It was a normal day at the Saotome house hold. Ranma tricked Usagi to thinking she over slept in order to wake here up. Usagi had mixed feelings about this. On one hand this got her up so she wouldn't be late witch she loved. But on the other hand Ranma was tricking her witch made her panic witch she hated.

On the roof of the Saotome house both Luna and Artemis were seating on it.

"It's already been two months since Usagi, Ranma and the others lost there memories of being Sailor Guardians." said Luna. She also found out that story Ranma used to explain why some people thought she was a boy was now her actual past.

"All of them are back to being completely ordinary girls again." said Artemis

"That's for sure."

"You know, what Luna?"


"I think you and I should settle down."

"You better not be saying what I think you are saying. Pervert!" Then she clawed Artemis's face. Then he cried out in pain.

At school Miss Haruna was grateful that Ranma returned thanks to her Usagi has been getting to class on time. But both Ranma and Usagi were not that good when it came to grades.

Later that night as both Ranma and Usagi were asleep. Soon something feel out of the sky and crashed somewhere in town. When it landed it caused sound like an explosion as well as a small earthquake. This waked up both Ranma and Usagi. They left the house to see what was going on. But when people got there the thing that crashed down was already gone.

Luna and Artemis saw the crater from the roof.

"What in the world could have made that?" asked Artemis

"Just looking at that thing is giving me a bad feeling." said Luna

Not only was Ranma and Usagi there but Ami, Rai, Makoto and Minako were there as well.

"Usagi! Ranma!" said Ami as she approached them. A few weeks ago they pumped into each other as Ami was heading to her charm school. They didn't real became friend but they would pass a hello to each other when they could.

They look and saw Ami was her as well. "Oh hey, Ami." said both Ranma and Usagi

"Good evening you two."

"So even genius like you are curious about..." said Usagi. Then someone pushed them. "Hey watch it." They turned to see Makoto.

"Sorry about that. Someone behind me pushed me." said Makoto

Usagi started to get scared. "You're the giant girl who just transferred to our school." Usagi said in fear

"You don't have to call me giant."

"Ranma protect me." Usagi went behind Ranma. Then both Ranma and Usagi felt the way they are felt familiar. But they didn't know why. Then Usagi saw a flyer of 80% off all candy. "No way! All candy is 80 percent off! Sounds like my kind of place."

"If all you ever eat are sweets, you'll turn your body will turn into a bun too." said a voice Usagi knew all too well.

"Wait I know that obnoxious voice." Then Usagi turned and saw Mamoru

"Hey what's up bun head?"

"Only you call me that." Usagi said as she walked up to him. You got to quite calling me that all the time."

Both Usagi and Mamoru kept on arguing for a bit.

Then Ranma saw Ryoga. She walked up to him.

"Hey Ryoga." said Ranma

"Hey Ranma. So you're here as well."

"Yeah. I a little surprised to see you hear. Let me guess got lost going somewhere else or friend helped you?"

"Friend helped me. He wanted to check it out what happened."

"I figured it was on or the other."

The next day at school they found out there were two new transferred student know as Seijuro Ginga and Natsumi Ginga. Who were really Ail and An. Some of the girls including Usagi and Naru started to falling in love or at lest get a crush for Seijuro. Even Ranma had a small crush on him but not as much as the others.

Natsumi was in Ranma and Usagi's class. There was a huge crowd around her to learn stuff about her. They soon found her interesting because she studied overseas. Then a strange but beautiful sound could be heard. They went out into the hall to see. They saw it was coming from the other new student Seijuro.

"Beautiful!" said Usagi

"Such a lovely melody." said Naru

"I know." said Ranma

It wasn't only Usagi and Naru that was crushing on Seijuro but every girl in the hall but only a little for Ranma even with thinking she was born as a girl she didn't like romantic stuff that much at lest not all the time.

Umino started to get jealous of him. "Well what do you think of this, Naru?" Umino whispered to himself. Then he pulled out his recorder and started to play it. It was bad so Naru to the recorder from Umino and hit him on the head with it.

"Will you stop that, Umino." said Naru

Then Seijuro then stopped and saw both Ranma and Usagi . He walked up to them. "At long last, I found my Andromedas!" said Seijuro

Naru thought it was her for a bit. Then Umino got in front of her. "Naru! I'll protect you!" said Umino

"Umnio!" said Naru sounding upset about this.

"Please allow me the great honor to play you two a song that comes straight from my heart." said Seijuro as he looked at both Usagi and Ranma. This shocked most all of the girls there. "Galaxy Fantaisie-Impromptu Opus Number 5, the Miracle of Lovely Andromeda." Usagi thought she was the luckiest girl because of this. But Ranma thought it was nice as well. But he couldn't play it as Natsumi gave Seijuro a angry stare.

"What's wrong?" asked Usagi

"Yeah. What the matter?" asked Ranma

"Brother!" said Natsumi. A few people including Ranma, Usagi, Naru and Umnio trued around and saw Natsumi. "What were you about to do?"

"Oh, uh... nothing." said Seijuro as he left.

Then as Natsumi left she gave an angry look at Ranma and Usagi.

Later after school as Seijuro and Natsumi were on there way back to there home.

"When we're at school you need to refrain from acting the way you did today." said Seijuro

"You should be telling yourself that." said Natsumi

"I understand you're mad. But keep in mind they all must think we are bother and sister."

"Fine! But doesn't mean you have to make passes at all those girls does it." Then she noticed Mamoru walk by and thought he looked like her ideal man. She sneak off from Seijuro and started to follow Mamoru. But soon she started to collapse. She was leaning agents a light poll. Ryoga showed up and saw Natsumi.

"Miss are you okay?" asked Ryoga. Natsumi was to weak to answer him. Ryoga picked Natsumi up. He was about to look for help. Natsumi started to get feelings for the mane that was helping her. But then Seijuro appeared.

"What's going on here?" asked Seijuro

"I saw her on the ground. So I was going to take her to get help."

"I'm grateful for your help. But I'll take my sister from here." Seijuro took Natsumi from Ryoga and started to head home.

Later that night Usagi was in her room on the phone with Naru talking about what happened today.

"The way he looked at you and Ranma it was like love at first sight." said Naru

"I know. I kind of find it interesting he's interested in both me and Ranma. Witch is interesting for me. Do I win him over with how cute I am. Or help Ranma so she will have a boyfriend. After all she has never showed that she liked a boy that way yet and I know she is straight. so this could be a good opportunity for her." said Usgai

"I thought she was dating that Ryoga fella?"

"Oh no. They are just friend that meet in middle school."

"I thought they were. After all they always comes to school together."

"Oh the reason for that is because Ryoga has a horrible sense of direction. I heard it took him four days to get to a lot just behind his house."

"You got to be kidding me. So Ranma is just helping Ryoga to get to school."

Luna noticed Usagi was going back to her old ways. But still a uneasy feeling still lingered. Soon she left the house and meet up with Artemis. As they wondered around the town. They soon heard a scream. They ran towards the scream. Once they got there they saw a girl on the ground with her life energy has been drained.

"What happened?" asked Artemis. As the girl tried to call for help with the little straight she has left.

"She's been drained of her energy. Those strange feelings I had earlier were right." said Luna

"What now? Should we restore the Guardians memories. We can't do that to them. There finally able to live as ordinary girls."

"I guess your right. We'll just have to handle this ourselves."

They soon heard another scream.

The location of the scream Naru looked out her. She was still on the phone with Usagi. Naru opened the window and saw the monster. Then monster started to go after her. Naru started to help. Then the monster started to drain her energy. Usagi started to get worried because she wasn't answering anymore. Usagi got Ranma and the two of them ran over to Naru's house. They raced to Naru's room with Naru's Mom with them. As that happen Luna and Artemis entered through a window. They tried to stop the monster but the stood no chance agents. But Luna was agents on calling Ranma and Usagi for help. But they were then at the door. The three of them were shocked to see the monster. They all were scared but at different levels. Ranma was scared but knew she would have to fight it. Naru's mother just fainted. And as for Usagi she thought this was all a dream.

"This is a dream. It has to be a nightmare." said Usagi

"Sis this is no dream." said Ranma

"Ranma, Usagi ran. You two got to run." said Luna

"Okay maybe this is a dream."

"Well if this a dream. I can turn myself as strong and brave as you sis." said Usagi. Luna gave Usagi a strange look. "Hey you!" This got the monsters attention. "Listen up you monster. Stop bullying Naru, or else."

"Yeah. You'll have to handle with us."

"And we'll punish you!" said both Usagi and Ranma as they stroke a pose.

"Why does these seem so familiar?" asked Usagi

"I know what you mean." said Ranma

"Look out you two." said Luna

The monster fire vines at Usagi. Ranma pushed her out of the way and was caught by the vines. Luna tried to help but was hit to the side. Ranma's energy was starting to get drained. Usagi was to scared to move. Then Artemis jumped on the monster and started to scratch him. The monster let Ranma go. The monster hit Artemis to the side. "Hey I'm over here." said Artemis. Then Artemis jumped out the window and the monster followed him. Luna started to wonder what should she do.

"There is no other choice! Forgive me, Usagi and Ranma. You two need to become Sailor Moon and Sailor Sun." Luna fired a beam off light at both Uasgi's and Ranma's foreheads. This started to get back all there memories from being Sailor Moon and Sailor Sun. "Usagi! Ranma!"

"Hey there Luna. It's been awhile since we we're able to talk." said Usagi

"You can say that again. It's good that we're talking to you again." said Ranma

"Usagi! Ranma! You memories are back." said Luna. Both Ranma and Usagi nodded there heads. "People are in danger. You two have to transform, now."

"Moon Prism Power, Make up!" said Usagi. Then she was transformed into Sailor Moon.

"Sun Prism Power, Make up!" said Ranma. Then she was transformed into Sailor Sun.

Artemis was in trouble with the monster as his energy.

"Let him go, you monster." said Sailor Sun. As Sailor Moon and Sailor Sun appeared. The monsters turned to see Sailor Moon and Sailor Sun.

"We were finally able to live like ordinary girls." said Sailor Moon

"But you attack others in my town bring us back into the fight."

"You are not considerate at all. I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for love and for justice! I am Sailor Moon!

"I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for love and for honor! I am Sailor Sun!"

"And in the name of the Moon..."

"And in the name of the Sun..."

"We'll punish you!" said both Sailor Moon and Sailor Sun as the stricked a pose.

The monster started tried to use the vines on them. Sailor Moon and Sailor Sun were able to dodged them. But after a bit Sailor Moon was grabbed by her leg. Her energy started to get drained.

"Let her go!" said Sailor Sun as she rushed the monster. "Kachu Tenshin Amarguri Ken." Sailor Sun launched hundreds of punches. This stunned the monster and freed Sailor Moon.

"Thanks for the save Sailor Sun. Now lets finish this." said Sailor Moon. She took off her tiara and it started to glow. "Moon Tiara Action!" Sailor Moon tossed her tiara.

"Solar Ray Blast!" Sailor Sun fired a beam. The beam and the tiara combined. It hit the monster it destroyed the monster and all that was left of it was a black card. The energy was then returned back to the people they were stolen from.

Artemis started to get up. "Are you alright, Artemis?" asked Luna

"Yeah." said Artemis still a little weak.

"Sailor Moon and Sailor Sun, was it?" asked a voice

"Yeah. That's us." said Sailor Moon. They then noticed images of two green skinned people in the sky.

"I had no idea someone like you was on this planet."

"Who are you people?" asked Sailor Sun

"Nomad nobles of the universe, I am Ail."

"And I am An."

"So you were the two who sent that monster weren't you?!" asked Sailor Sun

"Yes, but that was only a sneak peek of what's to come." said An

"Vary true." said Ail. Then both started to laugh evilly as the image of them disappeared.

"Sailor Moon! Sailor Sun! It looks like those..." said Luna but then she noticed tears in there eyes.