SUMMARY: Masumi temembers the day that the met the mystery to him - that was Chris - and remembered who he was.

Beginning - Author's Note: This story leaped into my head for Victor originally but now I've changed it to focus on Chris and Masumi - and yeah - warning for slight character OOCness / Out of character ness. Also - there will be some French and German in this story as it will take place (mainly) in Switzerland. Yes, other Yuri on Ice characters will make appearances - at the moment, I just want to try to make it mysterious -


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A lone skater spinning on the ice…

This is a story of a skater-

One who almost forgot who he was and wanted to be…

But thanks to a new friend, he found himself before it was too late.

When Masumi was younger, he was always fascinated by figure skaters - he vowed one day, that he'd become one. And while that dream had followed him to the present day it was FAR from reality - except on the days when he did make it to the rink. Right now, the life he was living wasn't letting him do so - he had homework, work, and family to take care of and that only left a few hours a week to skating. But on the evenings like this … As he peacefully skated with his friends on their one hour of skating time, everything seemed, alright. Like anything was possible.

Like they could rewrite the stars and make history. . .