Jaime Lannister:

He was the considered to be the dishonorable man in the Seven Kingdoms. They called him the Lion of Lannister before his face and cursed him as Kingslayer behind him. He was hated for one kindness that he had done to the people of Kingslanding and respected for nothing he had ever done to a girl, Lord Eddard Stark's daughter.

He was resented and despised by Lord Stark for the oath he broke. All he wanted as a boy was to be a knight who was admired by people and return home to the woman who he loved the most. But all he got was a name to shame him and a woman who he can never claim as his own, to the people. Everything changed when he became a prisoner to this girl, Aranna Stark. He knew he would eventually betray her to choose his family.

Aranna Stark:

She was the perfect daughter in her parent's eyes. Trained in courtly manners who spoke polite words and swung her swords with her brother which was considered as her valour. The Northerners appreciated for her valour and honor. But it was not all of it. She had wildness and darkness to be ruthless which was never seen by anyone.

Will her life change when she comes to face her demons straight? Will she ever be accepted as the same as before? Will the darkness creep in and let her consume the whole of her? She got hold of the prized Lannister in her hands and all she wanted was to return to her family whole and safe. She wished to kill him every single night and with him next to her, the darkness creeped more easily.

Author's Note:

I have written a fanfic for Jaime Lannister and I had tried to make a very better redemption arc for him as I really love to play around in his mind. I don't own any characters other than my OC Aranna Stark, first-born daughter of Ned Stark, twin to Robb Stark.

If some of you have followed my old stories, I have removed it for the fact that I had moved away a lot from the characters original nature and this time I am trying to keep up with how GRRM has projected it. Some of my story follow the plot of book and some the show. But I would love to hear from the readers opinions and reviews as I really want to not to mess up this story.

Please give a star and comment as you enjoy and I want to hear from you guys as that would be my only motivation. And after watching season 8, I guess most of us feel Jaime, Tyrion and other major characters were killed literally and scriptually. I will promise to write better with your support. Please don't forget to communicate with me guys..