Elaine only had a few minutes left before she welcomes the light and begins a new life but first she has to say goodbye to Ban.

Elaine, will be reborn again but not in the same place with no memory.



September 1, 04:15 EDT

The sounds of sirens and parties cover the whole city but down in the Narrows was a blonde hair girl screaming her heart out.

"Artemis! Artemis wake up! Artemis!" Her mom shouted and grabbed her daughter's shoulders to wake her up.

In her dream, no... nightmare is about fire, blood, pain, and it felt real like it's a memory.

Artemis wakes up from her mother's screams with a gasped. Sweat covered her body, her skin is pale and raw and her hair is everywhere

"Artemis!" her mom calls out and relieved that her youngest is okay. Paula pulled her into a hug. "Was it the same nightmare again?" She ask softly.

"Yes..." Artemis mumbled in her mom's shoulder.

"Do you want to-", Paula was cut off.

"No! Well maybe, yes."

"Take your time." Paula told her alert daughter.

Artemis took a deep breathe and said, "I-it was the same dream with the forest fire, someone calling out Elaine and-and red eyes."

Paula already knew what was in the dream but hearing it always brought a chill up her spine. But then she got an idea, about a little secret she and her daughter knows.

"Maybe, you should tell your friends about your pow-", she tried telling her daughter but was cut off, again.

"No, not yet, I can't and I don't intend to. Batty already knows and promise not to tell but I can't risk them finding out. Plus they're under control, more or less." Artemis told her worried mother.

OK, hello I'm Archangel welcome to my crossover story if you haven't guess yet I'm sure many don't know its Young Justice crossover with Seven Deadly Sins the anime, which both I do not own, if I did that would cool. And I'm very sorry for the short chapter, the next few chapters will be longer.