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Resurrecting the Shadow of Memories

A Shadow of Destiny Fanfic

Eike sat at his desk, tapping his pen in an obvious display of boredom. Occasionally he would glance at his watch, a sign of his impatience. Then he would look at the clock behind him to make sure the time was right. Then back to tapping again.

He was sitting in the reception room of the library, which was more than usually quiet at the moment. Eike had actually considered just closing up for the day, since it didn't seem likely that anyone else would show up. He had better ways of spending his time at the moment.

It had been a very slow week. Well, bits of it had been anyway. During the day Eike worked (using the word in its broadest possible sense) at the library, checking out books, checking in books, and basically doing everything possible to make time go faster so that he could head back home. He was currently waiting for the last five minutes of the working day to pass before saying goodbye to Margarete and charging out the door. It had been the same practically everyday.

//I wonder if Homunculus does this? Just to keep me on edge.// Eike thought, giving a wry smile to the world in general.

The djinn occupied Eike's thoughts every second, even when he was meant to be doing other things. It was hard for Eike to concentrate on anything other than his new... well partner he guessed. Eike's dreamy smile broadened.

It had been, to say the least, an interesting week as far as Homunculus was concerned. After the initial shock that had come from realising that they were in love, they had silently come to an agreement to take things slowly. This, Eike felt, was mostly for Homunculus' benefit, since the demon was unaccustomed to the emotions that he had begun to feel, and was trying in the best way possible to adjust to the fact that he was in love with Eike and that Eike loved him in return.

It had been amusing to see that, very early on, Homunculus had seemed to reach the conclusion that the best way to get to grips with his new emotions was to mix them up with all the old ones. As a result, Eike went home every late afternoon to a djinn that one moment would be making scathing comments and the next would be kissing him tenderly. Homunculus' sarcastic remarks were laced with a deep, almost nervous affection and his extraordinary tenderness with a smug superiority that made Eike want to burst out laughing. But Homunculus meant well, he knew, and he was enjoying the process of seeing the djinn adjust.

But they had not yet gone beyond warm kisses and falling asleep in each other's arms. At one point the pair had entered a conversation that almost got them onto the subject of sex. This in turn led Eike to blush deep red and Homunculus to make one of his usual quick subject changes. They had been very careful to avoid anything even touching on that subject for the rest of the time. They couldn't avoid it forever, but they didn't want to interrupt the stability that had entered their lives as suddenly as it had almost been taken away completely.

Homunculus had made a remarkably quick recovery but thankfully had shown no desire to leave. If he had, Eike would certainly have had a protest or two to make. He didn't like leaving the djinn on his own, not after his suicide attempt, if you could call it that. He just didn't want Homunculus leaping to conclusions again and getting upset enough to do something like that.

But, in his own way, Homunculus had been surprisingly reassuring. He seemed to have regained his self-confidence, almost to the point of being his arrogant old self. He seemed to think that he was in some sort of position of power. Eike never said so, but he often felt like pointing out that if there was any sense of power in the relationship, then it was pretty evenly matched. It wasn't as though Eike hung on Homunculus' every word, thought and action.

Eike gave a deep sigh and glanced at his watch again. Then the clock.

//Right. That's it!//


When Eike walked through his front door fifteen minutes later he immediately called out to let the djinn know he was back. When he got no reply he wasn't worried. Homunculus could be affectionate, sarcastic, and occasionally he could be moody. Today it was likely that he was the latter. He often made it known that he disliked waiting for Eike in this "over- sized cardboard box" but although Eike said that he was free to wander off where he liked, the djinn would immediately wave the matter to one side, saying it didn't matter really.

Opening the door to the living room, Eike grinned as he saw Homunculus sitting, curled up in an armchair, a small book, edged with gold, in his hands. He was utterly still, except for his eyes that followed the words along the page. His face showed, in every way possible, that he was bored.

Eike gave a pointed cough. Homunculus didn't look up, but he shifted irritably in his chair. Eike narrowed his eyes and coughed again, more loudly this time.

"You don't need to be so childish, Eike," Homunculus said in his most condescending tone of voice. "I heard you shout when you walked in the door."

"Then why didn't you answer it?" Eike asked, coming to sit on the sofa.

"I was engrossed in this book of yours," Homunculus said.

"Interesting, is it?"

"I've read it before."

Finally Homunculus looked up; the grin on his face showing that he had only been teasing. Eike glared at him, and then grinned because it was impossible for him not to return that smirk these days.

"So, how was your day?"

More teasing. Homunculus liked to pretend he found their situation amusing, and so he would say horribly cliché lines that only married couples would use. Eike would play up to it, until the pretence collapsed and the two would have a reasonably normal conversation.

"Tedious," Eike said. "Yours?"

"The same. I don't know why any person in their right mind would want to stay at home all day. It's so excessively boring."

"That's just because you're on your own."

An eyebrow was raised in a conspiratorial manner. "Not anymore."

This unusual turn in the conversation did catch Eike off guard. He hadn't expected the almost flirty tone of voice Homunculus used. Unable to think of anything to say, he stared at his partner, hoping that they could end this little game now.

Thankfully, Homunculus tossed the book casually to one side and rose to join Eike on the sofa. He lowered himself to the sofa and simultaneously lowered his lips onto Eike's, giving a small pleasurable moan as he did so. He ran his hands through Eike's hair, listening to the young man sigh contentedly.

"Does everything have to be a game with you?" Eike murmured when they drew apart. Homunculus shrugged, and then stretched himself out in Eike's lap, feeling arms wrap around him from behind.

"Games are fun, Eike. You should always have fun in every situation."

"Well, I'd like to know the rules then, if you don't mind." They looked at each other and smiled. Homunculus reached up and patted Eike on the cheek.

"I make them up as I go along," he said casually.

"Somehow I thought that would be the case."


"One thing I don't envy you humans for is this constant need for food. So much time and energy wasted."

"The whole point in having food, Homunculus," Eike said as he stirred what might have been beef stew, if he'd followed the instructions right, "is to actually get the energy you need".

"It still seems a rather pointless task to me," the djinn said, swinging his legs back and forth in the manner of a bored child. He was sitting on the counter beside the cooker, on which Eike's dinner was presumably cooking.

"Easy for you to say, when you don't actually need food," Eike said fetching cutlery and a plate from a nearby cupboard. "Actually," he said after a moment's thought, "even though you don't need to eat... /can/ you eat?"

He realised the absurdity of his question when he looked at Homunculus' face.

"I will point out to you, Eike, that a certain lack of a digestive system makes it pretty much impossible for me to take in food."

"Oh... yeah... right." Eike lapsed into an embarrassed silence. He was aware suddenly, that he knew very little about Homunculus. Or at least, about his past. He had gathered, from various recent events, that Homunculus had had a very bad life or existence or whatever you should call it. He wasn't quite certain how to approach the subject. Whenever in the past he had made attempts to pry into Homunculus' life, he had been met with changes of subject or indirect answers that were not, on reflection, really answers at all.

Eike had spent a lot of the past few days telling Homunculus why humans did certain things, reacted in certain ways, and the discussions often ended with Homunculus making a dismissive comment about human's and how pathetic they could be. Eike didn't let the insult to his species hurt him, but what did hurt him was that the djinn never in any way opened up to /him/. Eike did all the opening, but Homunculus was like a hedgehog. As soon as there was the slightest suspicion of someone trying to get under him, to his softer side, he closed up and stayed that way.

So now Eike was carefully waiting for the right time to ask Homunculus about his past. Maybe, if he worked his way towards it very carefully...

"So you don't have insides or anything?" he asked, wishing the question didn't sound so utterly stupid. Homunculus gave him a long cool stare and shook his head. "Do you have a brain?" The cool stare became a glare and Eike shrugged, trying to keep a straight face.

Homunculus gave the human a wry smile. "I rather resent that question Eike. Simply because I don't posses... bodily organs... does not mean that I cannot think. Besides, most humans don't use their brains. And need I mention that I tricked you and used you as my pawn for that entire day? I think that proves my superior intelligence, don't you?"

"Always having to prove yourself," Eike said, knowing he had lost /this/ particular conversation. "Why do you always feel you need to do that?"

When the only answer Eike got was a shrug, he immediately felt the familiar annoyance rising in him. He hated that Homunculus would just brush off his question like that. He had done that too many times already, and Eike finally decided he had had enough.

"Look, Homunculus, instead of avoiding an issue, perhaps you could try giving me a direct answer for once? Would it hurt?"

Homunculus cocked his head on one side. He could sense what the young man was talking about. He was not ignorant of Eike's interest in his past, but he felt unable to reveal the details of it. He didn't want Eike to think of him as some kind of slave, as he had sometimes been treated, or as an evil creature. He wished... god he wished... that Eike could just be happy with things as they were. Why did he have to go and pry into things that didn't matter? Another frustrating human trait he was going to have to get used to.

"It depends," Homunculus said at last, "on the questions you ask."

"Well, it seems to me that every time I ask you about anything in reference to who or what you are then you just sort of close up. Can't you be open with me? I mean we are..." Eike paused. He always paused before saying things like this. "...in love." There was another pause. "Aren't we?"

Homunculus was looking at him again, a soft, understanding expression that was surprisingly becoming of his innocent looking face, evil red eyes or no.

"I know /I/ am," he said in a rare show of sweetness. He held out his arms to the young man, who accepted the embrace more because he wanted to avoid an argument than anything. Even though Homunculus was sitting on the counter, his head still only barely rested on the young man's shoulder.

"Why are you so tall?" Homunculus asked when they drew apart. He was slightly surprised to see the determined look on Eike's face.

"Homunculus, please," he said, gently but firmly. "Will you just stop avoiding it now?"

"Avoiding what?"

"And don't put on that bloody innocent know-nothing act!"

Eike's sudden loss of temper was a surprise to them both, but Eike couldn't really regret it, since it was monstrously unfair that Homunculus kept playing him around like this all the time.

"Will you just tell me about /you/?" Eike asked finally.

"What about me?"

"I don't know! Anything. How about how you were created? If you're some kind of genie then you must have served other people before. Tell me about them. For God's sake tell me /something/!"

There was a very long pause. Homunculus was looking thoughtful, as if considering the consequences of an action. Eike was just waiting for a sign. Any sign.

"And what if I don't?"

Eike's eyes widened at the djinn's question, and then narrowed in anger at the fact that he still hadn't been given any kind of answer. Angry and hurt, he decided to demonstrate what he would do in that event, and pulled himself free of Homunculus' arms. Forgetting his meal, he turned on his heel and stormed out of the kitchen and up the stairs to his room where he slammed the door shut.

He was vaguely aware, though only vaguely, that Homunculus had called his name.


Homunculus sat on the counter for a long time after Eike had stormed away, long after it had grown dark outside, the streets deserted and the only light the lamps hanging from. It wasn't that he didn't understand the young man's anger and frustration. He simply didn't know how to react to it in turn.

He had never shared his past with anyone. He'd never opened up to anyone about anything. Of course, this was partly because he had never had anyone to speak to before. No one worth sharing these things with at least. Eike, on the other hand, was different. He understood things in a way most people didn't. Sure he was naive, and always ranting about doing the right thing, but that was just another reason why Homunculus was so drawn to him. And sometimes Homunculus could recognise a hint of logic in Eike's rants, even if it was logic tainted with emotion.

So perhaps it would be the right thing to do. To open up to Eike about his tragic past. And it was tragic, though Homunculus hated to admit it, even to himself. But if he did decide to tell Eike everything where would he start? He would remember every single detail of his life, some memories being dragged up from the depths where he had suppressed them, being too painful for him to contemplate.

And what if he didn't? Eike had all too clearly shown him what would happen if Homunculus refused to speak on the subject. He would be alone again. Alone with the knowledge that he had thrown away this young man's love because of a selfish desire to remain mysterious and not delve into his own tortured mind.

//Wait,// he thought suddenly. //Did I just admit to being selfish?//

And he was of course. He could finally acknowledge that fact. It should not have been a surprise to the demon really. Looking back on his actions, things he had done to his masters, things that he had done to Eike, he had always been so self-involved. Even though he loved Eike, he could never say that his motives for saving him had been altruistic to any extent. He had done it all for himself. He just never expected things to turn out like this. He never expected to regret who and what he was.

He couldn't risk losing Eike could he? Not after he had been willing to lower so many of his defences and allow himself to actually love someone...

... especially considering what had happened the last time he had done that...


Eike heard the door open and saw the shaft of light fall on the opposite wall, but he refused to turn around on the bed. He was going to be stubborn for once. Homunculus was going to have to make the move this time.


He shifted slightly at the djinn's voice to show he was awake and had heard him, but still Eike didn't turn to face him.

"Eike..." Homunculus repeated softly, and there was an odd tremble in his voice. But it couldn't be fear could it? "Hold me..."

Now Eike did turn around, angry and the presumptuous request that was obviously an attempt to brush aside the argument that they had just had. He sat up and fumed at Homunculus.

"If you think that I'm just gonna-"

"Hold me," Homunculus voice cut through Eike's, still with that note of fear, and yet strangely commanding in a way he had never heard before. Half pleading, half demanding. "Hold me... and I'll answer anything you care to ask, Eike."

The anger and hurt cooled as Eike saw the sincerity in the djinn's eyes. He could also see that it was with tremendous difficulty that Homunculus had decided to tell him about himself. He felt sorry for him, he really did. But Eike had to know.

He held out his arms, at a loss for words for the moment, and held the fragile creature he loved so much, wishing there was a way to make this easier for him. But there was no way he knew of.

"Tell me how you started," he asked after a few moments.

He felt Homunculus nod against his chest, and heard him sigh.

Then he began to speak...