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Drake's pov...

Ok let's see. Just to recap; I wake up as an extinct snake monster in another another dimension where magic and monsters exist, and now I'm being chased by magical beings. The reason?

... no fucking clue...


"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME YOU FUCKERS!" I shouted back as I slithered as fast as my elongated body could.

And boy was I fucking fast!

Despite not having legs, I was able to keep a good distance away from these people, but they're still on me.

This kind of reminds of my previous situation; I was chased by a guy for stealing food. But now I'm being chased by five people for not actually doing anything wrong! What are the odds?!



I just dodged a blast of magic, and taking a daring quick look back, the blast left a clump of crystals where it hit.

Yeah, let's just avoid getting struck by magic. Doesn't sound or look pleasant.



Just narrowly avoided another blast. Jesus, what's it gonna take to lose this guy?!

Normally I'm capable of escaping people chasing me is because I know my way around town. But this is new territory for me, so I have no clue where I'm going!

C'mon c'mon! THINK!

"Stop firing blasts at him, you idiot! We need to question him! Not encase him!" Hekapoo shouted.

Oh crap, she's picking up speed. I need to think of a plan NOW!

I'm slithering like hell through the forest. Trying desperately to lose them in the dense brush of the forest.

Wait, I'm gonna try going serpentine.

... no pun intended.

With no real plan of escape, I decided to try going through the denser brush in a serpentine maneuver... surprisingly it seems to work!

My new speed and agility allowed me to maneuver my way around as I zigzagged my way through the dense foliage, and the terrain seemed to be slowing them down.

But then I sensed something above me.

I looked up, and I saw that Queen Moon is flying above the tree line.

Wait, FLYING?!

She's got giant butterfly wings, six arms, and blue skin.

Oh dear god.

"Of course the Queen can fly." I mutter to myself.

She descends through the trees with ease, dodging whatever stray branch got in her way. She soon gains speed, and the next thing I know she's flying next to me.

"Just stop running and we'll talk peacefully! I mean you no harm!" She says.

"Oh yeah? Tell that to them!" I said, pointing a thumb behind me.

My senses go off again, it's coming from my right.

I looked to my right to see that Omnitraxus guy is coming up on my right.

Ok I have no idea what these people can do, but I'm not having them on both of my sides. I gotta ditch them, and ditch them fast.

Up ahead was a large patch of vines covered with thorns, and we were fast approaching it. That's when I got an idea. It's a half assed longshot, but I got nothing.

Thinking quickly, I dig my claws into the ground as I made a hard left just before I reach the thicket of thorns. The butterfly lady goes flying over my lowered body as I clawed at the ground, and she and skull head crashed into the thorns.

I stood back up and continued to slither for my life. I wasn't out of the woods yet, both literally and metaphorically. Two down, three to go.

Speaking of which, is the rock head still following-


There he is.

"Oh I'm sorry! Want me to write a check or do you take cash?" I quipped.

Heh. Even in a situation as crazy as this is, I'm still a smartass.


"Your aim sucks ass!" I shout, dodging another crystal blast.

I laugh at his expense when I hear him scream in frustration.

But just as soon as my senses go off (you know what? I'm gonna call it the viper sense), I get tackled to the ground.



Huh. I nearly forgot about these two.

"Ah... damn that hurt." I wheeze.

"Did you forget about us, tough guy?" Hekapoo asked rhetorically.

"Not gonna lie, I almost did." I say honestly.

"Baaaaaah." Said Lekmet.

"What's he saying? I don't understand him." I ask, despite my current predicament.

"No clue. But you're still coming with us." Said Hekapoo.

I look around to see that there's two large trees. One on each side. I get another idea. It's probably stupid, but to hell with it.

With my newfound strength, I lifted my pinned upper body upwards, and shoulder slammed the duo against the trees. Lekmet on my left, Hekapoo on my right.

They let me go from the sudden force of being slammed into trees, and I made a brake for it.

Ok four down, and one more to go.

Shouldn't be that hard, right? He comes off as the typical muscle head. All brawn and no brains, so I have to outsmart him and fast. Back home, I use my knowledge of my surroundings to my advantage, and the only knowledge I have of this place are the trees.


I can definitely use that to my advantage.

Acting quickly, I began to climb and slither my way up a tree. Hopefully the diamond headed warden didn't see me go up here. My black scales can definitely help me blend in with the shadows, but I'm worried that my bright green underside and the golden diamondback pattern will give me away. Just to be safe, I climb as high as I could and wrap my serpentine body around the tree.

It took a few seconds, but Rhombulus came running out to where I once was. He stopped to catch his breath, he's breathing heavily from all the running he's been doing trying to catch me. He looked around the area, trying to get a glimpse of my reptilian form.

Thank god he didn't look up the tree I'm in.

Rhombulus screamed in frustration when he couldn't find me.

Lekmet and Hekapoo then approached him.

"Baaaaaaaah." Said Lekmet.

"Of course I lost him! Don't remind me!"

"You lost him?! How the hell can you lose an overgrown snake?!" Hekapoo practically screamed.

"I don't know, I just did! He's quicker than he looks!"

It wasn't long until Queen Moon and Omnitraxus showed up.

"You lost him didn't you?" Said Omnitraxus.

"Yes! I know that already! Don't rub it in!" Rhombulus exclaimed in frustration.

"Enough! Are we still able to track him?" Asked Moon.

Hekapoo brought out a compact mirror of some kind, sighing in frustration.

"No. Whatever portal residue that was on him has faded away so we're unable to track him." She said.

"Darn it! I was this close to catching him!" Rhombulus said in anger.

Hekapoo smacks him on the back and proceeds to scold him, "May I remind you that if it weren't for you we wouldn't have to chase him, you moron!"

"But you heard what he said! His last name is Viper!"

"That could've been just a coincidence! But now we'll never find out because you chased him off and lost him!"

"I didn't mean to lose him!"

"I don't care! Why can't you just think with your head instead of your gut for ONCE?!"


The shout from Queen Moon was enough to get those two to stop arguing. Thank god she did, because those two were giving me a headache.

"Let's just head back to the castle. He's bound to turn up somewhere, so we'll find him another time." She explained.

With reluctance, they opened a portal, which I assumed led to Moon's castle, and entered it. Leaving me alone up a tree in the forest.

As for where the King went off too, I don't know, nor do I care.

When they left, I breathed a sigh of relief. Finally I can take a breather.

Now that the circus act has left, maybe I can finally get a grip on my current situation. But first, I gotta come up with a plan when I get out of the forest.


Ok, not as exciting as some of you were expecting. But hopefully it works for some of you.

So Drake managed to escape the High Comission's clutches... for now. Now he needs to figure out where he goes from here. What do you guys think?

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