro-

"Uh… what?" A confused Ruby mumbled with a tilted head as question marks started appearing above her head when the title screen popped up and she couldn't understand anything past the first word.

"It says Pinky and the Brain," Luckily for the raven-redhead Coco was able to read it and couldn't help but giggle when she spoke the translation out loud. Wiggling her fingers in front of Naruto's face, she glanced at the clone of the infant's mother with an amused smirk. "I think you might have accidentally changed the language setting Kushina."

"How? All I did was hit the play button… I think." The otherworldly mother stated, quickly double checking the remote as she spoke.

"Well, I guess I didn't miss that shopping opportunity after all," Coco said in a deadpan voice as she laid on the floor of a bullhead headed for Vale, her clothes all ruffled up, her sunglasses smashed, and minor friction burns were rapidly healing away on her face.

"Ack!?" Coco couldn't help but flinch when she saw the state her other self was in. "Why the hell do I look like I just went mano a mano with a tornado and lost?"

Smirking vindictively, Velvet giggled before playfully elbowing her partner's side. "Oh I don't know, I'd say it's a good look on you."

Standing next to her was a sheepish looking Nora, now dressed in her usual attire with a shiny silver grenade launcher strapped to her back, with an equally as embarrassed Naruto still riding on her shoulders.

"And of course you're involved somehow." Weiss muttered with a shake of her head, not even surprised when the orangette appeared on screen.


"Very much so." Coco stated with a nod, handing Naruto over to Ruby as he leaned in closer to the TV curiously.


-Fifteen Minutes Earlier, Nora-

"TO THE MALL!" Nora declared as she charged out of the cafeteria at NRS, heading straight for the Bullhead docks. About halfway there though, she skid to a stop, which for some reason sounded just like a car stopping, in front of a large window to look at her reflection. "Whoops! Almost forgot to change first!" She said with a laugh before turning around and rushing off in the opposite direction.

"Oh man, going shopping in my jammies, that'd been just silly huh Renny?" The hyperactive teen asked rhetorically with a snicker as her bestest friend hummed softly in agreement.

"You mean like last year when you forgot to put on pants before going to get more syrup for your morning pancakes?" He asked back while stroking Suu's head, causing the little slime to burble happily as she weakly clung to his fingers. Meanwhile, everyone else in the room turned to Nora with wide eyes as said orangette giggled in both nostalgia and embarrassment as her cheeks gained a soft red hue.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that, man did I get in sooo much trouble for that one."


Coco was still standing outside her dorm, debating whether or not she should still bother waking up her two male teammates after hearing the announcement when she was suddenly blown off her feet by a powerful gust of wind.

"What the hell was that?" The coffee haired girl asked as she looked around only to find nothing.

"Oh man," Sighing with a shake of her head, Coco rested her chin in the palm of her hand as she barely resisted the urge to roll her eyes. "I think I know where this is going already…"

-Back to Nora-

Arriving at her destroyed dorm, Nora zipped across the room to the beat up but thankfully still intact dresser and started pulling out her clothes. Setting Naruto down, she quickly changed, not bothered at all with Naruto watching her as he was too young to even start having sexual thoughts yet.

"Oh good lord!"


"Oh for Oum's sake…"

Exclamations rang out all over the room as everyone got a first-class view of Nora's counterpart stripping down to her birthday suit.

"Ah!" Zipping in front of the TV with her face practically glowing red, Nora tried to cover as much of the screen as she could with her body. "Moving along! Nothing to see here! Nothing at all!"

Once changed into her usual outfit, she pulled out a pair of black jean shorts with a button fly and had Naruto put them on backwards. Now fully dressed, Nora placed Naruto back onto her shoulders and rushed out of the room again. "Now to go get Magnhild and we are ready to go!" She cheered as they flew down the halls again.

Nora sighed in relief once her counterpart was fully covered up and slunk back into her seat. "Sheesh, you'd think something like that'd been censored out."

"Oh don't worry dear, we won't tell anyone about that birthmark that looks like-" C Kushina started to say, only to be cut off by Nora quickly covering her mouth with both hands as steam erupted from the orangette's noggin.

"Don't say it!"

'Wow, never thought I'd see the day where even Nora be embarrassed.' Ruby thought, unable to help the amused snicker that slipped from her lips at the poor girl's expense.

-Return of Coco-

Coco had just finished dusting herself off from being bowled over and was a second from swiping her scroll into the door lock, something zoomed past her and knocked her back to the ground. "Hey! Watch where yo-Whoa!"

Before she could finish her complaint, Coco felt something fluffy tug at her arm and the next thing she knew she was being dragged face down along with whatever knocked her over. She had only just had enough time to start using her aura before her face was too badly injured as she was intimately introduced to the floor, a few sets of stairs, and the occasional wall whenever whatever she was hooked on made a sharp turn.

"Ooooooooh…" Almost everyone winced sympathetically as they watched the fashionable brunette getting rag dolled all over Beacon. The only exception was Naruto, who instead clapped with a happy giggle at everyone's 'silly' faces.

And it all culminated in one last slow motion shot of Coco's face slamming into the side of a Bullhead, the camera zooming in to show her smooshed features as the lenses of her iconic sunglasses felt to pieces.

"Now that's just rubbing salt in the wound." The fashionable huntress muttered dryly while reflexively fiddling with her own aviators.

-Back to the Present-

It hadn't been until Naruto and Nora had boarded the Bullhead and were headed into Vale that they had discovered their unintended passenger. Turned out the beret wearing girl's bracelet had snagged onto one of Naruto's tails as the duo passed.

"I warned you that that thing would snag on something sooner or later." Velvet stated with a pointed look while her partner sighed in exasperation and nodded in agreement. Couldn't exactly argue with firsthand results after all.

"Hehehe… sorry about that," Nora said with a nervous chuckle as she helped the second year student back up to her feet and dusted her off.

"It's fine, it wasn't intentional or something so no grudge here. But you are getting me a new pair of sunglasses, and not the cheap kind either got it?" She said, adding a solid glare at the last part directed straight at Nora who nodded her head frantically, almost shaking Naruto off in the process. "Good."

"Well it's just a pair of sunglasses, how expensive could they be?" Nora asked with a shrug… before paling when Velvet held up her scroll in front of the hyper girl's face, showing an advertisement for said sunglasses. "Holy… I could buy an entire pallet of pancakes with that kind of cash! Why would you waste that much money for a pair of fancy shades?"

"Says the girl who wasted six months of savings for a hundred year old bottle of syrup." Ren retorted without missing a beat, making the bubbly girl freeze before sinking in her seat as she giggled sheepishly.

"Touché… and totally worth it."

"You were stuck in bed for two weeks with food poisoning."

"Like I said, worth it."

The flight to Vale was short, only taking about fifteen minutes, and when they landed Coco suddenly took the lead. "Follow me, I know a place that makes specialized clothes for faunus." She said, grabbing Nora's hand and dragging the orangette and her nine-tailed cargo down the street.

"Most likely heading for my cousin Donut's place, he's the best Seamster in all of Vale, even made both mine and Velvet's outfits himself you know." Coco said proudly while gesturing to her and her partner's attire.

"Hmm," Leaning in closer to the coffee themed duo, Weiss pinched the fabric of one of Velvet's sleeves between her fingers curiously. "I'll admit… this is very high quality work, does your cousin take commissions?"

"Yep, I'll send you his number and prices later."

As they walked down the long sidewalks of Vale, Nora and Coco did their best to ignore the dozens of people that stopped in order to gawk, glare, gap, or sneer at the boy still riding atop the grenade wielding girl's shoulders, or more specifically the nine long tails attached to his backside. While she wanted to punch the racist morons in their faces, Nora couldn't really blame the other civilians for staring as it wasn't every day you saw a kid with multiple fluffy appendages that were at least twice as long as the boy was tall.

"They do stick out, don't they?" Kushina asked as she held her son up in the air and thus allowing his tails to unfurl to their full foot long length. Slowly wagging back and forth behind him, the giant bundle of fluff created an almost hypnotic effect around the baby with the constant rippling of red to gold and back again. "Boy is bath time gonna be a hassle for you, isn't it Naru? Gonna be a big messy to clean up, huh?"

Naturally all she got in response was some babbled gibberish as Naruto wriggled in her grasp… before his face suddenly scrunched up for some reason. Said reason was soon revealed why when a VERY strong smell started to flood the room, causing everyone in the room sans Kushina to pinch their noses shut with groans.

"Oh dear, looks like somebody needs a diaper change." The redhead said as she got up from her seat and started making her way over to a far corner of the room where a desk had been set up for just such a situation. Along the way she grabbed a hold of Nora by the arm and started dragging the hyperactive teen along much to her confusion.

"Hey! Lemme go! Why am I going?!" She demanded as she struggled against the otherworldly mother's grasp to no avail.

"Because it's time for you to learn how to change a diaper young lady." Kushina stated, causing a look of dread to appear on the orangette's face.

"Ah man…"

'Serves her right.' Weiss thought with a snicker at hearing Nora's grumbling and whining before focusing back on the TV.

Just like with Beacon, everybody was pulling out their scrolls and taking pictures or videos as they passed. Luckily Naruto completely oblivious to the huge amount of attention he was drawing to himself by simply being in there, more focused on all the other things around him.

"Oooh, what's that? And what is that? And that?" He asked while pointing at random buildings or places. Nora smiled gently as she looked up at Naruto, seeing the pure curiosity and excitement written all over his face as he kept pointing at things.

"Aw… that is so cute~ he's like a puppy seeing a new place~!" Ruby couldn't help but gush at Naruto's innocent curiosity-

"Well, in order that is the police station," She gestures to a tall, yet dull looking building with numerous police cars in front of it, "That is a bakery," She points to a single story building with numerous glass windows displaying a plethora of baked goods, the orangette's eyes narrowed as the owner practically slammed the door shut while sneering at them.

…And now her mood was ruined.

"Astounding how big of an asshole someone can be just because of a few little differences, isn't it?" Ren asked rhetorically, although Ruby still nodded in agreement regardless as she mentally jotted down the bakery's name.

Sure it was 'just a show', but with how accurate it had been so far she was not gonna take any chances of accidentally going to a place like that.

Shaking this off, she pointed to the last building, "And that over there is a dust shop… was a dust shop," Nora corrected herself sadly as they passed, revealing the front of the store was smashed apart and taped off with the owner standing out front giving a testimony to some officers. Her and Coco were quick to hurry along when they both noticed one of said officers turn towards them and give Naruto a dark look.

'And of course, the White Fang are just dumping fuel onto the fires now.' Velvet's ears drooped as she recalled all the extra bullying she had to deal with from those who'd been affected by the former peace group's constant raids. They wanted to force humans to treat them equally and get payback for injustice against faunus kind, but the truth was they were just making the entire mess worse for everyone including the people they 'spoke' for.

Finally, after several more blocks of almost identical reactions, Coco stopped them in front of a small two-story building that was painted an almost blindingly bright pink color with dark purple door and highlights. It had large glass windows displaying a variety of clothes displayed on manikins specifically designed for faunus, such as a jacket that had holes in the back for with spines or spikes, a hoodie with flaps on the hood for ears/antlers/horns, and even a pair of pants designed with a hole in the back for a tail though clearly not the right size for Naruto.

Nora didn't notice any of this, instead she was entirely focused on the large, goofy looking, neon sign that sat a few feet in front of the building. "Donut and Doc's Delightfully Fabulous Faunus Fashion… I like the sound of this place already!" She said with a big smirk as she marched inside, having to set Naruto down first cause of the low ceiling while Coco had to wait for the boy's tails to get all the way in before she could enter.

"That place looks awesome!" Nora cheered while flopping back into her seat, a freshly changed Naruto babbling excitedly in her arms as she set him down on her lap.

Smiling as she took a seat much more sedately, Kushina nodded in agreement. "It does seem like a nice place to shop, the owner definitely seems passionate about his work at least."

"Well it certainly is… bold." Weiss said as nicely as she could, honestly unsure what else to say. Certainly wouldn't be anywhere near the top thousand list of color choices she'd make for a building btu she had to admit the dark purple complimented the bright pink well.

The inside of the store was a reverse of the outside, having dark purple walls with pink highlights. Several more manikins were out on display with varied types of clothing on, the wall to their right was dedicated to types of accessories and makeups, and the left had a set of changing rooms and a set of large mirrors around a raised platform. Finally, at the far back was a pink counter with various flowers painted on, a computer that was turned off, a cash register, and an odd looking brown helmet with an orange visor sitting in the middle.

"Hola, Bienvenido a Doughnut y Doc's Deliciosamente Fabuloso Fau- Oh, es el imitador, aquí robar más de mi estilo ya?" A slightly synthetic sounding voice called out in spanish, which Nora knew the basics of, starting out in a dull tone before suddenly becoming more humored sounding as Coco walked in.

"Who said that? And what did they just say?" Ruby asked with a raised brow, her gaze flickering all over the shop's interior for any sign of the speaker.

Rolling her eyes when Coco just snickered in amusement to herself, Velvet nudged the hooded girl's side to get her attention before pointing to the helmet. "His name is Lopez, he's an old combat bot that Donut's sergeant built years ago. His body got destroyed near the end and due to a programming glitch he can only speak spanish."

"Oh… so what did he say?"

"He was saying a greeting before teasingly accusing Coco of being a copycat of his style."

Nora and Naruto looked around the place in confusion looking for the owner of said voice, only to stop when they saw their coffee themed companion walk right up to the helmet sitting next to the cash register. "Oh come on Lopez, I had this design way before we met. Besides, if anyone is a copycat it would be Velvet, well copybunny in her case but you get my point." She said, leaning against the counter with a smirk.

There was a loud smack as Velvet palmed her face as an exasperated groan escaped her lips. "Could you please stop making that joke every time? It wasn't even funny the first time."

"Oh fine, ruin my fun why don't you." The fashion savvy teen said with a mock pout.

"Cualquier cosa que te ayude a dormir por la noche, mocosa. Ahora, ¿qué quieres?" The helmet called Lopez demanded, somehow lifting up slightly and turning to look at her.

"What he say no-"

"Oh for Oum's sake, enough with this," Snagging the remote before Ruby could finish her question, Weiss quickly flicked through the controls until the subtitles were turned on. "There, now you don't have to keep asking every five seconds."

"Oh, thanks Weiss." The hooded girl said as she gave her partner a hug which Weiss surprisingly allowed… at least for about five seconds anyway.

"Aww man, I hate subtitles." Nora grumbled with a huff.

"I need Donut to hook my gal pal here up with some new threads for her kid, is he in?" Coco explained/asked as she jabbed her thumb at the stunned orangette and excited looking blonde.

"Maldita sí, esa chica debe haber tenido quemaduras severas en la alfombra de hacer estallar eso mocoso. (Damn, that girl must have gotten severe carpet burn from popping that brat out.)" Lopez said as he looked over at the duo, causing Coco to fall to the floor laughing her ass off, Nora's face to start glowing a nice scarlet color, and Naruto to just look confused as he didn't understand what was said.

"HAHAHAHA!" Coco almost joined her counterpart on the ground as she doubled over from laughing so hard, tears welling up in her eyes and shoulders shaking like crazy. Velvet wasn't doing much better, leaning against her teammate for support as she giggled while Nora had been doing the same with Ren but eventually ended up laying across the stoic teen's lap.

"I don't see why you're all laughing, that sounds so painful." Ruby mumbled with a whimper whilst covering her crotch protectively, Weiss nodding as she did the same.

'And suddenly I'm very grateful to that guy who helped with Naru's birth earlier.' Kushina thought with a giggle, both at picturing such a thing and in gratitude that she didn't have to actually experience it.

"Y sí, Pinkie está aquí, un segundo. ¡Idiota! Usted tiene algunos clientes aquí! (And yeah, pinkie is here, one second. Dumbass! You have some customers out here!)" The helmet yelled as it somehow spun around towards a door behind the counter.

"Don't ask, even we don't know how he does it." Coco stated before anyone could ask.

"Coming~" A male but highly feminine sounding voice called back followed by rapid footsteps. After a few seconds the door burst open and out of it came an man of average height, with short glossy brown hair, lightly tanned skin, and wearing a bright pink tuxedo and pants. As soon as he saw Coco, a bright smile crossed the man's lips and he pulled the teen into a hug. "Coco! Oh, it's good to see you again cuz! And so soon too, you were here just last week with that utterly adorable teammate of yours!"

"Yeah Donut, and just like then I got another new customer for ya." Coco said as she pulled herself free and gestured behind her. "Donut, meet Nora and Naruto, guys this is my cousin Franklin Delano Donut."

Nora didn't even have time to blink before the pink dressed man was standing in front of her and shaking her hand. "Nice to meet you, my friends call me Donut, and any friend of my favorite cousin is a friend of mine!" Donut told her boisterously, before turning his attention to the smallest person in the room (Lopez not included "Púdrete." Shut up Lopez) who was now hiding slightly behind Nora.

"Okay! Now I really like this place! That dude looks awesome!" The energetic orangette exclaimed upon seeing Donut, giving the man two thumbs up.

"You're only saying that because he's basically a male you." Weiss stated accusingly, to which Nora just grinned completely unabashedly.

"Of course! Who wouldn't want more of me around?" She asked jokingly… only to end up pouting when everyone, even Ren, held their hands up in response. "You guys suck, especially you Renny."

"Sorry Nora but one of you is more than enough." The stoic teen admitted before handing Suu's bowl over to the sulking girl, instantly cheering her up again as she got caught up playing aroudn with the little slime.

"Oh my… goodness! Aren't you just darling!" Donut gushed as he knelt down to get a better look at him. "And by Oum, those tails of yours are just gorgeous! Eh, but I can see why you brought him here cuz, those clothes look absolutely atrocious on him." He stated, his face scrunched up as he looked at the loose, baggy shirt, and jean shorts that had the boxers sticking out the bottom.

"Don't worry though, I'll have that little issue rectified in no time at all! Could you please have him stand up on the stage?" Donut asked while pointing to the raised platform with mirrors. Nodding, Nora guided the slightly reluctant child over while the pink ("Lightish Red" Damn it Donut, not you to) wearing man walked back behind the counter and rifled around a bit until he pulled out a large tablet scroll and a measuring tape.

"Now, this might tickle a little so I need you to hold still as best you can, okay?" Donut said, his tone suddenly quiet and gently as he approached the nervous boy. Naruto responded with a slow nod, not speaking as Donut started getting his sizes, giggling or shivering whenever the tape brushed against a sensitive spot.

"Okay I stand corrected, unlike you this guy at least knows how to reign in his attitude when it's needed." Weiss said with a smirk, making Nora's pout grow even deeper as she turned her head to the side with a childish huff.

'Hmmm, I wonder how the others are doing?' Nora thought as she and Coco watched Donut do his thing while jabbering about his past as a soldier in the Atlassian Military, known as the infamous Red Team.

-With Team RWBY, Team J PR, and Velvet-

"This certainly is a crappy job, huh?" Yang punned as she scrubbed a white tiled floor with a large soapy brush, earning a multitude of annoyed or exasperated groans from all around. As punishment for all the damage and chaos they, read Nora, caused, Glynda had assigned all eight of them to clean the public bathrooms from top to bottom.

Which was made worse do to yesterday having been chilidog night.

Feeling a shiver run down her spine, Nora looked to the side to see Ruby, Weiss, and Velvet all giving her dirty look. "What? It's not like you guys are actually doing bathroom duty too."

That comment earned the orangette a barrage of various bits of trash from the trio.

"Can't you stop with that foul humor of yours, I'm already in a bad enough mood as it is." Weiss said through gritted teeth as she and Ruby tried to unclog one of the toilets.

"Ugh, that looks nasty with a capital NASTY." Ruby gagged, grimacing at the sight of her other self struggling to avoid the splash back of the fetid latrine water.

She had to get this punishment done fast and then figure out what to do about her sister coming here for Naruto. She wasn't too worried at the moment though as it would take a day or so for Winter to even get to Beacon from Atlas.

Yang responded in a mature fashion… by sticking her tongue out at her snow themed teammate.

'Assuming she uses her personal carrier and she's still at her post back in Atlas, even at max speed it'd take about two days, maybe a day and a half if she was pushing it before she gets to Beacon.' The heiress thought with a nod, quickly running through the numbers in her head. 'Plenty of time to-'

"Um, not to interrupt or anything, but isn't that a high-class Atlas military transport?" Ren asked as he pointed out a nearby window. Head snapping towards the direction he pointed, Weiss felt her blood run cold as she easily spotted a small aircraft. It looked similar to a bullhead only smaller, with four nacelles with long blue ribbons trailing on them.

'And I'm dead.' What little color Weiss had quickly drained away upon seeing that dreadfully familiar aircraft zipping across the sky.

"Let me guess, that'd be your big sis about to ruin your day even further?" Kushina asked, getting the stupefied teen to slowly nod her head.

The vehicle was only in view for a sparse few seconds as it shot through the air and straight towards the Bullhead docking bay. "Well, whoever they are, they certainly are in a hurry. Wonder who it is. You have any idea Weiss?" Yang asked, not getting a response. "…Weiss? I asked if you had an- Hey! Where'd she go?!" She cried out in surprise when she turned around and found the Heiress suddenly missing.

'She can't be here yet! That's not possible! Even at top speed it should have taken at least a day to get here, so how!? How?! HOW!?' Weiss mentally demanded as she rushed down the halls of Beacon as quickly as she could.

"Wow, she is really booking it," Coco said with an impressed whistle. "I haven't seen someone sprinting that hard since Donut found out his friend Tucker was about to give birth."

"Tucker? That's a pretty weird name for a girl." Nora said as she tilted her head to the side, before looking at Coco in confusion when the coffee themed girl burst into laughter for some reason.

Using all of the grace that her fighting style required, Weiss navigated past anything that got in her way with ease. In less than ten minutes, the white-haired teen had made it all the way to the docking bay with sweat pouring from her forehead and her breath coming in ragged gasps. 'I need to work on my stamina, a lot.' She thought, taking a moment to catch her breath as her eyes darted all over the place looking for her sister's ship.

"Now that's an understatement, poor girl looks like she's gonna keel over any second." Kushina said as Weiss shrank into her seat with an embarrassed blush. Stamina had always been one of the heiress's weakest attributes which is why she preferred to end fights quickly and efficiently.

She had been trying to rectify that issue, particularly after failing to beat Yang or Nora in a spar, both girls having simply tanked her attacks until she ran out of steam before finishing her off. Progress had been relatively slow going though, mostly due to her focusing more on schoolwork and trying to improve her control over her semblance.

Feeling sympathy for her partner, Ruby nudged Weiss's side to get her attention and offered a supportive smile. "You could join me for my morning jogs if you'd like."

"I…" The ice queen was about to reject the offer, not wanting to look like she needed a handout. However, one look at her other self struggling to catch her breath and she swiftly decided that her pride was already tattered enough. "Yeah, I think I might just do that."

Finally spotting it, and seeing that her sister was already disembarking, Weiss hurried over to greet her. "Winter! You're here already! How!?" …Did I say greet, my bad, I meant interrogate.

Winter was a tall woman, with short white hair set in a bun, wearing a long white jacket with slits on the arms going from her shoulders to elbows and mostly open in the front, a black corset, white pants, and black/grey garters. Her face was set in a stern expression that softened slightly when she saw Weiss before hardening again. Along her right arm was a long skinny scar that hadn't been there the last time Weiss had seen her sister, which was just before the whole faunus abductions situation. It looked like a branching bolt of lighting or a crooked tree depending on the angle, being at its widest near her elbow where part of it was obscured by her jacket and reaching all the way up to her shoulder.

A low whistle rang out from Coco's lips as she gave the new lady a once over, taking in her clothes and appearance with an approving nod. "Not bad, professional yet still stylish and that scar could pass off as a wicked tattoo, I'd give her an eight and a half out of ten, nine if she's not such prudish ice queen like Weiss."


"Speaking of her scar, I wonder what happened to her?" Velvet added, ignoring Weiss's outraged cry as she rubbed her chin in thought.

"Not to sound judgmental but I'd say it was probably the White Fang," Ren stated, getting the rabbit faunus's attention. "The show has stated that they've gotten far more aggressive with their attacks and we've even seen their attempts at retaliation first hand on the Schnee home. Who's to say it stopped at just trying to blow up their home?"

"Yeah… I could see it." She agreed with a tired sigh.

"Wait, why did their attacks escalate?" Coco asked, prompting Ruby to lean in close and whisper something in the brunette's ear that made her entire face scrunch up in disgust and dismay. "Oh… that would do it alright."

"I was already nearby on important business, but that isn't what we need to discuss right now. Where is he?" Winter asked bluntly making Weiss freeze.

"Hehe… *Gulp* about that…"

-End Chapter-

"Aw man, it was just getting to the good stuff too…" Nora pouted, slumping in her seat with a huff as she rested her cheek on a fist and her other hand gently clasped around Suu. The baby slime gurgled happily while squeezing and slipping around the girl's fingers, even occasionally trying to climb up the limb itself with little success.

"Oh relax you drama queen, I'll just play the next-Hey!" Weiss started to say as she held up the remote to select the next chapter, only to be cut off by an excited Nora to try and swipe it from her.

However, in her over eagerness, the orangette instead ended up knocking out of the heiress's hands… and right out the open window. Silence filled the room as the distance sound of the remote clattering to the ground several floors below before everyone slowly turned their heads to stare at a sheepishly smiling Nora.

"Uh… oops?"

-End Chapter-

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