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It was strange, that was the though that Hans had as he walked around the town of Arendelle, it was time for the midsummer festival which was held on the town. Yet there was nothing, no flowers, no banners or ribbons, not even the maypole.

Are they not celebrating it? Why? It could not be!

Hans shook his head and decided that other matters were more pressing, like preparing a meal for his father when he went to visit today and Also for his friends which was hard As they had very different presences.

Looking over the list Hans made sure he got everything before turning to go back home. But as he did he noticed a large group of people gathered in a line.

"Him, a sale?" Though Hans as he walked over to get a closer look, as he did he noticed it was a toy store and the long line were of parents with their children.

"Must be some toy" Hans chuckled to himself, glad to see parents spoiling their kids a bit. Though it slightly made him wish that he was any of those children as his childhood was less than ideal. Though it did help him as it showed him how not to be if he became a father.

"If I ever become one, as I do not know what woman would ever want me as a husband" though Hans a bit sadly before shaking his head and reminding himself "Jane wanted you, surely there is another one out there who would want and love me the same"

"Hey! Get in the line!" He heard, turning he was face to face with an angry parent. Looking Hans realized that he had accidentally walked right in front of the line.

"I am sorry, just wanted to see what the hub up was" said Hans jumping back. This seemed to calm the parent down a bit as he said "Sorry, been waiting here for hours! It's not made any easier with the fact that some bastards cut the line earlier".

"I understand" said Hans then asked "Whats going on here? Sale?" The last part was a bit of a joke.

"No, but the toys are pretty cheap, well made too" answered the man as he ran his hand through his peppered brown and gray hair "I am here for a doll for my daughters birthday coming up, since she saw the advertisement on the news paper she has been begging for it non stop".

"A father does anything for his daughter" said Hans with a smile,

"Of course! She is my princess!" The man declared, Hans smiled, though a little sadly as he was reminded of Joseph.

"So do you have a daughter?" asked the man curious then back tracked "Sorry, very rude of me, my name is Arne, the headmaster of the Westergaar academy for boys and girls" as he extended his hand.

Upon hearing that Hans froze a little. He had once told Elsa that if he could he would like to build a school for children, one where all walks of life could go to be educated and learn a trade. This diminishing the illiteracy rates and unemployment. Agnaar laughed off the idea as ridicules and a ploy to "Make yourself look good in the eyes of the public", Elsa heard but never said anything, it made Hans wonder if she agreed with her father.

"No! That's the past! This... it is probably a coincidence" though Hans as he took and shook his hand "John",

"John, common name but who am I to complain?" Chuckled Arne then asked "Would you mind staying around? I have been in this line for almost all day bored out of my mind! I would love somebody to talk to",

"No problem" said Hans as he looked at the line before agreeing, there were three people in front of Arne and maybe three more inside the shop since it was a relatively small shop, so it was probably a 30 minute wait or so.

As they waited they spoke about this and that, Hans was impressed at how knowledgeable Arne was, he truly had the knowledge to be the head master as whatever topic or question Hans asked he had the right answer for it.

"Out of my way!" They heard, John was barely able to react and pull Arne away as a pompous woman barge into the shop, the crinoline of her dress was so large she was beraly able to fit through the door.

"Hey! We were here first!" yelled Arne in anger followed by yells of complaints from the back.

"Forget it Arne, she is not worth it" said Hans then added in a whisper "How much you want to bet she will get stuck on her way out?".

To this Arne eyes of anger melted as they were replaced with a twinkle of delight as he asked "What do you plan?", Hans smirked at him and walked away, sneaking to the carriage the woman had come out from Hans reaches into his pocket and took out a sealed jar of extra strong glue Varian had made for him some time ago. He never left home without it as it had gotten him out of many... sticky situations..

Hans laughed at his own pun as he unscrewed the top and pulled it out to reveal a built it paint brush on the inside of the lid. With quick movements he painted the sides of the door with the invisible to the eye sticky solution before heading back to Arne who was trying hard not to laugh as he could easily guess what will happen soon.

"The nerve of some people!" They heard as a mother left the store with her daughter, extremely furious about... their guess the lady who barged in...

"It's okay mommy and thank you for the toy" said the little girl who walked out with her mother and held her arm out to show the toy.

Upon looking at it Hans eyes widen wider than saucer plates.

In one arm the little girl held a queen Elsa doll with yarn hair and dressed extravagantly, on the other hand, the one she was showing off to was a a doll of himself.

"Now my queen Elsa dolly can have a husband" the girl gushed as she hugged both dolls.

The mother just smiled sadly, patted the girls head and they left together.

Saying nothing Hans looked at Arne and judging by the look on his face it seems that he realized the obvious.

He turned and whispered to Hans "John Winters?", Hans nodded, no use to deny what was known.

"Oh..." he said then they heard a bunch of yells "What do you mean there is only one per customer! This is outrageous!" They heard the lady call from inside.

Forcing her way out of the store with great difficulty she screamed "You will hear from my husband!" before giving an undignified huf and walking over to the carriage.

Both Hans and Arne stared in anticipation of what was to come as the lady climbers up the stairs and into the carriage, just as she forced herself half way in she stopped, she pushed and pushed but was not going anywhere.

She was stuck!

Upon seeing this everybody burst out laughing at her as she yelled and screamed, feeling humiliated as the coachman frantically pushed her in, but was no use.

"We might have to cut her out" suggested Arne maliciously which made the woman screamed out in anger even more as Arne and Hans stepped into the store, leaving her to her fate.

Inside the toy store Hans looked around as Arne bought what he wanted to get. Arendelle has many good toys, mostly wood work though as the shelves had many beautifully painted fjord horses, blocks, wooden puzzles among the assorted stuffed animals and such.

Then his eye caught something, in display for all to see were stuff dolls, two men, two women. Hans was quick to recognized them as himself and his friends.

Taking Aishas doll he smiled as the doll made her look cute, she was cute but of course it would be a death sentence if you called her that. She was dressed in the clothes she wore when they were out and about.

Placing it back he looked at Heidi, she wore her Austrian garments, which had been copied right down to the stitching and her hair up in a crown braid. Next to her was Varian who held his flute.

"Nice to see kids have them to look up to" though Hans. He always though the world of his friends, that they were truly amazing people so to see others see them the same way he did filled Hans with pride and joy.

"Thank you" he heard, turning he saw Arne had finished his purchase which was placed in a beautiful box.

"Ready to go?" asked Hans,

"Yes, but do you mind dropping by the school? Will make it worth it" offered Arne,

"I don't know, I need to head back, maybe some other day?" offered Hans,

"Is tomorrow okay?" asked Arne,

"That's fine" replied Hans, nodding Arne said "You will find me in the Westergaar Academy, you cannot miss it" with that they left the store and went their separate ways.

"Where is he?" grumbled Aisha as she impatiently paced by the cabin door. Her stomach growled again, and she ground her teeth in agitation. "Gah! There's no way that he'd take this long to just buy a few groceries! He'd better have a good explanation when he returns, or so help me–"

"Is he here yet?" Heidi called from the kitchen. "I can't prepare lunch if we're short on ingredients."

"Does he look like he's here?" Aisha shot back, "Because believe me, I'm about to go all Mother Kali on him when he gets back."

"Alright, alright! Calm down. No need to be so irritable. Sheesh!"

"Well I'm sorry, but I'm hungry and angry!" the rani snapped. "I'm hangry!"

Just then, Hans came by walking down the lane. "Hullo! Got the in– Hey!"

"About time!" Aisha declared, snatching his bag. She tossed it to Heidi, who caught it ease. She then whirled back to Hans, her eyes blazing. "Honestly, what kept you? We were about to starve in here!"

Hans mentally rolled his eyes. 'And here we go...' Aisha could be quite truculent about certain things, and keeping her hungry was one of them. Of course, he had learned the hard way that it was better for her to go on a tirade rather than double down and get defensive. She was a loyal friend, but her temper was definitely something to be reckoned.

But before she could rebuke him any further, their attention was grabbed by a loud whinny and the thunder of hooves as a man dressed in uniform of the castle staff galloped up to the cabin.

"I'm here for a Mr. John Winters," announced the royal messenger as he tumbled off his horse.

"That's me," Hans replied, approaching the man. "What do you need?"

The man dug into his satchel and handed Hans an envelope emblazoned with the Queen's seal. "Her Majesty has a message for you."

"Ooh… What does it say?" Aisha asked as she peered over his shoulder, her curiosity getting better of her previous ire. "What does she want?"

"Well, there's only one way to find out," said Hans. He broke open the seal, and unfolded the letter inside.

Memories danced through Elsa's head as she sat on the throne. Looking up she steeled herself but was barely. Today was the day...

That terrible day...

Her eyes misted with tears as she remembered.

Hans has left with another woman, that was what her father Agnaar told her. The truth was she did not believe him, but she had to, he was her father! He would never lie to her! Especially about something like this!

With a sad sight Elsa put away a small box on her desk. It was supposed to be Hans ring, but now...

She shook her head as she got up, as she did she accidentally knocked some papers off of the desk. Muttering to herself she bend down and took the papers only to stop when she noticed one in particular. It had her fathers seal.

"Strange" she muttered, she had never seen that paper before.

Taking it out she looked over it, as she did her eyes widen when she realized it was an official state paper. Signed and sealed, by her father, a witness and...

"Hans" whispered Elsa in horror as she read the paper.

It said "I Admiral Johannes Westergaar agree to surrender all titles, power, riches when married to Queen Elsa Solberg. When married I will not carry any tittles, will not gain power or wealth, will surrender my last name and should something happen to Queen Elsa I will not inherit anything and agree to leave the castle and never live there the moment my wife's death is known. Any children we have will be watched out for by Princess Anna who will act as the Regent till the child is old enough to rule.

I sign this as agreement with witnesses"

Hans signature was there along with her father and the witness.

Her hand trembled as did her feet, till finally Elsa collapsed to the ground, her hands in her face and as she cried into them.

It was all in vain! Everything was! She did not need to do the horrible test! There was no need to suffer! Her father knew this and he still...

"How could he have done this to me?" Lamented Elsa, she trusted her father! She trusted that all he wanted was the best for her. But there was no denying it, this was proof.

Her father did not want to protect her. All he wanted was what he wanted... he did not care about her or her feelings! He was selfish! He was-

Elsa laughed a little at the irony. Agnaar always told her that he would protect her from monsters... so funny to know that her own father was the true monster...

As she laughed her anger began to boil as she got up and left. As she did she heard yells, in came arendellian guards yelling as they carried Kristoff in a make shift bed, half unconscious.

One of the guards spotted her and said "Your majesty... we found him..."

"Who did this? What happened?" Demanded Elsa,

To this he looked uncomfortable before saying "Kristoff claims that Agnaar did this... and he also claimed he saw-",

"Saw what!? Spit it out" demanded Elsa even angrier than before,

"He claimed he saw Agnaar killing Hans" the guard finally said... with that... Agnaars fate was sealed...

The sound of doors opening interrupted Elsa's thoughts, looking up she saw John walk in, he looked good, humble still which surprised her as she half expected him to be bragging or haven gotten prideful from succeeding where others failed.

Getting up Elsa walked over and said "I see you won two challenges... only one is left...",

John nodded, Elsa got up and though before speaking "You are really determined to save Agnaar... right?",

"Yes, I know he did wrong, but he is my father to me" explained John,

"Is there nothing that I can do to change your mind?" asked Elsa,

"I am sorry, but no" said John,

"Not even for a chest or two of gold and silver?" offered Elsa, she never though to resort to this before, but she would be lying if she said she did not worry about John actually managing to succeed the final test.

"No thank you" John answered with a shake of his head,

"What about some land? With a nice home? Servants added?" She insisted, hoping that with some add on he may change his mind, she knew how people worked, always greedy and selfish.

"I am sorry but no" answered John, refusing yet again much to Elsa's surprise.

Elsa narrowed her eyes, why did this guy say no!? She was offering him a life of ease. After a bit she decided to take a shot in the dark.

"I see" said Elsa as she gently stroke her own face as she though then added "Then what do you say about having me?",

"You?" he asked, eyes raised in surprise,

"Yes, you can have me if you back away, live in a castle, clothing and riches? Is it not good? Surely it's better than caring for a cripple the rest of you life" she listed as she got up, walked over and reached for his hand, much to her surprise he jumped back and yelled outraged "He is my father! Who are you to think I will abandon him like that?!"

Elsa stares in shock, now this was something she did not expect. How could he say no? Anybody else would have killed to get what she offered so why did John say no?

"Alright" said Elsa stunt and said "The final trial is this, you will find somebody to face my champion Ulrik in a week... whoever wins will win the trial... ",

"Alright" said John as he now down before he was escorted out by the guards to see his "father". Leaving Elsa confused, not knowing what to think of what happened.

An hour or so passed before John left with the guards, when he did Elsa growled before getting up and making her way to the cellar. She had questions and Agnaar had answers.

Curling up on the fur throw Agnaar rested his head on his arms. His ears on full alert in case somebody, anybody entered. Yes he had seen Hans and his company had been comforting, but at the same time it made his heart break even more knowing that the one who he had hurt so much was the only one who cared for him.

He had asked, begged Hans to let him go, to let Elsa do what she wished of him, but he refused. Hans was not going to back off until Agnaar was safe.

Why? It was clear that he was not worth it. Why can't Hans just tell Elsa who he is and go off and live happily ever after with her, Anna, Kristoff and Idunna...

His musings stopped when he heard footsteps, lifting his head he "looked" at the direction he heard when the door opened.

"We need to talk"he heard,

"Elsa?" asked Agnaar confused as to why his daughter was there.

"What did you do? What did you tell this stranger to make him so loyal to you?" She demanded as she walked over and looked over him in disgust before spatting our "Your no king, your of no worth, your nothing but the worst scum of the earth".

Agnaar whimpered when she grabbed him by the neck of his shirt and held him up.

"Tell me why does Havi think your worthy of saving" she hissed.

Agnaar said nothing, for that was the truth. He did not know why Hans wanted to save him and why he took care of him.

"Answer me scum!" snarled Elsa,

"I don't know" whimpered and cried Agnaar "Please daughter I-",

"I am not your daughter! I have no father!" declared Elsa as she threw Agnaar to the ground before turning her back to him as he cried.

Her heart was frozen towards him, he took so much, her love, Kristoffs mobility, her and Anna's mother Idunna, maybe even that perfect childhood she and her sister could have had. So no, her heart had no pity or care for him. He could be dying in front of her and she would not care.

Suddenly she felt a tug on her skirt, looking she growled in anger as Agnaar pinched her skirt in between his stumps, his head buried in it as he cried "I am sorry... I am so sorry... please forgive me"

Such a sight would incite pity, for a moment it did for Elsa before she looked away and said "No" before pulling away from him and walking away, ignoring his cries.

As she walked away she stopped by a guard and whispered something in his ear, he nodded before leaving to mobilize the troops.


Heading outside Hans looked back at the castle before sighting sadly. How could Elsas heart have gotten so cold?

Moving away from the castle Hans walked around Arendelle, just to think and process what has happened. He did not know what to think or feel.

His heart still aches for Elsa, longs for her, but could he tell her? Tell her who he is?

A part of him wanted, another part told him it was a horrible idea as he would end up killed as he remembered Anna's words to him.

"I will never forgive you, if you leave you will always be a monster"

"I was never forgiven..." though Hans when he heard screams.

Looking up he expected to see chaos and hurt, but there was non. Instead he was greeted with a cheering sight.

Unknowing to him he had walked into a playground of a school while he was lost in his thoughts, all around there were adults and children of all ages. The kids of course were running around and playing while the adults talked about this and that.

"Mister" he heard, looking down he saw a child, said child was about 6 years or so, dressed somewhat simple and had a paper boy hat. He looked nervous as he said "Your stepping on my drawing".

Looking down Hans immediately moved as he saw it was true and he had been standing on some paper where the kid was drawing with a pencil.

"Sorry" said Hans as he helped the kid grab his things. As they did Hans heard "Ah John, right on time!".

To be continued...

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