Sara arrives at the Gallery in a hurry, pushing the see through glass doors open.

"Miss Lance! I'm glad you're finally here, Mr. Darhk called and he-" the secretary behind the reception counter calls after her.

"Good morning, Anne..." she greets followed by a sigh, "How many times has that annoying man called today?"

The younger woman blushes at the question, stuttering a short reply, "A lot."

Sara nods, looking at her pointedly before she starts to move in the direction of the main hall, "Walk with me to my office and tell me what he wants."

Anne nods and follows along the blonde until they are both inside her office. Once there, Sara sits at her desk turning on her computer before opening the second drawer to her right to take out her agenda. She opens it and looks through it attentively.

"You can speak Anne, I'm listening." She lets the other woman know without taking her eyes off the agenda.

"Right!" Anne says, adjusting her glasses, "He called to schedule a meeting with you for this evening."

Sara lifts up her head at the information, a frown plastered on her face, "I already have him on for Friday. Does that mean that the meeting is cancelled? I can't with this man, seriously! First he wanted to meet on Monday, then he changed it to Friday and now he wants it for today?! What does he think? That I just sit here lazing around?! I have other clients to meet and new artists to check out!" The blonde lets out in a breath, running one hand through her hair in frustration.

When she looks at her secretary, she notices how uncomfortable the woman is and curses herself internally.

"I'm sorry Anne, I didn't mean to raise my voice. I'll call Darhk in a few minutes, don't worry about it," Sara lets her know with a small reassuring smile, "You may get back to your work. I won't hold you here anymore as I'm sure you already have a lot of tasks at hand."

"Right." The young woman replies with a curt nod, excusing herself before leaving and closing the door to her boss's office.

As soon as her secretary is out of the room, Sara sighs, her head slumping back against the leather chair. She stares at the ceiling for a couple of minutes, slowly breathing in and out while she prepares herself for what's coming. When she deems it enough, she sits up, straightening her back before reaching for the desk phone. Her index finger quickly punches the keys for a number she now knows by heart, while she holds the headset to her left ear with the help of her free hand.

After a few beats someone finally picks up, "Morning. Damien Darhk speaking."

Sara rolls her eyes at the sound of his voice, "Darhk, this is Sara Lance. My secretary told me you wanted to have a word with me today? What's wrong with the day we had already scheduled?" she asks, trying to not let her frustration show through the line.

Damien chuckles drily, "Ah yes! Something came up and I decided that it would be in my best interests to push our meeting for earlier on my schedule. The sooner I can meet with you, the better."

Sara clenches her jaw to stop herself from sighing, as she can already feel herself losing her patience, "You do realize I have other meetings adjourned, right? You're not my only client."

"Absolutely! But as you are aware, Sara, I'm also one of the biggest shareholders of your company. Now doesn't that earn me special treatment? I was under the impression that it would."

The blonde bites her lower lip forcefully as she runs a hand through her hair, "Look, Damien, I know you've been waiting a long time for the product, but as I've told you before, it still isn't finished. It has to be perfected and go through a number of phases before we can even begin the trials on lab rats, let alone on humans."

The line goes silent for a couple of seconds and Sara starts to believe that the conversation is almost over, but her hope is soon crushed when Damien speaks again, "I see. Well, you will be able to tell me all of that during our meeting this evening. I have got to end our lovely conversation now, but I look forward to seeing you later. Goodbye, Sara."

And with that he is gone, not even giving Sara the chance to protest. She slams the headset down and lets out a grunt before whispering, "The fucking nerve."

She quickly gets up and out of her office, pacing the corridor in quick and noisy strides as her heels click against the floor.

At the sight of her, Anne stands from her place behind the entrance desk and addresses her, "Everything alright, Miss Lance?"

Sara dismisses her with a flick of her hand, "I'm fine, Anne. I'm just going down to the Lab to check on some things. I have no idea how long it's going to take, so if anyone asks about me just let them know I'm currently unavailable." She tells her before making her way to the elevator that gives access to the underground. As she steps in, she presses the button to the -1 floor, letting out a heavy sigh as she leans back against the wall, arms resting crossed against her chest.

Once the elevator reaches the desired floor, she steps out and through another corridor until she stops in front of a glass door, opening it and stepping inside.

She is immediately greeted by two matching bright smiles from their friends and co-workers, Amaya and Charlie. Even though the twins' similarities are impossible to deny, one thing is certain, their smiles unquestionably give away their completely opposite personalities. Whereas Amaya's is warm and affectionate, Charlie's is filled with mischief and cheekiness.

However, both their smiles falter a bit when they notice the strained features on Sara's face.

"What's the matter, Sara?" Amaya asks, pulling herself away from her desk with the help of her chair.

Charlie looks at her friend with narrowed eyes for a short second before realization showed on their faces, "You just got off the phone with Darhk, didn't you?"

Their twin whips her head to them as Sara does the same, eyes wide.

"It still amazes me how you can always guess things that easily," the blonde tells Charlie, who simply shrugs their shoulders.

"What can I say, I'm that good," they say, charming smile in place that earns them a small chuckle from Sara.

"Yeah, yeah, don't let it get to your head."

Amaya smiles before turning her attention back to Sara, "What did he want now?"

"Same old. Pressuring me about the serum. Didn't even give me a choice about saying no to a meeting this evening."

Her friend shakes her head, "That man always asks the impossible from us."

Charlie nods in agreement with their sister's words, "You know, for someone supposedly as smart as him, he really does seem to having no notion of how all of this science works."

"I agree with Charlie, Sara. One day his greediness will end up being his downfall."

Sara sighs in defeat, "You're both right, but for now we simply have to suck it up and deal with it. No matter how annoying and a pain on the ass he is, the truth is that it's thanks to him that this company is still up and running."

Amaya sighs as well, reaching a hand out to squeeze Sara's shoulder in a comforting manner, "We know, Sara. We just don't like and approve of the way he treats you and makes you feel."

Sara gives her a fond smile in return, "Thank you. I don't know what I would do without you two."

Charlie pats her on her other shoulder, a cheeky smile in place before saying, "You would be proper lost, for sure."

That earns them a couple of chuckles from Amaya and Sara, before the blonde speaks again, "Speaking of lost, shouldn't you be at the studio instead of being down here at the Lab? If I remember correctly, you still have that new piece to finish."

Charlie lifts up both their hands at that, "Chill, I'm still on time. Besides, I'm almost done with it. Just came down here to hang out with my favourite twin for a little while before getting back to it."

Amaya rolls her eyes at their words, slapping Charlie's arm playfully, "I'm your only twin, idiot."

"Alright, alright, break it off," Sara warns with a playful tone to her voice. She has always loved the teasing between her two friends, it reminded her of her relationship with her own sister, Laurel.

She smiles at the fond memory of her before speaking again, "Well, getting back on the reason as to why I came down here. Amaya, can you walk me through all the progresses we made this past week?"

"Absolutely," Amaya tells her, guiding her to one of the file cabinets nearby.

"Well, ladies, you do that and I'm gonna return to my masterpiece. See you later!" Charlie waved at them before making their way upstairs.