Miyuki Mikuni

It was a sunny day and Yusuke decided to announce a beach party. He summoned everyone to his house and told them about his plan. "A beach party? That's great!" giggled Botan.

"Hn." Hiei grunted.

"Okay. let's meet there. Girls, take Shizuru's car." Yusuke said, getting excited.

"But. can't I use my oar?" asked Botan. "I think I'd be late because Koenma- sama needs me to help him with his work. he needs to finish it."

"Okay, then." Nodded Yusuke. "See yah there." *** Everyone was ready for the beach party except for Botan and Koenma. They were finishing some papers and Botan was assigned to deliver them.

"Whew. are you sure that you're not going to the party?" asked Botan, half panting.

"I told you, Botan, I can't." explained Koenma. "Father will kill me if I don't finish this today."

"Okay, then. that was my last delivery. Could I go now?"

"Okay, then. Enjoy." Koenma nodded.

"Thank you!" and Botan was off to the beach. She rode her oar and when she reached the beach, the whole gang was there. They were all ready for swimming and in skimpy bathing suits.

"Botan!" Shizuru exclaimed, examining Botan's kimono. "What are you wearing!?"

"Okay, I'll change, then." Botan nodded. "Where's the cottage?"

"Oh. you can change there." answered Shizuru as she pointed out the cottage to Botan. "Oh. It's a little hot in there, you wouldn't want to stay there for long, because we were late and everyone picked the nicest lodge."

"Okay, thank you."

Botan entered the cottage. She announced a loud "Anybody here?" No one answered. She went in and saw Hiei. Her eyes widened. She didn't interrupt him, wondering what he might be doing. "What?" he suddenly murmured. Botan jumped in fright.

"Oh. did I disturb you?" she said, shaking.

"What do you want?" he asked.

"I'm here to change." Botan said, looking down to her kimono.

"Oh." Hiei said in an almost surprised tone. He was ready to leave.

"What were you looking at?" she asked. He stopped. "Oh. nothing." He shrugged.

"Nothing?" she said suspiciously.

"Nothing." he said sarcastically.

"Oh, then. why don't you tell me?"

"Well, look at that." Hiei pointed to the window. Kuwabara and Yukina were together. They were closer than ever, and Yukina was blushing furiously.

"Oh, why don't you let them?!" Botan said, scowling.

"Let them? He's a baka! Not worthy of my sister!" he barked back.

"Well, if you really love Yukina, you'll let her be happy! You're being selfish! You know, if you keep on watching over her like that, she might fall in love with you. Just let her be happy, let her do what she wants!" Hiei was silenced by this argument. Botan looked down to him.

"She's my sister. I just care." Hiei sighed.

"I know you just care. But you don't think Kuwabara would kill her or eat her alive, do you? There is a right time to follow her around and get worried. I know Kuwabara could give her his heart. He'll do anything for her. He will make her happy!"

"I don't trust him."

"You don't trust him!? Look at the effort he gives! You're so unbelievable. you don't understand other people because of her! You're insensitive. You might as well use those many eyes of yours! You're giving enough. you love her so much. that's why you're too blind to see. to see." she stopped. Hiei frowned.

"To see what?"

"To see." she continued. "To see others who you could love. and would love you."

"Look, baka. No one would give me that 'love.' Who could that be?" He argued. Botan just sighed. ***

"Hey, Yusuke! Why not take us to that Island? Here's a yacht!" suggested Keiko.

"That's great. everyone, ride in." Yusuke smiled. Everyone scuttled to the yacht. Yusuke went to the cottage to lock up the lodge. He pulled the door closed, not checking if anybody was left inside, and locked it right away.

Botan heard the door close. She checked to see who closed it. When she tried to open it, she found out that it was locked.

"We're stuck!" She sighed, returning to Hiei.

"What!?" He gasped. She sighed again.

"It's locked."

"What the---!" He exclaimed, walking towards the door and pulling it. Botan checked the windows that had no glasses. They were all open.

"Wait. we could go out." she walked to a window. She tried to jump out but didn't fit. The window was too small.

"Damn." he grunted.

"Why, you could kick the door." she said, retiring from trying the windows.

"No. I'd rather be here." he grunted. She gasped,


"I'd rather be here. there's nothing to do outside. It's a chaos." Hiei grunted, looking out the window.

There were many people. Hiei didn't like to be with them.

"Oh." Botan nodded. But I want to go out! I'm stuck with you! she thought.

"Let's just sit here and wait."

"What if they never come?" she asked.

"No. they will come."

"Oh.." She groaned. He frowned.

"Just wait there."

--==An Hour Passed==---

"An hour have passed. aren't you hungry?" Botan asked. Hiei shrugged.


"Okay then." she sighed. She didn't want to eat alone.

"Botan." Hiei said quietly, but earnestly. "Did you really mean that?"

"Mean what?" Botan asked.

"What you said." he mumbled.

"That you were insensitive?"



"That I should look for someone who could love me." Hiei said finally.

"H-huh?" Botan was surprised. Maybe he was thinking of what she had said. She couldn't believe that he was affected with it.

"Did you mean it?" Hiei said.

"Well. do you think I'm right that you've been selfish?" she asked.

"Well. yes. I realized."

"Okay, Botan. you won some prize! It's an honor to knock out some sensitivity from a cold bishounen!" she giggled.

"Bishounen, ne?" he asked.

"Oh." she blushed.

"Well. did you really mean it?" Hiei insisted, changing the topic.

"What, the 'bishounen?' I was joking." she asked nervously.

"No. what you said." he grunted.

"Oh. Well. I. I do." said Botan, sitting beside him, ready to explain all over again. "But you don't have to look for someone who cares for you. you just have to see them, understand them. There are many people who care for you."

"Who cares for me, ne? Who?" Hiei asked. Botan was blushing. She didn't want to get sentimental with that little demon. And she noticed that they were so close.

"We. we care for you." she murmured.

"You? Do you care for me?" he asked. Botan's heart leapt. Now they're getting sentimental!

"I. I. Of course I do." she nodded.

"You do?" "Yes." she nodded. They were so close, their faces hardly three inches away. One move, and Botan could die. She never dreamt of that to happen. If I die, who would escort my soul to Reikai!? She thought., OH. I could just go by myself and leave this fire demon alone.

One move. one move would change their worlds. she cursed that move and never wanted it to even start. This demon won't do it! It would cause shame for him! No. not closer. not closer. She thought nervously as Hiei's face drifted closer. She thought that Hiei turned nuts because of Kuwabara or the heat. You're crazy, you're crazy! She didn't know, but her head was being pulled. Everything was so slow, except the beat of her heart. There was a gravity that pulled her closer to Hiei. They were so close. Her head continued to drift closer to Hiei's, though in her mind, she thought, What are you doing!? Not closer. not closer! She sweated as she stopped her body from getting closer, but that body was incontrollable. The hells will go lose! she thought, before their lips touched.

==============================---*^_^*---- ====================================

---(DiScLaImEr BrEaK!!(--- (Lalalalalala!!! Lalala! La! Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!)

B.E.A.: Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!

Yusuke: WHAT THE---!!!

Kuwabara: Okay. just a fic. just a fic. just a fic. Bwahahahaha! THEY ACTUALLY KISSED!

Keiko: Now, don't make fun of them after this, okay!?

Yusuke: They're unbelievable! Bea, you're unbelievable!

B.E.A: Hey, I'm not Bea, don't you know how to read? It's pronounced Bee- Ee- Ae! B-E-A! Understand?

Yusuke: Yeah, yeah. but everything's still unbelievable! Ha!

Kurama: *chuckle* Just deal with it. *chuckle* That would happen to me in B.E.A.'s next fic!

B.E.A.: Hey! This is just a fic! I made it for fun! It's for amusement, and I DON'T OWN THEM! (and that's the punch line!)

Yusuke: Yeah, just for fun. now we'll have loads of fun! Hehehe.

Kuwabara: Yeah, LOADS of fun! That cold baka... he kissed Botan! What could he have felt?

B.E.A.: Hey! Even if Hiei is cold, he's not NUMB! ================================---*^_^*--- ====================================

The others would probably laugh at us if they knew about this.... Hiei thought. His lips were still pressed gently to Botan's. Why did I do it? He asked himself. Botan had moved his insides. It was as if his tummy lurched, his adrenal gland released more adrenaline and his heart thumped loudly and violently. Botan moved his heart. Even if he's cold, he's not numb.

They stayed that way for seconds. Botan was still wide-eyed. She couldn't believe what they heave done. or. what they were doing. It stayed that way for more seconds. more seconds. more. until Botan broke the kiss. She was blushing and almost crying. Hiei looked down. What had he done?

"You care for me." Hiei said in a low whisper.

"Yes." Botan nodded. "You just. have. to . to feel." ================================---*^_^*--- ====================================

B.E.A.: Waaah! It's my first Hiei+Botan fic! Yes! Yes! Yes! I finished it!

Kurama: Yeah, yeah. now could you make a fic about me?

B.E.A.: (Blinking) Oh. I almost forgot. sure.

Yusuke & Kuwabara: (dragging Hiei) You actually kissed Botan! You lucky git!

Hiei: Hn.

Kuwabara: How was that? Did you like it? Good Botan didn't faint! Maybe B.E.A. could make a lemon 'bout you two!

Botan: (whacks Kuwabara with her oar) You stop that!

Kurama: Hey! B.E.A.'s next fic's about me! Me! Me! You hear that!? I'm telling you, you'll forget all these after my fic! MY FIC! MY FIC!

B.E.A.: Hey, calm down!

Kurama: Why not begin that fic about me!?

B.E.A.: Alright, alright. (brings out a typewriter and begins typing)

Kurama: .