Chapter 14: bow before your prince

Hey guys sorry if this took longer than you expected but it's out now and all of those still pouring in request I'm going to say this: if I haven't watched it, it's probably going to be awhile before it becomes a chapter in this story. So be patient please. also to those arguing that Ozpin shouldn't be Griffith. i want you to remember this Griffith was to appear as wise and charismatic before he become the bastard we know today. similar Ozpin was trustworthy and wise before his lies came undone and we find out he is a immortal sage that can't lose till he kills his former wife. so they both go through a change that sorta destroy their original character trait. at least in my opinion, you can disagree but I'm writing these stories so that how it's going to stay.

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"A word of warning this one will be a bit of a tearjerker" Slayer said as he watched the screen settle in on the new world.

"What do you mean by that?" Salem asked their host, curious as to why he would say that.

"Because you shall see this Jaunes most monumental moment against the greatest evil the world has ever faced." Slayer replied with a small frown on his face.

"So Salem." Ozpin said smugly.

"No, Salem is the goddess of destruction in this world, and she works for the omni-king. Her retainer is an angel, that's you Ozpin, trains her to become strong." the horned deity explained to the two. Salem gained a smirk for a brief moment before it turned into a scowl at the last bit of information. Ozpin was in a similar position but in the opposite direction, knowing that he probably spent most of his time trolling her.

"The being of evil was created by an ancient alien wizard. The creature is known as Majin Buu." Slayer continued watching as they processed the name. Some snickered other held a curious look but only one went for the direct approach.

"What makes him so dangerous?" Yang asked him.

"His ability to destroy planets, his ability to absorb other living beings to increase his power, but scariest of all his ability to heal very quickly. He is a terrifying opponent as he killed millions without mercy." the deity informed them causing their eyes to widen in fear for how powerful this Majin Buu was.

"Um is there anything else we should know about this world?" Ruby asked timidly.

"Well for one they have their own form of energy known as KI it allows them to fly, power-up their attacks, and shoot energy based projectiles." Slayer said with a smirk at the look of intrigue from them all, specifically from the teachers; who were curious to see if they could recreate it in their world. Before they could ask anymore questions the screen flare to life signalling the beginning of the show.

The screen begins by showing a wasteland where a large fat pink man like blob was stomping on something wrapped up in a large pink rope. The pink man was wearing a purple cape, white poofy pants, gold boots, gold glove, and a large belt with a golden buckle with an 'M' emblazoned on it. The pink creature was laughing as it repeatedly stomp on the bound object on the ground. The audience figured it out that it was a man from his grunts of pain.

"Is…is that Majin Buu?" Qrow asked in between snorting as he couldn't take this thing seriously.

"Yes it is." Slayer responded after wards he heard an onslaught of laughter.

"He looks ...looks like a giant baby ...made of chewing gum!" Yang shouted in between her laughter. Her sister and Nora join in laughing just as loud. Blake and Ren were snickering quietly as Pyrrha and Weiss tried to hold it in with a few snorts and chuckle escaping. The adult weren't any better as they tried just as hard to not laugh all except Roman, Qrow, and Neo who were rolling on the ground from laughter.

"Yes he does. As did the last being he absorbed the Daikaioshin. A god." as these words left his mouth the laughter quickly died out.

"You mean to tell me he killed a god?" Qrow asked in fear.

"No, death would be a mercy. They are forever trapped in his body." he told them increasing the fear and tension they all held.

"So why does he look like a giant pink man baby?" cinder asked cautiously

"Some whose power is great enough affect his outward appearance and attitude. The Daikaioshin was a very large childish man, so in response to absorbing him; he became just like him" the deity responded to her before turning his attention back to the screen.

As the pink blob continued his attacks on the bound man he heard something coming closer.

"AHHHHH!" a shout was heard as a young boy flies in kicking Buu in the head sending him flying away into and through several pillars of stone before crashing to a stop into a plateau. The boy in question had spiky blond hair, green eyes, wearing a black and red GI, and red wristbands. Landing next to the bound person was another child wearing a white and yellow GI, with the same hair and eye color. The new began pulling on the pink rope from near the man's feet.

"BLU!" the white wearing child shouted at his friend, so he could help him with untying the man. The now named Blu Looked back and saw his friend trying to help the man on the ground. (AN1)

"DAD!" Blu shouted as he rushed over and began to flip his father, so they had an easier time getting the rope off him. The man had been flipped three times before coming to a stop. He had the even spikier hair then his son or the other boy. He was wearing a tattered blue jumpsuit with white gloves and boots. On his forehead was the same symbol Majin Buu had on his belt.

"Why does that man have an 'm' on his forehead?" Glynda asked confused on what the symbol meant.

"It is the symbol of Majin. Or demons created by the wizard Bibidi and his counterpart Babidi. It can give you an extra boost in power but also puts you under Babidi's control." Slayer told her only getting a blank stare in response.

"Why would anyone take that mark and who is that guy?" Qrow asked.

"There are plenty of reasons to want power. As for that man he is a special case as he gained the power up but broke free of the mind control. As for whom he is you'll find out soon." Slayer said with a smirk.

As the man became unbound Blu grabbed onto his injured father and looked him over as his friend toss the rope off to the side.

"Dad?" Blu said in a worried tone.

"It's alright we're here" the other boy said walking over to the man carefully. However, the man's eyes remained close so Blu began to try to shake him awake.

"C'Mon dad. Wake! Up! Please, Wake up! Dad! Dad! C'MON wake up!" Blu shouted in a saddened tone continuing to try to shake his father awake while gritting his teeth in anger.

"Is he alive?" the other boy asked in concern.

"OF COURSE HE HIS!" Blu shouted at the other boy. Turning to him with a glare on his face.

"My dad is the toughest guy in the whole world!"Blu said with tears in the corners of his eyes. The other boy shrank back from his friend only a bit.

"But he got hurt real bad!" his friend sated with concern in his eyes.

"Hey Apollo! Clean out your ears and listen to me okay!" Blu order to the now named Apollo. Who immediately did just what his friend asked by sticking his fingers in his ears and cleaning them out.

"Pft that kid seems a little dim, doesn't he?" Roman snickered towards Neo.

The mute girl only sign back to him: "maybe he was trying to be sassy like you are usually!"

"Oh my dear Neo, I believe you have things wrong there. You are just as sassy as I am!" Roman responded with a grin to which Neo just shrugged with a smirk.

"Hey wait that guy looks like Jaune!" Pyrrha shouted pointing at the uncouncious man.

"Yeah it is him" ruby exclaimed as they took in his features. They could see it this man was Jaune arc, a badly injured one but still Jaune arc.

"Damn if he got beat this badly. I don't think I want to know how I'd fair against that thing." Qrow said accessing the damage that the boy had. Many would agree but were unsure if it was because the creature was too strong or if the boy was too weak.

"My mom told me that my dad used to be the prince of every single Saiyan" Blu said to his as he stared at his father. Apollo however was shocked by this information and could only stare at his friend and and the boy's father in awe.

"His a prince!" Apollo stuttered out in awe.

"That right Apollo he's a prince! And there's no way a prince would lose to a stupid monster!" Blu said proudly as he stared at his father. As he said those words, as if by magic the man's eye started to open slowly.

"That's it dad!" Blu shouted happily as he saw his father slowly waking up.

"He's awake!" Apollo said watching his friends father slowly awaken.

"Blu! My son." Jaune said as he turned his head towards them seeing Blu's and Apollo's smiling faces. They helped him sit up in his injured state. But before they did anything else the man pushed his son back and began to look around frantically.

"WAIT! Where is Majin Buu?" Jaune shouted to the kids before looking over the rubble filled area. There they saw Majin Buu stick his head above the rock before he gave a flex and sent all the rubble flying away from him.

"a kick at that speed would kill a normal person. you weren't kidding about his regenerative abilities." Ironwood said in awe at the apparent lack of damage on the creature before them.

"That man is barely breathing, and yet he still tries to keep his son back from harm. He is truly a father!" Taiyang stated knowing he would have done the same thing. Nearby Ozpin had a smirk remembering some of his past lives that had children and how protective he was with them.

He slowly got to his feet and watched as Majin Buu came closer. He looked up and saw a green skinned man floating over head wearing a long red cape.

"Blu listen… you need to take care of your mother." Jaune grunted out through his pain, staring at the slowly approaching threat.

"Huh? Take care of mom? But you can do that to. right?" Blu said confused as he stared at his father.

"You can take care of mom to can't you dad? DAD?" Blu asked even more loudly as his father continued to stare off at the enemy.

"Why would you say that? Why do you want me to take care of mom? Dad? Are you going somewhere?" the boy asked again only for his father to continue to ignore him.

"I want you two to leave and get far away from here! As for Buu. I'll fight him alone!" his father said to the boys. They instantly began to tense at that request.

"Don't do that!" Apollo said in a worried tone.

"Apollo's right! We'll fight with you. You don't want to get killed, do you? You gotta let us help you, dad!" Blu said stubbornly to his father. He turned and asked Apollo if he was gonna join them. Who instantly agreed before turning back to his father saying they were with him.

"Stop it! It's too dangerous for you two! I will finish by myself!" the father said sternly to the two boys.

"C'Mon it will be easier if we work together!" Apollo said to the man.

"Yeah we'll gang up on him!" Blu added on.

"Yeah! We're tough. We could even beat that guy without your help right Blu?"

"You bet!"

"We'd probably do better than even you did!" Apollo bragged before immediately regretting it as both boys cover their mouths quickly. However, the man didn't even seem angry he only kept looking forward with a resigned look.

"Blu! You are my only son and yet I haven't held since you were a baby. Have I?" the man said mournfully. Blu didn't respond he could only stare at his father, his proud father. As the man turn towards a held his arm open to the boy.

"Come here my son." the man said softly as he walked over and hugged his child staring down at the boy as he did.

"Dad what's wrong? " Blu said in a concerned tone before he was brought into his father's embrace. Afterwards he could only mutter about how embarrassing it was. Apollo watched the two before placing is thumb in his mouth with a sad look on his face.

"Why is that boy so distraught" port asked afraid that he already knew the answer.

"Apollo's father, who's Sun by the way. Died before he was born sacrificing himself to save the planet from bio-mechanical monster that just so happen to be a sore loser. Said monster lost to Apollo's elder brother who was at the time … 12 I believe." Slayer softly with a little bit of amusement dancing in his voice at seeing their reactions to the news of A: Sun being dead, B: sun being a father of two kids, and C: Apollo's older brother killing something a planetary threat at the age of TWELVE.

"Huh now that you mention it, he looks a lot like a smaller version of sun" Blake muttered out staring at the young boy.

"Yeah except for the spiky hair and not having a tail, he looks just like him." Yang said taking in the boys looks. However, that raised a small question from her faunus partner.

"Yeah where is his tail? Sun had one so shouldn't he have one as well?" Blake asked slayer.

"Oh right left that bit out. While there are faunus in this world. Sun and the man on the screen are actually members of a near extinct alien warrior race. They are some of the last surviving members." Slayer informed them, this caused a few to begin scowling as they recalled the last time they saw one of their friends as the last of an alien race and it didn't end well for him.

"But why hasn't this Jaune ever held his son before?" Ruby asked in concern not liking the fact her friend could be cold to anyone.

"Pride mostly. He loves his son but like his parents he would never drop his pride in order to hold him. But now he doesn't believe he'll have another chance to do so." Slayer said to the hooded girl who only stared sadly at the screen.

"Blu there's something you must know… you've made me proud, my son!" the man said to Blu, who look up at his father with a look of amazement in his eyes. But in that second the man took it and chopped his son's neck knocking him out. As Blu fell to the ground his hair and eyes changed. His hair fell down as it turned black with red tips and his eyes turned to a metallic blue color.

"Huh? What just happened?" a confused Cinder asked.

"Ah! I keep forgetting things, Jaune's race are called Saiyans. They can transform into Super Saiyans to gain a major boost in power. There is a form beyond that they call Super Saiyan 2 which give even more power to the user. It was once just a legend but after sun gain the power so did Jaune and every other Saiyan or half Saiyan in this world." Slayer said bored missing the old days when transformations were something special and weren't given out like treat on Halloween.(AN2)

"Super Saiyan? That sounds kinda cool too bad to only thing it seems to change about you is that you get hair and blue eyes" Nora said oblivious to tension building with the Xiaolong, Branwen, and Rose family.

"Hey Rubes you notice his hair color looks a lot like yours" Yang asked dangerously, her eyes bleeding red.

"Please yang, not now. It's another universe. Even if he is my son what does it matter to you?" a very embarrassed Ruby said to her older sister giving her the best glare she could manage.

"Maybe I should have a talk with this Jaune arc. Just so he knows that if he does date you. he should treat like the princess you are." Taiyang said calmly, his tone didn't reach his eyes as he looked ready to kill something.

"I'm just wondering why he knocked his own son out cold!" Qrow shouted angrily.

"So he doesn't have to watch his father die." Raven said coldly silencing everyone as they stared at her.

"I suggest we stop talking and keep watching." Glynda said calmly, on the inside she knew Raven was right.

"WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?" Apollo shouted angrily at Jaune, who for his part just stared at the boy in front of him.

"What's wrong with you? Why did you do that to Blu? You went and killed him! WHY? WHY? Are you crazy? Why? Why did you do it tell me Right now!" Apollo continued to shout at the man grabbing onto him and shaking him slightly. Jaune didn't answer him looking down at the boy as he yelled at him. Then Jaune dropped quickly into a crouch and gut punched Apollo knocking the wind and Super Saiyan out of him. The boy fell to his knee grabbing his stomach as his hair turned black, his eyes turning blue before falling unconscious. As this happened the caped man from earlier landed nearby and stared at Jaune for few seconds.

"Jaune, I think I understand" the green man said as walked towards the three.

"Oh cool, I'm alien too!" Qrow said a little happy he at least made an appearance in this world.

"Yes you are a big green slug man alien who survives on mostly water. And the teacher to Apollo's older brother, you saved the boy's life countless times." Slayer said just to get the questions out of the way.

"And one day so will Blu." Qrow told him. The two stared at one another and as Qrow looked ready to say something they both turned back to where Majin Buu was coming from knowing his was getting closer.

"Mean big man! Which guy hit Buu?" the pink monster asked in a childish tone. As it passed over some rubble. The two men just watched as he grew closer with each step.

"Take the two boys as far away from here as possible. Go now." Jaune ordered softly as he moves in front of the three to protect them.

"Of course." Qrow complied and picked the two up in a fireman carry not even looking towards the monster.

"It's time. Hurry!" Jaune said in a calm tone still staring at the approaching threat.

"You'll die. You know that." Qrow stated in a serious tone. As a silence passed between the two for a long while.

"Wow you have so much faith in him Qrow. Real~ inspiring" Winter said her words drenched in sarcasm.

"To be fair. I may not be wrong. Even the kid knows it. He won't survive long against that monster." Qrow said sadly as he was reminded of summer who would have done the same thing and had done it as well.

"Dammit Jaune you better win this." Ruby whispered to herself praying she doesn't have to see him die again.

"There is one thing I'd like to know. Tell me. Will I meet that clown Helios in the other world?" Jaune asked Qrow knowing of his connection to the afterlife and the divine world.

"I'm not going to lie to you jaune. Although the answer may be difficult for you to hear." Qrow told him and waited for any response from the prince. When he received nothing he decided to tell him.

"This is the truth! Sun devoted his life to protecting the lives of others. Because of his selflessness, when he died he was allowed to keep his body and travel to King Kai's planet… You on the other hand have spent your life on your own selfish desires. You've caused too much pain. When you die you will not receive the same reward!" Qrow told him. Jaune processed this information before shutting his eyes in acceptance and giving a smirk in response.

"Oh well. So be it… that will be all. Get out of here and hurry!" Jaune calmly told the green man as buu was making the last steps toward them. Qrow not needing to be told twice turn and flew away at high speed soon joined by an incredibly short blue haired man.

"Was that Neptune?" Weiss asked staring at the dwarf flying next to Qrow.

"Yep! That midget is still sun's best friend and is the strongest human in this world… technically speaking. Though that doesn't mean much compared to Jaune and Sun." Slayer told the heiress who could only sigh in response.

"What is Jaune planning? He can't be seriously thinking about fighting that guy? Right?" Yang shouted only to receive a small smile from slayer then he directed her to look at the screen.

As the Qrow took off with the boys Majin Buu had finally caught up to them.

"You stay! You fight Buu!" the creature shouted in its childish tone pointing a hand at the retreating trio.

"THAT'S RIGHT! Your fight is with me! The others are of no concern to you! GOT IT! YOU BIG BLOATED BALLOON FREAK!" Jaune shouted to the creature, shocking it at his choice of shock was then replaced with anger.

"Buu no like you! Buu angry! You talk mean to Buu!" Majin Buu shouted at the man as steam seemed to shoot from his head. Jaune only chuckled in response as Qrow and Neptune got further away from them.

"Me make you hurt bad!" Buu said walking towards Jaune who continued to chuckle at the creature. This only caused Buu to get angrier.

"Buu get mean man now. Let's fight!" buu angrily shouted at Jaune who smirked in response.

"I think I finally understand you! Let's go!" Jaune said smugly; raising his fist and being engulfed in golden fire like energy, bits of electricity brimming off him.

The screen changed focus to show Neptune and Qrow flying away fast.

"What's Jaune up to, Qrow? He's crazy! He won't make it! That monster will eat him alive!" Neptune shouted toward the green man in fear. Qrow for the most part held his scowl as he kept flying.

"For the first time in his life Jaune is fighting for someone other than himself! Controlling his own fate!" Qrow says gravely sensing what is about to come. The screen fades back to Jaune being engulfed in even more energy.

"Holy hell! The kid looks like he's standing in a fireball!" Roman shouted seeing flames now dancing off the boy.

"What did Neptune mean 'eat him alive'?" Weiss asked in concern.

"That's how buu absorbs people. He transforms them into a treat of some kind and eats them." Slayer said calmly not taking his eyes off the screen.

"EATS THEM!" Ruby shouted worryingly, praying that whatever Jaune does now will finish this monster before it does anything else. The other were however disgusted by the idea of such a thing.

"How revolting." Salem said in a displeased tone, staring at the fat blob on the screen. Then they started hearing music playing in the background (if don't already know it then just look up Vegeta's sacrifice theme)

"What is this? It feels so sad." Pyrrha stated calmly, as she felt this was the last time she'll hear this music at all.

"It is not unusual that dramatic moment like this will have some type of score playing over it." Slayer said truthfully not even looking at her.

"It sounds lovely. I wonder who wrote it?" Weiss said praising, loving the tone it was setting for this moment in particular. Winter nodded in agreement as she found it pleasant as well.

As rubble flew away they could finally see how large this 'fireball' was, as it reaches towards the sky and was wider than the room they were in. Majin Buu however give no reaction other than joy and or hunger.

"You look tasty! I make you chocolate. Or maybe crackers and cheese." Buu said childishly with a stupid grin on its face.

"Heh heh heh. You are a fool... I am going to crush you ...and throw you in the wind!" Jaune grunts out as Buu steps back in shock. As soon as he did something new started to happen as sparkles of light began poor out of both Jaune and Buu.

"Blu, Ruby I do this for you. Yes, even you Helios!" Jaune thought to himself looking towards the sky knowing his end was near.

"What do you mean by that, Jaune?" Ruby asked timidly staring at her other self's husband.

"Are you ready?" Slayer asked them ominously. Everyone looked at him with curious glares.

"Ready for what?" Port asked cautiously.

"The attack to end all attacks." Slayer responded with a sullen look pointing to the screen as they turn they started to notice something off about what was happening.

Buu started to laugh slightly as the sparkles increase. Then the area began to fill with yellow light.

"GRRRAHHHHHHH!" Jaune began to scream as everything around turned into a burning yellow sphere and then explode outward. The attack kept expanding until it absorbed Buu in it with Jaune and even then it didn't stop expanding till the screen went back to Neptune and Qrow who stopped and stared at the massive dome of pure energy.

"Jaune. JAUNE!" Neptune cried out as he sees the blast continue to expand as both he and watch the blast light the entire sky up both knowing it was too late.

"AAAHHH!" Jaune continued to scream from with his attack as he was overtaken by it as the blast kept expanding until it reached 300 miles (ca. 483 km) from its epicenter.

"What has he done?" Neptune shouted fearing he may have just blown the planet apart with that attack.

"Jaune... I can't let him do this!" Qrow shouted ready to throw Blu and Apollo at Neptune to go save Jaune. Before He could even try Neptune grabbed a hold of him.

"Qrow wait. You know as well as I do, he can't survive a blast like that. Let him finish what he started. Remember what you said this is the first time he's doing something for the sake of others. He needs this Qrow ! No one is making him do this." Neptune shouted to the green skinned man as they watched the attack finally diminish itself.

The screen pans over the massive crater as lighting strikes the ground and a storm brews over head.

"Thank you nothing, you useless dwarf." Cinder mutters smugly watching the sheer power displayed by the arc boy.

"By god…" Doctor Oobleck stuttered out seeing the destruction this attack had done.

"A blast like that could wipe all of vale and even beacon off the face of remnant" Glynda gasped out in awe.

"'The attack to end all attacks' I think that is a very fitting name you have there." Port said fearfully as he and ozpin just stared at what was left of the battlefield.

"Where is Jaune? Is he alright?" Ruby asked worried that he might be hurt, that Neptune was correct.

"Hey what's that thing in the sky?" Emerald asked causing everyone to look look at it and realize what it was.

Floating in the sky was a white statue of Jaune arc with cracks across its surface. But as soon as they spotted the statue it began it;s descent towards the crater below. It shattered into dust on impact being blown away in the wind.

"Oh... my... god" Taiyang silently whispered to himself watching as the only remains scattered into dust just like summer did oh so long ago. The man looked to see his daughter looking to be in a state of shock at what she had seen, Her friend dying and leaving nothing to bury but his memory.

Slayer looks around and saw all their distraught and horrified faces. Thinking for a bit he turned to them as tears began to well in Ruby's and Pyrrha's eyes.

"I believe I shall give you lot a small break to let you pull yourselves together." Slayer said as he walked over the wall and opened a door. As soon as he did all the students bolted through it soon followed by the teachers and the criminals. The only one left were Ozpin and Salem who hadn't moved from their spots.

"May I ask is there what will happen to that world now?" Salem asked calmly, truly not knowing how to feel at the moment.

"The world was saved yes?" Ozpin asked his host curiously.

"Sadly… No, Jaunes attack only slowed Majin Buu down for a while. Buu's healing factor is too strong to be beaten by a mere blast like that." Slayer said to the two, honestly. The words filled Ozpin with anger and Salem with fear towards this unkillable creature.

"Then are they doomed?" Salem asked him cautiously.

"No, in the end it required several things for them to defeat Majin Buu. One was Jaune being brought back to life to fight buu long enough, so Sun could charge a special attack. Two was all of their planet's inhabitants give energy to this attack. and three was the entire planet being resurrected to do this." Slayer told the two gaining looks of shock from them both.

"What is this special attack ? Why was it capable of killing this monster once and for all?" Ozpin asked curiously.

"The attacks name is the Spirit Bomb or Genki Dama. It is a sphere of pure positive energy that will destroy any evil being or at least damage them. Since Buu was purely evil he was completely destroyed by this technique." Slayer said smugly as he watched the gears turn in their heads slowly figuring out that this move is kinda useless against anyone who isn't purely evil.

"Oh well… That's convenient" Salem said in a confused tone as slayer walked over and began to program a new world in.

There it's finished hope you guys enjoyed it. I've really got no excuse if you don't. As I'm a big Vegeta fan. And to those of you wondering why they don't question Jaune being a prince. At this point it is crazier to question it. also i felt that the ending was a little rushed but to be fair i don't think i could have written all their reactions with any justice. so i had them leave the room and no i won't write how they dealt with this death. especially ruby's reaction to it.

AN1: yes I used the same name that they used in 'Watching Things'. But in my defense, it is a good name and I kept changing who Bulma should be until I decided on Ruby. As they both like to build things, both are super smart in what they do, and both can control Jaune/ Vegeta. The nope speech anyone. So props to shadow gumball of death for this name and I hope you don't hate me for using it.

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