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Seventeen years earlier...

My wife and I had not been happy in years. Sure, we had our share of problems and with time and patience, we worked through them. Now, not so much. Over the years, we realized we were not mates, yet we loved each other very much. We tried taking time away from the rest of the family as often as we could, hoping that would bring us closer; though, I knew it would all come to naught. I knew I could never give her her true heart's desire. Though I tried my best to give her a family, it wasn't the same Finally, we both decided we needed some time apart from one another to see if we could work through our issues separately.

While wandering around, I ran across the most amazing human scent, though not one that made me want to eat her.

It was enticing, intoxicating even, and quite alluring.

I followed the scent until I found a group of young women, having a girls night out on the town. I followed them into a small club. As of now, all their scents were mingling and I couldn't pick out the one that truly called to me. I knew, whichever one she was, I had to have her. My manhood desired her just that much. I never had this reaction to a human woman in my entire existence. The closest would have been to the woman that would find her demise as my singer. This was different. Her blood, her scent made my groin ache.

I decided to approach the table of women and see if I could pick out the one I wish to fulfill this urge. As soon as I did and our eyes met, I knew which one it was.

I introduced myself to the table and she was the first to respond.

"Hi, I'm Renée. These are my friends Sue and Sarah."

"Renée, what a beautiful name for a beautiful woman," I said as I took her hand, raising it to my lips and brushing my lips across the knuckles of her hand. She giggled. I looked at the other two women, who looked as if they'd seen a ghost.

"May I buy you three a drink," I asked politely. Renée was about to respond when Sarah quickly stepped in to respond.

"Umm, no. She has a boyfriend at home, and my husband is next in line as Chief of the Quileute tribe, so I think you should find some other unsuspecting woman to bother," Sarah said in a sharp tone.

"SARAH! I don't need you to speak for me! Charlie and I are not married and if this gentleman would like to buy me a drink, I can decide for myself whether to accept or decline. And who gives a shit about your husband and your tribe and what does that have to do with anything," Renée scolded her friend before turning to me.

"I would love for you to buy me a drink," she said as she got up and took my proffered arm. I had to chuckle as she turned and stuck her tongue out at her friends, who could only sit there flabbergasted.

"Why don't you find us a table so we can talk and get to know each other. I will get our drinks and join you shortly," I told Renée giving her a bright smile. She nodded and skipped off to do as I suggested. I then turned to the two Quileute women.

"I wish no harm to come to her. I just would like to spend some time with her. She intrigues me is all. I know you know what I am. But if you look into my eyes and ask your husband, he will tell you I do not feed on humans,"

"Then you are one of them." It was not a question.

"Yes, and I know about the treaty. I do not know if my family will ever come back to this area, but I do not wish to cause my family any trouble by breaking said treaty. Once I am done being entertained by the lovely Renée, she will come back to you, unharmed and I will be on my way." She only nodded.

I didn't realize how close we were to Forks, until that little revelation. I vowed then, I would have my fun with this intoxicating woman and be on my way elsewhere. As I walked away from the table to find the beautiful Renée, I saw the two Quileute women put their heads together, before the one named Sarah walked towards the bathrooms and towards the payphone. The other sat at her table and kept an eye on me.

Once I went to check on Renée to see what she wanted to drink, I went off to the bar to procure them. When I returned, the two other women were standing over Renée. Renée had a hard look on her face and her arms folded tightly across her chest.

"You know, Charlie is right, you people are nuts. I don't know why he's still friends with your husbands. Go home if you must, but I am staying right here. I'm enjoying myself and I have no wish to leave. I'm only here with you two nutjobs because Charlie said I should get to know the wives of his friends. But I don't think I like you. And if this is the company Charlie keeps, I don't think I like him either. So go. But I'm staying here," Renée said with finality.

"I will make sure she gets home safely," I told the women when they looked to me to intercede. Finally, they looked to one another before leaving.

I got to know a little about Renée. She was from California. She was here with her friend from college for Christmas break. When her friend's grandmother took ill while they were there, the two girls decided to stay and take care of the old woman. What started out as a two week holiday, turned into a two month sabbatical from school. Her friend's grandmother passed away a couple of weeks ago, and this was her first time out since she'd been here. Other than take a small trip over to the local Native American Reservation to do some souvenir shopping.

She told me how she met a young man, Charlie Swan, while she and her friend were visiting First Beach at La Push. He was there visiting his friends, Billy and Harry. She said she liked Charlie, he was charming enough and they were having what she called a fling. However, she was sure he felt more for her than she did for him. Which was why he asked her to go out with his friends' wives to get to know them better.

After a few more drinks and a couple of dances, we started making out in the small club. After a couple of hours, we were pulled apart by a shadow coming over the lighting of our cozy corner table. I looked up to find two very large Quileute men and another man standing between them.

"Renée?" the other man asked. Renée let out a sigh and rolled her eyes.

"What Charlie? Look, I don't think this is working out for us. It was just supposed to be a fling. I don't want to be tied down here in this little small town, and since you have taken a deputy job here, I don't see how this will work out for us. I'm sorry," she told him. From the looks of the man, I could tell he was heartbroken. Though he tried to put on a brave face, I could tell by the glistening in his eyes, he was about to cry.

"Billy, Harry, let's go. There's nothing more to do here," he said before he turned and walked out of the club. The two Quileute men, however, had something else in mind.

"We'll be there in a moment, Charlie. Go wait in the truck," one of the men said to him before turning back to me.

"We need to speak to you, Cullen," the one that must have been the soon-to-be Chief said. He was almost the spitting image of his grandfather, Ephriam Black.

"Cullen? But I thought you said…" Renée asked, confused, before I cut her off.

"It's okay, I'll explain in a moment. Let me just speak with these two, then I will drive you back to your friend's grandmothers house," I told her before joining the two men. We stepped out of the club so we could not be overheard by anyone.

"Is the rest of your coven here, Cullen?" Billy asked as soon as we were alone.

"And why would I tell you that? So you and your wolves can sneak up on us?" The two men only looked at each other as if in silent conversation.

"Look, Cullen. We don't want trouble from your kind. We know of the treaty between your coven and our tribe, however, there is nothing we can do about it. This woman is not from our tribe, nor is she from our town. My friend thought he was in love with her and that is the only reason we are concerned. I can't stop you from doing anything to her but know this; you are still not allowed on our lands. If your coven has not taken residence back in Forks, then we are still allowed to patrol there. For now, the treaty still stands. You are still, however, not allowed to bite or drink from humans."

"Have you not looked into my eyes?" I was becoming angry now, having to keep explaining myself. "As you can see by my golden eyes, I stick to the animal diet, as does the rest of my FAMILY." They scoffed at the term. It was then we heard a gasp from behind us. We quickly turned to see Renée standing there, her hand cupped over her mouth and her eyes widened.

"So it's true?" I rolled my eyes and turned back to the two Quileute elders standing there, stiff as boards.

"So it seems your wives have broken the treaty," I said pointedly, with a cocked eyebrow.

"Come, Renée. We'll take you home and explain," the men told my companion.

"I'm not going anywhere with you. I will, however, stay and let Mr. Cullen, or whatever his name is, explain. You take Charlie back to Forks. He doesn't look too good." We then turned to see poor Charlie, still sitting in the truck, looking as if someone kicked his puppy.

"Renée, maybe it's best, under the circumstances…"

"Nobody tells me what to do." I was beginning to like this little spitfire. Finally, the two men got the point. They returned to their truck and left.

"Can we go somewhere else and talk?" Renée asked.

"You're not afraid of me?" I asked her.

"Why? Should I be? I heard them tell you, you are still not allowed to bite a human. And I heard you say you and your family only feed on animals. If you are a vampire, as Sarah and Sue told me, I would assume everything else that was said would be correct. If you wanted me dead, I think you would have already taken me far from here to do that. So, I would very much like to continue our date, if you don't mind." I gave her my famous smile and we walked around and talked.

She asked a lot of questions about my family and being a vampire. She asked all the pertinent question of the Hollywood myth versus truth. I dispelled all the myths. She asked how I became a vampire and I told her. I came clean about my wife, and why I was away from her. I thought that would have run her way but it didn't

I then drove her back to Forks to her friend, only when she promised to meet me the next day in Port Angeles.

We spent the next month together. I got a small apartment in Port Angeles to be closer to her but far enough away from Forks as to not stir up the wolves. I hadn't smelled any, but I still wasn't sure if or how many there were but I wanted no trouble.

Finally, it was time for Renée to go back to California. She and her friend were taking summer classes to make up for the Winter semester they missed. Her final day, she introduced me to her friend. We were supposed to go out for one final night, I would drive her and her friend to the airport and that was to be the end of us together.

That night, Renée wasn't feeling well and called to tell me. I asked if she needed me to do anything or get anything for her. She told me she thought she just needed to rest and that she would see me in the morning.

The next morning, when I went to pick her up, she looked terrible. She said she felt sick and had been throwing up all morning. She was postponing her trip home for a few days and her mother was wiring her money to see a doctor before she went home. Lynn, however, was going back to get their dorm room ready. After driving Lynn to the airport and exchanging Renée's ticket for another flight, I drove her to a doctor in Seattle.

I waited in the waiting room for Renée to return. When she came out she looked white as a ghost. If possible she was paler than me.

"What is it, Renée? Is it bad?" I asked her as I rushed to her side. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes.

"I'm pregnant."

If it were possible for vampires to go into shock, I think I will be the first in history. Of course, we'd all heard the rumors and horror stories of vampires seducing human women and leaving them pregnant. Everyone thought it to be a ruse, started by the Volturi to keep vampires from mating with humans. Of course, we all thought it to be a myth. Surely, if a vampire ever thought himself mated to a human, he would change her in the process of claiming her as his.

Maybe, Renée is my mate. However, because I have no desire to have her human blood, I couldn't claim her as any normal vampire would.

Yeah, that's it and I'm sticking to that.

But perhaps, it's not mine. She was with Charlie Swan prior to being with me.

"Renée you don't seem happy about this. Is it because it's Charlie's?" She looked up at me completely dazed before a stray tear fell from her eye. I kissed her and brushed it away with the pad of my thumb.

"It—it—it can't be Charlie's. He—he—he's sterile. And I just assumed you being all "undead" and all…" she used her fingers to air quote the word undead and brought her voice down to only a bare whisper.

"…I wouldn't get pregnant. What am I going to do? I can't go home and tell my mother I'm pregnant out of wedlock. My mother will kill me.

"Renée, darling, please. I will marry you. I love you just that much. Then, after you have the baby, I'll change you and we can live together for eternity," I told her, taking her hand in mine. If that was what it took to have her and my child in my life, then that's what I would do. I'd have to find a way to break it to my wife. We'd get a divorce and I'd come back for Renée and…"

"ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKING MIND? You think I want that?" Renée screamed at me while hitting me with her purse. Even though I couldn't feel the blows, I held up my hands to block her weapon of choice. She finally got up and ran from the waiting area and out to the elevators of the building. After getting over the initial shock, I got up and followed her out.

"Renée, please. That is my child you are carrying. You can't keep me away. Even if you don't want to be with me, please think of our child…"

"MY CHILD! You will stay away from me or I will find a way to get to Italy and tell your rulers of what you have done!"

"Renée, you don't mean that!" I said as I grabbed her a little too hard by her arm. She winced at my touch and looked down at my hand on her arm. I quickly let go. As soon as I did, I could see the bruise already starting to form on her arm.

"You see that? And you think I want you anywhere near my child?" she said scornfully.

"Renée, as you told me after the conversation with Harry and Billy, I would never intentionally hurt you…"

"Intentionally, maybe not. That still doesn't mean you won't accidentally crush my baby." She stopped her rant as the elevator finally came and opened in front of us. We both got on, and rode down in silence, as there were other passengers on.

Once we reach the ground floor, we got off and I walked her to my rental car.

"Renée, you don't understand. By going to the Volturi they will not only kill me for exposing myself to a human, but you will be killed and turned anyway."

"Look, I'm sorry. I don't want you to die, but I don't want to be a vampire either. I didn't want a child right now in my life. I wanted to go to school and become a teacher. I want to eventually have children, I think. I don't know, I'm all confused. Just, please give me some time to think about what I'm going to do. I didn't mean to upset you. Just, please, take me home and I'll call you."

We rode back to Forks in complete silence. All the while, I'm trying to think of a solution to all of this. Just maybe, if Renée doesn't want the baby, I could take the baby with me. My wife would surely love him or her as if it were her own.

Once we were back at her friends' grandmother's house, Renée made to get out of the car without saying a word. I grabbed her arm this time, far more gently.

"Please, Renée. Don't do anything rash. Don't kill our baby. If you don't want the baby, I can take it with me, once he or she is born. I will raise him or her as if they were human if that's what you want. They will never want for anything, I promise."

"Wait, you mean my baby won't be human?" she asked, furrowing her brow.

"Well, no. The baby will be what's known as a vampire/human hybrid. A dhampir." That made her close the car door sit back and look at me.

"I don't know what to do?" she said as she started crying. I pulled her into my arms.

"Don't worry, sweetheart. I will be here for you. Give me a couple of days. I will have everything all set up. We'll get a place in Seattle and I will look after you. Call your mom and tell her you've decided to stay here and go to school. Once you have the baby, we'll decide what to do then. Just please, know that I love you and I love our little bundle of joy." She nodded. I dried her tears with the pads of my thumbs before kissing her softly on the lips. I watched until she made her way inside the house.

Once she was inside, I made my way back to Port Angeles to my rented apartment. I picked up the phone and called the only person I knew could help me.

"Where have you been? We've all been worried about you."

"I know. I've gotten myself in trouble now and I need your help."

Six months later…

In the bedroom of our small apartment, on September 13th, our daughter Isabella Maria was born. Renée and I found out, Isabella was actually more human than vampire, which was why she was born at seven months instead of nine, yet, not a premature baby. All of her tests showed he had very little vampire venom in her bloodstream. While she had some vampire healing properties, she could still be hurt or killed and most likely not immortal. Her growth rate, also was very much that of a human baby, however, her mind was much more mature than any typical newborn baby.

While I thought Renée was happy with our life together with our new baby, I came home two weeks later from a hunt, to find Renée had taken off. All of her clothes, along with all of Isabella's things and Isabella…gone.

I felt as if I'd been punched in the gut.

About five years later, Renée finally contacted me. She gave me permission to see Isabella one last time, but only as a way to extort money from me. She said I was to never have anything to do with her or our daughter ever again, but as long as I kept the child support payments, she would not contact the Volturi or the Quileutes. I set up a bank account in her name, and only then I was permitted to see my daughter. She introduced me to our daughter as a distant friend who just dropped by to say hi. I etched the look of my daughter's face in my memory. It was all I had to last me the rest of eternity.

Any guess as who it is?

I hope for this not to be a long drawn our story. I found that my muses stay on track, don't go all ADD and run out of fuel if I make them short. So next update will be before dawn.