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Seven Days - Chapter 1: Day 1

It happens on the second night of the cruise.

It happens.

I suppose my mind phrases it this way - It happens - because some part of me knew it was bound to happen, regardless of the eye roll and shrug combo I gave Leah when she said,

"Man, he sure looks at you a lot. Let's hope Quil doesn't notice."

I hadn't even bothered to raise my head or remove my shades to confirm her observation because yeah, I'd caught him looking more than once. Instead, I'd snorted.

"Please. Quil's more likely to notice if the guy eyes his beer bucket too hard."


She said this as we'd all been lounging on Lido deck around the pool on 'Day 1 - early afternoon' after embarkation and during the Sail-away Party. We'd met on line - on an actual line to board the cruise ship not a cyberspace line - his group of friends and my group of friends. Forty-five minutes later, we boarded as one large group.

Despite her quick agreement and ensuing cackles at my expense, I forewent pointing out the fact that the statement ran true as fuck in her case as well. Jake was so wasted, if he moved any closer to the railing he'd definitely topple over.

Good fucking riddance. Fuck him and his buddy Quil. And fuck Leah too. Fuck. Them. All.

I was on a cruise ship leaving the tropical Port of Miami and bound for all the more tropical and hotter places. I was lounging on a deck chair with the Florida sun kissing every last bit of exposed skin - and considering the size of my bikini, that was a lot of exposed skin. The Afro-Latin beats of all those wonderful places whose ports we'd be visiting this week resounded in my ears. Best of all, I was throbbing in all the right places and disguising my squirming by pretending I was dancing in my chair.

Even as I heard him laughing and joking with the rest of our group, his eyes...his thoughts...his imagination was on me just as mine was on him.

Leah could've laughed until she passed out.

And yeah, had Quil not boarded the ship already three sheets to the wind, courtesy of our long-ass flight from Washington, he may have noticed him looking. What's more, had it remained furtive glances and wild imaginations, it may have even been the relaxing seven-night cruise I'd needed...for a while now.

Instead, it...he...we...Edward happens on Day 2 of the cruise.

At that point, relaxing becomes the furthest thing from my mind.

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