A New Beginning or a Deadly End?

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Ch 1

Draco listened as his father dronned on and on about 'He who must not be named.' It had been the same thing over and over again all summer. 'Voldemort this, our dark lord than.' Frankly Draco was getting sick of it. When he was younger and the tale of ole Voldie was being spread around he had been swept up in it. In the muggle world some would idolize Superman while others preferred Lex Luther, Voldemort had been Draco's Lex but he stopped the whole fan whorshipping thing the year Harry Potter had come to Hogwarts. How could Draco fear and respect the man when a child of 11 years of age had bested him yet again? The years following the return of Voldemort via Professor Quirrell were kind of dull, except maybe for the openingof the Chamber of Secrets and Cedric Diggory's death during the Tri- Wizard's tournament.

It was now Draco's 7th and final year at Hogwarts and Voldemort had been gathering his Death Eaters for quite sometime, Draco's father being one of them and Crabbe and Goyle's fathers being a couple of the others. Hermione had been named Head Girl and both Harry and Draco had been named Captain's of their Houses' Quidditch teams. Draco was determined to go out with a bang and wanted Slytherin to win the Quidditch cup along with the House Cup. So as Draco walked beside his father to the Platform of 9 and ¾ he was relieved to be going back to Hogwarts one last time. Not only was it getting him away from his father's insistent discussion of the Dark Lord but going back to Hogwarts this last year was giving him a final chance to prove himself an excellent Quidditch player and strong wizard.

He wasn't sure what his future had in store for him but he was pretty sure his father had it planned out already. That little fact would have pleased him a few years prior but now as he drew nearer to manhood he wasn't so sure that he wanted everything decided for him by someone else, mainly his father. His father's talks of plans were really starting to rub Draco the wrong way. A few times the past summer Draco had to stop himself from interrupting one of his father's 'talks'. He had so wanted to yell at his father to let him make his own decisions and to let him live his own life but that would have incurred Lucius Malfoy's wrath and that was the last thing Draco wanted to do. His father was the type of man that would sell out his own family to put himself in the clear and Draco had learned to try and keep on his father's good side.

He felt some many things towards his father, fear, hate, respect, but never love, no never love. Draco doubted his mother loved his father but they seemed to have and 'understanding' with one another. The train was filling fast and he had yet to find Crabbe and Goyle. From one of the compartments in front of him Draco could hear Hermione's voice as she scolded Ron about something. A small sneer curled his lip as he passed by not bothering to look in on the infamous trio. 'Some things never change.' He thought with a shrug as he came to the last compartment. Inside was a girl he had never laid eyes on before. She had long strawberry blonde hair that flowed down her back to her waiste and a curvacious yet pleasing figure, she had yet to change into her Hogwarts robes, opting for a pair of cream colored pants and a baby blue tank top.

Draco couldn't see the color nor the shape of her eyes because she was looking down at a book of magical terms. Draco recognized the book because it was one of the ones on his list of 7th year supplies. Clearing his throat he leaned against the door frame and waited for her to look up at him. His first inclination was to tell her to get out and take the compartment for himself but something inside him wanted to know more about this reddish golden haired maid. His breath caught in his throat as she looked up at him with cat shaped blue eyes. Her face reminded him of the dolls he had once spied in a muggle toy shop, beautiful, childlike, innocent. "Hello." Her voice was soft and her smile was sweet as she gestured to the seat infront of her. Without a word Draco took the offered seat and watched in silence as she went back to her book. Drack tenesed slightly was he heard his name being called out a short distance from the door. 'Oh no. Crabbe and Goyle! They can't sit with me in here while she's here, they'll probably scare her away, and I don't even know her name yet.'

Standing up quickly he closed the door and flipped the lock. Sitting back down he looked at her once more and found her staring at him, sky blue eyes full of curiousity. "Sorry, a bit claustrophobic. Can't stand for these things to get to crowded." He gave a small nervous laugh that died down as she returned to the book in her hands. 'Not very talkative is she?' Draco mused silently as he sat back and closed his eyes half way. Studying her through hooded eyes a million questions ran through his mind. 'Who is she? Where did she come from? Why haven't I seen her before?' Closing his eyes the rest of the way he sighed softly before drifting off, the steady rock of the train helping to lull him to sleep.

Waking at a knock at the door Draco groaned out loud as he found the seat across from him empty. They had pulled into Hogsmeade station. 'She didn't even wake me up. How very rude, how like a Slytherin.' He thought with a small smile. 'She has the face of and angel but maybe she has the heart of a devil.' The thought was intriguing. Standing up he opened the door to reveal a rather crunched up Hagrid. "Hullo there Draco. Time to get off the train." Draco smirked but didn't come back with and insult. He was in too good of a mood to mess with the giant. Stepping around the hulking form he quickly exited the train, running into Crabbe and Goyle on the way to the carriages. "Where were you idiots? I got stuck with some girl on the train." The pair gave Draco curious looks at the fair haired young man's outburst and mumbled something that might have been an apology and an excuse. Shaking his head disapprovingly, he got into the carriage and grimaced as the weight of the other two caused the carriage to drop down. 'You'd think they would learn to watch their weight.' He thought grumpily as the carriage started on it's route to Hogwarts. About ten minutes later he, Crabbe and Goyle walking into the dining hall. As he took his seat he looked around for the girl from the train but couldn't fin her. The first years came in all wide eyed and giggiling and Draco couldn't help but remember his own sorting hat experience.

The hat had barely touched his head before calling out Slytherin. 'This is where I'm supposed to be. This is the house all of my family has been in. Then why do I feel out of place some time?' Draco thoughts were interrupted as Dumbeldore tapped the side of his glass. Turning his attention to the teacher's table his eyes widened. There she was sitting between Dumbeldore and McGonagell. 'What the?! She's not old enough to be a teacher!' The girl looked barely seventeen, there was no way she could be teaching at Hogwarts. Standing up Dumbeldore motioned for silence through out the hall and all eyes, except Draco's for he was still looking at the blue eyed stranger, were on the Head Master. "Before we begin to sort the first years into their houses I would like to introduce you to my god daughter Genevieve Conant. Genevieve is visting us from New Salem which is a town in the United States. Stand up Gene."

The girl stood up and gave the room a brilliant smile before sitting down. Draco felt his heart tighten in his chest as she girl's gaze fell on him for a moment and she gave him a small wink. 'She's his goddaughter?!' Draco couldn't believe his ears. His new object of interest was connected to the Head Master of his school and the man his father hated with a passion. Draco's gaze snapped towards Dumbeldore as the Head Master went on. "We will now begin the sorting hat ritual starting with Genevieve." Draco was on the edge of his seat as Genevieve stood up and sat in the chair. It was odd seeing a 7th year being sorted but it had to be done, everyone got sorted.

Draco held his breath as Professor McGonagell placed the hat on Genevieve's head. The hat took only a moment to place her, shouting 'Griffindor' at the top of it's non existent lungs. Draco's heart fell as Genevieve too a seat beside the infamous trio. He didn't care much for the way Harry Potter was looking at her and he longed to stand up and drag her out of the hall. Off to his side he heard one of the other Slytherin say, "Figures Dumbeldore's goddaughter would be placed with the other greater than though freaks." Draco clamped his mout shut on a curse and stood up. ~Sit down Mr. Malfoy.~ he heard Snape command in his mind and immediately sat back down. His fellow house mates were looking at him weird as the sorting hat ritual continued. 'Let them think whatever they like. I've got to talk to Genevieve.' He thought to himself when dinner drew to a close.

Deciding to cat her as everyone left for their houses he stod up quickly and headed for the Griffindor table. Sticking his hand in his pocket he felt something there that he hadn't noticed before, a book. Pulling it out he realized it was her book and arriving behind Genevieve and the trio he cleared his throat. All four pairs of eyes turned his way and only one pair was openly friendly. "What do you want Malfoy?" Harry asked him as the four Griffindors stood up. Draco's eyes were focused on Genevieve as she stepped closer to him. "You found my book. I felt sure I lost it on the train." Her New England accent was light and airy and Draco had to admit it had an effect on him. "Yeah, you left it on the seat." He lied as the fabulous three looked from Genevieve to Draco, eyes wide with curiousity. "Care to go for a walk? Maybe to the library?" Holding out his free hand to her he ignored the openly hostile looks the three Griffindors were casting his way.

"She has to see the Griffindor common room and tower." Harry stated flatly stepping to Genevieve's side. "I'm sure I can manage to get her there before lights out Potter." Draco gave Genevieve a small smile as she took his offered hand. "But she doesn't know the password." Hermione piped in stepping to Genevieve's other side. "Then tell her Granger." Draco's eyes never left Genevieve, even when Ron came to Genevieve's 'rescue'. "If we tell her the password then you'll know it." Draco smirked at Ron's matter of fact tone. "Weasely if it makes you feel better I'll cover my ears." Genevieve rolled her eyes and looked at each member of the infamous trio. "Seamus already told me the password didn't you Seamus?" Genevieve moved her gaze to Seamus Finnigan who's expression went blank for a moment before he nodded his head yes.

"See that settles it." Nodding her head to Harry, Hermione, and Ron she pulled Draco out of the dining hall. Glancing over his shoulder he saw Dumbeldore watching him and Genevieve leave the hall with a small smile on his aged face. Genevieve didn't give him time to wonder about the look on Dumbeldore's face before she was dragging him through the front casle door and out into the night air. "What are you doing? Don't you know we're not supposed to be out here?" Genevieve's laughter was light and musical as she stopped and dropped his hand before turning in slow circles as she looked up at the night sky. "Have you any idea how free I feel?" Shaking his head Draco stuck her book back in his pocket. "No, why don't you tell me?" Stopping she turned to him and gave him a dazzeling smile.

"This is the first time I've been away from my family. I was supposed to start yet another boring year at my public school when I got my letter from Albie. Well my sister got a letter too but she was away visint Auntie Diana when we received our letters. She'll be here next week." Draco's eyes widened slightly as Genevieve sat down on the dew covered ground. "Your sister?" He asked sitting beside her. "Yeah my twin Jacinth." Draco shook his head in disbelief. "There's two of you?" Nodding her head she picked a piece of clover from the ground and triwled it between her left thumb and index finger. Watching her fiddle with the clover Draco noticed the Gemini tattoo on her wrist. 'Wicked.' He thought with a smile and reached out to trace the tatto with his finger tip.

Dropping the clover she pulled away and propped herself up on her elbows. Mirroring her position he studied her in silence for a moment. "You're an odd one." Leaning on one elbow she brought her face close to his. "I could say the same thing for you Malfoy." Her breath on his face was soft and he closed his eyes only for a moment to savor the sweet scent of lilacs. "Draco." He said opening his eyes. "What?" Genevieve arched a reddish gold brow and sat back. "Draco, my first name is Draco." His heart lifted slightly as her lips curved into a smile. "Draco as in Dragon?" Nodding his reply his breath cuaght in his throat as she leaned in close again. "I like it." She said softly, her lips a breath away from his own. "Would all students please report to their Common Rooms, I repeat would all students please report to their Common Rooms."

McGonagell's voice ruined the moment and Draco gave a soft groan of frustration as Genevieve pulled away and stood up. "Walk me to my common room? I know you know the way." She gave him a knowing look and smiled as he stood up and grabbed her hand. "Come on." He sad as he led her back inside to the ever changing stair case. "Do you kow the password?" He asked as they stopped a few minutes later infront of the portrait of the Fat Lady. "No but I will." She said giving him a mischievious smile. Releasing his hand she pulled a blank piece of paper from her robe pocket and focused on it for a moment. Draco stepped back as the paper bursted into flames. "Do be a dear and tell me the password." Genevieve said to the portrait as the woman stepped back and fluttered her fan. "Autumninal Equinox." The woman gasped before moving to the painting on the next wall as the paiting swung forward to reveal as doorway.

"Did you get that?" Genevieve asked with a sly smile as she blew out the fire and dumped the charred paper in a nearby trash can. "Are you sure you're supposed to be in Griffindor?" He asked stepping close to her. Tilting her face up to his she gave him a wicked grin. "Are you sure you're supposed to be in Slytherin?" Draco opened his mouth to say it wasn't fair answering a question with a question but Genevieve didn't give him the chance. Brushing her lips against his she slipped her hand in his pocket and withdrew her book as she stepped away. "I believe this is mine. Thank you for returning it to me." Opening his eyes he quirked a plantinum brow and stepped forward. "Thanks for slipping it into my pocket." Genevieve gave him an innocent look as she stepped back closer to the doorway.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." She said before giving him an impish smile before closing the painting in his face. Draco's smile was wide as he turned and headed back to the stairs and the smile stayed the entire duration of his walk to the Slytherin tower. To avoid several questions from his house mates he made sure to wipe the smile off his face and stormed up the stairs to his room with out a word to anyone. 'Let them think I'm in a foul mood. Hopefully they'll leave me alone.' Sitting on his bed he laid back, propped his head on his folded arms and stared at the black canopy. 'So she's a fire fly. Goes with her hair and her spirit.' Closing his eyes he relaxed for first time since the train ride to Hogsmeade. "This is going to be an interesting year." He said softly before drifting off to sleep still in his school ropes.

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