Hey guys! Bet you are surprised to hear from me again. I know it's been a year since I last updated this fanfic. You guys are probably mad and that's understandable. Now to answer why I haven't been updating, wellllll…..it is not much of an excuse but I just haven't had the motivation to continue this story. BUT I want to change that. The past few months I have been carefully planning how I want to go through this story and I am very excited and I hope you all will be too. But to answer the question on everyone's minds I am NOT dropping this story. I plan on continuing it soon. Things have also been complicated with college and all but I want to do better. Now I can't tell you exactly when you will get the next chapter but I will tell you that there will most definitely be a new chapter before the end of FEBRUARY! I promise you that. Now I figure to celebrate the return of this story I thought it would be done to do a Q&A! You all have asked a lot in the comments and I will try to do my best to answer all of them without spoiling the story. So lets begin!

Q: Can You Put in Natsu's Lightning Fire Dragon Mode, Dragon Force, Savage Dragon Fire Form, Hellfire Mode, E.N.D Form, Dragon Slayer's Secret Art Revision, Igneel's Power, Fire Dragon King Mode, Seven Flames Dragon Mode, Dragon Slayer's Secret Art, Dragonification, Black Fire Dragon Mode and Ignia's Powers In Straw Hat's Pyro?

A: WOW! Some of those I don't even remember being modes/forms for Natsu lol. Well to simply answer this question, Natsu's forms WILL be in this story but only few and some with my own twist to them. But I will not tell you which ones so you will have to find out as the story goes along.

Q: Will Natsu and Luffy fight?

A: Hmmm that may depend on if there is only one piece of meat left at the dinner table.

Q: Will the Etherious(Demons of Zeref) make an appearance? cause I can see them like a boogeyman legend type in the one piece world and everyone thinks they're just stories when it turns out they're real

A: *shocked* Who told you about these rumors? Well I can't say so for certain but I heard that those demons died around 800 years ago. Were they connected to the Void Century perhaps? Well the World Government has told me I am legally not allowed to answer this question, sorry!

Q: Are you going to give Natsu a Devil fruit?

A: Sorry for all you devil fruit lovers out there but Natsu will NOT be eating one in this story!

Q: Are you going to have all the dragon slayers but Cobra join the Straw Hats?

A: Sorry once again to disappoint but Natsu is the only Fairy Tail character that will join the Straw Hats. However each dragon slayer will have a MAJOR role later on in the story.

I think that will be it for this Q&A I just wanted to do this short little thing to show you guys that I am still alive and to be on the lookout for more chapters on the way. Anyways I am deeply sorry for making all of you wait for so long and I will see you all again in the next chapter! Peace!