Hey guys, this is my first complete fanfic, so it's bound to have many flaws so please don't mob me. Fun fact, I actually started this around last year, but I never got to finishing as I kept scrapping ideas and chapters. I hope you enjoy my efforts, if you don't oh well, I tried. There'll probably some out of character stuff but hey this is a fanfic. Well then, without further ado, here's the first chapter of "The Missing Piece".

Chapter 1

The mixed training camp had just ended and nobody from class D (or now C) was negatively impacted. Aside from Nagumo's plot against class 3-A, it had gone without a hitch. It had gone without a hitch, yet there was something troubling Karuizawa Kei-her partner. From across the bus that was carrying the class back to the school, she couldn't help but look at the cause of her feelings with a longing expression.

In the middle of the night, he'd climbed to her windowsill and took her by the hand to a place where nobody could see them...or so she wished. In actuality, reality was far duller. Business. THAT WAS IT. In the only encounters they had, all they talked about was business as usual. Would it hurt for him to be a little considerate towards her? A tired sigh escaped from her lips.

She was being unreasonable. There was a lot at stake if they had met for no reason whatsoever, but it couldn't hurt to hope. Longing for another chance to be with him, she kept her gaze glued on Kiyotaka while he stared off into the scenery behind the window.

How had things turned out this way?

It felt like just the other day that he was just another faceless member of the class. His only worth had been as Horikita's messenger and he didn't stand out whatsoever. He was exceedingly average. Focused solely on protecting herself she'd paid him no mind, and that was how it played out until the Zodiac Test. By sheer chance she was placed into a group with him, and then by a series of what could only be called coincidences, she'd witnessed his true ability. In exchange for his protection she'd followed his orders with complete obedience, and everything had gone well, until she received that single message.

To meet Ryuuen on the roof was all it had said. It was a trap; one she couldn't get out of it. Ryuuen knew about her. To protect her status, she did what the message said so she went to clear things up but there was no room for discussion on the table. Once again, she'd been pulled into a world of pain and hurt. Ganged up on, she was beaten. Pinned to the floor, water on the brink of freezing was poured onto her by the bucketful while the roaring wind drove the temperature further down. She shivered and howled in pain, but they didn't seem to care. Writhing in pain, cold gazes looked down at her pitiful state as they continued their efforts to extract a single name from her.

With nobody to turn to, it didn't take long for her to stop resisting and wait for it to come to an end. A long while later she began to meet their demands. As she began to utter his name, her mouth closed shut. No, she wouldn't stay the weak girl she'd always been. She continued to rebel. Even though she'd never been rescued before, she held hope that he would come to save her. At that moment the door swung open and her prayers had been answered. Kiyotaka had come for her.

She could only watch in awe as he overpowered everyone on the roof. With every blow he received, she winced and with every blow he landed strange warmth rose within her. When the intense battle had ended, all the members of class C lay on the ground defeated and he alone was left standing. Using all her strength she dragged her limp body towards him until her feet gave out beneath her. As she fell, she braced for the impact with the cold ground, but she'd landed on something soft instead. Looking up, violet eyes met brown. He'd caught her. Her body lay limp in his arms, but she no longer felt cold. Taking her in his arms, he apologized and renewed his promised. No matter what, he'd always continue to rescue her. From the outside, it would sound like a cliché and overused line, but she knew it was genuine.

As if she'd clicked a reset button, her life changed. Everything was finally how she'd always wanted it to be, normal. No longer worried about her secrets, she was able to live, and it was all because of him. He'd done so much for her, there was no way she could live without him. This feeling, it wasn't dependence she felt towards him, it was different. From making eye contact to receiving a message, every interaction she had with him thereafter made that different feeling grow. By the time it was winter she'd realized what that feeling was-love. She'd hopelessly fallen for him. From afar he seemed like he didn't care for anyone, but she knew she wasn't just some girl to him.

He had said it before, but she was the only person in the school, and quite possibly the entire world, who knew his true self. He didn't choose Sakura or Horikita, he chose her and her alone to reveal himself. A secret only the two shared.

Reminiscing about the past, a beautiful smile showed itself on Kei's face. Realizing she was still in the bus embarrassment ran across her face and she turned to face the window. She'd completely fallen for him, yet there was still something else lingering in her heart-sadness. Was peeking at him from afar all she could do?

She wanted more, so much more.

A spot right by his side reserved only for her, his attention whenever she wanted it, and a relationship far deeper than just classmates. She wanted to be only his and for him to be only hers, a wish she very well knew was impossible.

Ayanokouji Kiyotaka only wished to have a normal life and would do anything he could to achieve that goal. Be it Ryuuen or even the Student Council President, he wouldn't let anybody would get in his way, not even her. If she were to be his lover, suspicion would fall onto him. Questions such as why the two got together or what caused the development between the two would arise. If people started to investigate into the matter and his actions were discovered, everything he worked for would be ruined. All because of her. At this point, her existence would lose all value to him and if he deemed it necessary, she'd be discarded. She couldn't lose him. Not now when she needed him most, but there was nothing she could do.

Her expression grew troubled. Afraid someone would notice; she laid her head on the window beside her and stared off into the ever-changing scenery. Reluctantly she compressed her feelings into a ball and hid it inside herself. It was pitiful, but it was all she could do to avoid getting hurt. Staring off into the darkness she let her expression grow cloudy unaware that a pair of eyes had seen the whole process. Eyes belonging to none other than Ayanokouji Kiyotaka.

Ayanokouji Kiyotaka, was an outlier amongst humans. He possessed knowledge many never learned in the entirety of their lives and strength that far exceeded that of any normal person. However, at the cost of becoming what seemed to be the perfect human, he had lost his emotions. Trust, friendship and even love were alien to him, but he was curious. He wanted to know therefore he observed.

Ever since he'd escaped from the white room, he had been watching. Watching how people acted around strangers, acquaintances, best friends, families, and lovers. He wanted to know how it felt to be able to fully confide in someone as best friends did, he wanted to know how to act around people he considered friends implicitly and explicitly, but most of all he wanted to know love.

Love was the most complex emotion of them all but because of that very complexity he wanted to learn more about it. Each time he gazed a couples from afar he felt something warm exuding from them. It was a strange feeling, but he didn't have it in himself to reject the feeling. It was warm, very comfortably so. How would it feel if that were me? He'd often ask himself but brush away soon after. Even if he thought about it, he couldn't answer that question. By his upbringing, he was incapable of such a feeling. Nevertheless, he wished to know.

It was a rather strange wish, but even he wanted to understand even the most basic of human emotions. While these emotions flooded his thoughts, his eyes happened to fall onto Kei who also seemed to be having troubles. Her face had a complex expression, one that was hard to decipher. What is she feeling right now? He asked himself. He thought and thought about it, but he didn't...no... he couldn't answer. Startled by the sound of metal screeching against metal he was pulled from his thoughts. Looking through the front windows of the bus, the school appeared in his sights.

A lone moon covered in a blanket of deep blue peered down at the bus as it slowed to a halt in front of the school. One by one the students exited the bus with their belongings and after a final roll call, they were dismissed.

Letting out a great big yawn as she stretched her arms over her head, Karuizawa headed straight for her room while waving goodbye to her groupies. Inserting her key into the lock, she opened the door to her room where she fell onto her bed.

The lights off and her school uniform still on, she simply lay exhausted. Several minutes had passed when she got up again. Setting the water to hot, she took a shower like usual then changed into something more comfortable. Dressed in her nightwear she brushed her teeth as she walked out of the bathroom and put her clothes away. A loud gargle signaled she was finished brushing her teeth. Exiting the bathroom for the last time of the night she saw a flicker of light on the bed. Walking over to the bed she opened her phone, wondering what it could be. A few swipes and taps later she saw a message from the chat only she knew existed.

Meet me at 6 tomorrow morning it said along with some directions on how to get there.

This was unusual. He never messaged her this late, it was nearly 12 after all.

What's this about. She sent back.

Just be there, it's important

"Mou~. What does he want so early in the morning?" She complained.

Replying back affirmatively she let out a sigh. At the very least he could wish her good night or something. Planting her face in a pillow, she rolled around her bed for a bit before finally going to sleep but not before she erased all records of the conversation.


At the sound of her alarm, her eyes unwillingly opened. It was 5:15 am on a Saturday, not the best start to her weekend. Lifting herself up from the bed, she quickly got ready. Wearing black shorts that stopped halfway down her thighs and a white V-neck with sleeves, she put her hair back with a hair tie and left the dorm.

Several minutes later she was finally able to see the meeting place. She'd gotten lost a few times, but she'd made it. Wearing a plain white shirt under a black jacket and sweats, Kiyotaka was sitting on a bench underneath a streetlight. Walking the last few feet to the bench, she sat down beside him.

"Kya!" She shrieked as she shot up from the bench where she was to sit.

It was ice cold. Kiyotaka stared at her as she tried warming up her exposed legs by rubbing her hands against them. She regretted not checking the weather, she should have covered up more. While she continued rubbing the spot on her thighs where her skin touched the cold steel, he laid his jacket where she had tried to sit earlier.


She stared at his jacket with a puzzled look. It couldn't be. She sat down once again beside him, but not too close.

"So? Why'd you call me out here?" She asked flatly.

"Yesterday on the bus you looked troubled. No matter how hard I thought about it, I couldn't understand why you were upset. Would you mind telling me?" He said with a hint of emotion.


Her face flushed bright red at his words. Kiyotaka, that emotionless Kiyotaka who didn't seem to care about anything, was concerned about her?! No, there was no way this could be possible. He'd never act out of emotions; all his actions were planned out.

Since she didn't answer he turned his head and looked her dead in the eye.

"Are you troubled?" He asked.

His eyes were serious. He was actually concerned about her. A gentle warmth bubbled up from her belly and made its way to her cheeks.

"Yeah..." She muttered softly.

She hadn't intended to answer him, but his honest question had gotten the better of her.

"...but it's nothing to worry about. If I keep to myself it'll be okay. You don't have to worry about it." She said forcing a smile while frantically waving her hands around.

This is how it should be. This is more than enough. She thought to herself. This wasn't worth ruining for her own desires.

"Kei, why're you lying?" Her eyes widened as the sudden question tore right through the front she'd put up. She quickly turned her head and faced him with a bewildered expression.

How did he know?

"W-what do you mean?" She said with a laugh as fake as her words were fabricated.

"I've been around you long enough to know when you're lying." His words told no lies. After everything they've been through it would only make sense that he could tell these things, even if she didn't.

"If you're ever troubled, you can always tell me you know." He wore an expression so honest; it tore her apart. She wanted to dive into his arms and tell him everything as he told her everything would be alright, that he had a plan. But everything wouldn't be alright though.

"I'll come and save you." The moment her ears picked up those sweet words, she felt something snap inside her.

"I-I can't!" Tears rushed up around her eyes. Don't press any further her eyes silently begged. There'd be no telling what would happen if he continued pushing for an answer. She couldn't lose this too.

"Does it have something to do with me?" He asked simply, unaware that he'd hit the nail on the head.

"No." She lied.

"Would it be better if I stopped seeing you?"


"I see." Lifting himself from the seat, he grabbed his jacket from beneath her and began walking away.


"WAIT!" Stumbling off the bench, she quickly rose and grabbed the hem of his shirt.

"Don't go." She said staring at him with watery eyes.

"Why not? It seems like you'd be much better off without me, yet you tell me to stay. I ask what's troubling you and you stay silent. I don't understand why you're doing this." He confessed as he turned his head to the side.

"bec…. I…. you" She'd mumbled something, but he didn't catch it.

"What?!" He asked.

"BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!" She cried out, tears clinging to her cheeks.

"DO I NEED ANY OTHER REASON BESIDES THAT?" She shouted in the same manner.

"I didn't want to trouble you so I kept my feelings inside myself for as long as I could, but they kept on growing. They just kept on growing. Each day was harder than the last, but I kept it in." Tears began running down her eyes, but she continued.

"I didn't want you to throw me away, but I couldn't help how I felt about you. I-I need you." She whimpered as tears splashed onto the ground.

All of his life Ayanokouji Kiyotaka had thought of himself as a smart man. The white room had given him abilities that went beyond comprehension but at this moment he comprehends Kei's actions. From his standpoint she was doing the one thing she shouldn't-endangering herself. If someone happened to see what was occurring, there would be consequences. People may just think something had happened between us during the break and simply gossip, however that was in the best case. In the worst she could lose what little support she had should anyone dig up their past actions. It was such a risky move to make yet she had done just that. What could have compelled Kei to risk her safety for a human relation? Unlike any other problem he'd ever had, Kiyotaka was dumbfounded.

"I can't understand your feelings of love. They don't make sense." He blurted out.

In the past he had thought that getting away from his father would be enough for him, but that was wrong. He too had a desire. To love and make himself whole was his only wish. If this wasn't his only chance to have that wish granted, he didn't know what was.

"But I won't reject you. I can't. I too...want to fall in love." He said with the sincerest voice he could manage to make.

I too want to fall in love. I too want to fall in love. I too want to fall in love. His words played themselves like broken record in her head. She didn't deserve this. Wiping the tears with her sleeve she jumped into his, tackling him to the ground.

He hadn't rejected her feelings even though they may hinder him, he accepted them, but most importantly he needed her. Not Airi or Horikita, it was only her. Slowly her fists slowed to a halt. She'd suffered so much for so long because of her emotions and it was all because of him, but now they could all come to an end. As the all the pain she'd stored inside of herself let itself out in the form of tears, he rubbed her back. Placing her head to his chest she cried and cried until she could no more.

As the last tear fell from her puffy eyes, she nestled herself into a more comfortable position of his chest. While she lay with her face in his shirt, she was suddenly enveloped in his jacket soon after his arms followed and wrapped themselves around Kei. A smile and a blush appeared across her face. As always, he'd taken her hand in the middle of a crisis. Being with him made her feel good. Seconds turned into minutes as they lay in each other's warmth.

After few minutes she'd finally calmed herself. She wanted to stay like this forever, but she knew she couldn't. The risk of anyone seeing them like this was large, and they both knew it. Satisfied with what had happened she was ready to go back. Removing her hands from around him, she got up and out of his embrace. Inserting her arms through his jacket, she wiped her face with its sleeves.

"As punishment for making me cry, I'm keeping this." She said sticking her tongue out as she jerked her thumb at the jacket on her back to Kiyotaka who was still on the ground. Just as she seemed to be walking away, she did a complete 180 and placed a tender kiss on his lips.

As she enjoyed the soft sensation of her lips on his, time came to a stop. As soon as she ran out of breath, the wheels of time started spinning again and she broke away from his lips then dashed off.

He opened his mouth briefly but soon closed it. The sun began to peek out of the clouds and a ray landed on his face uncovering a very small hint of red that he'd hidden across his face. He got up from the bench and was hit with a gust of wind.

Chills ran down his spine. His drenched shirt had brought on the full force of the wind, he missed his jacket.