This movie takes place chronologically between episodes 106 and 107 of Pokémon Cosmic Quest. Reading Cosmic Quest is not necessary to enjoy this movie, but it is suggested.

Meowth and the Treasure of the Ancients

A lone figure stands in the obscuring shadows. In front of his face he holds a brown, wide-brimmed fedora. He narrates, "There's a world of treasure and lost secrets out there. The secrets of history are hidden, just waiting to be discovered. All it takes is one person – or Pokémon – to have the guts to get out there and dig them up."

The figure tilts the hat onto his head, revealing it to be Meowth. In addition to the hat, he also wears rugged tan and brown clothing, that of an adventurer. Somehow, he also seems to have grown stubble on his chin.

He continues his narration, "The name's Meowth, archeologist, adventurer, treasure hunter, and seeker of truths. I won't rest until history has revealed all of its secrets."

Meowth steps down from a biplane that has landed in the middle of a dense tropical jungle. Wobbuffet, wearing a baseball cap, steps out behind him. Meowth surveys the dense jungle around them. "Yes, this is the right place."


"Exactly. Let's get moving." After taking several steps forward, Meowth suddenly stops and holds a paw up to indicate that Wobbuffet should stop too.

Wobbuffet does not notice and walks straight into Meowth, causing it to fall back. "Wobba…"

Meowth asks, "Do you hear that?"

Wobbuffet has gotten back up. "Wobba?"

Seconds later, the sound that Meowth heard becomes apparent. It's a faint buzzing.

Wobbuffet asks, "Wobba wobba?"

Meowth shakes his head. "No, that's not just one bug nearby, the timbre isn't right…" His eyes widen as hears the buzzing grow louder and realizes what it means. "Run for it!" He begins to book it.

Wobbuffet is left behind, not understanding Meowth's meaning. Then, from the vegetation behind Wobbuffet, a massive swarm of Buzzsaw emerges, their collective buzzing now drowning out most other sounds of the jungle. Wobbuffet realizes its mistake and cries in terror, "Wooooooobbuffet!" as it chases after Meowth.

Through foliage of the jungle, an ancient step pyramid comes into view ahead of them. There's an open entrance at its front. Meowth shouts, "Into the temple!" He and Wobbuffet dash in, just as the Buzzsaw begin to catch up with them. Once inside the temple, Meowth leaps upwards, extending his claws, and uses them to slash through an ancient rope. Cutting the rope causes the heavy stone door it was supporting to fall to ground. For several moments, a continuous stream of thumps can be heard as Buzzsaw crash into the door.

Wobbuffet breathes a sigh of relief. "Wobbaaaaa."

Meowth comments, "We're not out of the jungle yet, pally." He beckons to the vast chamber ahead of them. "Welcome to the Lost Temple of the Ancients, home of the legendary Treasure of the Ancients." He grabs a torch off the wall and lights it with a lighter he was carrying on his belt, and begins to move forward. "Stay close to me. If you get lost in here, you'll never find your way out."

Wobbuffet was busy staring at some inscriptions in the wall, but upon hearing Meowth's last words, its eyes snap upward and runs to catch up with Meowth.

Meowth has stopped to study the ancient inscriptions on a wall on the far side of an open chamber. "Hmm… According to these inscriptions, if one seeks the Treasure of the Ancients, then they must first pass three trials." He pauses to ponder. "Say, have you ever noticed how trials always come in threes? I wonder why…"

Wobbuffet isn't really listening. It has become completely transfixed on a shiny object on the wall. "Wobba…"

Meowth casually comments while continuing to read, "By the way, be careful not to touch anything. Who knows what might be boobytrapped."

Wobbuffet has already reached out and touched the shiny object. It asks, "Wobbuffet?"

Without turning to face Wobbuffet, Meowth answers, "Yeah, especially shiny things. Don't touch those at all."

"Wobba…" Abruptly, the floor beneath the two Pokémon swing downwards, it's a trapdoor. Meowth and Wobbuffet plummet downwards. "Woooobuffet!"

True to his cat-like nature, Meowth manages to land on his hind legs, and bracing himself with one of his arms. Less gracefully, Wobbuffet lands face first with a heavy thud on the ground.

Meowth picks up the torch he dropped. With a hint of annoyance, he asks, "Let me guess, you touched something."

Feigning ignorance, Wobbuffet responds, "Wobbuffet…"

"Sure you don't…" Meowth attempts to better gauge their surroundings, but the room they're in is too big to be completely lit by his lone torch. "We're going to need a bigger torch."

On cue, torches all around the room light up in sequence. Straight ahead of them, atop a stone pillar, is an Ivine. It proclaims, "Ivine! Ivy ivy! Vine ivine! Ivine!"

Meowth nods. "So, this is the first trial. A test of ingenuity. We must find way up and out of this chamber."

Ivine affirms, "Ivine!"

Meowth takes a moment to contemplate his surroundings. "Well, if you really want us to make use of what we have at hand…" He suddenly springs into action. He lunges at the pillar that Ivine stands atop of, and, using his claws, climbs the pillar. Ivine stumbles backwards in shock, clearly not having expected Meowth to come that way. Meowth grins at it. "If you don't mind, I'll just be borrowing this." Meowth yanks a vine off from Ivine, and slices it off with his claws.

"Ivine!?" Ivine isn't hurt by this, just surprised.

Meowth tips his hat at Ivine. "Thank you very much." He then turns and looks up towards a ledge up above him. Next to the ledge is a torch attached to the wall. Meowth whips the vine up at the torch. It latches right on. After one test to make sure its stable, Meowth quickly climbs upwards on the vine. Once at the ledge, Meowth then repeats the process, this time aiming for a torch at the level they originally came from. In no time at all, Meowth has made it back up.

Still on the ground, Wobbuffet calls out, "Wobba…? Wobbuffet!" Without prior warning, Meowth whips his vine at Wobbuffet, and then yanks it up. "Wobbaaaaa!"

Meowth coils up the vine, attaches it to his belt, and brushes off his hands.

At the same time, Wobbuffet is still trying to catch its breath from the shock of being yanked upward so suddenly.

Meowth beckons forward. "No time for a break, we need to press forward."

Meowth and Wobbuffet approach a massive statue of a Repiv. Meowth states, "Something tells me we've found the site of the second trial."

Wobbuffet cautiously steps back, just in case.

Sure enough, atop the statue appears an actual Repiv. It announces, Repivvvvvvv! Pivvvv pivvvvvvvvvv, repivvvvvvvvv! Repivvvvvvv!"

Meowth nods, proud of his correct deduction. "A trial of bravery, tread carefully? What's that mean?"

Wobbuffet shrugs and begins to walk forwards down a thin hallway. Without realizing, Wobbuffet steps onto a slightly different colored tile than the surrounding floor. The moment it does, an Ekans lunges its head through a hole in the wall and attacks Wobbuffet with a volley of Poison Sting needles.

Noticing this before Wobbuffet, Meowth dives forward and tackles Wobbuffet to the ground. The needles soar just above their backs. Meowth looks to the Ekans and complains, "Ekans…why did it have to be Ekans?" Meowth looks forward and realizes that Wobbuffet has landed on yet another discolored tile. Meowth's eyes widen as he sees two more Ekans emerging from their hole in the wall. He shouts, "Run for it!"

The two spring back up and begin to run. It's too late for caution. Instead they run forward as fast as they can. They step on trigger after trigger, causing more and more Ekans to appear and attack with Poison Sting. While running, Meowth notices a dislocated piece of tile on the floor and picks it up. He begins to use it as an impromptu shield. When there are Ekans to the left, Meowth holds it to the left, when they're on the right, he holds it to the right. Many of the glowing purple needles embed themselves in the tile.

Meowth shouts, "Look, we've almost made it to the end of the hall!"


Meowth manages to make it to the end and breathes a sigh of relief. "Would it hurt you to just be a little bit careful where you walk? Specifically, when we have a Pokémon warning us to tread cautiously?" Wobbuffet does not respond.

Meowth turns around to see Wobbuffet suddenly collapse and land on its stomach. Sticking out of Wobbuffet's back is a single Poison Sting needle.

Meowth groans. "Oi vey…"

Later, Wobbuffet returns to consciousness. It questions, "Wobba?"

Meowth chuckles. "Welcome back to the land of the living. You're lucky that I happen to be carrying a supply of Antidotes with me. Come on, we've lost too much time already."

Wobbuffet complains, "Wobbuffet…"

They continue on, and before long they have made it to the next point of interest. In this large chamber the floor is sunken further into the ground than the surrounding area. Meowth surveys the area, and then cautiously steps into the recessed area. Wobbuffet, clearly tiring of the booby traps, hesitates, but follows.

Once within the recess, the stairs they just went down retract into the wall. This startles Wobbuffet. "Wobba!"

Ahead of them, a Haking floats down from the roof. Meowth grins. "Bingo, third and final trial."

Haking announces, "Hak hak hak! Haking hak! Hak haking hak! Hak, hak! Haking!"

Meowth repeats to himself, "A trial of endurance. Keep moving forward and never look back."

Wobbuffet questions, "Wobba?"

Meowth shakes his head. "No, I don't know what means, but I suspect that we're about to find out."

Haking begins to spew gas from its various pores. The heavy gas sinks downwards and begins to fill the recess. Meowth gasps, "The gas is poisonous! Don't breathe it in!" He instinctively looks back the way they came but is reminded that stairs can no longer be taken. They can only move forward. Meowth pulls his hat off his head and places it over his nose and mouth to use as a filter. "We have to move forward and get out of here as fast as possible!"

Wobbuffet quickly takes its hat off and copies Meowth. The two of them run forward.

It's difficult for them to see through the gas, but they keep running. Wobbuffet is especially careful to not fall behind, so that it doesn't lose sight of him and get lost. Before long, Meowth and Wobbuffet have made it to the opposite side of the chamber. However, it is immediately apparent that there are no stairs to use to get out of the poisoned area. Meowth shakes his head. "No, this isn't right. I'm sure I saw stairs on this side." He realizes with regret, "They must have been retracted too!"

Wobbuffet begin to panic. "Wobba!"

Meowth snaps, "Save your breath!" He begins to feel around the wall. He thinks to himself, There must be some sort of release trigger to extend the stairs again… He searches some more, and thinks with worry, It's too hard to concentrate on this while holding my breath for so long. I don't know how much longer I can make it…

Just as he thinks this, his paw finds its way to a recess in the wall. It plunges in, and then yanks a lever. Stairs immediately unfold from the wall and Meowth runs up them. Once up above the level of the poisonous gas, Meowth drops his head and takes deep breaths. He breathes a sigh of relief. "That was a close one, eh Wobbuffet?" He receives no response. "Wobbuffet?"

He turns around and sees that the gas has now been cleared, and Wobbuffet is passed out at the foot of the stairs. Its face has turned from blue to purple. Apparently Wobbuffet passed out due to a lack of air.

Meowth groans. He walks back down the stairs and kneels next to Wobbuffet. He complains to himself, "Not really what I had in mind when I said this treasure would get me some kisses…" He leans in towards Wobbuffet in order to perform CPR.

Wobbuffet suddenly wakes up screaming. "Woooobbuuuuffet!"

Meowth is standing several feet away, gurgling water in an attempt to clean his mouth.

Wobbuffet demands, "Wobba wobbuffet?"

Meowth spits out the water. "Trust me, it wasn't a pleasant experience for either of us. My pride will never live that on down. But it doesn't matter. We've passed the three trials, meaning that the treasure is just ahead. Let's go get it."

Wobbuffet appears to be reconsidering its part in this treasure hunt. In the end, Wobbuffet shrugs and follows Meowth through a grand archway.

On the other side they find a massive room. On the opposite side is an imposing pedestal, atop which sits a golden idol in the shape of a Pikachu. Meowth proclaims, "That's it! That's the Lost Treasure of the Ancients!" He adds as an afterthought, "Can't say I agree with the sculptors of the Ancients on their subject matter, though."

He slowly approaches the relic and climbs the stairs to it. Once eye level with the idol, Meowth stares intensely at it. After some thought he pulls a bag off his belt. Holds the bag up next to the idol and compares the two. After some thought, he puts his hand into the bag and removes some of the sand that was in it. He holds the bag up next to the idol once more. After a deep breath, he quickly grabs the idol and replaces it with the bag of sand. He grins.

"We have it! The Lost Treasure of the Ancients is ours!"

Wobbuffet cheers, "Wobba wobba!"

Meowth hands the idol to Wobbuffet. "Put this somewhere safe."

Then, a grinding noise can be heard from behind Meowth. Meowth freezes up and Wobbuffet questions with apprehension, "Wobbuffet…?"

Meowth turns around to see the pedestal that the idol sat atop is now sinking into the floor. Then an even louder rumbling is heard. Meowth shouts, "Run for it!" He and Wobbuffet break out into a sprint.

Behind them, from a hole in the roof, a massive round boulder rolls into the room and after them. Atop the boulder, rolling it by running on its top is a Mime Jr. As if it finds this fun, it cheers, "Mime, mime, mime! Mime!"

Meowth and Wobbuffet sprint as fast as they can back the way they came. The Mime Jr. and the boulder pursue them all the way. Before long, they've made it back to the trapdoor that led them to the first trial. It's still open, leaving a pitfall in their way. Meowth thinks fast and pulls his vine-whip off his belt. He aims it at a beam up above them and whips. Once the whip has fastened itself, Meowth grabs Wobbuffet and the climbs up the vine.

With them so high, the boulder passes right underneath them. The boulder is so big that it rolls right over the gap. It then smashes through the door Meowth shut earlier. Mime Jr. shouts, "Mime mime!" with joy as it disappears into the jungle. Meowth and Wobbuffet breathe a sigh of relief and lower themselves off the vine.

Back at the plane, Meowth declares, "And now that we have successfully acquired the legendary Lost Treasure of the Ancients, we have uncovered one of history's greatest mysteries!" He looks to Wobbuffet. "Give me the idol back, I need to inspect it."

Wobbuffet suddenly looks worried. It feigns, "Wobbuffet?"

"What do you mean 'what idol?' The one we just risked our tails getting!"

"Wobbaa… fet…"

"You dropped it!? How could you drop it!?"


"I don't care if there was a massive boulder about to crush us! How could you drop a priceless relic!?"

Meowth continues to lecture Wobbuffet, while Meowth's voice narrates, "As it turns out, some secrets of history were never meant to be uncovered. There are some things that we may never learn. That said, I will not give up! Wherever there is hidden mystery and history, Meowth will be there!"