Training Grounds


Fifteen year old identical twins Lara and Lyta Kent were lounging around after their weapons training. Their trainor, General Philippus was very proud of the girls for at their age, they had mastered nearly all forms of Amazon combat arts. They were already at par with their mother, Diana, Queen of the Amazons. As proud as she was with the girls, the General was rather annoyed when the sisters' conversation drifted to their crushes. Clearly the two were influenced by the Queen's sister, Princess Donna, the Ambassador to Man's World, the General tells herself. She leaves the girls to their lounging for a much needed bath and massage. She was definitely put through her paces training with these two half-Kryptonian half-Amazons.

As Lara and Lyta were in an animated conversation about the respective crushes Damian Wayne and Arthur Curry Jr., the god Hermes materializes in front of them. After their initial surprise, the sisters immediately take a knee in reverence to their patron god.

"No need for that, daughters of Themyscira," said Hermes.

"What brings you here, Lord Hermes? How can we be of assistance to you?" asked Lara, the eldest of the twins.

"I have been tracking a man granted with immense power by the Quintessence. This man has been travelling through the different timelines and he has been eliminating different versions of your father, Kal-El," Hermes tells the twins.

"Eliminating? As in killing? Why?" Lara asked Hermes looking worried.

Hermes nods his head in affirmation. "In his timeline, Supeman failed to save Kansas from a nuclear explosion. In his twisted mind, he blames his timeline's Superman for the ills that befell him," replied Hermes.

"What is the Quintessence? Does this man have a name?" Lyta asked Hermes.

Hermes replies, "The Quintessence are a group of powerful beings who want to keep order and balance in the multiverse. Father Zeus is a part of this group of beings. They gave this man power to be their enforcer. However, they failed to see that this man already had a fragile mind and the power they granted made him mad. As for this man's name, all I know is that goes by the name of Gog. Sad to say, he is now in our timeline."

Hearing this, Lyta says to Lara, "If this man is in our timeline, then we must go back in time and protect Dad!"

Lara felt afraid for the first time in her life. If her father dies in the past, they will cease to exist. She looks at Hermes with pleading eyes.

As if in reply to Lara's unspoken request, he says "I will send you back in time to protect your father. But you must promise me that you will not tell him who you two are nor what lies ahead for him in the future."

"Yes, Lord Hermes. We promise," says Lara as she looks at her twin.

"I'm in. Let's do this," says Lyta with a determined look.

With a flash of golden light, the twins and Hermes disappear from the training grounds and go back in time.




Hermes and the twins materialize in an alley. He then hands out a backpack to each one of the twins and says, "These bags are enchanted. Anything, you will need for your mission, you will be able to pull out of these bags."

"Really, Lord Hermes? As in anything?" asks Lyta. Hermes nods. She thinks of a Snickers bar as she slips her hand into the bag. "Wow! This is so cool! I love it already!" Lyta exclaims as she does pull one out of the bag.

Lara rolls her eyes and scolds her twin, "A Snickers bar? You're such a child, Lyta!"

"I was hungry!" Lyta replies, taking a big bite out of the chocolate bar. "I'm thinking of a cheeseburger with a side of fries right now. Yum!" she teases Lara.

"Some madman is after Dad and all you can think about right now is food," says Lara in exasperation.

Hermes could only smile at the sisters' exchange.

"I will be going back to Olympus now. Father Zeus will be looking for me soon. Remember, you can never tell the younger version of Kal-El who you really are and what lies ahead for him in the future," Hermes reminds the twins as he bids them goodbye.

Hermes then disappears in a flash of golden light.

The twins are left in the alley. They quickly change from their Themysciran armor into normal clothes. They will begin their search for Kal-El at Smallville Elementary School.

As the twins make it out of the alley, Lara's stomach growls. She remembers that she hadn't eaten yet after their training session. She looks at Lyta and says, "I'm ready for that cheeseburger and side of fries, you know."

"Got you covered on that, sis. How about a strawberry milkshake to wash it all down?" says Lyta already handing the cheeseburger to her sister.

Lara chuckles as she says, "I love you, sis."

"I love you too, sis," says Lyta as she embraces Lara.