Thus my relatively easy search began, the rapidly darkening streets of Tokyo disappearing easily beneath me until the tell-tale shrine rose out of the distance ominously.

All too late, it felt.

As the kekkai shimmered and distorted to admit my presence, my way forward was blocked by another obstruction.  Unexpectedly, I ran rather ignorantly into an unseen wall and stumbled back a half-step, stunned.  One fist snapped forward to bruise my knuckles against the surface with a curse before I circled the perimeter without another mishap and unfortunately, without discovering a successful entry in.  My attention had somehow drifted downward, an idle kick sent to the barrier out of irritation.

Is that how you want it, Kamui .. –kun?

Sometimes I wondered if you were just being selfish, but your Wish had never deviated from its course, so why .. Why did you incessantly subject yourself to his whim, never fully knowing if you would even come out alive?

By that time in my musings, I slumped against the only solitary tree that bothered shading such tainted ground.  He was in there. Both of them were. Kamui's kekkai emanated from just within, so .. what was going on?  No conflict seemed to have flared up, as was always to be expected no matter what else preceded or followed.  Surely, they wouldn't be .. talking.

The Chi no Ryuu had no discernible use for such menial discussions that were so pointless to him within the grand design that Fate had churned out for us ..

Sou .. naze ..

My answer came just then, as the shrine doors buckled and shattered beneath the force of Kamui's body.  His arc of flight ended with a sickening thump upon the dirt, the delicately pale bishounen ending up on his back before shakily pushing himself up on his elbows.  Turning aside for a moment, he spit the blood from his mouth with an abhorrence that would never seem right on his face.  Time only allowed me to regain my feet before he was there.

In an instant, the surrounding scene melted away in a blur of unfocused hues and discolorations, leaving only a cold, suffocating blackness and three doomed figures.  In that small span of time, Fuuma had appeared.

Straddling his Gemini, his hands found hold on Kamui's shoulders and forced him back down unforgivingly, sneering smugly at his struggling prey. 

"Your words are nothing, Kamui-kun.  Words never stopped a impending car crash, never saved humanity from their destruction and they never will.  Besides, it's so much more fun to use actions to get what you want."

Practically purring, he bent closer and I found I could no longer move.  Did I posses control over myself in this place .. ? My eyes refused to leave the commotion before me, remaining riveted on Kamui and /Kamui/ with nary a flicker in either direction.  The Chi no Ryuu wanted me to see.  See how he destroyed his Twin Star for another countless time, how he tormented his victim mercilessly, how he forced the other to surrender to his cravings through unneeded force.  He loved to hear the piercing screams his attentions created, loved having the uke writhe pointlessly beneath him.

He had one wicked Kamui fetish.

A fake affection that would lead to one Kamui's destruction on the Promised Day.

But that could wait.  The scene that was playing out before me needed my concentration more than the future did.

"Ah. The Sumeragi."

He didn't look my way, only spoke, the air that had only been wavering with Kamui's whimpering then filling with the echo of his malicious voice.  The boy beneath him trembled uncontrollably as brutal fingers found hold around his throat, instantaneously cutting off his quiet whining while a carnal sneer spread across the expression of his tormentor.

"Korosunaide!! Fuuma!!" Futilely, my fists took up a rhythmic thump on the barrier still keeping me at bay before slackening off and halting, fingers splayed outward across the surface. 

If that's the way you want it ..

The air around my hands began to twist and crackle angrily, shimmering as another situation called for the onmyou. 

Don't go my way, Kamui.

Hissing malevolently, the wall became near liquid beneath the pressure of my fingers, rippling outward for a few inches before solidifying again.

Don't submit.

Flittering and twisting nonchalantly past my face, a single sakura petal swam through the murky air to brush against my face and continued onward.

...Don't go my way...

The brief touch of the sakura was quickly replaced by a restraining hand, its counterpart wrapping about my waist to pull me back against a warm, yet strangely cold body.

"What are you trying to save, Subaru-kun?"

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Korosunaide – Don't kill him.

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