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Screamin' Squids

Everyone was walking in the forest, as they were chatting.

"Alright, everyone in agreement of Tina being the one in charge this challenge?" Ross asked.

Everyone nodded in response, all while Peter simply shrugged.

"Hey, like we have any better option." Peter stated. "Like, she went out during a rainstorm to capture some silly Pokemon."

"Oh, Kyogre is anything but silly." Tina smirked back. "If he continued his reign of destruction… Well… Um… Anyone ever played The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker?"

Ross shook his head. "No, not really."

Danny also shook his head. "With those graphics? You gotta be kidding if you think I would play such a game!"

Peter shook his head as well. "Nay, and besides… I was into Call Of Duty by the time I was around 13."

"Ooh, I played my brother's copy!" Whitney spoke up, grinning. "Heck, I even dressed as a female Toon Link for Halloween growing up!"

"Anyways, Tina? You're in charge for this challenge." Ross said out loud, as he looked over at Tina with a confident smile. "Now… What or how do we capture these campers?"

"Well, I'm sure you guys played Pokemon GO, right? Then just adapt that into this, and you're golden-" Tina answered back, as she looked down at her phone. "Ooh, awesome! A Beth! And she's a Finalist camper!"

Tina ran over to where the Beth was, and tapped on her phone's screen. On Tina's phone, Beth was twirling around a fire baton, as she held up her phone.

The rest of the campers walked closer to Tina.

"Umm… You gonna capture her, Kidtendo?" Peter asked out loud.

Ignoring Peter, Tina awaited until the Beth on-screen tossed her fire baton into the air. She soon swiped towards the Beth, tossing a ball towards her, in which it sucked her in. After a few shakes, the ball stood still, indicating that the Wannabee was caught. Tina pumped her fist in triumph.

"I was just awaiting for the perfect moment to strike. With how fast the actual Beth could spin her batons, it could had deflected back the ball, thus ruining a perfectly fine capture. Sooooo… I remembered the intro to the first Total Drama, and awaited my move..." Tina explained.

"Ahh, gotchya." Peter nodded back.

Hannah took a peek at her phone, and grinned. She ran a short distance, where she swiped at her phone and a dinging sound came from her phone.

"Boo-YA! Two points!" Hannah said, as she pumped her fist in triumph.

Whitney suddenly popped up behind her. "Whoa, cool! You caught a Katie wearing a pink and black striped crop-top!"

Hannah smiled back. "You bet! This Katie was a little different-looking than the others, so I went for the catch."

"Nice!" Whitney grinned towards the pre-teen. "She looks so… Close to gothic as one can get."

Hannah looked over at Whitney, as the two were walking back towards their team. "You think she would make a great goth?"

"Eh, probably." Whitney answered back. "If she's willing to dye her hair pink."

"And wear white foundation. And black lipstick." Hannah continued. "Can't go wrong with black lipstick!"

Confessional: How about blue? Gwen was great with blue lipstick…

Hannah: (She is smiling) Yeah, my cousins did say when I turned 13 in October… Well, let's just say they have plans for me.

Whitney: I probably wouldn't know; I never wear make-up, and I don't plan to start.

The two girls joined back with her team, as they looked at both Hannah and Whitney.

"You just missed it, girls!" Luka exclaimed. "Danny was trying and failing to catch a Sugar!"

"But I finally caught it after a minute!" Danny yelled back.

"Yeah, like after you wasted 13 balls." Luka responded, as she crossed her arms.

"Well, how could I catch something which deflected my balls from her body?" Danny asked rather angerly.

Whitney couldn't help but chuckle at what Danny just said.

"Hoooooo… Bad choice of words to put together." Xane responded, as he giggled a bit.

Soon, his phone pinged. He looked down at it and ran over to a spot. He looked down at his phone.

"Hoo-Hoo; it's a LeShawna!" Xane said with a smile, as he tossed a ball at the LeShawna. Even though it took a couple balls, he eventually caught the LeShawna and walked back to the rest of the team, with a smile on his face.

"Well, someone's happy." Tina said, as she proudly looked over at Xane. "Whatcha catch?"

"A LeShawna." Xane answered back. "She reminds me of my GF back at home, hooooo..."

Danny snapped his fingers in frustration. "Damn. I could had figured you were gay..."

"Nope!" Xane said, smiling as he exited the app and pulled up a pic. It was of Xane and his girlfriend, sharing a milkshake. The girl had mocha-colored skin and a light blue t-shirt on. "Whatta think, hoooo? She's a keeper, that's for sure..."

Whitney gave off a smile. "Ah, cool! Almost like my older brother Dillon! He fell in love and engaged to Sandra. The two are still very much in love."

Peter, whose phone pinged, ran over to a specific spot, and caught another camper. He looked at who he caught while rejoining her team.

"Like… Damn, this Sierra I caught is hardcore." Peter said, as he showed off the recent camper who was caught to the other campers. She was holding a butcher's knife, and cuddling a Cody doll, all while giving off a crazed look.

Tina shuffled her glasses in response. "Well… I guess for some campers, well, they probably had to take some creative liberties..."

Luka whistled. "Wow… Even in an augmented reality, Sierra is still an Yandere..."

Confessional: Sierra Simulator! Kill every Cody ship as Sierra just so Coderra is the only ship available! Available… Never!

Luka: Man, if there's anything crazier than any protester from… That organization that shall not be named… It's Sierra. She is way out there, yo!

Whitney: Is it a bad time to say that I write CodyXKatie fanfic for fun?

Funky Flounders

With the Flounders, they were also walking in the forest as well. And giving Gabriella a disapproving look.

"30 balls. It took you 30 balls just to catch an Amy." Nancy said towards Gabriella.

"It would had been lower if somebody held my phone up straight." Gabriella responded back, as she glared at Frankie, spooking him.

"Anyways, why Amy? Why don't you go for some of the campers which yields more points? Like Shinies? Or Finalists? Or Shiny Finalists?" Bob suggested.

"Because, you fat brat… Unlike you, Amy's popular in school. She is respected, much like how you should respect YOURS TRULY." Gabriella spat back. "All I have to do is ask my daddy, and he'll make sure your life is ruined just like that."

She snapped her fingers in response, as Bob grumbled.

"Urge to throw the challenge… Rising..." Bob muttered to himself.

Up ahead, Candace grinned as she held her phone in the air.

"HAHAHA! The Cartoon Queen has captured an Owen!" Candace shouted triumphantly. "And with only two balls to boot!"

"And I, the Cartoon Lad captured an Ella!" Ethan also shouted out loud. "Wannabee Disney Princesses for the win!"

"Still, that makes four points so far." Nancy said, as she looked down at her phone. "Hold up, make that five."

She ran over to a specific spot, and swiped her phone's screen.

"Caught a Dawn just now. She just suddenly appeared in thin air." Nancy continued. "We should do like what Bob said, and try going for more campers which could give us more of a bang for our buck."

Frankie held up his sock.

"So, we should go for Owens, Gwens, Duncans, Beths, Heathers, Alejandros, Camerons, Lightnings, Mikes, Zoeys, Shawns, or Skys?" His sock asked out loud.

"That, or their shiny brethren." Nancy nodded back. "Why am I suddenly agreeing with a sock?"

"Who wouldn't agree with a sock?" Kayley asked back, as she held up her phone. It was displaying a shiny Mike, who had a color hue similar to that of Shaggy. "Caught a shiny Mike while Gabriella was busy catching her Amy."

Nancy smiled at the Wiccan girl. "Wicked catch, Kayley! Would that make that nine points right now?"

"Yeah, probably." Bob answered back, as he typed something down on his phone, muttering to himself along the way. "I'll try to keep up with our points."

Gabriella scoffed. "What-EVER… Like, how is some Elementary school brat like you good at math, anyway?"

"Good enough to determine the stats of a Pokemon?" Bob responded back, smiling.

Confessional: Was that a burn? If so… You better have Burn Heal!

Bob: Alright, I may not be a competitive battler, I play for fun. But there are some possible teammates that if they had the wrong nature… Well… (He shrugs.) At least I can breed them, hope their kid fairs a lot better?

Kayley: Aren't shinies supposed to be super-rare? My older sis Beatriz stayed up late into the night a couple years ago, trying to score herself a shiny Rockruff.

Meanwhile, Jonah was aiming his camera at himself.

"Yooooooooo, what is up my followers? Ya main boi Jonah here, on his third challenge of Total Drama Dictionary, and we are playing a ripoff of Pokemon GO!" Jonah announced, as he pointed his camera at Ethan. "How about it, my loyal follower? Do you love Pokemon GO?"

Ethan, ignoring Jonah, gave off a grin as he grasped his spear.

"Ha, the Cartoon Lad spots something which is more important than Pokemon GO..." Ethan answered back.

"Right… And how about this lovely lady, who is sporting quite the jungle look this year?" Jonah continued, as he aimed his camera at Candace.

"Heh, the Cartoon Queen still thinks war paint is the way to go." Candace replied back, sporting a grin. "And this skirt is made outta imitation leopard skin. Oh, what your subjects can make for you if you just ask!"

Jonah stepped back, as he aimed his camera at himself.

"And there you have it, bitches; two followers of mine who just can't resist the glory that is… Jonah!" Jonah said, as he flipped his head, causing his hair to fly backwards, as the winds whispered his name…


Jonah looked confused. "Where's the winds whispering my name? Where's the audience-squeeing winds whispering my name?"

"Right there, Mr. Like-Comment-Subscribe." Nancy answered back, pointing behind Jonah.

At that moment, what appeared to be a bear stepped out from the woods, looking ticked. Its fur looked to be a dark brown, and it gave a glare at the campers, it licking its lips.

Jonah turned around and aimed his camera at the bear. "Bitchin'! This'll give me- I mean, us, ALL the views!"

"Yeah, when that oversized Monokuma freaking MAULS us limb to limb!" Nancy yelled back at Jonah, while she backed away slowly. "And I ain't about to explain to my birth parents up there in the skies on how I got mauled by some forest creature; nope! Nancy ain't going out like that!"

"Um, guys?" Kayley spoke up. "Perhaps we should show to it that we're more threatening to it than it is to us? Then it'll run off?"

"Great idea, Kayley! It's what I, the Jungle Queen did to protect her subjects!" Candace agreed back, sporting a grin. "I suggest a song!"

"I was thinking more of making us seem bigger than it." Kayley continued. "It would be more easier if it weren't cloudy and we could use our shadow..."

"In the Loud House! In the Loud House!" Nancy sung out loud, as the bear glared at her, roaring in her face. "Huh… Everyone back in the jungle liked my tunes of cartoon intros..." She pouted back towards everyone.

Jonah, meanwhile, kept his camera on the bear.

"Ya main boi Jonah here? Will scare this big bad bear off!" Jonah said out loud.

"Yeah, just show him the video which got the southeast section of America banned from Canada for five months. That'll totally scare him off..." Nancy snarked back.

"Hey, that only happened once!" Jonah yelled back at Nancy.

Bob looked over at the bear, as a realization came to him.

"Wait a moment… Didn't I see that bear yesterday?" Bob asked out loud.


A rock hit the bear right on its noggin, as it gave a look over at both Gabriella and Frankie, as the bear gave off a glare towards the two.

"He did it!" Gabriella yelled out, as she pointed at Frankie. "He wanted to skin you so he could present me with my bearskin rug!"

In all but a second, the entire rest of the team face-palmed.


The bear let out a deafening roar. Gabriella, looking at Frankie, soon got behind him, much to his surprise.

"He's all yours; I'm outta here! I'm too rich to die!" Gabriella said towards the bear, as she ran towards her team's way, shoving Candace to the ground as she ran off.

"Hey, come back here! You… dim-witted, dense, dumb, daft, dippy, DINGUS!" Nancy yelled at the direction where Gabriella ran off.

Meanwhile, the bear lifted his paw, getting ready to swipe at Frankie…

"Whoa, boy!" Bob yelped, as he grabbed Frankie's shirt and pulled him back, just barely dodging a swipe of the bear's razor-sharp claws.

The two boys started to back away from the approaching bear, who was now seeing the two contestants as a meal.


A shadow was shining near the bear, as the bear looked at it, and was suddenly frightened.

"GROWL! PICNIC BASKET! A BODY HAS BEEN DISCOVERED! ALL SORTS OF OTHER BEAR REFERENCES!" Kayley shouted out loud, as Nancy and Ethan used the bright light from their phones, shining them near Kayley, thus making her shadow seem a lot bigger than the bear.

Knowing that the bear stood no chance against something twice its size, it soon ran off, leaving the campers alone. Bob breathed a sigh of relief, as he looked over at Frankie.

"You alright, Frankie?" Bob asked.

Frankie nodded back, as he held up his sock.

"Whoa, this left sock's gonna have nightmares for weeks!"

Bob nodded back. "Yeah, you'll be fine as well."

He soon looked at his fellow campers.

"Well, with Gabriella having ran off, what should we do?" Bob asked. "Should we continue the challenge, or..."


The contestants looked over at where the scream came from. It was from Candace, who screamed in horror at her new get-up.

"What? How? When? Which? What did I do?" Candace shouted out in a panic, as she was looking at herself in her jungle garb. "Why do I look like something that came outta an episode of National Geographic?!"

Nancy shook her head. "Looks like the Jungle Queen's been dethroned..."

Ethan blinked. "So, does this mean I ain't the Cartoon Lad, anymore?

Confessional: Soooooo, we won't be having a trial after all?

Candace: This ain't my kinda wardrobe; why would I be wearing coconuts and a leopard skinned skirt? I mean, the flower is a nice touch, but… (She takes a few breaths) Okay, calm down… This ain't the first time you ate some strange fruit offered to you by some tribe and you went bananas…

Bob: Keep in mind, this started off as a Pokemon GO themed challenge… How did bears get into the picture?

Ethan: Ah, well. Fun while it lasted. Also, that thing that was more important than Pokemon GO? Well… (He holds up a Math Idol.) This could possibly come in handy one day! ...Possibly.

Tough Turtles

The team was walking alongside the beach, as both Omelette and Vikki were near the ocean waters.

"Gotchya!" Omelette shouted happily, as she swiped at her phone. "Add a Bridgette to the count!"

"I got a Cody!" Vikki added. "Just one of the most cutest nerds out there!"

"You're a cuter nerd..." Omelette teased back.

With the rest of the team, they were also awaiting a notification from their phones, in the hopes of snagging another virtual camper.

"Hehe, this is like that one episode of Canadian Chaos, where Slade appointed Mallow and Anthony as temporary officers of the law while he went on vacation to Hondoras." Quinn spoke up. "On the same day a prison riot had a gang of thieves break outta the slammer, hehe..." [1]

"That must had been one dramatic experience..." Yuki said, looking over at Quinn.

"Canadian Chaos is actually a sitcom, hehe..." Quinn replied to Yuki. "The way Mallow caught one of the prisoners in that episode… Hehe..."

"Ah, so you do watch shows other than the local news." Maxwell inquired, smiling at him.

"Hey, it's a good show, hehe..." Quinn chuckled back.

"Even I admit that I watch Canadian Chaos, hon." Yuki said, smiling to Quinn. "The second season is regarded as one of its best! Remember the episode where Mallow tried to set up Anthony?"

As Yuki was geeking out over a sitcom with Quinn and Maxwell, Alec, Isaac, and Nerdi were far away from the crew. The scientist was holding up a beaker filled with a liquid.

"Test Subject… BEHOLD!" Alec announced out loud. "With this experiment, our chances of catching several Campers shall intensify!"

"How so?" Isaac asked.

"Yeah, how will we warp my buddy's body today, meow?" Nerdi also asked, while perched on his shoulder. "An extra set of arms? Going invisible? Gender-swapping?"

"Nerdi!" Isaac reprimanded back.

"What? Most people pay good money for a gender-swapped AU, meow." Nerdi responded back.

Alec only gave off a grin. "None of that today, Test Subject, cause this experiment… Shall make you see double. Or even triple."

He handed over a beaker with a purple looking liquid, as Isaac downed the contents inside. A few seconds passed by, as Isaac let the contents flow throughout his body.

"Huh… I feel sorta… Tingly all of a sudden." Isaac stated. "Is this what happens with grape flavored potions?"

"Good. That means it's working..." Alec replied back, sporting a grin.

"Still… What do you mean by seeing double, or even triple?" Isaac asked all of a sudden.

"Ahhhh, just look to your left, and to your right." Alec suggested.

Isaac turned his head towards the right, and suddenly stepped back in shock.

"Wha… How?" Isaac asked out loud, pointing at what was in front of him.

It was another Isaac, who simply waved back. "Hello!"

"This… Is getting all sorta crazy..." Isaac stated. "Almost like that episode of Plushie Fighters where Tommy and Velvet were fighting off multiplying ghosts..."

"Before you nerd out, behind you, meow." Nerdi said, as she tapped him on the head and pointed behind him.

Isaac turned around, and could only blink as another self only waved back.

"Yep… Exact episode." Isaac replied back.

Alec, meanwhile, sported a grin.

"EXCELLENT! This experiment was a huge success!" Alec cheered out loud. "Now, with triple the Test Subject, we shall score triple the Campers! MWAHAHAHA!"

"Like, I try capturing a Camper, as well as Isaacs 2 and 3?" Isaac asked, as Alec nodded back. "Huh… Interesting..."

"Yeah, good plan and all, but..." Nerdi said, as she lept off of her human perch. "What'll happen when this potion of yours wears off, and the other two Isaacs get Thanos-Dusted away, meow? Would that also nix the other Isaac's captured campers?"

Alec's grin soon dropped.

"That… I didn't think of." Alec answered back, frowning. "I'm not even sure if clones even come with cellphones."

"Gotta give an A for effort." Isaac said, sporting an approving smile. "Just imagine this potion for any sorta gathering. Gotta duck out while Aunt Milda is pinching your cheeks? Have your clone take the pinches instead. Wanna be in two places at the same time? Down the potion and have your other self be… Well, at a certain party while…"

"Hello!" Isaac 1 said out loud, while Isaac 2 only stood there, also waving.

Isaac looked over at his clones and back at Isaac. "May wanna improve on that potion more..."

Confessional: Double the Isaac, double the fun.

Isaac: If only I had that potion a couple years ago… (He looks down.) Then I feel I wouldn't had disappointed Betty…

Isaac 1: Bye-Bye! (He soon fades away into dust, Thanos-Snap style.)

Dana: (She is busy vaccuming up the dusted away Isaac 1 with a miniature dust buster) Thanos, if you're watching this for some reason or another… Please do not snap away our campers, real or cloned. (She empties the dust buster into a jar labeled Isaac 1) You know how hard it'll be to reconstruct dusted campers?

The contestants continued on their path, as a solo raindrop landed upon Quinn's nose. He looked up at the sky, which was tinted grey.

"Hehe, the rains are soon about to fall..." Quinn spoke up, looking up at the sky. "It's gonna soak our hairstyles and ruin our day, hehe..."

"What if you're wearing a hat?" Maxwell added, as he touched the brim of his hat. "Ain't no problems there, bud."

"It'll still soak it, considering it rains hard enough, hehe… Well enough to make you sick if it gets really chilly..." Quinn spoke back.

Selena soon walked in front of the campers, as she looked at them.

"Okay, okay, don't panic!" Selena said out loud. "If the rain dries out your hair, just seek me afterwards and I can fix it! In the meantime, just… try covering it with something."

Everyone nodded back as Omelette shifted her hat, as well as Maxwell and Ulysses. Quinn took out a rain poncho and put it on, Isaac hid his hair underneath his snuggie, with Nerdi following suit, and Vikki…

She took out a balloon umbrella, and hid under it, twirling it and cheekily smiling at Selena.

"Showoff..." Selena scoffed at her, muttering under her breath.

The rains started to fall harder, as Yuki spotted an outcropping on a cliffside. She ran towards it as she motioned for the rest of the campers to follow suit.

"Okay, everyone present and accounted for?" Selena asked out loud.

Everyone responded 'Yeah' in response.

"Alright, good." Selena nodded, as she looked over at Alec. "You, smartiepants. When do you think this rain's gonna end?"

"Well, being that we're underneath some dark clouds, the sunlight is being absorbed from above, meaning-" Alec began to explain.

"You do know that we're in a challenge." Ulysses stated. "Either let us know when it's gonna end or not, alright?"

Alec sheepishly pressed his fingers together. "5 minutes… 2 hours… It all depends on how big this system is."

"Meaning… We're stuck." Selena grumbled. "Anything we should do until this weather eases up?"

"Well… I have some songs downloaded on my phone. Perhaps we can sing along to them?" Maxwell offered.

"Maxwell, nobody doesn't want to hear your weeb music." Ulysses responded back.

"Oh, don't worry about this one; it has English lyrics!" Maxwell grinned, as he selected a song and turned up the volume. "1! 2! 3! 4! We… Are Cells At Work!"

Vikki grinned at Maxwell's song choice.

"1! 2! 3! 4! We are working for you! Woooo!" Vikki sung out loud.

Ulysses face palmed, when all of a sudden, Yuki's phone pinged. She looked down at it, and looked over at Selena, who nodded.

She soon ran out in the pouring rain, and swiped at her phone, and pumped her fist in triumph. She soon returned back to her fellow campers.

"Found a Gwen with red accents. It's probably a Shiny Gwen, hon." Yuki said out loud.

"Nice work, Yuki." Omelette smiled at her teammate. "Now… Whatta we do, aside of enjoying Maxwell and Vikki's duet?"

The two watched the two teens singing the J-Pop, as a smirk grew upon Yuki's face.

"Somebody's gonna ship those two, now..." Yuki said out loud.

Confessional: Ship them to FedEx? Cause I think shipping two humans without their will is still illegal.

Omelette: I am quite surprised that Vikki knows about that anime with the blood cells… (She fiddles with her shades.)

Vikki: Alright, I should confess something; my mom got me into Cells At Work. She once watched an episode with some kid who was recovering from surgery, and… Needless to say, she binged the entire series after her shift. (She smiles.) And that was the gateway to even more shows!


Both Dana and Maggie were riding along in Maggie's ride; a pimped out Gator which was also floating above the ground… Or would be, if Dana didn't ask to stop the vehicle.

"Got 'em!" Dana announced. "Add a Beth to the collection!"

She ran back to Maggie's Gator, as she looked over at her.

"Dudette, you're not even a contestant. Why are you even capturing retro campers?" Maggie asked.

"Hey, Chris made this game all too good." Dana answered back, as she noticed a book in the open dashboard. She reached inside, and pulled out the book, as she read the title. "Robots! Really!"

"Yep, that's the very same book my Gram illustrated. And which led me into being the robot nut I am today." Maggie stated, as she started up the Gator and began to drive off. "Well, to put it precise… This gal right here was always into inventing and tinkering with stuff."

Dana read the book, as she noticed the main character of the story looking awfully familiar.

"Maggie, dude… This blonde haired gal is based off of you." Dana stated.

"Yeah, Gram had to make a few creative liberties. Let's be glad she drew me and my bro in before I was asked to tutor Diana and Elizabeth." Maggie responded back, smirking. "Can you imagine her trying to draw me now?"

Dana grinned back. "Yeah, that be a total pain. What with how your body's a canvas and all."

"Damn straight." Maggie replied, still sporting a grin. "Diana and Elizabeth made me into the gal I am today. They'll be great partners when I, Maggie Reality… DOMINATE THE WORLD!"

Dana scooted back a bit. "Umm… You can let me off here, thanks."

"...Of Robot Championship Fighting. New league opening up soon." Maggie continued. "And I'm hoping to get the two into robot battling one day. They're already masters at Robo-Mini Battles."

"Hm?" Dana asked, raising an eyebrow.

"A product of my own creation, which I'm hoping to display to the big-wigs one day. And they were my testing audience, as well as Alvin and his girlfriend. I'm hoping to perfect it, so they don't always end up as scrap after every battle." Maggie answered back. "And who knows… We may be seeing the next Maggie Reality get inspired to take up robot battling, and rise up to the BIG LEAGUES!"

Dana chuckled. "You think that Maggie Reality will be up to dying their hair purple and getting a bird inked forever on their arm?"

"Hey, it's not just a bird; it's a magpie." Maggie corrected back.

"Ahhh, magpie. Alright." Dana nodded back, as she kicked back in her chair and looked at her phone, hoping to score a few more captures.

Screamin' Squids

The rains were coming down, as the campers were huddled underneath some trees, taking a break.

Xane was sticking out his potted plant into the rainstorm, in the hopes it was getting some water.

"Hooo, you enjoying this delicious H20, bud?" Xane said to his plant, as he looked down at his phone. "I'm sure this Dawn in a purple sweater does as well, hooooo..."

Behind him, Peter only did a 'cookoo' gesture with his hand.

Danny grimaced, as he looked up at the sky.

"Man, did that lame Candace chick on the Flounders do some kinda rain dance or something?" Danny complained. "She seems the type to do some kinda rain dance."

Ross removed his colander hat, and rubbed his hand through his rain soaked hair.

"Man, why did I think it was a good idea to wear a colander outside a rainstorm?" Ross asked out loud, before he placed his colander back on. "Hey, Tina. How did you do it?"

"Do what? Going out during a rainstorm just for Pokemon GO?" Tina asked back. "Well-"


Everyone was silent at the sudden scream of help.

"The hell? Is calling for the Elite Beat Agents even allowed for this challenge, hoo?" Xane asked.

"I… dnnno." Peter responded back.

"Who you think it was?" Luka asked.

"None of us, we're all present and accounted for." Whitney answered back.


The eight almost instantly knew who that scream belonged to.

"Why?" Danny complained.

"Yeah, like… Who OK'ed the crocodiles, anyway?" Xane asked.

"No, not that… Why and how did Gabriella get trapped by crocodiles?" Danny responded back.

"I can think of a few..." Whitney said, as she looked over at Luka, who was shaking her head no. She soon looked back at Danny. "...Which I won't say, to spare Luka from all of the gory details."

Luka breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you..."


Tina, wasting little to no time, tightened the knot of her sweater around her waist, as she looked at her fellow campers.

"Guys, I know Gabriella is selfish, is a greedy brat, and is intolerable, but… She seriously doesn't need to be chewed upon by a pack of crocodiles. We… should do the right thing rescue her." Tina suggested.

"Dude, are you CRAZY?" Peter asked out loud, his eyes widening. "Like, these are crocodiles! Like, they fight. And bite. And fight and bite and fight."

"Fight, fight, fight? Bite, bite, bite?" Xane added.

"Best leave this to the pros, Tina. My Uncle Doug was once a crocodile wrestler and retired after his first match." Whitney warned. "It's why my family gifts him a new hook for his stub every Christmas."

"See?" Peter continued. "Gee, when I'm agreeing with Whitney of all people… That's when I know I lost it."

"Don't sweat it; we'll be alright." Tina reassured. "Now… Squids are GO?"

Confessional: Mission 3 – A Load of Croc! The Crazy Crocodile Rescue!

Whitney: Thing is… I am kinda a pro already. I had to fight off against our rival school's mascot one time. Who knew they were so picky about rotisserie chicken?

Hannah: (She is sporting a grin.) Crocodiles?! Sweet! They're way more badass than alligators! This is gonna be fun!

The team soon reached where Gabriella was. She was held up in a tree, with three crocodiles surrounding the bottom, awaiting their next snack. She looked down at her soon-to-be saviors, and scowled in disgust.

"Oh my freaking God! The Squids?! Why are you even here?!" Gabriella gagged back. "WHY ISN'T MY SERVANT HERE TO SAVE ME?!"

"Because your servant… Is currently occupied with his team!" Hannah yelled back.

"How'd you end up there, anyway, hooo?" Xane asked out loud.

"Like I would tell some dirty Mexican like you!" Gabriella yelled back down.

"Yeah, after that remark, we can always leave your butt behind!" Peter added, as he began to walk away, before stopping. "But we're not that cruel."

"What-EVER; just get these… Wretched beasts away from me! Or I'm having my daddy come here, and make them into some new boots and a new purse for moi!" Gabriella ordered, as one of the crocodiles tried to lunge at her, but failed to reach her.

Luka gagged a bit in her mouth, before she looked at her team.

"Alright, I know a bit about crocodiles; they hunt in packs and can death-roll their prey." Luka instructed. "We have to find a way to separate them from each other."

"Think one of us should be bait them away from that tree?" Ross asked.

"Hello?! Are you gonna rescue me today?!" Gabriella demanded.

"Hold your horses!" Ross yelled back, as he looked back at his team. "Alright, Luka? Since you're great with animals, think you can be the bait?"

"I seen my dad tangle with the animals of the Savanna, and I picked up a few tricks from him. This outta be a cinch. No harm shall befall them." Luka smiled back.

"But how about all three?" Tina asked.

Luka frowned. "...Daddy never done that. In the case of multiple animals, my mom teamed up with him... Alrighty, then. Whitney? Hannah? Since you're the strongest on our team, think you gals can handle with a crocodile?"

"You can count on me!" Whitney answered back, saluting. "My uncle did teach me a few tricks before he retired!"

"Yeah, this'll be like back in grade school, when I was dared to boop a crocodile on the nose!" Hannah added, grinning.

"Any time, now!" Gabriella yelled down at the campers as a crocodile tried and failed again to lunge at her.

"SHUT UP!" All seven of the Squid campers yelled back at Gabriella.

"Okay, we should get this done before Gabriella tries to escalate the situation." Luka said to the others, as they all nodded in agreement. "Once me, Hannah, and Whitney get those crocs outta here, Tina, Xane, Peter, and Ross find some way to get her down. Alright?"

Tina, Peter, Xane, and Ross nodded in response.

"Okay, then… Let's do this!" Luka said, as she hopped out and whistled towards the crocodiles.

"This has to be a really crazy idea..." Xane whispered to Ross.

"HEY, CROCS! HERE I AM!" Luka shouted out loud, as she took out what appeared to be a bag of candy. "Look what I got! Gummi Dougs! And it's your favorite flavor; lime!"

The crocodiles turned their attention away from Gabriella, and towards Luka, in the hopes that they could lunch on a gummi Doug.

"GRRRRRRRAAAAHHHH!" Whitney shouted out loud, as she tackled a crocodile, grinning before pinning it down. "Remember my uncle? Now it's time to face… His NIECE! And I don't care if you never met me before, I'm still tangling with you, anyway!"

The two proceeded to wrestle, as the third crocodile was suddenly lifted up by Hannah, looking seemingly confused.

"Okay, Mr. Croc! We're going for a ride!" Hannah said to the crocodile. "WEEEEEE!"

She ran off with the crocodile above her head, as the first crocodile followed Luka into the woods.

After they were gone, Tina and the rest lept out of the brush they were hiding behind, and approached the tree Gabriella was trapped on.

"About time! Like, you better get me down right this second, or I'm going to SCREAM!" Gabriella ordered.

"Soon enough, yeesh!" Tina replied back, getting tired of Gabriella bossing everyone around. "First off, we need some kinda cushion… Like those giant parachute things back in Elementary school..."

"Hooo…" Xane spoke up, pointing to a rather large leaf, as large as the campers themselves. "Will that do?"

Tina looked at the leaf. "Certainly."

Xane nodded, as he handed over his plant to Tina, as he climbed the tree where the leaf was attached to. Plucking it off with his hands, he soon carried it back with him.

Soon, Peter, Danny, Tina, and Xane was holding onto the leaf, as Tina looked up at Gabriella.

"Okay, listen; you gotta jump into this leaf! It's the only way!" Tina yelled from below.

"What if I don't?" Gabriella responded back.

"Then… Enjoy elimination, I guess." Peter answered back.

Gabriella sighed. She knew she was defeated. She soon hopped from her branch, and fell onto the leaf. Once she was back on solid ground, she glared at her four saviors.

"Took long enough! Any longer, and all of you would be hearing from my daddy! And his lawyer!" Gabriella yelled, as she took off, leaving the four silent.

"Yeesh! You could had said thank you!" Peter yelled back, crossing his arms and pouting. "Ungrateful bitch..."

Soon, a dust cloud consisting of a crocodile and Whitney returned, as it would soon clear away, revealing the two in a deadlock. The crocodile opened its mouth and got close to Whitney's head, as she noticed something deep in its throat…

"Oooh, somebody's been a hungry boy, hasn't he..." Whitney said, grinning as she held the crocodile's mouth open, and reached her arm inside its throat.

Xane, witnessing what he was seeing, was now green in the gills and ran off to vomit…

"So, after Whitney's done, wanna catch that Sadie I seen not too far from here?" Peter offered.

Confessional: Whitney probably never learned to not smile at a crocodile…

Whitney: (She is holding a saliva covered Chris Idol with her saliva covered arm. Some of the saliva even drips onto the floor. She even has a few more scraps and scratches upon her body as well as some mud stains on her clothes. She is sporting her signature grin.) Worth it.

Xane: Hoooo… That was intensely scary… Much more so than Scary Mary at my older sis' job. Who is anything but scary, personality wise, hooooooo. And to Yuki who was keeping track at which one of us puked, that one's for you.

Tina: After we were done there, we caught a few more campers, including an Alejandro, a Shiny Jo, and a Shawn. I think we should be safe from elimination.

Peter: And add Sadie to our list.

At the same time the Squids were tangling with a trio of crocodiles, the Flounders were also trying to keep dry from the falling rain, all while rushing to find shelter. Kayley was leading the way.

"Okay, looking at the map of this isle, we're inching close to… Some kinda cabin in the woods?" Kayley asked out loud. "What?"

"Why would there be a random cabin in the woods, away from camp?" Nancy asked back, running besides Kayley. "And how come we didn't hear about this cabin back in Island, Revenge, or All-Stars?"

"Hell if I knew." Kayley answered back. "You think Chris-"

She soon grinned, as she swiped on her phone. Nancy looked at her, raising an eyebrow.

"Saw an Eva and caught her. Anyways, you think there was a reason as to why Chris never said a thing?" asked Kayley.

"Can't be Chris' cabin. His living arrangements is a trailer with all the bells and whistles." Nancy replied back. "And a satellite dish. Possibly with HBO. And an escape hatch, for some unknown reason..."

With Ethan, Bob, and Candace, they were following behind the two girls.

"I don't even know why I look like this..." Candace said out loud.

"Well, the war paint does make you look cute..." Ethan complimented back, as he blushed lightly.

"True, but… Why do I look like I came straight out of The Jungle Book?" Candace asked out loud. "And not the Disney version."

"Well… Can you think of what happened last night? Before you… Well, from what I heard from the other girls, got warped into that board game?" Bob suggested.

Candace nodded back. "Good idea. Alright… As soon as I landed into the jungle, I ran from some lions and tigers. Sadly, no bears."

"Oh, my." Bob replied back.

"Anyway, I tripped, and with those predators surrounding me, it felt like this was it… I was about to meet up with the greatest cartoon creators in the sky... Until suddenly, they were soon spooked off by what appeared to be some shadows in the distance. Turns out they were some kinda jungle tribe. They picked me back up, and escorted me to what was their chief. Or leader? They soon sat me in front of a campfire, and gave me some sweet smelling, sugary fruity liquid… I drunk it, and… Well, things became a bit fuzzy afterwards. I guess I was soon outfitted with…" Candace looked down at her body. "...This, had my body painted top to bottom… Learned how to use a spear…"

"And when you got warped back here?" Bob asked.

"Was surprised. Guess I baked a cake or something." Candace answered back.

Behind those three, was Jonah, who was filming on his camera.

"Ya main boi Jonah is here, under the rains!" Jonah announced, as he zoomed into Candace's backside. "And doesn't Candace look finnnnnnneee with that design on her back? Is it a sun?"

He soon turned his camera around, facing it.

"Oh, ya boi just lucked out! This'll turn out better than when I tried to hit on that gal from the Kapongi Tribe of the Amazon." Jonah grinned. "Ya just missin' out, girl!"

He soon brushed his hair with his hand, as the winds whispered his name…


Frankie, who was trailing behind, caught up to him, and raised an eyebrow overhearing Jonah.

"...Why?" Frankie asked, feeling a bit confused at what he just heard.

"Don't ask why; who doesn't wanna hook up with a lovely tribe member?" Jonah responded back.

Frankie only looked at Jonah.

"Boy, we gotta get ya a girlfriend! I'm thinking blonde, with huge knockers the size of coconuts!" Jonah offered back. "Whatta say?"

Frankie continued to look at Jonah with an uneasy look.

Confessional: How are the winds whispering his name, anyway?

Ethan: Personally, I find any girl with some design on their face to be rather cute… (He blushes)

Bob: (He is surprised.) Dude, she baked a cake… And we weren't there for it?! Dang it, cake is awesome!

Frankie: ...That is a bit too much for a girl. (He holds up his puppet.) Yeah, what you need is someone with colorful hair! And considering this cast… You aren't in short supply! (Frankie was taken back by his puppet's response, blushing in the process.)

The cabin was soon coming into view, as the team was approaching it.

"Guys, quick! Get in!" Kayley ordered, as she opened the door, and the team stormed in. She soon closed the door afterwards and looked at her teammates. "Alright, everyone present and accounted for?"

"Well, aside of my feet and Candace's looking dirt-brown at the bottom… We're alright." Ethan answered back.

Kayley giggled, as Candace only face-palmed in embarrassment.

The rest of the campers observed the cabin. There was some outdated furniture inside, which looked like it seen better days. It appeared to be dusty, with a fireplace, which seemed to be lit for some reason. And in front of the fireplace appeared to be a recliner…

"Dude… What is this place?" Nancy asked out loud.

"Guys, check this wall out!" Bob shouted from another end of the cabin, as he was aiming his phone's flashlight at it. "They seem to be newspaper clippings pinned all over the wall."

The campers approached it, as they looked at the clippings.





The campers were all silence with shock...

"Dude… Hardcore..." Nancy said out loud, breaking the silence.

"Dang… No wonder this camp got abandoned many years ago..." Candace added.

"Whoa, it gets even weirder..." Bob said out loud, as he held up a photo, all while holding a photo album under another arm.

Candace shined her phone light upon the picture. It appeared to be a group of seven, wearing all sorts of 90's fashion, as they were huddled together in the middle of the photo.

The other campers huddled around the photo.

"I checked earlier, and that guy to the side kinda looks like… Me." Bob continued. "Only he's wearing a Power Rangers tee."

Kayley also looked close at the photo.

"And that girl nearby also looks like me." Kayley added. "Piercings and all..."

"Hey, there's you, Candace!" Ethan spoke out, pointing at what appeared to be a Candace look-a-like, only she was wearing a t-shirt reading 'Cartoon Queen'.

Candace turned away from her fellow campers. "This whole jungle thing is one episode only, alrighty?"

"Turn the photo around; see what was on the back." Jonah suggested.

Bob did so, and read a date on the back.

"Team Flounder, the Winners of the yearly Scavenger Hunt… August 14th, 1994..." Bob read out loud…

Frankie looked back at the wall, and his eyes went wide.

"...And this newspaper dates at… August 15th..." Frankie said to the group. "A day after..."

He held up his puppet.

"...After everything went all Friday the 13th."

"Indeed it does..." A new voice spoke out loud, spooking the campers.

Candace readied her spear. "Whoever you are, show yourself! I may not be hyped up on some sugarfruit anymore, but I can still… I dunno, poke you with this, or something."

The recliner spun around, revealing what appeared to be an elderly male, sitting back. He was wearing a sweater-vest, and a pair of red pants, with black slippers. His skin appeared to be disfigured, full of burn marks.

"Um… Who are you?" Candace asked, as she lowered her spear.

"Relax. I bring you no harm." The elderly male reassured back.

"Whoa… You're, like… You're old." Frankie's puppet responded to the elderly male. "Like… Ages older than McLean!"

Nancy blinked, as she observed the elderly male. "Pops… You went through literal hell. The hell even happened to you?"

"May I share to you all a story? A spooky tale of ages past? Perhaps that may answer your questions..." The elderly male offered.

"Well, it beats either looking around for virtual campers in the rain and capturing them or looking around and dragging Gabriella back with us. We're in!" Bob answered back.

"Oooh, story time!" Kayley said, grinning as she reached into her pockets and pulled out a small bag of chips, opening it and offering a chip to Ethan, who sat next to her.

"What fun is a scary tale when it is told in the daylight?" Candace asked out loud.

Ethan only shrugged back, as the campers paid attention to the old man.

"Many moons ago, this campground was once plentiful and lively. Every summer, it would open up, inviting many a child like those two lads to have the time of their lives." The elderly male began, as he looked over at Bob and Ethan. "And everyone loved it all. There was even two counselors, who had eyes for each other. They cared deeply for one another. However, there was a third counselor, who was jealous… Her name? Yuina Fogg."

Nancy scoffed. "Dang it, it's a romantic story. And with jealously involved, somebody is about to go all Yandere."

"Perhaps this may end more happily?" Bob asked out loud. "Though considering those newspaper articles…"

"It became apparent that Yuina wasn't going to win the heart of her loved one. And close to the end of camp, the two hooked up, and Yuina was there. With tears in her eyes, she ran back into her cabin and shut her door, locking it in the process. She soon picked up a hatchet, and declared that 'If I can't have him… nobody can. I can make sure of that'… Or that's what I think she said." The elderly male continued. "Soon, it was the final night, before everyone had to go back to their friends and families. But in the middle of the night, there was a disturbance. Wielding a hatchet, Yuina silently walked over to the boy she loved, as well as his girlfriend, and hacked their heads clean open, and even cut them open. She would soon take down the rest of the counselors in the same gory fashion… Yuina has completely snapped."

Candace gulped, as she bit her nails. "Please tell me there was some final girl who fights off against Yuina..."

The elderly man cleared his throat. "Once Yuina was done with the counselors, the campers were the next to go. They stood no chance… Once she was done with them, she stood in front of the campfire, and was ready to turn the hatchet upon herself. But before it could be done, an arrow was shot between her eyes. Her shooter would later die from their injuries… But the damage was already done. Yuina preformed an ancient, demonic ritual before this whole mess went down, which entrapped her victims on this whole entire island. It remains the single worst slaughter in history… Some may say you can still hear the wails of the deceased campers and counselors to this day, unable to find peace… And the spirit of Yuina lingers on, as she is still after the boy she loves..."

The elderly man leaned back, as he looked up at the ceiling, having finished his story.

"Soooo… No final girl after all." Candace said, sighing.

"So, you're telling us that there was someone who snapped cause she didn't win the boy?" Jonah asked, as the elderly man nodded back. "Wow… That's gotta be hell for tourism."

"You do know that this isle is a replica of Camp Wawanakwa. Right, pops?" Nancy asked the elderly man.

"Be wary of Yuina..." The elderly man responded back.

"Waaaaaaaaaaayyyy ahead of ya, gramps. Like, I'm a Wiccan, and last time I checked, their track record of surviving a horror movie is zippo." Kayley responded back, as she got up and looked out a window. "Well, rain's letting up a bit. We should get going. See ya later, man."

"Yeah, we're still in a challenge, and we rather not lose." Ethan added. "Lest we end up at the campfire, ready to vote one of our own."

"You wanna come along too, pops?" Nancy offered to the elderly male. "You can offer us some wisdom, all while we share a tea or a soda or-"

She turned around to see that the elderly male has vanished.

Nancy could only blink, before she decided to depart the cabin with the others.

"Ah, well. Must be more of a coffee guy." Nancy said to her team, as she exited the cabin.

Now outside, the team was talking amongst each other.

"Have we ever heard any wails outside at night?" Candace asked out loud.

"Well, last night, I went to use the bathroom, and I heard Gabriella screaming at Frankie. Also, there was Peter saying some very colorful language when he caught some kinda Sea Bass." Ethan answered back. "I think he said fu-"

"CRAP!" Bob shouted out all of a sudden as he held up the photo album. "I still have that old man's photo album! I'll be back!"

He turned to return the album to the old man in the cabin, only to see that it has completely vanished! Right into thin air! There was nothing but an open clearing in the woods...

"Umm… Where did that cabin even go?" Bob asked, as he looked at his phone. The cabin was gone there, too. "Then… Where were we?"

He soon notices something not too far from where the cabin once stood. He went over there, and picked up… Something.

"Hmm..." Bob mused at his latest find. "I should speak to Frankie about this."

Confessional: The mystery deepens…

Bob: Could it be… Naaaaaaahhh, that's silly to think. It's probably Maggie's doing. Yep, totally Maggie's doing! (He chuckles to himself) Not this, that's for sure. (He holds up a Chris Idol.) Who ever heard of a haunted idol, anyway? ...And that cursed figure from Boney Island doesn't count! Anyways… Time to think up a plan.

Maggie: I reviewed the footage, and I can safely say that I, MAGGIE REALITY... Never made a spooky cabin with spooky newspaper clippings for this island. In fact, I couldn't find that cabin anywhere on my readings as well, even before the challenge. You think this isle could possibly be… haunted? (She grins) MWAHAHAHAH! Gee, I hope so; just imagine tangling with a murderous ghost! This could be my Ecto Blaster's time to shine! Hell yeah!

Nancy: Gee, this Yuina chick's kinda brutal. Next thing you know, we will be seeing the words 'LEAVE THIS ISLAND' on the wall, written entirely from ketchup packets. [2]

Tough Turtles

The rains have soon subsided, as the campers were back on the hunt for various virtual campers. A few captures happened off-screen, as we join the team in the process of a few more captures.

"Gotchya, DJ!" Yuki cheered, as she swiped at her phone, tossing a ball at the virtual gentle camper.

"Get in mai ball, Geoff!" Omelette pleaded, as she also swiped at her phone. "And got 'em!"

"You know, this is kinda a bit of a breather challenge for us, hon." Yuki said out loud.

"Yeah, like… Nothing has gone seriously wrong yet." Omelette replied back, tempting fate.

As luck would have it, what appeared to be a crocodile lobbed in the air landed right in front of the two, splashing mud all over them in the process. The crocodile only laid there, wondering what the hell was even going on.

"Uhhh…" Yuki could only mutter out in confusion before looking at Omelette. "You ever saw a flying crocodile at all in your life, Omelette?"

Omelette shook her head. "Nada. In fact, this has to be my very first flying crocodile..."

Yuki looked closer at the crocodile, and noticed a dark purple piece of fabric between its teeth.

"And why does it have a bit of Gabriella's skirt stuck between its teeth?" Yuki asked, leaning at the crocodile's mouth. "You don't think it chowed down on her, do you, hon?"

"Nah, knowing that croc, it would spit her back out." Omelette answered back, chuckling a bit.

The two returned back to their team, as the team looked at the two

"Hehe, I caught a Scarlet. She very nearly blew up an island once, hehe..." Quinn chuckled out loud, holding up his phone.

"Aw, cool!" Omelette replied back, as everyone looked at her. "I meant the capturing her part. Not the whole attempting to explode the island part."

"Yeah, she was a nutjob robotics inventor..." Ulysses stated.

"Speaking of which, who do you think would win in a fight, meow? Scarlet or Maggie?" Nerdi spoke up.

"Hmmm… That be a tough one to call." Vikki answered back. "I should say Maggie, cause while she is kinda crazy, she never tried to use us as targets. Yet. That, and I'm kinda biased to her choice of hair dyes."

"Yeah, going for Maggie too." Yuki agreed. "Cause she's a walking art museum."

"I gotta go for Scarlet myself." Ulysses said out loud. "Cause if it weren't for her suddenly snapping, she could had won last season."

"Uhh..." Selena began to say, as there was a special pinging coming from her phone. She looked at it, and nodded. "Nevermind that, follow me!"

She began to dash, very nearly slipping on the wet ground.

"Man, why did I think it was a good idea to wear heeled boots to a challenge?" Selena asked out loud, before regaining her composure.

Not too far from the team, Ulysses was doing some thinking. Soon, a smirk would grow on his face, as he eyed what appeared to be a wasp's nest.

Confessional: Good question. Who even wears heels to a challenge, anyway?

Selena: Why is there flying crocodiles a thing, now?

Ulysses: This challenge is not up to my standards, at all… Perhaps I should cause a bit of chaos? And I know how. (He takes out a potion he swiped from Alec, and gulps it down.)

Alec: Hey… Has anyone seen my invisibility potion? That potion? If it fell into the wrong hands, it could spell disaster for everyone, and the world of SCIENCE!

Having reached the location first, Selena held up her phone and tapped on the virtual Chris McLean grinning towards the camera, sending her into a battle.

"Whoa, whatta I do?" Selena asked out loud, as she tapped on her phone. "Uhh… Get 'em, Heather?"

"It's a raid, Selena." Omelette answered back, having caught up with Selena. "I guess we gotta send out our campers and subdue Chris before we can catch him?"

"If that's how we do it, then I'm game. Goooooo, Cody!" Vikki said, as she sent out her Cody.

"I'm also sending in my Shiny Gwen!" Yuki added.

"Add a Max to the pile!" Alec said, before grinning. "For SCIENCE!"

"Now… Let's bag ourselves a Chris!" Omelette said, as they started on the attack.

Not too far from the group, was Maxwell and Isaac, along with Nerdi, who was perched upon Isaac's shoulder.

"They'll be at it for a while." Maxwell said out loud.

"...Why don't you join in?" Isaac asked, looking at Isaac.

"Yeah! Like, you're a total nerd; you would fit right in at catching our virtual esteemed host, meow!" Nerdi agreed.

"Besides, I caught a Staci, a Samey, and a Cameron. I should be alright in the off-chance we do lose." Isaac nodded back.

"Well, if you say so..." Maxwell said, as he ran into the raid, leaving Isaac and Nerdi alone.

Isaac only watched the group, as Nerdi hopped off of Isaac's shoulder and looked up at him.

"You sure you don't wanna join them, meow?" Nerdi asked.

"I… Rather not. Don't wanna get too close to them." Isaac answered back.

"Ahh, cause of Betty, huh?" Nerdi responded. "I know… I miss her too..."

Isaac nodded sadly, as he soon looked up at the sky…

Isaac's Thoughts

Isaac came out of Home Ec, with a smile on his face, and his completed homework still in the pockets of his backpack.

"Man, I knew I would get an A, but dang." Isaac said to himself, looking down at a piece of paper. "Teach wants me to craft something for her daughter's upcoming birthday for extra credit. I could had done it for free, but she insisted."

"Well, lookie here..." A voice called out to Isaac.

Isaac sighed, annoyed. "Not again..."

He turned to face a rather muscular male, leaning against the locker. He was wearing a football jersey.

"Deacon, do you have something better to do than annoy young and weak people for their hobbies?" Isaac asked out loud.

"What do you mean, squirt? Coach said it builds character." Deacon shrugged back, smirking. "And you do know that you're speaking to the quarterback of our soon to be champs. It shall be me, who shall score the winning touchdown, and score all the babes."

Isaac looked at Deacon. "Umm… Isn't the quarterback the one who makes the plays? All you can do is toss the ball to a linebacker, or someone on offense."

Deacon, getting ticked off, got closer to Isaac. "What do you know about football, squirt?"

"I… learned a bit from my dad's football-watching buddies at this year's Big Game." Isaac admitted. "And they did say that the quarterback is the one who makes the calls; in fact, they barely even make any touchdowns at all. At least, not to my knowledge."

Isaac was soon lifted by his neck and slammed against a row of lockers.

"Whatta say, squirt?!" Deacon yelled out loud, pressing Isaac harder against the locker.


Isaac glanced over at the side to see a rather ticked Betty, walking up to Deacon.

"Let go of him!" Betty demanded, pointing at Deacon.

"But he has to pay; he insulted football!" Deacon retorted back.

Betty soon smirked. "Buuuuuuttttt… Do you think any girls would love watching you pick on the weak and helpless? That would make for a great first impression..."

Deacon soon sighed as he let go of Isaac.

"You got lucky your girlfriend saved your butt, squirt..." Deacon muttered, as he walked away.

Isaac blushed a bit before shaking it off, as he looked over at Betty. "Thanks."

"Hey, someone had to save you. That, and… How could I take him on?" Betty replied back. "Kinda have a weak body, had it since birth. So going all Velvet would be useless."

"...Weak? You saved my butt from denting a locker." Isaac said, smiling sheepishly. "And what's this Velvet?"

Betty smiled, as she pointed at her shirt.

"It's this gal right here; she's a Plushie Fighter." Betty answered back, as Isaac looked at her with a confused look. "Wait, you never seen the show before?"

"Nope; my mom was kinda against violence in cartoons." Isaac replied back. "Even when my dad divorced her, she was still trying to order our family around."

"Then… Want to come over and watch a few episodes?" Betty offered.

Isaac smiled back. "Sure, I would love to."

Back in reality…

"Yo, Isaac!" Omelette spoke up, snapping Isaac out of his world. "We came, we saw, we caught his butt!"

She revealed a captured Chris McLean on camera, as Isaac smiled back at the team.

"Great job, guys." Isaac replied back, as…

"OW!" Alec yelped in pain, wincing. "Something… bit me on the back of my thigh!"

Omelette quickly ran over towards Alec. "What or who bit you on your thigh?"

"I dunno! I was just standing there, as BOOP! Sudden stinging on my left thigh!" Alec answered back, as Vikki approached the two.

"Hold still, dear; I'll heal this." Vikki said, as she observed it, and noticed what appeared to be a yellow and black striped wasp, stuck on Alec's thigh.

She dug out a pair of tweezers, and very carefully plucked the wasp off. It was buzzing very angerly at Vikki, as she quickly let it go. The wasp would soon fly right into a spiderweb, where a large spider soon approached…

"How you feel now, Alec?" Vikki asked.

"Well… Still stings, but at least it's not constantly stinging me..." Alec answered back, as Ulysses approached the team.

"Hey, what's going on?" Ulysses asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Alec got stung by a wasp, and Vikki just helped him out." Maxwell answered back.

"Hehe… Where were you?" Quinn asked back.

"Eh, just catching some campers. Um, yeah." Ulysses lied back.

"Alright." Vikki said, as she looked at Alec. "You gonna be alright, Alec?"

Alec nodded back, with a grin. "Ahahahaha! Nothing can keep SCIENCE down!"

"Yeah, he's back to normal." Isaac agreed back.

Confessional: What is normal these days?

Ulysses: Yeah, I caught campers. You know, some peeps like Robbie… Omar… Gold… And those brain-dead yokels bought it, too. I now know that I can launch a wasp at anyone, and they'll hit their mark.

Isaac: Is it me, or did Ulysses have the scent of lemon-lime?

Pretty soon, the intercom cracked to life, with a loud airhorn blowing through it.

"Time's up, campers! Time for you to return to camp and show off your catches! Hope you didn't flub up… By the way, the AR has cut off, so you can't add any other campers to your list." Chris announced, as the intercom shut off.

The Campgrounds

At the moment, every team was busy waiting for the final count. In the meantime, they were talking amongst each other.

"I just hope catching that shiny Lightning was worth it." Tina said to Maxwell, as she looked down at her phone at the white-haired Lightning. "Caught him just as the challenge ended.

"I'm sure your team did well." Maxwell reassured back with a smile.

"This guy caught himself a Justin, a Trent, and a Heather." Ross said out loud. "Try beating that."

"Add a Heather, Jasmine, shiny Owen to the list." Luka added.

"I also got myself a shiny Leonard and a Harold!" Whitney also added. "Would had caught more, had I not been pre-occupied with that crocodile..."

"Oh, you be jelly at one of our captures, guys..." Omelette smirked to the Squids, as she looked down at her phone.

"Ooh, what 'cha catch?" Hannah asked. "I managed to snag a Justin after that whole crocodile incident involving Gabriella."

"What… crocodile incident involving Gabriella?" Selena questioned back.

With the Flounders, Gabriella was trying to keep the backside of her skirt closed, all while most of the other campers only glared back at her.

"So that's how you got a hole in your skirt..." Ethan said out loud.

"How'd you guys do?" Yuki asked Ethan.

Ethan frowned. "After a bear chased Gabriella off, we barely made any catches. Best we done before she rejoined us was catch an Eva, and a Scarlet. Then when she rejoined, she forced Frankie to catch a Heather, before he ran out of balls."

Frankie looked down in shame, as Gabriella scoffed at him.

"How about you?" Ethan asked Yuki.

"Well, hon… I caught myself a Shiny Gwen, a Blue mohawked Duncan, a DJ, a Noah, an Eva, a B, a Beardo, a Leonard, and even an Ella. Ulysses caught a Zoey, an Alejandro, a Lightning, and a Jo, with Isaac… Let's just say, we caught a lot."

"Ah, gotchya." Ethan nodded back, as Chris approached an oil drum podium, holding three stacks of papers.

"Yo, we've had quite the challenge! We had captures! A rain storm! And crocodiles!" Chris said, grinning. "But in the end, only one team caught more campers than the rest. And that team is..."

"...The Tough Turtles, dominating at 43 points!" Chris announced, as he held up a piece of paper displaying the number.

The Turtles cheered out loud, as they gave off a victory dance.

"Right on!" Yuki cheered out loud, as she hugged Selena out of the blue, before quickly separating. "...Sorry."

"It's alright." Selena replied back.

"And for winning today's challenge, you each win yourself a personal pizza party, back at your cabin!" Chris continued, as the entire team lit up in gladness. "Pizza's waiting back at your cabin."

"Pizza? Sweet!" Omelette said with a wide grin, as she sprinted towards the cabin.

"Hehe, something that isn't threatening..." Quinn chuckled, as he followed Omelette.

Vikki smiled at her team. "You guys go on; I… wanna speak to someone."

The rest of the Turtles soon departed, as Chris continued to look at the campers.

"And for one team? I don't have any pizza, but I do have some good news; you guys aren't being sent to the campfire tonight. And that team is..."

"...The Squids, at 27 points. You're safe for tonight." Chris concluded.

The mass majority of the Squids smiled happily, all while everyone on the Flounders frowned, either in disappointment, or in anger.

"Well, at least it's better than having to vote someone off..." Ross said out loud, as his team started to depart from the host.

"Meaning, with an abysmal 12 points, the Flounders are today's big losers!" Chris announced. "What can I say? You sucked big time today! Campfire ceremony for you all."

He soon made his leave, as the Flounders gave off a disapproving look at Gabriella.

Mess Hall

The Flounders were currently in the Mess Hall, as they were fixing up their meals. The meal looked to be a bit… burnt. And sloppy.

"Sorry, guys." Dana apologized out loud. "But the host wanted me to ruinate your meals on purpose in an attempt for you to try harder next time. So enjoy some subpar sloppy joes."

"How about Gabriella? She's in the middle of a fillet mignon." Bob responded back, as the two looked over at Gabriella, in the middle of her meal.

"She threatened to sue my family if I fixed anything different..." Dana answered back, frowning.

Bob got his sloppy joe, as he sat at his team's table, and looked at Frankie.

"Frankie? You don't mind if I speak to you… Alone?" Bob asked.

Frankie looked over at Gabriella's table, whose was too busy with her meal to even notice. He soon looked over at Bob.

"...Sure." Frankie answered back, as the two snuck out of the Mess Hall, leaving the others with themselves.

"Wonder what was with those two?" Nancy asked, as she looked over at her team. "Anyways, I know who's got my vote."

Candace, who was back in her normal attire, nodded back. "Same here, and I was in a sugar rush for half the day!"

"So, the Cartoon Queen shall sacrifice them to the Gods?" Ethan asked, also back in his normal attire.

Candace chuckled. "I guess you can say it like that."

"Anyways… Man, that story from that old man." Nancy said out loud. "Like, how did one lady manage to massacre an entire camp with a hatchet? And how'd that old man even disappear outta the blue?"

"Beats me… Perhaps that old man? Most likely a specter or a spirit." Kayley answered back. "They can be quite tricky to peg down."

"Yeah, agreed." Candace nodded in response. "Like, I seen Halloween specials and Halloween themed episodes of various cartoons. I should know."

"Also, you think we should keep an eye out on this Yuina chick?" Jonah asked. "That old Boomer did tell us to watch out for her."

"Dudes, she's dead. And besides, there's no such thing as ghosts." Nancy responded back. "Pops back there? Just a fluke. Or special effects… Probably."

"Speaking of which, whatta think Bob wants with Frankie?" Jonah asked.

With Bob and Frankie, the two were behind the Mess Hall, as he looked around his surroundings.

"Psst, Frankie?" Bob whispered, as Frankie approached him.

"Yeah?" Frankie asked back.

Bob was silent, as he placed something upon Frankie's hand. Frankie looked at it, as his eyes went wide.

"...A Chris Idol?" Frankie asked back.

"Yeah. It would be more useful for you at the moment. Everything you done today wasn't even your fault." Bob responded back with a smile.

Frankie looked at Bob. "I'm… scared."

"Trust me, we're all nervous, buddy." Bob reassured back. "You, even more-so, and with good reason. I know you'll vote for the right person."

"Correction, my servant shall be voting for who I'm voting for."

Frankie froze in fear, as he hid the Chris Idol in his pockets, as Gabriella approached him.

"Uh..." Frankie could only utter out, as she gave off a glare towards Bob's direction.

"What-EVER." Gabriella sneered, as she sneered at Bob. "And you, you fat, worthless boy. You better be packing your bags, cause tonight… You're history. You got it? You just made your biggest mistake of your life."

"Wait, what biggest mistake?" Bob asked, as he just realized. "Ooooohhh..."

"Yep, I convinced Candace to vote for me as well. Just the thought of my dad buying out Nickelodeon sent shivers down her spine." Gabriella responded back. "And Jonah is voting with me as well."

"I… You can't do that! You can't threaten my friends!" Bob retorted back, glaring angerly back at Gabriella.

"What-EVER, you child. It's not like someone like you could beat me anyway, even with that Idol, which I expect Frankie to use on me. Understand?" Gabriella said, as she looked over to Frankie, glaring. "Servant? I'm taking my shower soon, and I expect you to be nearby with my stuff. And if I dare see you missing..."

Frankie gulped, as he forelonely started to follow Gabriella, as Bob could only watch.

"Frankie… Don't worry. You got this." Bob said to himself, as not too far from their conversation, a pink and purple blur started to dash away…


Frankie was leaning outside the bathrooms, all while Gabriella was in the showers. He looked at the door to the bathroom which Gabriella entered. Gabriella was singing a song off-key, as Frankie soon looked at the Chris Idol in his hands given to him by Bob.

"...Should I even use this on her?" Frankie asked himself, as he started to pace in front of the boy's bathroom.

Suddenly, the door to the boy's bathroom opened, and a pink sleeve with blue spots suddenly grabbed Frankie, and pulled him inside.

"What the-" Frankie began to say, as a hand grasped over his mouth. "Mpppfff!"

"Ssssshhh… It's only me..." A gentle voice whispered towards Frankie, as they removed their hand over Frankie's mouth.

"...Vikki?" Frankie said, realizing it was the island's resident sweet-natured clown.

"Sorry about that, but it was the only way I could talk to you without alerting the masses..." Vikki replied back softly.

Frankie stared at Vikki. "...Why are you in the boy's room?"

"Why not? My mom's been going into the girl's room since she was five. Even before she..." Vikki answered back. "That, and if Gabriella ever saw me hanging with you..."

Frankie continued to stare at Vikki.

"Anyhoo… Sounds like somebody found themselves a Chris Idol-" Vikki said out loud.

It was Frankie's turn to shush Vikki, as he held her mouth shut as he held up his puppet with his other hand.

"Ex-Nay on the Idol-Nay. No talky about it. Alrighty? Besides, Bob-Nay gave it to me-ay."

Vikki nodded, as Frankie released his hand from her mouth.

"Sorry…" Vikki apologized back.

Frankie stared at Vikki. "She's planning on voting for Bob tonight..." He whispered to the clown.

"Dang, why?" Vikki asked back.

"I dunno… Just to be petty for saving my life, I guess..." Frankie whispered. "Though given that most everyone on my team can't stand her…"

"Don't worry… I've got an idea." Vikki replied back, as she whispered into Frankie's ear. Once she was done, Frankie looked at Vikki with uncertainty.

"...You sure about that?" Frankie asked.

Vikki smiled back at Frankie. "Just follow my instructions, and you'll be free from her. For good."

Frankie looked at Vikki, a slight smile growing on his face.

"You know, a smile suits you better than a frown..." Vikki added gently.

"I… better head back out. Gabriella will get cross if I'm not nearby." Frankie whispered, as he made his leave.

Vikki could only watch, as she closed her eyes, smiling.

"Don't worry; you got this in the bag..." Vikki said, as she bit into a slice of pizza.

The Campfire

Currently, the contestants in the Flounders team was awaiting McLean. They were trying to make conversation before the host arrived.

"You know, perhaps after this… I outta make us all a cake?" Candace offered. "I been thinking along the lines of something birthday related. You think the words 'Happy Birthday PunkMetalNinja' would work well?"

Kayley looked over at Candace. "No offense, but why does that name sound really familiar to me?"

"I dunno, to be honest." Candace answered back.

Frankie only looked at Bob, who only smiled back.

"Hey… Don't worry; none of us is going home tonight." Bob reassured.

Frankie only nodded, as Gabriella only tapped her foot.

"Where is that lousy host?! Some of us are WAITING..." Gabriella muttered out loud.

Soon enough, Chris soon approached the campers, as he stood behind the oil drum podium.

"Flounders… You flopped a relatively easy challenge today. And in a few moments, one of you will be swimming back home." Chris announced.

"Oh, I bet you were just waiting to say that, weren't you?" Nancy asked out loud.

"But before you cast your votes, I wanna ask a few questions. First… You think you could had done better if you all worked as a team?"

"Wait, whatta mean?" Jonah asked, as he was giving himself a selfie.

"At least you all caught at least one camper. Even Frankie here caught a Beth after you all chased away that bear." Chris answered back. "Next up… What could be done for next time?"

"Well, just eliminate the dead weight off of here." Nancy answered back, as she gave off a look towards Gabriella. "...Whoa. Is this what a contestant on Survivor feels when they go to Tribal?"

"All I feel is the message boards going all haywire when a fan favorite is voted out." Ethan stated, as he sheepishly chuckled. "Fern's kinda a fan of Survivor..."

"And finally..." Chris said. "...The heck even happened to you for a few minutes during that rainstorm? You all just… flat-out disappeared off of the radar, except for Gabriella."

Bob was stunned. "That's when we were in that cabin..."

"What cabin?" Chris asked.

"You know, the one deep in the woods. It had all of these newspaper clippings and a fireplace and everything." Bob explained.

"Dude… That cabin was burnt down when I bought the original Wawanakwa Island before Island… I even had its burnt-out shell demolished before episode one, being it was way out of the way from camp." Chris responded back.

"...Dang..." Kayley said out loud.

"Anyways… It's time for you all to make your votes-" Chris continued, as Gabriella shot up from her seat.

"Chris? I would like to play THIS." Gabriella said, as she revealed the Math Idol and handed it over to Chris.

The host inspected the Idol. "The rules of Total Drama Dictionary state that if someone plays the Math Idol, they get an additional vote to use on someone. This..."

"...Is a genuine article. Therefore, Gabriella can vote twice." Chris confirmed, as she gave off a haughty smirk. "Now, with that said… Get to voting!"

The campers soon started to make their way towards the voting box, in order to cast their vote...

Frankie was the last contestant to return from casting in his vote. He slumped down upon his seat, as he looked forlornly at Bob with a frown. The chubby tween gave off a gentle smile towards Frankie, as Gabriella gave off a haughty chuckle.

"You think you're gonna be safe tonight? You don't know who you're dealing with, boy." Gabriella said out loud, chuckling.

"Oh, I do." Bob retorted back, silently, as Frankie held up his puppet.

"Buddy? I hope this works..." Frankie's sock said out loud. "If she's that powerful enough to own a single island in the Caribbean..."

Bob continued to smile. "I just have a bet that your buddy? Could be growing a backbone."

The host soon returned from calculating the votes, holding a plate full with seven marshmallows.

He soon sported a grin as he looked at the eight contestants.

"Flounders… If I call out your name, come up and retrieve your marshmallow. The contestant whose name isn't called out, is outta the game, yadda-yadda-" Chris yammered on as…

"Um… Wait?" Frankie interrupted, as he reached into one of his pockets, and held up his sock. "Frankie wishes to play this ace in the hole right here!"

He soon reached into his other pocket, and pulled out the Chris Idol.

"But it ain't being played on Frankie, nope! Take it, buddy!" Frankie's sock said out loud, before lowering, as Frankie looked at Chris with a serious expression. "I… wish to play this… on… Bob."

Gabriella's face soon froze with anger, as Bob only smiled.

"Wicked, a power play." Nancy said, grinning. "Never thought he had it in him."

Gabriella, however, was aghast.

"WHAT?! That wasn't part of the plan!" Gabriella yelled out loud.

"So… Is it real?" Frankie asked.

Chris took the Idol from Frankie, and inspected it closely.

After a few seconds, he looked at the contestants.

"The rules of Total Drama Dictionary does state that if an Idol is played, and it is the real deal, then that contestant is safe. This right here..."

"...Is a genuine article; it IS a real Chris Idol. Therefore, any votes cast against Bob are completely nullified." Chris announced.

Frankie sighed a huge breath of relief, as he sat back down. He held up his puppet.

"Well, that was a huge weight off our shoulders..." The puppet said out loud. "And your pants, as well."

Gabriella gave off a smirk towards Frankie.

"You DO realize that your neurotic friend just pushed you even further into my tight grip, don't you?" Gabriella sneered at Frankie. "That'll teach you to vomit on my designer outfits."

"Seriously?! You're still yammering on about that gown after three days?" Nancy exclaimed, feeling annoyed.

"If anyone doesn't have any more Idols to play, I would like to announce who's staying." Chris spoke up. "And it's no surprise that Bob is staying."

Bob smiled, as he got up and claimed his marshmallow.

"Ethan? You're safe, too." Chris continued.

Ethan nodded, as he too got his marshmallow with a smile.


Kayley got her marshmallow, and stood next to Frankie, sporting a smile.


Jonah also retrieved his marshmallow, as he smirked towards the camera.

"You should know that no force on this side of the Earth can get rid of Jonah." Jonah exclaimed, as he did a pose, and his name whispered into the air…


"How does he do that?" Chris asked while looking at Jonah, before he looked at the remaining three contestants still awaiting their fate.

"Candace… You're also safe." Chris said out loud.

Chris looked at the three remaining campers who hasn't gotten a marshmallow: Frankie, Gabriella, and Nancy.

"Nancy? You're safe tonight." Chris announced.

"Sick!" Nancy said, as she got up and retrieved her marshmallow with a wide grin before standing aside Candace. The two shared a smile to each other, as Chris looked at the final two contestants left without a marshmallow.

"You flipped on me. Cause of that, I am extending your debt." Gabriella said, scowling at Frankie.

Bob could only look at Frankie, with a smile as Chris cleared his throat, trying to get their attention.

"Frankie… Gabriella..." Chris said out loud. "This is the last marshmallow of the evening. And tonight, one of you is going home. But the one who isn't packing their bags and leaving on a one way trip to Loserville is..."


Gabriella froze in anger, as Frankie was stunned at first. He held up his puppet in response.

"Whoa, you mean we stay?" His puppet asked Chris.

"You betchya, my dude! Come get your marshmallow!" Chris reassured, as Frankie got up and claimed his marshmallow. He soon approached Bob, who only smiled at him.

Gabriella, however, was fuming with anger as she stood up.


"Hey… I'm only in my 40's… Ish." Chris sheepishly responded back, before he perked back up. "And I know who you are; the next contestant voted off of Total Drama!"

She got close to the host, and pointed at him.


Frankie gulped in fear, as he hid behind Bob.

"Hate to break it to you, but it was a landslide loss on your end. Bob did have three votes, two coming from you thanks to the Math Idol-" Chris began to say, as Gabriella held up a stack of dollar bills.

"Then… Take this! Quarter of a million dollars to have me stay!" Gabriella begged, as Chris was about to turn her away. "Or… I'M TELLING MY DADDY!"

Chris froze in fear, if only cause Gabriella's father was more powerful than everyone on this isle put together.

"Jeez, she doesn't seem to give up..." Nancy muttered.

Chris sighed. "Okay, you may stay."

Gabriella started to sport a smile. "Thank you-"

"Under one condition; someone on your team has to duel you for it." Chris continued, a grin growing on his face.

"So, what's going to be the duel?" Gabriella asked.

A few minutes later, a makeshift arena was set up, as Dana was holding two wooden fencing sabres.

Gabriella let out a haughty smirk.

"Hehehe..." Gabriella laughed confidentially.

Confessional: She's just not giving up…

Gabriella: This'll be too easy… I've got 74 wins under my belt at many a circuit. No way anyone on my team shall defeat me.

"As you can see, someone on this team has to fence Gabriella for her immunity." Chris announced. "In addition to fencing each other, you also gotta protect these balloons like they were your own child. The first person to make the other contestant's balloon pop is automatically the winner, all while the loser must walk the Dock, yadda-yadda… The other contestants can do a little coaching, but if they try to interfere with the match-up in any way, shape, or form, then they're automatically ejected, along with whoever they helped cheat. Got it? Now… You have a couple of minutes to decide who shall duel Gabriella."

The seven campers decided to huddle around each other.

"Okay, it's one of us against Veruca Salt over there. Who's great with a weapon?" Nancy asked.

Frankie frowned, as Nancy smiled at him.

"Don't worry; you don't have to duel her if you don't want to." Nancy reassured back.

"Can we just feed Candace a lotta sugar and have her become the Cartoon Queen again?" Ethan suggested. "She was great with a spear back then; how great you think she could be with a saber?"

Candace quickly shook her head. "No way, Laddie. Do you wanna know how tough it is to put on coconuts on your… You know whats? And how long it could take to apply the war paint?"

"I would duel her, but anger leads to hatred, hatred leads to suffering, and suffering leads to… I finish that sentence, if it didn't trigger any flashbacks." Nancy said out loud.

"And if I dueled her… I could lose all my sponsors! Like for Raid-" Jonah began to say, as Bob cleared his throat.

"I'll duel her." Bob interrupted. "I'll duel her, take her outta this contest, and spare everyone a 9 minute ad for… Well, that."

"You sure about that, Bob?" Kayley asked.

"I'm sure. She's stepped on so many toes long enough. It's time that someone put her in her place." Bob answered back, before smiling. "That, and… I've got an idea in store for the duel."

"And if it fails..." Nancy asked.

"I dunno. Just think up a possible Fire Emblem death line?" Bob answered back.

With a light rain beginning to fall, Bob and Gabriella were in the makeshift fencing arena, as Bob was looking at his fellow campers, the mass majority of them were on his side.

"I could have sworn I seen this type of scenario play out before..." Candace said out loud. "Only instead of balloons, roses were used. And two girls were in love with each other."

"Are you really sure you can take her down?" Ethan asked. "I mean… She is way beyond your weight level."

Kayley chuckled a bit, as she patted Ethan's head. "Wrong useage of words there, goofball."

Bob looked over at Gabriella, who was at the far end of the makeshift arena, and looked back at his supporters wearing a slight smile.

"Don't worry; Like I said..." Bob replied back, as Dana came up to him, handing Bob his saber, and pinning a balloon upon his shirt around the chest area.

"...I've got an idea."

Over on Gabriella's side, she only had Jonah supporting her. Frankie was forced to be by her side, as Dana walked up to Gabriella, and pinned a balloon upon her shirt. She soon held up a saber, as Gabriella swiped it away from her. Frankie soon held up his sock puppet.

"...Rude." Frankie's puppet said out loud.

"I couldn't agree more..." Dana said towards the puppet as she made her leave.

"That brat is going down..." Gabriella growled. "You DO realize that your neurotic friend just pushed you even further into my tight grip, don't you? That'll teach you to vomit on my designer outfits."

"Seriously?! You're STILL yammering on about that gown?" The puppet scolded out loud. "It's YOUR fault for flooding that hall with various perfumes!"

"Bob! Gabriella! Positions!" Chris announced, as Gabriella started to walk up to where she needed to stand, as thus Bob.

"Hey, Gabriella?" Bob asked out loud, a smirk growing in his mind. "How about we sweeten the deal? The winner of this duel… Gets to keep Frankie as their own personal slave. For good."

Frankie froze in pure fear. What was Bob thinking?!

Gabriella only gave off a confident smirk.

"You got it… Course, I'll be the one standing at the end." Gabriella accepted back.

Bob smiled back. "Perfect… She fell for it! Hope this actually works..."

Chris soon cleared his throat. "For Immunity… You two ready?"

Both Bob and Gabriella gave off a nod to the host.

"Then… DUEL!"

Chris rang an airhorn in the air, as the two soon unsheathed their sabers, as they soon connected, with a clanging sound, the two giving off a hard glare at each other. The two contestants swung their sabers again, as the same thing happened. The two continued to strike swords at each other for a few seconds, as everyone else could only watch.

"Damn, those two are evenly matched..." Nancy said out loud. "I would have pegged Gabriella to have taken Bob down by now, but the kiddo's hanging in there… Shame he and we're about to lose; nobody ever meddled with the richest teenage daughter and lived to tell about it."

Ethan looked up at Nancy.

"You do know that if Bob wins, you, Candace, and Kayley get your beds back, right?" Ethan noted towards Nancy.

Soon, a grin grew on Nancy's face, upon realizing what was also at stake.

"BEAT THAT BITCH, BOB!" Nancy cheered out loud. "It may had been fun to sleep with Candace in the same sleeping bag on night one, and she kept it warm that night, but seriously… TAKE HER DOWN!"

Candace blushed red at Nancy's response. "I… Wha?" She faced Kayley. "My body heat isn't that warm… Right?"

Nancy also blushed back, as she looked away from Candace. "Well… The thing is..."

"WHOA!" yelled Bob from off-screen, as everyone watched.

"Hey, didn't Bob just slip?" Kayley asked out loud, as everyone was suddenly focused on the match.

"Yeah, he did..." Candace answered back.

"BOB! DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP!" Nancy shouted out, slamming her hands on her knees.

In the arena, Bob indeed was on the ground, as he picked himself back up all while clutching the balloon on his chest, and started to approach Gabriella, with the campfire burning behind him.

"Man, this island can get rather slippery, even in light rain..." Bob said out loud, as he just barely blocked a blow by Gabriella. "Come on, at least have the class to wait until I get back up to strike at me."

"Whatever, I've got much more class than you, you brat." Gabriella responded back, haughtily laughing a bit before the duel continued.

Over at Gabriella's end of the arena, Jonah was filming the entire thing on his camera.

"Bitches get stitches, and I wonder how many Bob'll need by the end of this ass whoopin'… And if you like what you see here… Then... Like-Comment-Subscribe! Support your main boi out!"

He was about to do a pose, as Frankie held up his puppet.

"You do realize if you interfere in this match with that wind thing of yours causing Gabriella's balloon to accidentally fly into the campfire and cause it to burst, you'll be booted as well... right?" The puppet said out loud.

Jonah frowned. "Geez, I can't even do my signature thing not without disqualifying both myself and Gabriella…"

He groaned as he continued to record the fight, pouting.

"Spoilsport sock puppet..." Jonah grumbled, as the puppet gave off a grin.

Back with Bob and Gabriella, the two continued to clang their sabers at each other, all while the campfire was crackling in the background. But it was clear that the two were starting to tire.

"You should have went down long ago!" Gabriella yelled out loud in frustration and exhaustion. She soon pointed her saber at Bob. "How are you matching up against a champion like myself?!"

"As a rapping pupper in the late 90's on the Playstation once said..." Bob muttered back, as he also backed up, all before the two started to charge at each other.



Gabriella stood tall, as she gave off a smirk towards Bob, who was down on the ground, clearly exhausted.

"I win." Gabriella declared out loud, proudly. "Say goodbye to your friends, you brat."

Everyone at Bob's end sighed in defeat… They were stuck with Gabriella.

"Dammit!" Nancy yelled out, throwing her arms in the air. "Son of a bitch, dammit!"

"Nancy, language!" Candace scolded back.

However, back at the arena, Bob could only give off a smirk as he picked himself back up.

"You may think that, but..." Bob began to say, as he turned to face Gabriella…

...With his balloon still intact and on his chest.

"Tooooooooooooo bad. I win~!" Bob finished.

"Wha?" Gabriella gasped, as she looked down at her chest, where the bottom end of her balloon once laid. "WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT?!"

She dropped her saber in shock, as Chris approached the true victor of the challenge.

"And there you have it! The winner of this Immunity duel is Bob! Meaning… Gabriella is eliminated! And for real this time!" Chris announced, as he rose Bob's arm in victory.

All of Bob's supporters ran up to him, feeling rather cheerful.

"Man, I can't believe you defeated someone who is wickedly skilled! You had us fooled for a moment." Nancy cheered out loud. "How'd you pull that one off?"

"Well… I went to many a gaming tournament with a friend, and the grand prize was around $500 bucks. Even with that kinda sum, I could see how many gamers suddenly played rather sloppily. However, said friend Maple? She just played for fun, and managed to win the top prize." Bob explained. "So, if I offered up something Gabriella wanted, like… Frankie being her forever slave, then she would slip up sooner or later. So, I used that to my advantage to basically save Frankie from her clutches."

"Too long, didn't read. Either way, you knocked her the buff outta this contest!" Nancy grinned back, elbowing Bob playfully.

With Gabriella, her left eye started to twitch, as she was fuming with anger. Suddenly, she erupted in pure anger.


"Digging yourself deeper with the fat shaming, buddy." Ethan said out loud.

"Yeah, even ya main boi has to admit; Bob's got balls to take you out." Jonah retorted.

"COME ON! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE ON MY SIDE!" Gabriella protested towards Jonah.

Jonah chuckled. "Oh, I am. I, along with the winds, are on your left side."

He done a pose, as the winds whispered his name…



"As if you didn't do that enough in the last 48 hours you were on this show… Trust me, I counted." Kayley muttered towards Gabriella, as she took out her spell book. "Be prepped to see a witch in action, pal."

"Whatta gonna do? Turn her into a toad? Pimples on her face?" Nancy asked. "...Pimples on her toad face?"

"Oh, those are some nice suggestions if I was truly devious. Though I was thinking of something more… Sinister and fitting for her." Kayley replied back to Ethan, sporting a grin as she noticed something in her book. "Ah, found the perfect spell for someone like her."

But Ethan simply shook his head.

"Nah, no need to do something truly devious. Bob already taken Gabriella out; that's probably enough." Ethan said, looking at Kayley.

Kayley looked at Ethan, and pocketed her spell book.

"Yeah, you're right, goofball. No need to get the goddesses all wrapped up in all of this." Kayley replied back as she patted Ethan's head playfully. "You're a good bean, buddy."

Nancy pouted back. "I would hadve still had her live 24 hours as a toad..."

Chris, meanwhile, shrugged, as he pressed a button on his phone. About half a second later, a neon hoop was tied around Gabriella's body, as it was tightened around her body, rendering her unable to move. Maggie soon showed up, and looked at the host.

"I didn't care how, I want her out now." Chris requested towards Maggie.

"You got it! Thank the heavens for my neon hoops, am I right?" Maggie replied back, with a single nod as she went to pick up Gabriella, who was still shouting out in the air.

"LET GO OF ME, YOU ROBO PSYCHO!" Gabriella demanded.

"Heeeeeyyy… That ain't cool to call me, or my future descendant out like that." Maggie reprimanded back.

Back at the Dock of Shame, Gabriella was on the deck of the Boat of Losers, still tied up and screaming, with Dana behind the rudder. She was wearing a pair of earmuffs as a few contestants were watching the chaos unfold.


"Yeah, let's call forcing Candace, Kayley, and I to sleep outside bullying, shall we. As thus enslaving Frankie right off the bat, fat-shaming Bob..." Nancy listed off. "Real uncool, dudette. I'm sure your old man would be thrilled to see you act like a five year old on national TV."


"Hey! Back off!" Bob yelled out loud. "Didn't you agree to my bet? He is MY property now!"

"AND WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH MY SLAVE?" Gabriella asked out loud, sneering at Bob.

"Oh… I got plans..." Bob answered back, as he looked at Frankie, who looked like he was in fear.

"You know, while I like this show, I'm kinda getting bored. I'll just drop Gabriella off at the Playa, and… I dunno, play some Smash Bros. Before bed." Dana said, as she started up the boat and drove off, with Gabriella continuing to rant.

"YOU'RE NOT A TRUE GIRL!" Gabriella yelled out loud.

"Wow… Rude, much? Well, at least I'm a mature girl." Dana retorted back. "Way more mature than you."

The boat soon sailed into the moon-lit horizon, and with Gabriella still ranting on board, along with a few contestants watching in silence.

"...She was a bad egg." Bob said out loud, breaking the silence. "She could had been a total game breaker if she continued."

"Eh, she would have been booted sooner or later." Jonah admitted, giving off a shrug. "I didn't think it would be tonight of all nights."

"I'm just hoping both Peter and Zero can handle her..." Ethan said out loud.

"What, those two? They'll be fine goofball." Kayley reassured back, patting him on the head.

Candace looked worried. "Umm, what if her threats are true? What if she does bring her dad into the picture? We took on the daughter of a Thyme. Her dad may be even worse; apple doesn't fall far from the tree, ya know."

"I'm sure we'll be fine." Nancy replied back. "After all, Gabriella's twin sister? She can convince her old man to not bring Gabriella back in. 'Sides, she's the polar opposite to Gabriella in every way."

"How?" Candace asked.

"Let's see… Lanky body, curly hair, glasses taking up nearly her entire face, and a more than pleasant attitude." Nancy described. "Why didn't we get her instead of Veruca Salt over there?"

"Blame her dad." Bob answered back, sighing. "Seriously, greed is one heck of a roller-coaster."

"Piece of monkey sh.." Gabriella shouted from beyond the horizon, as Chris looked at the contestants.

"As for the rest of you all? It's a technically that I say this, but… You're safe. For now..." Chris said out loud, as he made his leave.

"You know, I'll also take my leave and get acquainted to a nice, comfy bed." Kayley said out loud. "Night, all."

She started to make her leave, as Nancy grinned.

"You know? Now with that bitch gone… I can introduce to you all about the wonders of Green Day!" Nancy also said, grinning.

"Didn't the creators of Johnny Test rip off American Idiot for its second season onward intro?" Candace asked.

"Oh, there's a lot more songs than that, girl~! Come on; us two? We're gonna go through one of their entire album's in one night." Nancy answered back, grinning as she grabbed Candace's hand.

"Waaaaiiittt!" Candace yelled out loud, being dragged away by Nancy.

The other contestants soon started to disperse, as both Frankie and Bob remained. Frankie looked over at Bob.

"So… What's my first task?" Frankie asked. "Rub your feet? Massage your back? ...Rub your back and feet?"

"Ahh, right. I won that duel; you belong to me now." Bob answered back, as he gave off a smile. "Well… Your first task? Do anything you want; you're free now."

Frankie looked at Bob with worry, feeling unsure. "...Are you sure?"

"Yeah; I only made the bet towards Gabriella, knowing that she'll screw up. And since I own you… I can also free you from my power. So, I'm freeing you right here, right now. You're free to be your own man now, buddy." Bob answered back sincerely.

"...Really?" Frankie asked again, looking at Bob.

"Really." Bob answered back, smiling.

A genuine smile started to grow on Frankie… He soon took Bob in for a hug.

"...Thank you."

"No sweat." Bob replied back, hugging Frankie back.

Frankie soon held up his sock.

"Yeah! Like, you dueled a rich bitch to save Frankie's skin, so I should also thank you as well." His sock said out loud.

"Heh, you're welcome. Now, how about we hit up the Tuck Shop and buy ourselves a dozen of donuts and split it?" Bob offered. "And perhaps tomorrow morn, I can serve you some pancakes? My friend Maple taught me a really awesome recipe; all I gotta do is ask Dana if I could borrow the kitchen."

Frankie nodded, as both he and Bob started to make their way to their cabin.

But unknown to them, someone was watching the entire elimination all this time, along with the duel, atop a tree branch and leaning against it…

"I can't believe his plan even worked. Gabriella is gone, Frankie is free from her grasps, and he has a really good friend in the name of Bob..." Vikki said to herself, smiling and giving off a slight blush. "Enjoy your pizza, guys; you deserve it."

She soon looked down towards the ground and paled in fear, clutching onto the tree tight.

"In hindsight, climbing this tree was kinda a bad idea." Vikki noted, as Omelette walked up towards the tree.

"Um, Vikki? While I do adore the view from below, I thought you went to take a leak. Why you're up a tree?" Omelette asked from below.

"I was only observing the Flounder's Campfire Ceremony..." Vikki admitted. "Seriously, I thought it was a good idea at the time!"

"Can't you float down via an umbrella?" Omelette asked. "Or a balloon? Or an umbrella made outta balloons?"

Vikki soon realized, and took out an umbrella, opened it, and lept off the tree, floating back down upon the ground.

"Heh, forgot I had that." Vikki chuckled back.

Chris is on the Dock of Shame, ready to deliver out the outro, all while counting the cash he received from Gabriella.

"And with that, Gabriella is outta here! Guess money can't buy you victory after all. But what shall happen next time? With Gabriella gone, will it be Frankie's time to shine? Can the Turtles continue to impress? How did the Flounders find some cabin that wasn't built since the 90's? And who shall be the next person voted off? Stay tuned and find out, next time! On..."




"Now I am off to enjoy some of that lobster that Gabriella left behind..." Chris said, sporting a smile. "I wonder how it tastes deep-fried..."

The Voting Confessionals

Bob: Isn't the answer obvious? Gabriella's gotta go! Frankie has suffered enough; you can buy another designer gown.

Candace: I… wouldn't be able to face the cartoon community if her dad did buy out Nickelodeon if I did vote for Bob. So, my vote is going for Gabriella!

Ethan: I'm voting for Gabriella; seriously, she can be such a grouch. Even more-so than that woman I saw demanding some kinda manager when I had my 10th birthday at my favorite seafood place with Fern last year.

Frankie: ...I vote for Gabriella. Please… Don't kill me.

Gabriella: My two votes? Both going to Bob. Like, what kinda authority does some snot-nosed brat like Bob has against me? Pfft. What-EVER!

Jonah: As the winds blow Gabriella's vote… I, too, shall vote for Bob.

Kayley: Gabriella's elimination draws neigh. Much like the phase of the moon, her time on this isle shall also fade.

Nancy: Who else you think I'm gonna vote for? Once Gabriella's gone, I can raise some PG-13 related chaos!


Bob: 3 (2 from Gabriella, thanks to the use of the Math Idol. However, those votes do not count thanks to the Chris Idol used against him.)

Gabriella: 6

Eliminated: Zero, Gabriella

Hoo boy… Where do I start? How about the fact that Gabriella, from start to finish was a grade-A brat? She more or less had everything handed down upon her, and enslaved Frankie after something that was entirely her fault. Should had used that perfume somewhere else… That, and she was intended to be an early boot anyway. Heck, she was voted off much more earlier than I envisioned, before I had to swap challenges around. Even the fencing duel was thought up for another episode, but I didn't want it to go to waste. Either case, to the 3 of you who actually enjoyed Gabriella, I do apologize, but this is where she falls. And to those who just wanted to see her eliminated? This one's for you.

[1] – Just a reference to GoldEmblem's newest project, Canadian Crackdon. You should check it out, guys.

[2] - Again, another reference to GoldEmblem. This time, being of Revamped Island. You should also check that story out.

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