Marcapoo Week 2019

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Chapter: 07 Dragoncycle Adventures

Marco walked past the forge with Hekapoo by his side. They both thought about going out for a ride today.

Hekapoo got her very own dragoncycle after Marco ended ridding Nachos more she thought it was a good thing to get her own. Hekapoo got a dragoncycle and named it Cinnabar.

It was pretty for both of them, each of them having a dragoncycle let them race and ride together it helped bond the riders together. They loved to ride their dragoncycles into the mountains or forest and find a private campsite for just them.

It was even lucky that both Nachos and Cinnabar got along, which was good since they both spent most of their time in the care of Hekapoo.

Marco was pretty happy that Nachos had a playmate; he was afraid she was getting lonely without him around.

Hekapoo had cleared them out a big spot and built a shelter, and it honestly looked a lot like a big dog house. The dragons had filled with things to make a large nest make themselves comfortable a variety of things they dragged in, like toys and sparkly things.

They arrived there to find the dragons nestled together in their nest, neither reacted to the new presences.

"They've been like this for a while," Hekapoo shrugged, "nothing I've done has got them out."

Marco leaned over and gave Nachos a pat on the head, "Hey Nachos, daddy is here. You feel sick or something?"

"Daddy?" Hekapoo chuckled at it, "I thought I was the only who called you that."

Marco ignored her and continued to check on his dragon.

"You look a little tired, but I don't think you're sick." Marco frowned, hoping something wasn't wrong. "Come on, Nachos, you can let me know if something is wrong."

The dragon and long-time companion to Marco looked at and made no sound; it gently shifted.

The action itself would mean nothing expect Marco noticed something that been hiding beneath Nachos. Nachos swayed her tail out of the way as Marco leaned in.

"Is that?—" Marco let out,

Nachos let out something akin to a small purr as Cinnabar nuzzled her.

"Okay, what's the deal, Diaz?" Hekapoo moved in closer.


Hidden beneath Nachos was a clutch of eggs all the size of a football.

"Nachos is a mommy!" Marco marveled at the eggs.

Hekapoo let out a small chuckle, "Well, you've been a naughty boy, Cinnabar."

Hekapoo gave her dragoncycle a good head pat.

"No wonder you didn't move," Marco looked at Nachos, "You're just trying to keep your eggs warm."

Marco was sure that Nachos was smiling as she shifted to make sure she had her eggs covered.

Marco couldn't help but smile, "I'm gonna be a grandpa."

Hekapoo leaned against Marco, "You know they remind me a lot of us,"

Marco blinked," What do you mean about that?"

Hekapoo grabbed Marco's hand and placed it over her stomach, "Why do you think daddy?"

"…." Marco stared at her, unsure what she meant; it took him a moment to realize what she meant. "Ah!"

Hekapoo couldn't help but laugh at his reaction, she had hoped they would have a nice calming ride to tell him, but when this happened, it just seemed more appreciate.


A small baby with fuzzy curly hair and two small yellow horns crawled upon the floor, happy exploring her home. That was until she came across a pup dragoncycle, a few of them. The pup barely larger than the baby gave a playful lick on the face to the baby's delight. The pup turned around, and a pair of other pups nudged the baby along as she then tried to climb onto the back of the dragon.

The baby smiled as she tried to sit up but managed to stay on the dragon. The dragon moved along with its brothers and sisters went into the forge to play.

Nearby Marco and Hekapoo sat on the couch happily watching their daughter play with the pups. Near them, the dragoncycle parents napped along with a few other pups nestled next to them.

Author's notes: Honestly this chapter was the hardest for me to come up with an idea. Like I don't know why, I started with this one first and barely got an idea at the last day. Honestly the idea was based on the maripose and meteora episode, like oh would it be cute it little baby Seraph ridding a baby dragoncycle like how baby mari rode baby meteora.

Its been a rough week since I was injuried and I'm off the painkillers I'm still a little groggy. Anyway, I hoped you liked this week and leave me a review telling me what you think and what you liked.