Chapter Five

Draco parted from Genevieve in the hallway and had raced to his own room to get his broom. Thoughts of their discussion about love and the different ways their families thought about it ran through his mind as he arrived on the Quidditch field broom in hand. "Nice of you to join us Draco." One of the Slytherin chasers said with a sneer. Draco knew he would get a little flack from being involved with Genevieve but he hadn't expected to feel ostracized. Nodding to his keeper, Gabriel Geoffries, Draco mounted his broom and kicked off from the ground. His father had bought him the Firebolt 3 before his letter from Hogwarts naming him captain had arrived at the manor.

He was sure Potter had either the same type of broom or by some freak accident something better as usual. Turning his gaze to the Griffindor tower he spotted her sitting at the window. Giving her a small wave before he turned his broom away to face the team he heard the snitch being released. 'Here we go.' He thought with a resigned sigh. Usually he lived to fly around and practice his favorite sport but at that moment he'd rather be beside Genevieve explaining the game to her. Rising higher to watch the pther players chase around for the quaffle and dodge the bludgers Darco waited for the chasers to score a couple of points before looking for the snitch. Spotting it near the middle of the field down with the rest of the players he titled his broom, dived down and expertly weaved through his teamates.

Right before he got the snitch the golded winged ball shot up and to the left causing Draco to have to pull up. 'Oh you are going to be a pain today.' He thought grumpily as he veered to the left to follow the snitch. Looking ahead of the snitch his eyes widened slightly as he realized it was heading in Genevieve's direction. 'Surely she can't control bewitched golden balls.' Telepathy was one thing but taking control of an already bewitched object was another. 'She did make Seamus agree with her about the password though.' He reminded himself as he and the snitch got closer to Genevieve as he pulled a move similar to Harry's when he'd caught Neville's remembrall the first day in Madame Hooch's class.

After the flip infront Genevieve's window he sat upright and looked at her, a proud smile etching his features. "Hey." He said with a slight nod to her showing Genevieve the snitch. He nted the brightness in her eyes as she grinned back at him. "Impressive." She said throgh the opened window. Nodding he glanced over at the Quidditch field and saw the team going through various drills. "That was a rather nice dive you did out there." Genevieve told him brining his attention back to her. "Have you learned to use a broom yet?" He asked arching a platinum brow. "Only for sweeping." She told him giving the broom a wary look. Chuckeling at her facial expression he moved close enough to the window for her to be in touching distance. "Afraid of heights Gene?" He asked in a teasing tone as she continued to stare warily at the Firebolt 3.

"No, I hang out at the light house back home all the time but trusting my life to a broom is a bit different than standing on the walkway of a light house." She told him shying away slightly as he reached out to her but stopped when he asked is a soft questioning voice, "Do you trust me with your life?" A smile appeared on his face as she stepped forward and took his hand stating, "Yes." Simply as he brought the broom closer to the window so she could climb on behind him Letting go of her hand when she was situated on the broom so she could wrap her arms around his waiste he asked, "You ok?" as she made a kind of a squeeking sound and hid her face in his robes. "Yeah." Came her small muffeled reply and Draco gave a soft chuckle as her arms tightened around him as he flew the broom back to the Quidditch field.

"Relax." He told her in a soft soothing voice causing her to ease her grip on him a little. Tossing the snitch to one of his team meates he veered his broom to the left and rose over the Dark Forest. "Are we going to get into trouble for leaving Hogwart's grounds?" Genevieve asked curiously as she lifted her face from his back and looked cautiously around. Shrugging Darco replied, "Probably, but does it matter?" He felt the gentle brush of her hair as she shook her head 'no'. After he cleared the forest he made a slow decent to a clearing near a stream on a mountain with a great view of the castle. Touching down on the ground he slid the broom from under them and turned in her arms. "Well?" he asked looking down at her, his eyes full of laughter.

Looking up at him Genevieve gave him a small smile. "Not nearly as bad as I thought." She told him as she snuggled closer to him and laid her head on his chest. Dropping his bromm he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. He knew she should have been using his free time for practice if he were to lead his team to victory but time alone with Genevieve was too good to pass up. Looking up at him she nuzzled his jaw bone with her nose and asked, "Penny for your thoughts?", in a soft voice. Remembering that a penny was a form of muggle money he smiled. "I was just thinking about how nice this is." He replied reaching up to push a few whisps of hair from her face. Out of all the girls in Hogwarts and the rest of the wizarding world Genevieve was the most beautiful he head seen so far.

Even with Pansy Parkinson's beauty spell she couldn't compare with Genevieve, except maybe her sister but he hadn't met her yet. Turning to his side he led her to a big rocky and lifting her in his arms sat her down on top of it and released her. Stepping back he gave her a charming smile as she situated herself on the boulder. "I'm still trying to figure you out. You seem like you can rumble with the best of them and yet you look so prim and dainty on that huge rock." Genevieve's giggle was a tad on the girlish side as she covered her mouth then a smile smile said, "Thanks I think." Walking up to the boulder he folded up his arms and resting his head on them looked up at her.

"What?" he replied her as she stdied him with eyes full of amusement. "I'm trying to figure you out." She told him and laughed when he gave her a puzzled look asking, "What's to figure out?" Closing her eyes for a moment she enjoyed the cool wind that blew gently through the trees. With her eyes still closed she smiled and replied, "You are completely different around me than you are around everyone else." Opening her eyes slowly she reached out and ran her fingers through his white blonde hair. "Some people say change is for the greater good." He told her in a matter of fact tone. Nodding she lifted her hand from his hair and slid off the boulder. After her feet hit the ground she leaned against the massive rock and looked up at the sky. "It's going to be sunset soon." She said softly as she turned to face him his arms now at his side.

"I guess we should be getting back, dinner will be served soon." Pushing away from the rock she turned towards him and looking up at him shook her head. "Not right yet. You said you wanted to learn telepathy and since we're out here all by our lonesomes to where nobody can bother us I think we should practice now." Nodding he followed her as she walked to a couple of nice sized rocks standing side by side. They took a seat across from each other and studied one another for a moment. "Ok now I want you to close your eyes and concentrate on me. I'm going to think of something and you're going to tell me what I thought." Nodding Draco relaxed, closed his eyes and thought of nothing but Genevieve. Her voice, words, and emotions seemed to blossom in his mind like a blooming flower.

"You're thinking about your sister but you're only trying to think of your sister to keep your mind away from the kiss we shared in the hallway." Opening his eyes he stared into a pair of proud blue ones. "Good job. Now the talking with your mind part. Once more think of me, you can close your eyes if you like or you can leave them open." Keeping his eyes open he zeroed in on Genevieve's eyes and sent her a message he was sure he wouldn't be able to speak out loud. ~Gene I love you.~ Genevieve made a small gasping noise and Draco's eyes widened as her eyes filled with tears. "Did you hear me?" He asked reaching for her hands. Nodding she took a deep breath and allowed him to pull her up from the rock. "We've only know each other for one day but there's just something about you." He told her as he released one of her hands brushed his fingertips against her cheek.

Genevieve closed her eyes and pressed her cheek into his hand. "I know what you mean." She said opening her eyes and giving him a sweet smile. Stooping down he looked at her and said with his mind, ~I think we should go.~, as he picked up his broom. "You ready for this?" he asked her out loud as she glanced at the broom in his hand. "Sure I guess it's better than walking in the Dark Forest." Smiling he released her hand and straddled the broom. Coming up behind him she wrapped her arms around his waiste and held on as he kicked off the ground. She seemed more relax this time, commenting on certain things she saw as they flew by. Touching down back on Hogwarts school grounds they dismounted and walked hand in hand to the castle.

"Did you have fun?" Said a deep voice from behind them. Turning around they came face to torso with Hagrid. "Hello Hagrid." Draco said in a civil tone as he looked up into the half giants bearded face. Nodding Hagrid said, "Draco, Genevieve. You know you're not supposed to leave school grounds with out permision." He told them gravely as he fixed them with a reproving stare. "Yes Hagrid. We're sorry. It's just that I wanted to see the school from a far and Draco said he knewjust the place. He didn't want to take me there but I begged him too." She finished the lie in a sad voice looking down at her feet. Draco was impressed at how she could remain so sweet and innocent when she was lying through her teeth.

Looking at Hagrid Draco noticed the softening in the big man's face as he said, "It's ok Genevieve. It's understandable that you would want a good look at the gounds but next to ask first ok?" Draco and Genevieve both nodded before watching Hagrid turn and lumber away. "You're awful you know that?" Draco teased with a grin as he looked down at her. Shrugging Genevieve turned around and began to walk. "I have no idea what you mean." She told him in a nonchalant voice. Shaking his head he squeezed her hand lightly as they walked into the castle together. They seperated after a small kiss in the hall and went to their respective rooms to prepare for dinner. Draco was on cloud nine as he walked into his common room, that was until he saw his father lounging on one of the couches. "Where have you been Draco?" Lucius asked in a dark voice.

"Quiddith practice." Draco replied in an even tone sitting across from his father. "Try again. I was just out at the field. Where were you?" Setting his broom off to the side he took in a deep breath. He knew this day would come but he didn't think it would be so soon. "I was with a girl." He told his father as he relaxed in the couch. Lucius quirked a curious brow and said, "Oh really? What's her name?" Holding his chin up Draco smiled and small yet confident smile. "Genevieve Conant." Lucius' eyes narrowed slightly as he continued to sit there across from his son. "Dumboldore's god daughter? She's in Griffindor isn't she?" Nodding Draco wondered at his father's calm behaviour. 'Shouldn't he be blowing up at me? Calling me an idiot and a disgrace?' He couldn't believe his father's reaction to his news.

"Good choice son, she'll prove useful to us." He said standing up and walking to the entrance to the common room. "I'll be watching you at dinner Draco." He told him before stepping out of the room. Standing up Draco grabbed his broom and walked, bewildered at his father's reaction, up the stairs to his room. After putting his Firebolt 3 up he washed his face in the bathroom and combed his hair back before going down stairs and to the dining room. He was taken back a moment when he arrived in the hall. All of the houses were mixed matched. Some Ravenclaws were with Hufflepuffs, some Hufflepuffs with Griffindors and a couple of Slytherins were spotted at the Ravenclaw table. "What's going on here?" He asked Genevieve as he sat next to her at the Griffindor table. "They're letting students sit wherever they want. It's supposed to help us get to know each other. It was the Head Master's idea."

Making a face that clearly said 'well!' he scooted closer to her and placed his hand over hers on the table. "Do you want to study together after dinner?" He asked her as the food appeared on the table. "Sure." She replied with a smile before taking a sip of her pumpkin juice. Still holding her hand he felt the hair on the back on his neck stand up and glanced over his shoulder to see his father watcing him from the end of the teacher's table beside Snape. "Something wrong?" Genevieve asked as she set her glass on the table and picking up her fork speared a piece of ham from the tray infront of them. Releasing her hand she she could grab her knife he shook his head. "No, it's just that my father's here and he's watching us."

Genevieve stiffened for a moment but shrugged it of with a faint smile. "Does he know about us?" She asked softly as she began to cut her ham in pieces. "Yes and he seems rather pleased about it. I can't help but think there is something up with that though." After filling his plate and placing a roll on hers for her he began to eat while she added a few vegetables to her her ham. "Does he hate Dumbeldore that much that he shouldn't approve of me?" She asked afer swallowing a bite of ham. ~My father hates Dumbeldore plain and simple.~ He pathed to her using his new found powers. Glancing at his father he noted the curious look in his eyes. 'What is he thinking about?' Draco wondered to himself as he father continued to stare at him with a puzzled look.

End of Chapter Five

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