"Mhm..." Simonov shifted in his sleep and heard a clang right next to his head, causing him to sit up quickly and look around.

"Ay... Right, where am I? ...Oh right, new other world..." Simonov sighed and checked his watch, 0545 am. Perfect time to get up. Simonov got up and grabbed his pack, he came out to see his new apparent team all still asleep, well. Except for Blake.

She was off somewhere. Simonov went and set his pack by his guns, he took off his vest and the blue tunic under it, just leaving on the pants, combat boots, and a blue sleeveless Telniashka showing off his scarred, muscular arms, he put his watch back on and reached into his left pants pocket, taking out a brown Pilotka cap.

Simonov went over to the one mirror in the room and put it on, setting it on right he returned back to the corner his guns laid up against and separated his Kalash from the pile. He slung it over his shoulder and looked over to the beds, seeing his team all asleep, sneaking over to the door.

Simonov opened it quietly and shut it behind him quietly, he turned and just about jumped out of his skin when he saw the red haired girl from before.

"Going somewhere?" She asked, clearly curious.

"Training." Simonov replied in his heavily Russian accented English as he walked away.

"Might I watch?" The red head asked, Simonov waved her off.

"I won't stop you!" Simonov said somewhat loudly as he got down the hallway and turned the corner.

Simonov found his way to a gym of sorts and set his Kalash to the side, going to the centre of the room he began to stretch, then do push up in the centre of the room while the sun rose in through the windows illuminating him. He felt someone watching him, he was right, at the doorway, Professor Goodwitch and the headmaster stood watching Simonov as he finished his push ups then he started crunches.

"This early in the morning?" The Headmaster said as he stood with Professor Goodwitch.

"I'm surprised myself, but this is where Miss Nikos said we would find him." Professor Goodwitch said, more focused on all the scars on Simonov's arms.

Simonov stopped and got up, looking to the two watching him, he approached the two and saluted much to their surprise.

"Dobroye utro, direktor shkoly, ser... I uhm... I mean Good Morning, Headmaster, sir, and uhm... Morning to you as well, Miss Professor." Simonov said in his broken English.

"Good morning, Mister Simonov, you know you don't have to salute us, yes?" The Headmaster asked and Simonov nodded.

"Right, is uhm... As one say, old habit. Is there anything I can help you with?" Simonov asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Actually, yes. We and General Ironwood would like you to tell us more about this Ranger Order you told us of yesterday, we would also like to know about the Metro, and Moscow, as well as more about why it's surface area is unlivable as you said." The headmaster said, Simonov's suspicions mainly about them asking on the Order was.. Well, he viewed it as suspicious. Otherwise if just a general question about the Metro itself, it would be fine, but could he be honest with these people who probably viewed him with as much suspicion as he viewed them?

"I see. When would you like me to report then?" Simonov asked.

"You may come with me immediately if you want." The Headmaster suggested.

"If it would be alright, I would prefer to return to the dorm and shave, get a quick shower too, as I believe you maybe aware of the fact I have been told I smell like rotten sewer." Simonov said.

"It would probably be best that you do then." The Headmaster said before he left.

"You are not going?" Simonov looked to Professor Goodwitch who held some strange tablet in her arms.

"No, I will be overseeing a sparring between Ms Nikos who you may have already met and another team." Professor Goodwitch said.

"I see... She is taking on whole team herself?" Simonov asked

"Yes, she will be." Professor Goodwitch confirmed.

"Hmm... I wonder how she would do with a pack of Nosalis', Spiderbugs, or Lurkers." Simonov said, thinking aloud.

"I see..." Professor Goodwitch said as she walked away.

Simonov shrugged it off and went, picking up his Kalash, he left the gym and returned to the dorm to see three of his teammates still asleep. He set his Kalash back with his other weapons and left the Pilotika on the desk next to his weapons. Going back into the bathroom he shut the door and locked it, taking his boots off he set them by the toilet and turned on the water in the shower, getting it nice and hot he hopped in immediately with his clothes on, not too concerned with the heat, in fact it felt good. He washed the dirt off his face, just then he heard someone trying to turn the knob, then some knocking.

"Is occupied!" Simonov yelled. Right on cue, it was the Ice Queen.

"Are you serious?!" Weiss yelled at Simonov, apparently waking the other two up, Simonov could hear Ruby and Yang now.

"Da ya govoryu ser'yezno! Idi po sosedstvu!" Simonov yelled back at Weiss.

"What did you just say?!" Weiss yelled, sounding angry.

"I said, Yes, I am serious! Go next door!" Simonov yelled back.

"What's with the yelling?" Ruby asked, tired from the otherside of the door.

"Simonov's locked himself in the bathroom." Weiss said, annoyed.

"Am taking shower! For first time in week! There is not many chance to take a hot shower in the Metro!" Simonov yelled.

"Weiss, leave him be. I'm sure Pyrrha will let you in." Yang said from the other side of the door, go on next door.

Simonov began humming in the shower while he washed himself of the smell of the sewer that brought him here to this new world, soon enough with still hearing Weiss on the other side, Simonov decided to drown her out with some singing, Simonov cleared his throat then began humming the start of the song before he started singing in his deep Russian accent, trying it in English first then if he messed up, he'd switch to Russian.

"Yo, heave ho! Yo, heave ho!

One more time, once again

Yo, heave ho! Yo, heave ho!" Simonov sang from the bathroom...

Meanwhile on the other side of the door..

"I guess he hears you Weiss." Yang chuckled.

"Yeah, but you gotta admit whatever song that is, is pretty cool sounding." Ruby said with a smile

Weiss could be any less annoyed of course. Then there was a knock at the door, Ruby got up and answered the door, it was the whole of team JNPR, Jaune was the first to speak up.

"Uh guys? Do you have some sort of radio going on in here..?" Jaune and his whole team then zeroed in on the bathroom, hearing the booming Russian voice coming from behind the door with the shower running while the booming voice went on from the bathroom side of the door.

"On the bank we walk along,

To the sun we sing our song.

Ay-da, da, ay-da!

Ay-da, da, ay-da!

To the sun we sing our song!

Yo, heave ho! Yo, heave ho!

One more time, once again

Yo, heave ho! Yo, heave ho!

One more time, once again

Ah, you, Volga, Mother River!

Wide and deep

Ay-da, da, ay-da!

Ay-da, da, ay-da!

Wide and deep."

Continued to be heard from the other side of the door while the two teams converged on it, listening closely before the singing stopped and the water turned off, then the sound of a blow dryer could be heard ongoing for ten minutes, then in about another five, Simonov opened the door and was met by the two teams, however this time he was clean shaven, he didn't smell too bad but he was surprised at the group gathered in front of the bathroom, while he held his boots in one hand and his sheathed combat knife in the other.

"Uh... I was just trying to drown the Ice Queen out, I did not expect a Leonid Kharitonov fan club to come for me." Simonov said, nervously.

"That. Was. Amazing! How did you learn to sing like that?!" Ruby was the first to break the silence and Simonov chuckled.

"I learned from listening to the best, had old tapes back in my quarters, back in the Metro of an old famous singer from before the war... Uh... Could you let me through?" Simonov asked and the whole group backed up, letting him pass to a chair, sitting down he put on his combat boots.

"So uhm... Listen I have to go. Will you be alright with me gone?" Simonov asked Ruby.

"Sure? Where are you going?" Ruby asked

"The headmaster's office." Simonov answered.

"Uh... Why are you going there?" Ruby, again, asked.

"Because he asked me to while I was out training while you three were still sleeping." Simonv said, Team JNPR left with that.

"Alright, but when will you be back?" Ruby asked

"Probably around 1200 hours." Simonov answered.

"A few weeks?!" Ruby said, shocked.

"No, no. 1200 hours. Meaning 12 at noon." Simonov answered.

"Oh, that will be fine then." Ruby said.

"Alright then I will be off." Simonov, grabbed his tunic and vest, putting the tunic then vest on, leaving the dorm room.

Simonov made his way through the academy, back to the main administration building then the elevator, he took a couple deep breathes while the elevator ascended to the headmaster's office...

The Headmaster's Office.

"So what you're telling me is this... Man, he's not from anywhere we know of, completely unknown." General Ironwood said while he held his chin, pacing with a cup of coffee in his hands.

"That is, mostly correct, he told us where he's from but we've no idea where in the world this place is..." The Headmaster said as a notification popped up from a holographic screen on his desk, informing him Simonov arrived on the elevator, just waiting to be let in.

"And that must be him." General Ironwood said as the door opened and Simonov stepped in, at attention, saluting.

"Aleksey Simonov, Reyndzher Ordena, reportazh... I uhm.. I mean.. Alexi Simonov, Ranger of the Order, reporting." Simonov said.

"Thank you for coming Mister Simonov." The Headmaster motioned to a chair set in the middle of the room.

Simonov went and sat down at it.

"Mister Simonov, you know why you're here?" General Ironwood asked.

"I believe it is to do with you wanting to know about the Order, the Metro, and Moscow." Alexi said.

"Correct. First thing's first, can you tell us about the Order?" General Ironwood asked

"If it is understandable I will say what I believe my superiors would allow me to say, that being the Rangers are the guardians of Metro and all it's peoples, whether they be from the The Commonwealth of the Stations of the Ring Line, the Fourth Reich, Polis, or the Red Line. The Order is supposed to be strictly neutral in all affairs to fight the enemies of mankind, whether they are human or man itself, as Colonel Miller says. "If it's Hostile, you kill it."" Simonov explained.

"Alright. Is there anymore more you can tell us about your Order?" General Ironwood asked, getting more and more interested.

"It is mostly made up in the hierarchy of former Russian Army members, Special Forces, Airborne Paratroops, regular Army, back when Russia existed, before the war." Simonov explained.

"What war changed all that?" The Headmaster asked, chiming in.

"The great war of 2013, when nuclear weapons were launched across the world and destroyed Moscow as well as the other large cities in the world... There was word last I heard that St. Petersburg survived but I think it is just rumours. The surface is unlivable, the nukes killed everything above or mutated them... Like with the Watchmen, Lurkers, Nosalis', Demons... And... And the Dark Ones." Simonov said, starting to sound rather... Grim when he brought up the Dark Ones.

"You hesitated when you brought up these.. Dark Ones, what made them worse than the others you brought up?" General Ironwood asked

"To understand what I am going to say next, you must understand, the radiation from the nuclear war is what created the Watchmen and all. Demons mutated from common bats, becoming creatures the size of a truck, but capable of flight, Nosalis' mutated from common moles, Lurkers mutated from Muscovian rats, Watchmen likely mutated from some breeds of dogs... The Dark Ones? They are, or were, Homo Novus, the next step in human evolution. Humans mutated by radiation, they didn't become feral, they became something different entirely, like a man turned inside out." Simonov explained

General Ironwood and Ozpin were... Shocked to say the least when Simonov explained the nuclear war, they were on the inside close to afraid when Simonov explained the Dark Ones.

"Why did the war happen?" General Ironwood asked, figuring pressing on with the questions may be best.

"No one knows for certain, what I do know for certain is that two countries in the Middle East, were at war with each other, launched everything they had at each other... It is only logical to assume their allied states in the, when it existed, international scene did the same." Simonov said.

"Alright, you mentioned before The Commonwealth of the Stations of the Ring Line, the Fourth Reich, Polis, and the Red line, what are they?" General Ironwood asked.

"The Commonwealth of the Stations of the Ring Line is where I come from in the Metro, it is also known as Hanza. To understand them, I must explain, in the early days of the Metro, after the bombs fell, there was Metro Central Command, it was made up of likely authority figures from the Russian government, however they could not retain control so the Metro splintered into multiple factions, Hanza as it stands is the Metro's economic powerhouse, a hyper-capitalist utopia for the rich. Unlike other places in the Metro, it is one of the few places in the metro where public transportation, running water and large-scale electric lighting are widespread." Simonov explained

"Okay, what about The Fourth Reich?" General Ironwood asked.

"They're all inhuman bastards, if I may speak freely, sir." Simonov stated.

"Why is that?" General Ironwood asked, though he was afraid to do so, if everything was as bad in the Metro, or even wherever Simonov came from, him calling the Fourth Reich "inhuman bastards" is probably not a good sign already.

"Well it's more of a bias on my part since their faction is rooted in history already, before the great war in 2013, in 1941, there was another war, at the time, Russia was a communist country named "The Soviet Union". In 1941, the "Greater German Reich", also known as the Third Reich attacked the Soviet Union, it took our grandfathers, five years to push the fascists back to their capital of Berlin. The Fourth Reich is modelled after them, however they're all the scum of the earth. While it is the Order's mission to wipe out all mutants and keep the Metro safe, the Reich uses "science" to determine who is a mutant and who isn't, both in the Reich and with travellers passing through. If you're a mutant, you're lucky to get a bullet to the skull if they don't send you to one of their hidden camps in the Metro" Simonov said with disdain.

"I see..." General Ironwood said, his fears confirmed that it was worse than he thought.

"What about Polis?" Ozpin asked.

"Polis? Well it's rather... Unique. It is said that Hanza is the jugular of the Metro, but Polis? It is the heart of the Metro. it was formed by surviving members of the Russian government, military apparatus, and intelligentsia, Polis lacks a head of state, possessing a Council bringing together the various pre-war sects which birthed it... Shall I go on?" Simonov explained and asked.

"Please do." General Ironwood said, glad there was some place other than this... Hanza, that sounded mildly decent for the people of this... Metro.

"Well, beyond what I just said, while it has one of the smallest armed forces of just 500 men, it isn't just protected by those men, Polis is protected by the awe in which it is held by every metro citizen, with even some of the most despicable bandits respecting and honouring the position of the city as a repository of knowledge which would otherwise have been long lost. Though I will admit, even that explanation is a bit... Well. Far out there. The more realistic explanation is that no one would dare attack it because the Order at one time held a garrison there, and the troops there are the most heavily armed, and best equipped troops. The two other factions in the Metro, Reich, and the Red Line wouldn't dare attack it because.. Well... The Reich has about 3000 men, but they're trained, man to man. The Red Line utilises Conscripts, but they have about 7000 or so of them." Simonov stopped.

"So what does that mean?" General Ironwood asked.

"To be honest, it means if the Reich didn't do things the way they do with their forces, the Red Line could drown them in the blood of their conscripts, And I only say that about the Reich and the Red Line, because the Red Line, is communist and they're constantly at war with the Reich, so this balance of power exists. If any one power tried to take control of the whole of Metro..." Simonov stopped, hesitant to go on.

"What would happen then?" Ozpin asked.

"Well... For instance, let's say, the Red Line.. If they tried to take the whole of Metro, they would end up facing, for all it's faults, the Reich allied with Polis, Hanza, and the Order, that's nothing to say of the smaller factions of course. Bandits, the VDNKh Commonwealth, the 1905 Confederation, the Arbat Confederation, the Baumansky Alliance, the Children of the Underground too. They would end up fighting the whole Metro. It would end with the destruction of the Red Line." Simonov said, confident in his assessment, because back in his world, they were already on the path of war.

"You say that as if you know for sure that's what would happen." General Ironwood said.

"That's because we found the mother load. The Order did. We found the legendary D6." Simonov said with regret in his voice.

"You sound like you regret it's discovery." Ozpin said.

"The Order is supposed to remain neutral in all political affairs of the Metro... But what happens, when the Metro is starving, when supplies run low, and one faction finds stores with weapons, munitions, general supplies, and weaponry which could help us retake the surface..?" Simonov asked

"I think I know where that's going..." General Ironwood said.

Another notification came up on Ozpin's desk and Professor Goodwitch came in to see the three men talking but it was clear from the looks on their faces, the questioning wasn't going well.

"A wise man once wrote, if we do not end war, war will end us... We found D6, and I left the Metro when it seems we were about to go to war, for our salvation. It's not the damn mutants that are our worst enemy, not even the Dark Ones. It's ourselves that are our worst enemy, even while we teeter on the brink of extermination, we will fight over the bare resources we have." Simonov said sadly.

"I see... Is there anything else?" General Ironwood asked.

"Well. I noticed this dust stuff and, I found you use it for virtually everything, I would like to show you what we use." Simonov said and reached into his pocket and pulled out a singular .44 Magnum bullet.

"If you wish to see any more, I have others with me, I use them for my weapons such as my Kalashnikov, my RPK, my Valve, and my Saiga." Simonov said.

"Thank you, Simonov." General Ironwood picked up the bullet.

"It is no problem, I am hoping you may be able to get me more, a Ranger can only carry so much ammunition on him other than the ammunition that is his pay." Simonov said

"Excuse me..? You get paid... In ammunition?" Professor Goodwitch asked.

"Yes ma'am." Simonov said and reached into his pocket taking out a pristine 5.45 bullet.

"In the Metro, after the war, pristine, military grade 5.45 bullets became the standard currency for the whole Metro." Simonov explained.

Professor Goodwitch picked up the bullet and examined it before General Ironwood tapped her shoulder and coughed, she handed the bullet over to him.

"Simonov, if you would allow me, later today I'd like you to come back and bring any other bullets you have of different sizes since there is a clear size difference in these two." General Ironwood said.

"Yes, sir. The small one is a .44 Magnum bullet, the larger one is the military grade 5.45 bullet, I brought with me 7.62x54mmR, 12.7x108mm, and 12x70 Buckshot. They use gunpowder instead of your dust that from what I've gathered, most of your weapons here in this place use." Simonov explained.

"I see." General Ironwood listened intently.

"Yes sir. Uhm.. Well. There is also one other thing, when I was younger I took interest in becoming a weapon smith, so I recreated every last design for weapons made in the Metro, if I had access to a workshop of sorts with the proper materials, I could recreate these weapons." Simonov explained, internally he hoped this would be some sort of break for him, if he was stuck in this world for whatever purpose, he had to make it liveable, he had to establish himself for however long he was going to be there.

"I see, that could come in handy." General Ironwood said as he was absorbed in thinking about the military applications of these bullets. as they were called, and the weapons Simonov himself could build.

"Well, Simonov. Before you go, please take this." Ozpin said and slid a scroll across his desk to Simonov, Simonov picked it up and looked it over.

"Your team will teach you how to use it, it's called a scroll I'm not sure if you had them back before this... Great war of yours in your world, but think of it like a computer terminal in your pocket." Ozpin said.

"I see, thank you, Headmaster." Simonov said and saluted the Ozpin.

"May I be allowed to leave then, sir?" Simonov asked

"Yes, the three of us will discuss your future in the meantime while you're gone." Ozpin said, Simonov snapped to attention again, saluted then left the office.

Simonov returned down the elevator and heard the lunch bell, checking his watch, it was indeed 1200. That question and answer thing took longer than he expected it to...

Meanwhile, back in Ozpin's office.

"If everything we've just heard is true then Mister Simonov comes from a place more dangerous than anywhere we know of in the world." Ozpin stated while Ironwood nodded in agreement.

"I agree, it's probably best we got him and not someone from those other factions, but that still all doesn't explain how he got here." Ironwood said

"I believe he said, he arrived here by... Falling through water, somehow." Glynda said.

"We need to ask him what he means by that then when we go for round two of questioning." Ironwood said.

"One should wonder though, he said the... 5.45 round was used as currency in... The Metro, why not something like paper money?" Glynda asked

General Ironwood took a look at the bullets left by Simonov, in his hands, examining them closely.

"If I could guess, it's to do with the loss of proper manufacturing facilities, this bullet." General Ironwood held up the 5.45 round in his hand.

"Would be far more difficult to produce of the same quality as "before the war". As our guest would say." General Ironwood said before he slipped the two bullets in his pocket.

"Regardless, I'll see what I can do about having these recreated for our guest, we should consider the idea of his, of letting him build those weapons he has designs of from the Metro. Might be something there." General Ironwood said as he made his way to the elevator.

Down in the Mess hall

"Simonov! Over here!" Ruby yelled, apparently oblivious to any attention she might draw as most everyone in the hall looked to Ruby then the unseen before man who came in late among the last few groups to stream into the hall.

Simonov waved her off and went, getting his food, he just took whatever he could get in minute portions, before joining Ruby and the rest of the team at the table.

"Looks good, least it's not pork, chicken, and mushrooms. Especially mushrooms." Simonov said.

"Yeah it's pretty diverse in the food department." Yang said while she ate.

"Mhmm, much more so than the Metro. But anyway, what happened while I was being questioned?" Simonov asked

"We sat through another class of Professor Port's and almost fell asleep, for one of us, staying awake was easier said than done." Weiss said, looking to Blake.

"I see..." Simonov said with some concern, he hadn't known this group long enough to be too concerned but still.

Off to the side of the Mess hall, Simonov heard laughing and turned to his right, seeing nothing, he looked over to his left past Ruby and Weiss to see a girl with... Rabbit ears, what was she? A mutant? She was having her ears pulled by some tall beast of a guy while what he could only assume to be the team belonging to the guy also joining in on the harassment. Simonov hated mutants in the Metro as much as the next guy but, this girl was for all intents and purposes, still human, she was clearly far from feral.

Ruby looked to Simonov then in the direction he was looking, to see what he saw, she then looked back to Simonov and shook her head for "no". Simonov hadn't any intention of listening as he was already in the process of getting up, Simonov left the table, Weiss, Yang, and even Blake now saw what for as he made his way to the group.

The group started to quiet as Simonov approached, the girl with the Rabbit ears, looked up to Simonov while the apparent oblivious leader of the group, he'd his free hand up, laughing. Simonov grabbed the hand and pinched the pressure point which caused the leader of the group to yell out in pain, he let go of the ear of the apparent crossbreed rabbit girl, and he looked to see the tall, intimidating Russian, holding the pressure point on his hand while he resisted the urge to yell more.

"So this is how big men in this place act? Bully someone small then when someone more experienced comes along to give an asskicking, you cry like little bitch. Pathetic." Simonov let go of the tall man's hand then reached over, grabbing the girl's shoulder pulling her gently back behind him.

"What's your problem, man?!" One of his teammates yelled.

"If you lack the stomach to come and try to fight me, then you will live longer if I do not hear or see of you harassing this one. Got it?" Simonov said coldly before he walked with the girl back to the otherside of the mess hall.

"Are you alright?" Simonov asked.

"Yes, I'm fine, thank you, I'm sorry you got involved." The girl asked, her head lowered.

"Hey, do not worry. Back where I come from, it is rare to see someone or anything remotely like you, but still. Back where I come from, his kind are the scum of the earth, you should be careful alright?" Simonov said with a smile.

"Okay, thank you, again I'm really sorry you got involved." The girl said.

"It is what we rangers do." Simonov gave the girl a nod and she left to her own table.

Simonov returned to his table and continued eating much to Ruby and the rests' surprise.

"Simonov you realise who that is right?" Yang asked

"He could be the pre-war president of Russia and I would not be inclined to give any more of a shit, honestly. The way he was acting was disgusting." Simonov said bluntly.

"I have to say, I agree..." Blake said, sleepily while she ate.

"It is those like him and his gang that are what is wrong with the Metro, bullying those unwilling to fight back. I will admit, I do not know what that girl was, but she looked human enough for me, she was not feral, so treating her the way she was treated was absolutely unacceptable in my own opinion." Simonov said in between bites.

"Sure enough, I suppose..." Ruby said with a sigh.

"I will take whatever repercussions come up, however I have seen enough of such behaviour in the Metro, his lot would fit in with the bandits, or even Reich." Simonov said, some anger in his voice.

"Bandits..?" Ruby asked

"Reich...?" Blake asked

"The bandits are exactly what you would think, bandits. Reich is a whole other monstrosity of a faction in the metro, girls like that one that spineless boy was harassing would either get a bullet to the head or be sent to one of Reich's supposed concentration camps... Well... They're not supposed, I was put in one, on trial for "Distribution of corrupt genes". All because I nicked one of my ears with my knife while I was shaving, so it is shorter than the other. For that they thought I was a mutant, but I've heard worse of others caught in Reich that do not fit their "pure" standards." Simonov explained before taking a sip of water.

"What happens?" Weiss asked, feeling as if she might regret asking.

"As I said, they would be lucky to get a bullet to the head. One rumour is some woman went to a Reich border post and while they were screening her, found a tail, like that of a puppy dog's growing out her rear, she was beaten to death with a wooden pole." Simonov said.

And it was at that moment Weiss' feeling of regret was confirmed, that was a bit too brutal even for her.

"If you have the slightest sign of mutation from the radiation, then you're up on the chopping block for them." Simonov said.

Simonov finished his meal and picked up his tray, taking it back to the trash, setting it atop the trashcan, clean of all the food that was on it before he returned to the dormitory, letting out a sigh, Simonov went into the dorm room, he went to the desk his pack, satchel, and much of his equipment sat on, he set them to the side and picked his Kalash up, setting it on the desk he began field stripping it.

Getting it completely field stripped, Simonov set the parts on the desk and reached into his pack, taking out a large bandanna he tied it up around his head to cover his eyes... He heard the door open behind him, but heard Ruby's voice, three of them were talking about some sort of even called a "prom" coming up while Simonov began reassembling his Kalash quickly, the talk stopped after Simonov began putting parts back in his Kalash with the blind fold on, he perfectly reassembled the rifle, then "chambered" a round without the magazine in then pulled the trigger, causing a "click".

Simonov took off the bandanna and turned his chair around.

"So what is... This "prom"?" Simonov asked with an eyebrow raised.

"It's a formal event where you dance and have a good time." Yang said.

"Formal huh... Sounds a bit too high brow for me, if attendance isn't mandatory then I think I'm going to skip it, honestly, besides. I've never danced in my life... Ay blyadt I just remembered." Simonov said before he grabbed his pack and started setting out sack of bullets, taking a 7.62 round, a shotgun shell, and a 12.7mm bullet out from the pack.

"What are those for?" Ruby asked, coming over while she examined a .44 magnum bullet.

"Well, little red, you have your ammunition for your weapons, I have mine. I was asked by the comrade General to bring back a few of my other bullets to the Headmaster's office." Simonov explained.

"What makes these different from our munitions?" Weiss asked, curious about the bullets and how they might be different.

"Well, your bullets are propelled via this dust stuff. Mine use gunpowder, an ancient invention dating back hundreds of years where I come from, if I remember correctly from an old book that was in Polis, it originally came up around about 1000 AD, or in the 13th Century." Simonov explained.

"So what's the difference?" Yang asked.

"Well, the difference is mainly in the bullet itself. There are bullets made before the war and after the war, the bullets from before the war are used as currency in the Metro since it is very difficult to recreate the quality bullets had back before the great war. But all together to my knowledge before the war, there were Armour Piercing bullets, Hollow points, incendiary bullets, and full metal jacket bullets. FMJs are most common in the Metro, but there are some AP bullets laying around for 7.62mms and the 12.7s.." Simonov explained.

"Oh." Ruby said as Simonov put the bullet back.

"Mhmm. Anyway I will be back later tonight, do not wait up for me." Simonov said as he got into his pack and pulled out his journal, wrapped up in plastic, he then got up and left out the door, carrying his bullets.

Meanwhile up in Beacon Tower..

"So we're all agreed then, I'll make the preparations to get him the tools and supplies he needs for his weaponry." General Ironwood stated

"Yes, I suppose. However we need a reason for him to stay so we shall enrol him fully in Beacon, give him the standard entry and all, we already have him with a team currently." Ozpin said

"That would indeed be the best way to get him to stay, but much like Mister Arc when he first came, he doesn't have his Aura unlocked. And what shall we do if he doesn't have an Aura, period?" Glynda asked.

"I'm not sure, however as I said, we need to keep him here somehow to figure out how exactly he got here and what to do with him, he may not have an Aura but he still may yet be useful." Ozpin said.

Soon enough there were a couple beeps and Simonov came in after the elevator doors opened.

"Ranger Alexi Simonov, reporting." Simonov said, stepping in and snapping to attention.

"Ah, Mister Simonov, please take a seat." Ozpin said, motioning to the same chair that was in the same place as before, Simonov made his way to the chair and sat down, setting the bullets he brought on the table. The first ones which garnered much attention was the 12.7mm and the Shotgun shell.

General Ironwood examined the 12.7mm shell while Glynda looked over the shotgun shell.

"Well while they are looking over those, I assume you also know what the secondary topic of our meeting is, mister Simonov?" Ozpin asked. Simonov indeed did know.

"I would assume it has to do with me pinching the pressure point of a supposed "man" who decided to bully a girl who would not defend herself." Simonov said.

"I was not aware that was the full extent of the story, would you please explain?" Ozpin asked.

"Yessir. After our last meeting, I joined my team in the mess hall for lunch as I specified to my team leader, at 1200 hours. After entering the hall and retrieving my rations..." Simonov said before being interrupted by Ozpin.

"You mean your lunch meal?" Opzin asked.

"Yessir, I mean lunch meal. I apologise, I am used to eating 20+ old MRE rations and "homemade" rations in the metro and just calling them as such. Anyway. After retrieving lunch I joined my team leader and the rest of my team, I had gotten four bites in after my team was telling me of their day when I had noticed some obnoxious laughter coming from the other end of the hall, then I noticed a tall brute of a "man" bullying a girl with large rabbit ears, at first I had thought they were fake but after some... Pulling on them by the boy and his little gang of misfits. I realised they were not, so I did what would nominally be expected of a ranger. I stepped in. Granted such a thing would only happen if it was a life or death situation but I am a man of principals. She was unwilling to defend herself so I got her out of there by holding down on the boy's pressure point on his hand and then I got her out of there, returning to my spot while the boy licked his wounds... Metaphorically speaking when it comes to the licking of wounds of course. The only thing truly harmed I suspect aside from the girl's ears, was his pride. Sir." Simonov explained.

"I see. I will still have to punish you for that mister Simonov." Glynda said, looking over to Simonov.

"If I may speak freely, field stripping the weapons of my comrades and cleaning the latrines with a toothbrush will still make what I did worth while. His behaviour was unacceptable, like a thug of the Reich or some Bandit." Simonov said plainly.

"I see." Glynda said.

"Anyway, sir, is there anything else we are to discuss?" Simonov asked Ozpin

"Actually, yes. When you said you came here by way of "discovering some place" in the metro and "falling through water", what place did you discover.?" Ozpin asked.

"Well... To explain, there are rumours of... Supposed mystical places in the Metro. There is a tunnel of ghosts, there are places that some deem to be "cursed". And then there's other places. Red Square, above on the surface is one of these places, another... Is the river of fate." Simonov explained.

"Do you believe this, river of fate brought you here?" Ozpin asked

"To be honest, I do not know... The story of the River of Fate goes along the lines of "enter into the waters and they shall carry you to where you are most needed... But I cannot think of a reason why I would be needed in a place like this. I am needed in my own opinion more so back in the Metro." Simonov said

"Why do you say that?" General Ironwood asked after he finished looking over the 12.7mm bullet

"Because, war was indeed coming. The last war. All for D6. Many signs pointed to it. The order was betrayed before I left, one of our own, Lesnitsky stole a container with what we call biological weapons, and it is believed he and the Reds, were responsible for the destruction of an entire station." Simonov said while the collective hearts of everyone in the room sank at this revelation.

"What was this... Biological weapon? Where did it come from?" General Ironwood asked.

"It was a weaponised strain of the ebola virus, a virus from before the war which kills a man from the inside, out. You would die coughing up your own blood all because of the virus. And it was given to the reds by Lesnitsky. The damned traitor stole it from D6, that is part of the reason why I and another Ranger were looking where we were, near the station, because two of our own survived. Anna, Colonel Miller's daughter, and Artyom. He along with Khan went missing, last we heard. So we were sent to find them. The side objective of the search was to find Lesnitsky." Simonov explained, the situation atleast for the metro, seemed bleaker and bleaker.

Simonov truly was somehow the strongest man in the room if only in will, to live and exist in this hellish place he explained, atleast that's what Glynda thought.

"No uhm... Headmaster, sir. I would like to ask. On a lighter subject, I have heard of something called a "prom". What sort of formal event is this? I was told by Ruby it is a place for dancing and a good time but such events in the Metro are indeed rare, but what I am asking is, is the attendance to this event mandatory?" Simonov asked

"Only for first years." Ozpin answered.

"I suppose I am lobbed in with that lot, am I not?" Simonov asked.

"You are indeed, I'm afraid." Ozpin answered.

"I see... I will have to some how figure out a uniform then to wear." Simonov said with a sigh.

"I'm sure you'll figure it out, if that was all then you may leave." Ozpin said.

"We'll discuss your punishment later." Glynda said. Simonov gave the two a nod and got up, leaving the way he came in.