Chapter 1: Out of the warp, into the hell

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war. hope diminished long ago, and the Emperor has all but closed his eyes to the horrors that assail him from all sides, but he still refuses to give in, he still believes in his infinite wisdom that humanity can achieve victory, in his mind thousands of outcomes in the Great game occur every second, each more grim than the last without him to directly lead humanity to victory.

He plots, he schemes, he is trying to outplay the great players in the warp, he senses their determination, their eagerness to consume trillions of human souls upon his death, so he refuses to die. he full well knows that his death would cause his soul to swell in the warp and to become the bulwark against the horror, but he also knows that his death would cause the collapse of the Imperium from the inevitable super warp storms that would make warp travel impossible for centuries if not more, and in extension, the death of Mankind to the various xenos vying for revenge around the galaxy.

Billions of fanatics dying in his name, as well as millions of psykers sacrificed to him over the millennia have granted him unparalleled powers. he knows more now as a corpse on a sickening golden throne than he ever knew during his prime years during the Great Crusade. He tries something new, bold, but not quite foolish, Something that will give Humanity a chance at fighting...a chance at winning. He proceeds with his plan, much to the anger of the chaotic furies which scream and howl against his decision, he issues them just a second of his gaze and they recoil in pain, burnt by his holy light in the darkest pits of the warp, in an instant he feels the souls of all mankind, for they are his, and he is theirs, their Father, their Guardian...their God.

-Khorne attempts to thwart his attempts by lashing against the Emperor's psychic presence personally, his Axe misses the golden projection as the Emperor dodges to the left, the impact causing billions of daemons to die from sheer anger Khorne unleashed in the impact. the Emperor's mouth open,eyes glowing yellow eminating his psychic essence, and he shouts with such intensity that the warp shudders at the unleashed raw energy, trillions of human souls shout through the Emperor, they defy the will of Chaos and even Khorne himself takes pause for a moment at the sheer psychic power of the being in front of him, his momentary indecision costs him his chance at stopping the Anathema. Enough time to finish his work ,the Emperor thinks for himself.

-Slaanesh attempts to seduce the Emperor and distract his attention from the effort he is committing at saving Mankind, he/she takes the form of the most beautiful being that ever existed or will exist in the warp and in the materium, such was the radiant beauty of slaanesh that its fellow chaos Gods admired form that was unlike the most glorious artwork ever done. he/she presents itself to the Emperor, no God or mortal could resist such sight, such was his confidence ,Slaanesh extended his arms as a lover would tempting the Emperor.

He gives Slaanesh a single look, before diverting it and just smiling, such was his self control that no beauty could replace his love for Mankind and their mission in securing the existence for his people and the future for their children. Slaanesh was beyond himself with anger, his form was so perfect that he couldnt believe what just occurred, such was his rage at this failure that he defaced most beautiful artworks in his pleasure palace and went about mutilating his most beautiful daemonetes, his rage was such that it would give Khorne pause at the sight. Consumed with envy and pride, Slaanesh could no longer concentrate on the Emperor, for the first time in its existence Slaanesh doubted himself and sealed himself inside his Palace, much to the wailing and psychic pain it caused his followers whom felt lost without their daemonic God.

-Nurgle attempted to corrupt The Emperors plan, to spoil it and cause it to turn inwards and rot and fester, the Grandfather realized what the Emperor wanted to do, and he reached with his hand, smile on his rotten face, from his crooked teeth foul liquids flew freely across his decaying chin, his hand extended at the psychic manifestation of the plan, his touch can corrupt anyone and anything, if he could spoil it all at the beginning, the plan would fail, and the Emperor would be humiliated, so he extended the hand and touched it.

but to his surprise instead of spreading corruption, he burnt himself, in pain he recoiled and withdrew his hand, it was on fire and glowing yellow, he bellowed a guttural howl before extinguishing his hand in the putrid swamps of his domain, the horror didn't end there for his hand showed signs of healing, new skin had appeared, bones mended and began to take form, and he realized how foolish it was from him to reach out for the Anathema's psychic will.

He noticed the place in the swamps where his arm was extinguished had healed as well, crystal clear water erupted to the surface and grass swayed in the open. Instead of spreading corruption, he himself would now have to battle Anathema's poison, as he went about spreading rot and spoiling his own arm, he realized why he has failed. You cannot corrupt such pure source of Light, not so quickly. His overeagerness and overconfidence caused him to fail, and now Nurgle would not be able to assist his brothers in this battle, his sights set on the most abominable sight in his vicinity, the gardens of nurlge began to recover from their taint, and he would need all his efforts to stop this insidious occurance.

-Tzeentch was the most dangerous opponent, for he could manipulate and fight anathema on his own ground. He battled with the Emperor with his mind, on billions of planets, in billions of dimensions, their fight was happening for eternity, or was it a minute that they fought? for in Warp, time is just another myth. He teased and tricked, twisted and foiled as the Emperor attempted to make his plan take shape. and so it was that Tzeentch caused million outcomes to happen and million probabilities to occur at the same time, he would confuse the Emperor, forcing him to chose the wrong way to manifest his plan, and in doing so, ruin his hope for Mankind.

In one moment the Emperor finished his work, Tzeentch was beyond himself with happiness, for he made the Emperor chose wrong, he knew it, he felt it, the Emperor made a mistake. he was eager to see what ruinous future he caused the Emperor to chose for his plan. Tzeentch was laughing and watching at the fast passage of time in the palm of his hand, eager to see how the Emperors plan would fall. As he watched his face turned from one of pure joy to one of absolute terror.

In millions of different outcomes in various plans he made, this was a future he did not present the Master of Mankind, he could not turn his gaze away from the future not of his own making as he saw what would happen. he saw the price of loss, and was thoroughly shaken by the experience as his eyes darted from one page of the future to another, unacceptable events leading from one catastrophe onto another, strands of fate he so diligently has woven cut by the filthy creatures whose souls he ate in their millions every day. One last shout was heard from the vision as Tzeentch gazed in disbelief "Terra, Aeterna, VICTRIX!".

And at that moment he closed the palm of his hand violently unleashing a guttural roar of pure warp essence as it exploded from his body, psychic backlash burnt the minds of psykers in materium in their thousands on the side of Chaos, overwhelming their corrupt souls. the echo of his shout carried onto the Astronomican and any creature with the presence in the warp shuddered at such projection of power.

"How could this be!?" Tzeentch shouted, still burning with warp magic. he searched for the Emperor and saw that he was not there to begin with, he swiped violently his hand at the form that he assumed to be the Emperor, only to realize it was just a projection as it dissipated with his swing. in that second Tzeentch realized that he was tricked by the Anthema, as he battled with the Emperors mirage form, the real Emperor made his plan and had set it into motion in the Materium. This effort was madly painful and tiring for the Emperor, but it had to be done. The Master of Mankind has won, and Tzeentch was fooled, his fellow Gods lost this battle.

The Emperor didnt knew what will occur in the future of his plan like Tzeentch did, but he knew his sons, and he knew their determination and stubbornness to survive at all costs, wherever they appear after their descent in the whirlpool of time and space, they would be victorious, and should fate wishes it, they would one day return to him, and armed with new knowledge and experience deliver a death blow to Chaos, once and for all. Emperor thought to himself of what he said once upon a time in one of his many mortal shells that he wore in life. "Alea Iacta Est". Indeed, the Die was cast. another swipe of the page, another roll of the dice, in the Eternal Game for the soul of Mankind.

A Warp storm was brewing.

And in the real space, a small fleet of Mechanicus, Imperial guardsmen and Space marines have joined their ships and entered Warp, bound for Cadia, they would never arrive there. Their fate was elsewhere, and the outcome of this Crusade into the unknown would rest solely on the backs of these lost souls whom realized they have entered the warp just as the storm was occurring. The techpriests attempted to disengage the warp drives and exit into the real space, but they were so close to the eye of the storm that it was impossible to do so. They could only pray and hope they survive the exit as the storm swallowed the small fleet whole.

The Emperor saw it all happening, his tired form has won another victory, one of the trillion that occurred during his entombment into the Golden Throne, the Chaos Gods were angrier than before, and he was not ready to yield and die, not while Mankind believed in him. The Great Game continues...

The travel was supposed to last for a few months at best, or so the navigators said. The travel lasted for years, or centuries, or maybe days, for no one is sure how the time flows in the warp. As they exited into the materium, the entire crew screamed in unison, the psychic shock was hardest on the navigators ,then the psykers, and even the normal humans felt it.

Some died from the stress of the exit, to be known in the history as the " The Separation". For all have felt it in one way or another, the glow of the Astronomican was gone. the blessed light of the Emperor was nowhere.

As much as they have tried to establish contact with the wider Imperium, there was only silence. The leadership of the expedition contemplated on the next move, as they have done, the ship scanners noticed a small vessel nearby, engaged in asteroid mining. One of the leaders of the expedition ordered the vessel captured and its pilot brought for questioning, and it was done so. The vessel was brought to one of the mechanicus ships, and now its Magos was headed there for questioning.

He met with one of the techpriests in the docking bay.

"Do we have it?"

"Yes, most honorable Magos, She…It is in operation room."

"Good, I want to see it now."

As Magos walked through narrow corridors, he could hear the screams of a female, only this female was not human.

He entered what was a large room, in it a dozen techpriests were huddled around a blue skinned female xeno, probing and dissecting her, while she was still alive, unseddated.

Magos came closer, and with semi-robotic voice spoke to crying xeno.

"Tell me xeno, where are we?"

"P-please, what do you want from me!? Shrieked the xeno."

"I am the one asking the questions Xeno, next time you interrupt me, I will snuff your organic life out, now I ask you again, where are we?"

"T-this is the system Eluna, northern most system inhabited by my race, A-Asari."

"Eluna? There is no system named Eluna, imperial or Xeno in my database, are you lying to me xeno?"

"N-no, I swear, I swear to goddess I am not lying, this is Eluna, colony of 13 000 Asari colonists, just on the borders of citadel space."

"What is this…Citadel space you just mentioned?"

"It…it…urgh," the xeno started convulsing, the shock from pain finally got to her, Magos showed no emotion to the suffering of this female Asari, and spoke to one of his fellow techpriests in his ever cold voice.

"Administer sufficient dosage of regenerative liquids, I need this xeno alive..for now at least."

The medicine flew from one of techpriests metal fingers into Asari bloodstream, the seemingly dead Asari gasped for breath, coughing, and spitting blood. The Asari took few seconds to see where she is, hoping all of this was a nightmare, and then her gaze landed upon Magos that was piercing her with his metallic gaze.

"Welcome back xeno, death won't be your salvation yet, I have more questions, and you must answer them."

Asari screamed from pure terror , tears started rolling down her pale and bruised cheeks, knowing, that this nightmare, won't end.

"If you are done yelling foul creature, I would hear answer, what is this Citadel Space?"

Still crying, Asari began, speaking in great details, spoke of races living in it, Turians, Asari, Salarians, Volus, Elkor, and then of Terminus systems, as the xeno continued speaking, Magos s' facial expressions never changed, not until the Asari mentioned humans living in the same citadel space. Still, Magos was curious and kept on listening, Xeno continued on with its rambling, mentioned some AI invasion called , Reapers, and how they are coming to this system, after it was done talking Magos spoke to one of his brothers priests.

"It seems the Warp didn't only threw us in time, it threw us in another galaxy, perhaps dimension. The space this, united xeno coalition holds, is engulfing most of our Imperium; I can only assume what happened to humanity in this galaxy."

"Chaos is unpredictable brother Magos," spoke another techpriest, "our fleet was purposely ejected into this time stream, into this, xeno infested galaxy, 13th black crusade is still progressing, and our fleet was to support one of the first planets in its way, now the planet will fall…"

"Not if we manage to return back to our galaxy, there are over 14 ships in our fleet, 3 of them are carrying Legio Titanicus, we even have a space marine chapter with us, I've sent for brother captain Tesla of the White Eagles to join us in our interrogation, he should be arriving soon."

"I am not so certain we can travel back to our universe honorable Magos, after warp ejected us 10 days ago, we couldn't dive back into it, like…like there was no warp at all, our navigators are confused, they don't see the current of the warp, they say "everything is a straight line, no sea of warpic energies, I can't navigate through something that doesn't exist" Its pure luck we were close to this system, our faster than light speed is very slow compared to our warp drives."

"Have our brothers disassembled the vehicle this xeno was piloting?"

"Yes most honorable Magos, the technology is nothing seen in our galaxy, their warp drives are none existent, their faster than light travel needs some sort of catalyst to travel from system to system, we still don't know what is needed to launch this kind of ship into another system. And their weapons are highly primitive, the pistol we took from this xeno would have a trouble breaching a typical Imperial Guards armour, let alone a space marine one."

"Did the colonists on the planet noticed our fleet in this system?"

"Hard to tell honorable Magos, we are using sun's radiation to hide from their sensors, from what our brothers discovered, the ship this xeno was piloting was a mining vessel, it was gathering the minerals from asteroid belt when it stumbled upon us."

"That planet…we need that planet as a vantage point, as a base of operations in this galaxy, the technology for making servitors is known to us even this far from Emperor s'light, maybe we can alter the brain patterns of this xeno kind, use them for hard labour, prepare this galaxy and shape it in the light of the Emperor and Omnisiah."

"What about the xeno we questioned most honorable Magos, maybe we can use it?"

"Perhaps we can…Tell our brothers to implant brain inhibitors inside its skull, make it subservient to us if possible, if not, purge this life form from my vessel."

"Yes honorable Magos, praise the Omnisiah."

"Praise the Omnisiah," responded Magos.

As Magos exited the operation room, he saw a servitor approaching him.

"Execute command, information, consign information to Magos."

"Give me the information brother", spoke Magos.

"Information extraction beginning, Brother Tesla of the White Eagles, has arrived; he requests your presence in the docking bay. End of Information extraction."

The Servitor turned back, its human parts were almost utterly replaced by holy machine of the Omnisiah ,and Magos began walking towards the docking bay, after many minutes of walking, Magos finally arrived, and was greeted by a strong dark haired Marine his red,blue and white armor was decorated with purity seals, his retinue composed of 2 tactical marine brothers were standing behind their captain.

"Praise the Emperor, Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus."

"Praise the Emperor, Tesla, of his Angels of Death, his Adeptus Astartes, the White Eagles."

"I have heard you gathered a xeno on your vessel, assuming you extracted all the necessary information out of it, I would hear what you know."

"Of course," coldly replied Magos, he began talking, from the beginning, everything the xenos told, Magos spoke to the marine, not altering a single word, his software remembering everything.

"So, you are saying we are not in the same galaxy as the Holy Terra? As Imperium of Man?"

"Precisely brother marine, the ruinous powers are tricky, they have ejected our fleet into this heinous universe, and we must find a way to jump back into warp, only the problem is, there is no warp to begin with."

"I see, but we still need that staging ground, a new HQ in this place. The planet bellow us shall be conquered, 13000 people is nothing against the might of the Emperor. Though, we could use some more info about the city we shall assail."

"Fret not captain, I have something that will assist you, follow me."

After walking back to the operation room, Magos asked one of the techpriests idling about.

"Was the operation a success, is the xeno subservient?"

"Yes most honorable Magos, the inhibitor was well received by the psyche of this creature, Emperor forgive me, its synapses were quite similar to ours."

"Well done techpriest, we shall take the xeno from here."

The Asari was standing with metal plates and wires protruding from its head, its eyes almost lifeless, lacking independent will, it managed to utter, "I-I Live to serve the Omnisiah."

Magos couldn't help but smile.

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