Summary: The smell of his cologne and slight musk was the first thing that caught Hyuga Hinata's attention. She eventually found out that smell belonged to a young man named Uzumaki Naruto.

Ever since that encounter, she couldn't stop following him and watching his every move. She needed to know who he hanged out with, his hobbies likes and dislikes. She even transferred to his school to study him more closely.

But as those months went on, she discovered Naruto was not who he portrayed to be to his peers, but a cold-blooded murderer.

Is this enough to put a stop to Hinata's obsession or will it draw her closer to her own insanity?

Chapter One: That Smell belongs to Uzumaki Naruto

The busy platform scattered with people as they waited for the next train to come. Amongst those people, a twenty-year-old woman held on to her grocery bags tightly. Her small nose wiggled, and she let out a soft sneeze.

As she closed her eyes a faint smell made its way into her nostrils. She opened her big saucer-like eyes and glanced around to find out who the smell belonged to. She didn't know why, but the smell of cologne with a slight musk seemed to wrap itself around her.

She walked around, slowly, and smelled the air to find out where it was coming from. But it was no use. The smell had faded in place of cigarettes and trash.

A soft sigh escaped her pouty lips because she had never smelt any scent like that before. The train came to a halt and defeated she boarded the train.

The door squeaked opened, and she was met with the darkness. Hinata turned the light on and stepped into the apartment, placing the groceries on top of the counter. She washed her hands in the sink and put on a white apron. Glancing at the clock, she quickly went to work, cooking dinner.

Hinata had finished setting up the table when her caregiver opened the door. The smell of spicy curry hit her face and she smiled. "Hinata, I'm home."

"Good afternoon, Kurenai. How was work today?" Hinata approached her. She took the woman's red blazer from her and walked alongside her to the bedroom.

"Those damn children are going to be the death of me," Kurenai replied. She sat on the edge of the bed and took off her red high heel shoes. Hinata picked them up and placed them in the closet. Kurenai stared at the girl, her eyes saddened.

The girl had been through so much as it was. She was given to Kurenai when she was only twelve because her father did not want her. Ever since Kurenai tried her hardest to raise Hinata into a fine young lady. The girl had always been mature for her age, both physically and mentally. She was top in her class, spoke with manners, cleaned, cook and sew, and was very beautiful. Yes, Hinata had everything a woman had to offer, but the girl seemed to be drawn from society for a girl her age.

It concerned Kurenai a little bit because the girl never brought home a guy, never spoke of dating, or hanged out with anyone.

Kurenai was approaching her fifties in the next five years, and she was still active in the dating scene and not to mention sex life. Maybe nowadays it wasn't important, but still- Did Hinata ever had a crush?

"Hinata," Kurenai started.

Hinata turned around and smiled down at Kurenai. "Yes?"

"You never mention any guys? Are you not interested in anyone?" Kurenai inquired.

Hinata tilted her head to the side, looking innocent in the face. She thought about it and couldn't help but smile. "No. I'm not interested in anyone but hopefully, I'll find someone one day."

"You're a beautiful woman. There are a lot of good-looking men out there ready to take your hand in marriage." Kurenai said as she pulled herself off the bed. "I suppose the time will come when you find the one. Let's eat."

Hinata followed behind Kurenai and the two ate in silence.

After dinner, Hinata entered Kurenai's room with a white envelope.

"Hinata, you don't have to do this," Kurenai spoke. "It's your money. You worked hard for it."

"But it's the least I can do. You've helped me with so much, and you even put me through school. At least let me make it up to you." Hinata said passing her the white envelope.

Kurenai rubbed the back of her head as she took the envelope. "Thank you, Hinata, but you're young. You shouldn't be working and going to school. I just want you to focus on paving your future."

"I'm passing my classes, and I do my homework on time, Kurenai. There's no need to worry." Hinata reassured her. "I have to open the bakery first thing in the morning. So, I'll be up before you. Have a nice day at work tomorrow." Hinata waved at her before leaving.

Kurenai lied on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Hinata was the daughter she never had.

"She'll be fine," Kurenai told herself. "She's a strong child. Yes, she is."

It was another afternoon for Hinata. The baker at the bakery had given her some fresh rolls to bring home for her hard work. She smiled to herself as she thought about the dinner she would be cooking for Kurenai today. While waiting for the train, Hinata eyes widened as she smelt that same scent yesterday. The one that enticed her whole body. She discreetly sniffed the air and walked around, trying to find the scent. The scent became stronger and she knew she was near. The train halted and the doors opened.

She followed the scent that lingered the air until she stepped onto the train. Hinata continued to follow it, but the group of people pushed against her as they tried to squeeze themselves in the train. She tried to make her way from the crowd. A soft yelp escaped her lips as she felt someone touched her bottom. The crowd pushed against her, and she stumbled forward. Just as she thought she was about to hit the ground, someone held her up.

"Are you okay?"

That smell. It was here. It was here talking to her. She glanced up and was instantly paralyzed when she saw a young man staring down at her. His blue eyes were filled with amusement that seemed to pull Hinata in. She felt her body falling through the clouds as she outstretched her arms to the blue sky.

"Are you okay?" The person asked once more.

Hinata snapped out of it. "Y- yes. Thank you so much." She said. Her heartbeat felt like it was going to pop out of her chest, and she couldn't keep her eyes off him. His blonde hair looked so soft and she wanted nothing more than to run her hands through it.

"I'm glad." He told her. His lips turned upwards, and he showed his pearly teeth. He grabbed her hand and wrapped it around the pole "We don't need you flying with the wind." He snickered once the girl looked at him confused.

Hinata would lean her head towards the stranger every so often to get a good whiff of him. He didn't seem to notice as he was staring out the train's window. When Hinata leaned her head closer, the train jolted causing her body to collide into his.

Her whole world melted when she felt him wrap his arm around her; almost as if he was protecting her from the world.

She glanced up at him, and he smiled down at her. "You're a clumsy one, huh?" A soft chuckle escaped his lips. "Well, this is my stop." He told her. "Have a nice day."

Hinata almost whimpered when she felt him removed his arm from her. She stared at his back as he, with along some other people, exited the train.

Kurenai looked at the food oddly and then at Hinata who seemed to be sulking, which was rare for the girl. The fish was completely burned, and the rice was still hard. The only thing that looked edible was the fresh rolls she'd discovered on the kitchen counter.

"Er, Hinata? Are you feeling okay?" Kurenai asked, picking up the fish.

"I'm fine." Her voice sounded sad. "I'm going to go to bed early, Kurenai." Hinata picked up her plate and threw it in the trashcan. She watched as the girl went to her bedroom on the opposite side of hers and closed the door. She got up and took the glass plate from the trashcan. "Could it be?" Kurenai giggled. "You've been smitten, my little Hinata."

Hinata lied on the bed, staring up at the ceiling fan. She couldn't get that stranger out of her head, the way his strong arm wrapped around her, his deep blue eyes, and perfect smile. A beautiful creature carved by God himself. Her heart fluttered and she placed the pillow over her head.

"I didn't even get your name." She muttered as she fell asleep.

During the night, Hinata tossed and turned on the bed, making a mess out of the covers. She chewed on her bottom lips as she felt something sliding up her legs. With her eyes closed, she tried to remove whatever it was, but she couldn't reach it. She chewed on the bottom of her lip, and a soft moan escaped from her when she felt someone sliding their finger up and down her legs.

Her eyes fluttered opened and her eyes widened as she found the stranger from today on top of her.

His sharped blue eyes stared at her hungrily, and he traced his finger around the navel her stomach.

Before she could open her mouth to form a sentence, he placed his finger on her lips silencing her. She gripped the bedsheet tightly when she felt her panties being pulled down.

She let out a slight gasp when she felt his tongue slide against her private. She covered her mouth as she tried to surpass the pleasure. A new feeling to her, her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Her body went limp, and she fell into a deep sleep.

"Hinata! You're going to be late for classes." Kurenai barged into her room. Hinata stirred in her sleep. Hearing what Kurenai said, she threw the covers off her and jumped off the bed. "Hurry up before you miss the 8:30 train." Kurenai scolded her. "I'll see you tonight." She said rushing out the room and outside.

After Kurenai left, Hinata sat on the edge of the bed holding her head. Last night events really shook her. She slid down her panties and felt her insides.

"It was a dream." She told herself. "It was only a dream."

After work, Hinata stood in the same spot she did any other time, but this time it was different. Her mind wandered to last night's dream. It was her first time dreaming of someone doing "those" kind of things to her and she felt terrible about it because it was so perverted. She didn't even know she had a mind to think of those kinds of things.

The night sky quickly approached, and Hinata with three other people we're the last one on the platform. She had missed two trains, hoping that the stranger would appear again. Although she had that dream, she just wanted to see the young man again.

But just when she thought she was out of luck, that smell hit her like a dodgeball. She turned on her side and was shocked to find the stranger standing next to her.

Feeling someone staring at him, he glanced at the shorter person next to him and smiled. "Hi." He greeted.

"Um… hello," Hinata replied shyly. "Um- thank you again for yesterday."

The person blinked his eyes in confusion. "For what?"

Hinata's cheeks reddened. 'He doesn't remember me.' She thought. "Um- you helped me yesterday on the train." She reminded him.

He tilted his side to the side. "I did? I'm sorry if I don't remember. It's been a long day and I'm just ready to get home." He told her.

"My name is Hinata." She blurted out. After realizing she was too excited, she calmed down. "I'm- Hyuga Hinata."

The blonde man smiled brightly. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto. It's a pleasure to meet you, Hinata."

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