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In the peaceful town known as echo creek, it was just your average day for the average citizens of this boring town.

Too boring. Too quiet. This is the part where you cut to me.

"STOP, THEIF! STOP THAT KID!" Shouted a random shop owner, who's in the process of chasing down someone that stole some cheesy calzones from his shop. The kid looked to be about fifteen years old, unkept black hair, striking green eyes, pale skin, a black sweatshirt over a green shirt, dark gray pants, and black shoes.

The kid he's chasing is me, just so you know.

My name is Drake Viper, and I'm an orphan on the streets.

You might be asking, 'who is this kid? What's his story? Why should I care about him?' Well I'm gonna tell you. You see, for as long as I can remember, I've been from one crappy orphanage to the next. It only happened three times.

First orphanage I've been put into was when I was a baby. No one knows where I came from or who my parents are. The only thing that said that I have an identity was a band on my wrist with my name written on it. Anyways, as I grew older, everyday became a sour note written on a music sheet. I was eight years old at the time, but I was a little bit more aware then the other kids my age, and I knew that this was all bullshit. Food scraps, crappy clothes, the abuse, all of it. Turns out those bastards were hogging all the good food and pocketing most of the cash instead of putting back into the orphanage.

So naturally I snitched on them!

Yeah, child protective services have zero tolerance on child abuse, and the assholes that worked there were arrested. So yeah, they shut down the orphanage since it wasn't up to code, and the orphans were sent to better orphanages.

But of course, I had to be the one that got the short end of the stick.

The second orphanage I was put into was better than the first one. The only problem there was the bullies. They made me out as the black sheep for a year and a half. But it didn't last long though. You see, ever since the first orphanage I've grown a low tolerance for peoples shit. So when the usual group of bullies tried to push me around... I snapped. They all got sent to hospital, and boy did I enjoy it! I even won the court case! Ever since then I've been known as the thug of the orphanage. Anyone that tried to pull a fast one on me got hurt.

I was thirteen when they moved me to the third orphanage, because apparently the staff dubbed me 'too violent' to stay there, so they sent me to an orphanage that could handle me. Now this one was fairly decent in comparison to the other two. But the problem with this one was the strict as hell rules. Naturally I had problems with these rules, but I won't go into detail of what they are, it's not important. During my time there, I've went from thug to rebel.

During my free time, I decided to travel to the neighboring town out of curiosity, and that's where I met my first friend; Janna Ordonia, aka Janna Banana.

Janna seemed weird at first, but once you get past that she's actually pretty chill to be with. While everyone back at the orphanage either bored me or annoyed me, Janna was the first person that was more lively. I mean what can I say, she's the first person I've felt a true connection with, unlike the herd of sheep back at the orphanage. Actually now that I think about it it's more like a strict private school for orphans.

Whenever she and I had time to hang out, she taught me how to steal and how to create many doohickeys for both pranks and recreational use. Like smoke bombs!

Now you're probably wondering 'But Drake, how did you end up on the streets?'

Easy... they kicked me out.

For two years I've been living on my own (I stole a tent and sleeping bag, don't judge me), getting street smart, memorizing possible escape routes if I'm being chased, the whole works.

Anyways, you might judge me for stealing from someone making an honest living, but what can I say, I was desperate. I had to steal because I had no money, and I was starving. So yes, I had to resort to stealing food, money, and clothes in order to live.

But as you can clearly see, I didn't exactly have any cash on me.

"DAMMIT, I SAID STOP!" Shouted the owner, panting, his face beat red, and drenched in sweat.

Pssh, like I'm going to listen to this guy. "HOW ABOUT NO?!" I shouted back, sarcastically.

The sweaty guy began to slow down, due to lack of breath. I didn't take any chances however and kept running several more blocks, until I made it to echo creek park. I sat down on an unoccupied bench and opened the paper bag containing my prize.

Six pizza calzones with extra extra cheese.

The guy who makes these always makes them extra cheesy.

Like a starving carnivore after a successful hunt, I ate in peace.

Hey, you'd eat six of these too if your tank was going on empty.

Meanwhile, in another dimension...

In a dark room, a small blue man with a white beard, yellow robes, and a gemstone imbedded in his forehead could be seen staring into a glowing crystal ball watching the entire scene unfold. This man is known as Glossaryck; creator of the members of the magic High Commission and advisor/teacher to the butterfly throne.

"Ah, so this is where he's been hiding. *Sigh* Oh how it's led up to nothing but a crummy life for him." He says to no one in particular.

He grins as he gets an idea. Now, normally it's not his place to interfere with the lives of complete strangers. Sometimes. But with this kid, he can make an exception.

"What do you say we change fates, and get your life back on track shall we?" He says as he uses his magic to summon a portal.

Back on Earth...

After eating the calzones, I decided to walk around for a bit, just minding my own business while keeping a sharp eye out for that guy I stole from. Including another guy. And this other guy, and other guy. Yeah, I've stolen from a lot of people. Mainly from the next town over where I used to live during my orphanage days. But ever since I got kicked out, I decided to take my thievery to Echo Creek, which is now my prime hunting ground for stealing food, money, clothes, and among other things.

But as it got close to evening, I noticed something sparkling from the corner of my eye. I turned to my right in curiosity, seeing nothing but trees and bushes. In fact that's all I saw. I must of walked out farther away from town to the edge of the woods, which wasn't a problem for me because I've made camp in said woods.

I thought nothing of what I saw just a second ago and merely chalked it up to be me seeing things. That is until it happened again, only it lasted much longer.

I turned to look at it again and to my surprise, it was a glowing orb of some kind.

I had no idea what it was, but then the orb began to crackle with electricity with a mild humming and started to swirl.

I took a couple steps back, not knowing what to do. But as the swirling orb grew, I realized it was a portal. How do I know that?... Because it was sucking me in.

I tried to hold onto the ground for some leverage, but the lose dirt wasn't helping. I was soon dragged towards the portal, the humming getting louder as I got closer.

Whelp, this was it for me I guess. Famous last words time.


I was then consumed by the portal, and I blacked out.


UPDATE: Ok, I would like to clear things up here.

First, my prime focus is Marco Diaz: Rodan Reborn at the moment.

Second, I'm editing these chapters because they were driving me crazy.

Third, some chapters will be noticeably edited (like this one) or have subtle edits.