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Chapter 2 – Battle and Birth of Third Demon Lord


That is what happened to the country which provoked anger from Milim Nava and raised it to be the True Demon Lord.

Now everything is destroyed more precisely everything is gone and it doesn't look like a country but ruins.

Now Milim has a different appearance from before her awakening as a True Demon Lord where the white dragon's armor, horns, and wings turn black due to Milim's Sword of END awakening effect as well as the blades turning Black with a slightly pink color there.

The slash from the Milim Sword of END divides and destroys the country's land. Although the country has been destroyed, Milim is still raging there, resulting in a country that is not far from the country affected by the energy from the slash.

Ultimate skill Milim Wisdom King Raphel is trying to stop Milim's anger by forcibly disabling the other Ultimate Skill Milim Wrathful King Satan. But Raphael could not deactivate the Skill because of the request of the Master who was drowning in anger and sadness after the killing of his best friend Gaia.

Milim only wants revenge.

Not far from the location of Milim who was raging from the East there was a huge surge of energy comparable to her Milim Master heading towards him at high speed.

Milim instinctively directed his view towards the eastern sky, preparing her sword to cut down the individuals who would come to him.

Then great energy came to Milim and struck it suddenly. The shocked Milim who only focused on the person leading her and were hit by the attack was thrown far southwest.

The energy is 'Death Streak', the ability possessed by the individual who throws the attack.

With a wild smile, he immediately came to Milim to stop her anger and test his skills.

That person was another True Demon Lord who had risen before a moment Milim rose to become a True Demon Lord. He is a feared devil in the underworld. He is one of the members of a progenitor, a group of 7 very powerful demons identified by color. He named Guy has a crimson/red color mark.

Guy summoned as Archdemon by a weak human, he was told to destroy the enemy country. Guy, he accepted the summon contract but besides destroyed the enemy country. Guy, also destroyed the country of the person who called him. Because of the number killed when destroying the summoning state and his enemy, he is eligible to become a True Demon Lord.

And now Guy will fight with Milim, the daughter of Veldanava's strongest existence, Guy who has ever challenged him and ended up losing. That existence gave Guy a goal to challenge mankind and now he is doing it but knowing Veldanava has a daughter who is currently raging in a country Guy decides to calm down the anger of Veldanava's daughter named Milim and test her abilities because Milim has become bloated to become a True Demon Lord like himself.

After Guy saw Milim who was ready to cut him, Guy sent an attack called Death Streak and managed to throw him pretty far west.

But it was only for a moment, soon Milim came to Guy with a purple and pink aura surrounding her. Milim quickly came to the front of Guy and slashed him vertically with the sword of END forcefully.

It was very strong and the slash succeeded in splitting the mountain which happened to be behind Guy, although it could split the Mountain, but Guy was still able to hold it with one hand.

Preparing fists with demonic energy on the other hand Guy hits Milim and manages to crack the sword of END Milim.

Knowing that Milim's anger peaked again with the aura of the sword of END being fixed as before.

Milim quickly slashed Guy with her sword and Guy always managed to block the slash with or without effort. Because the clash made what was beneath the two of them visible a lot of Milim's sword slashes, the mountains could not even be called mountains anymore.

Ignore around Milim away from Guy and fly over it.

Eliminating her sword into pink particles, Milim stretched her arms towards Guy

「Almight Push!」(Milim)

Shouting the name of the skill, the ladder produced a strong repulsive force and succeeded in pushing Guy hard to the ground and produced a small crater.


She stretched out one hand to Guy an energy ball that appeared in the palm of her hand that looked ominous dark purple. Then the energy is fired at Guy.

By instinct, Guy reflexively avoided it quickly.


The ball that was shot at Guy left a trail of a deep hole like a tip, luckily Guy could avoid it and get only a few scratches from the attack.

Regardless of her opponent Milim compresses the same energy, namely destruction into one in Milim's palms.

Purple energy shines brightly in both palms which Milim holds together, then breathe in and fire.



Building a multi-layered sheath of thousands of people in an instant Guy struggled to withstand attacks that could potentially kill him

「That's why I hate battles that I don't know if I can win」 (Guy)

Apart from that Guy managed to escape from Milim's attack with the cost of his hands parting from his body

Huh ... I must avoid the attacks that she will direct at me, with my hands broken like this, it takes time to regenerate, huh? ... I'm sure with her having unlimited energy, well I guess the way it can be done ...」(Guy)

With that in mind, Guy flew while avoiding the attacks launched by Milim.

With the index finger pointing at Guy who was flying Milim prepared to issue an attack and ...

「Target locked ... attack ... Repeat seven times ... !」 (Milim)

Announce the ability of the attack the last time Milim released, appeared again and began to attack Guy.

With seven destructive energies being fired at Guy like never before with one-way focus, Milim's attacks are now more coordinated and chasing their prey.

Therefore Guy who is aware of the attack struggles to avoid it, turn left, turn right, turn upside down, and continue to avoid the attack.

Luckily Guy managed to avoid 7 Milim attacks aimed at wiping it out of the world. Guy with his fast-minded acceleration mind while avoiding Milim's attack, found a way to avoid the attack by luring it to land, mountains or sea and the tactic was successful because Milim's attack had the disadvantage of not having the brakes to stop and turn suddenly like creatures who have thoughts.

「Tch ... Almost ...」 (Guy)

A few hours later Guy continued to avoid Milim's attacks and until finally, his hands had regenerated, and not only that Guy managed to copy one of Milim's Ultimate skills, Wrathful King Satan.

「Huh ... it took a while to regenerate but I managed to copy the skill. I hope it can exceed its energy or its equivalent」 (Guy)

Using Guy's Ultimate Skill that he got after evolving into a True Demon Lord, Ultimate Skill that can copy other Ultimate Skills through seeing the ultimate skill directly while analyzing it. And Guy who continues to dodge attacks while analyzing Milim successfully duplicates it, and now Guy will use it to fight Milim with the Ultimate Skill he imitates, namely Wrathful king Satanel who only has 90% of his true potential but that is okay because he has successfully dodged the attack Miles that have the potential to make giant holes in this continent.

Then the battle continued without them noticing and making them flung to the southwest of the great continent and fighting there without moving or being thrown again, resulting in the land that was once fertile there became wasteland.

And you can see that there are lots of black balls everywhere pulling anything underneath, it is Milim's skill which has the ability to attract whatever its core is the center of gravity the name of the skill is 'Planet Devastation' as the name suggests now many centers of gravity Milim created into a ball giant and can slowly become a planet but Milim only made it as big as the moon and even that is still smaller than the moon itself.

Now all the giant balls behind Milim and with that Milim starts throwing all the giant balls one by one making the ball a projectile tool that can make civilization destroyed.

Guy deftly creates a super barrier to protect him from the attack because dodging and parrying with his bare hands is useless, with his enormous demonic energy being pumped using a Wrathful king Satanael Guy makes a large, multi-layered barrier to withstand the attack.

Even though it's not magical it still makes Guy paralyzed because, in addition to the ball being thrown for almost as big as a month, it's especially so much to hold. Guy who can withstand the attack of destruction will surely be overwhelmed by avoiding the giant ball, fortunately, it is a small month not the energy of destruction thought Guy.

As a result of Milim's successive attacks, producing land in the land which has become a terrible wasteland is now even more terrible.

Again and again

The fight continues without any of them showing fatigue.

Even though Milim's abundant and almost unlimited energy capacity let alone continue to be pumped by the Wrath Skill is still normal if he continuously releases her energy, but Guy has a large but not unlimited energy capacity and Guy is still able to balance Milim's ability.

It's a miracle or not, but it's a fact.

And their fight continues.

One Week Later In the Forest Not Far from the Battle of Milim against Guy

「I have to stop their battle please don't block」 (?)

A beautiful woman with rainbow-colored hair, wearing a black dress that looks elegant. She has beautiful stinging wings on his back, she is Ramiris the ruler of the Spirit.

「You can't do it Ramiris-sama, you could die from the effects of their fierce battle」 (?)

A small spirit that advises its ruler who has the desire to stop a fight that creates a lot of wasteland in various places that are inhabited or not.

「It's OK, I have something that can stop the fight, so it's OK and if I don't survive to protect this forest okay」 (Ramiris)

The battle felt by Ramiris must be stopped as soon as possible otherwise the world could be destroyed because of how destructive the battle between the two of them was.

Ramiris intends to stop them because waiting is not possible with what Ramiris has certainly succeeded, and also for the sake of her god who had not left him a few years ago.

「But...well, but please return to us safely ...」 (?)

「Well I promise ...」 (Ramiris)

With that Ramiris flew with her wings towards the battle between the newly emerging Demon Lord, with her little plan Ramiris was sure she could stop the fight.

Guy and Milim's battle location

Ramiris, who was flying towards the fiercest battle she had ever seen. Seeing directly the impact of the two of their battles made Ramiris sad that she could not stop the fight earlier if Ramiris was early then innocent humans would not be killed because of the effects of their fight.

With a stronger determination, Ramiris accelerates her flight.

Arriving at the battle site Ramiris saw a little girl with pink hair wearing a black armor covering a little of her body, also the girl had dragon horns and black wings that looked manly.

And there was a crimson-haired man who looked breathless because he resisted the girl's attack, the man was wearing a kimono-like dress with a bare chest.

Ramiris saw the two of them one on top and one on the ground, with instincts that Ramiris believed she was heading up.

What Ramiris is aiming for is a girl who is the cause of this chaos. With the ability to detect Ramiris she believes that the girl has no control over his body and Ramiris decides to carry out his plan.

Now Ramiris has a great advantage because the girl has used her strongest technique and because of that, she can't move for a while.

Ramiris quickly used her ability to absorb the energy possessed by the girl in front of her, using all her strength Ramiris struggled to absorb the girl's unlimited energy.

「Hiaaahhhhh !」 (Ramiris)

Ramiris continued to absorb the energy, the energy absorbed by Ramiris was the Devil's energy that she felt. Because according to her it must be one of the causes of losing control of her body in the process. Ramiris also absorbs the dragon energy that the girl has.

Ramiris slowly transforms into a True Demon Lord, because it absorbs the enormous demonic and dragon aura of the girl.

Thus the girl slowly gained control, the aura of the girl diminished and the anger she felt slowly disappeared.

A few minutes later the girl gained complete awareness.

Milim POV

Ugh ... my head hurts ...

Huh ... what happened ... why I was here with someone I did not know ...

Is that weird red hair ... well, I'm also weird with my pink color anyway ...

Eee ... if it's not my fault I'm training to master the power of my destruction

Then I looked for my beloved little dragon Gaia

When returning to my residence there, I did not find Gaia there.

Then I traced his signature and boom I found it, but ...

I found him lying lifeless on the ground surrounded by humans dressed as knights. After that I lost my control and raged to slaughter them and kill all the knights even I destroyed the country of the knights.

「Ahhhh ... Where are you ...!?」 (Milim)

Then a huge aura came out of me but it was prevented by screams that could damage ordinary people's ears.

「Ooooiiii ! Don't be eaten by anger anymore !, you know how difficult it is to calm you down ! where are my thanks that I should get ! Hahahahaha ! I will kill you ! 」(?)

Before I lost my control for the second time but was stopped when someone with an annoying voice and apparently feminism I guessed.

Then see who stops and after seeing it.

Woah ... the performance is pretty good huh?

Ouch, I have to focus ... I'm no longer a man

Also, I do not want to have any romantic relationships with both men and women.

Okay... focus ...

Oh yeah, I forgot to ask ...

「Who are you two...?」 (Milim)