Morning after the night before

He woke slowly from a deep sleep, memories of the night before flashing through his mind: The battle with the Drago-Kazov raiders, the party on the Drift afterwards, maybe a bit too much to drink, dancing, and the kiss.

His eyes opened wide as the rest of the memories came into sharp focus: had that really happened?

He looked over to the side and cringed: there she was, asleep in the bed next to him, a content smile on her lips. His head hit the pillow hard as he tried to comprehend what had happened. Ok, so one more than one occasion he had dreamed about this, maybe even fantasized about it from time to time, but he had never thought that anything would ever happen between the two of them.

Despite the foggy nature of his memories, he tried to piece together exactly what happened the night before. His mind raced as peaces of the puzzle clicked into place: they had been at the party, having a drink, and when the band started playing, he had asked her to dance. She had resisted at first, saying that she didn't dance, but in the end she had relented and they had made their way out to the dance floor. It had started off innocently enough, but over time the effects of the alcohol and the music had taken their toll and they had started to dance closer, eyes locked on each other.

He couldn't remember who kissed who, but the other one had defiantly kissed back. Hands had started to roam and in the end they had, by mutual consent, made their way back to his quarters. The memories of what came after where burled, but he knew exactly what they had done.

The big questioned remained: what now?

He knew he had feelings for her, but did she have feelings for him? Could a relationship like this work? How would the others react? If things didn't work out, how would it affect things? With such a small crew, personal problems could endanger the lot of them.

She stirred slightly, her eyes opening. She looked at him and smiled, "Good morning." He looked at her, his eyes wide, "I think we need to talk." She pressed a finger against his lips, "No, we don't." She leaned over and kissed him, and all his fears drifted away.

The End.

(This is a 'choose your own characters' story, so don't bug as to who it is: it could be any of the three 'couples' on the ship.)