--==**And Hiei was Never Right**==--

Mikuni Fuyu

(a.k.a. Miyuki Mikuni)

M.M.: Hi. Well, you might hate the title, because we all love Hiei, but just R&R, an idea just dropped by my puny little mind, so please bear with me. This might be a short chapter but at least a twist occurs. It's partly angst but would end happy like all the other chapters. People had been giving me suggestions about how the others would know of their affair so I made up my OWN way of letting them know.

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Botan stared at her slow steps that matched Hiei's. He was staring intently at his in the same way that she did. Their shoulder bumped occasionally, discussing how she should stop work for a while until her almost beginning cold eased. They kept on walking until Botan jumped and exclaimed,

"Koenma-sama needs me for work!"

"What? Again?!" he asked. She nodded,

"Yes, I've quite forgotten about it, well... I got to go, I'll see you later!" she said desperately, and produced her oar.

"You're being too busy lately."

"Well, don't blame me for that." She said. He frowned,

"Yeah, right, I should blame the two of you! You're being too busy lately!"

"What!?" she exclaimed, and sneezed. She was getting dizzy. Hiei scowled more hatefully,

"I've been thinking for the past few days of what you've been doing in Reikai with that Koenma, why you've been incredibly busy lately."

"Would you stop thinking like that, you might as well ask Koenma of what I've been doing-"

"Yes, and of course, when I did, he would also lie to me!"

"Hiei, you're insane! I promise, I never tell lies to you!"

"You took control of my feelings, I loved you, and you're betraying me-"

"You don't even have proof, you're being an idiot!"

"Yeah, you're making me!" Hiei finished and hopped his way from Botan. She sighed,

"What's with him!?" She wanted to laugh, hardly believing that Hiei thought like that.


++the next day..

"Botan? Ano... Botan?" Kurama tapped the blue headed ferry-girl seated on a park bench. She turned to see his green eyes and smiled,

"Oh, hi... "

"Well, I think I'll just drop by to say hi, I don't want Hiei to burn me, he doesn't want anybody to go near you..." he chuckled heartily. Botan sighed,

"I don't think he will do that to you, he knows that you're honest to him, Kurama..." she said, patting the unoccupied portion of the bench. He sat down and sighed,

"Well, yes, he trusts me, but you know what, he doesn't trust Koenma..."

"What's with him, maybe he could understand if I put him in my shoes, then he will see how busy I am escorting souls..."

"Yes, he does, but Hiei doesn't want to lose you. He loves you, and he already has you, doesn't want to lose grip on you. So you need to really make him understand that you're his. You know how possessive he is for his sister. I thought that he understood since then. He needs love. And he found it in you."

"Well, I hope he believes that." Botan sighed, said a dull "I gotta go" to Kurama and mounted on her oar.


Hiei stared at his blue-haired ferry-girl soaring with her oar. After several seconds, she disappeared amongst the blue sky. He felt his heart throb. She was going to Koenma again. She was going to meet him and Hiei couldn't help but to think of what Koenma felt for her. She was so precious that he thought that everyone would want her and steal her. It was very hard having Botan, he thought. Like a precious gem in an imprudent hand. And he didn't want to lose her. So he decided... not to possess her at all. Because losing her hurt so much.

He walked down the alley-way slowly as he stared down to the ground. He still couldn't stop wondering about Botan, where she was and what she was doing... or, he thought, what THEY might be doing. What if Koenma was taking his place at that moment? He thought the craziest thoughts, but no wonder, he was in love.

He muffled as he stopped to breathe the caressing wind and felt the out of earshot atmosphere,

"Why am I feeling this?"

"Because, one, you love her. And two, you're over-acting and very possessive. And three, you don't know how to believe in her." a voice said softly. Hiei looked behind him and saw who he expected to see. Kurama was staring at him, not smiling, but seriously looking at him on the face and surely having stuff to say.

"Hey, that's not my fault, never been like this before besides for my sister!" Hiei said defensively.

"Well, you don't need to have experience, you just need understanding." Kurama argued as he crossed his arms sarcastically.

"Oh, yeah? Well..." Hiei paused to think of an argument. Kurama smiled.

"I'll leave you to think of it." And he walked away with a funny thought, "Why am I solving this for them?"

Hiei thought, yes, he would say sorry to Botan for what he said, and how he made her feel. He went straight to Reikai that day to see her.

He went to Koenma's office and looked for Koenma and Botan but he could find them nowhere. However, he sensed that they were there so he searched further. His eyes landed onto the floor and saw... them. Papers were scattered on the floor and there they were, Koenma above Botan's frozen body. Botan saw Hiei and noticed his expression and pushed Koenma. He was frozen as she was seconds ago.

"Hiei, no... it's not what you think, I-"

"Traitors..." Hiei muttered hoarsely. He felt like his world was crumbling. It hurt more than Yukina's wedding. Because in Yukina's wedding, there was a Botan to comfort him. But now, there was no Botan to do that... just a Botan to hate. To despise.

"Hiei, no..." Botan tried to explain. But Hiei's anger didn't let her, and didn't even let Hiei control his feelings.

"You lied to me... You made me believe..."

"You're wrong, Hiei, we-"

"You shouldn't have made me think you loved me... just to make me feel good... just to comfort me... you're more than wrong... you liar. I thought you'll always be the one to make me feel good. But you lied to me. You shouldn't have made me believe... that somebody damn and stupid cared for me." Hiei breathed hoarsely. He realized, he said too much, and he decided to finish it- he raised his palm to Botan and Koenma's direction; ready to burn her and Koenma to the last of their ashes. Koenma grew pale,

"Hiei, no, please, no, we-"

"YES, do it! Do it, kill me! Just kill me! Kill me now, and I know that after you find out what wrong you did, you couldn't take even the knowledge of the mistake that you did... Kill me!" Botan cried boldly. Hiei was abashed for a second. Botan was demanding him. He tried to keep his raised palm steady but it shook uncontrollably. He was going to kill Botan... never in his life did he even think that the thought of it would occur to him. And he knew... he couldn't do it. Botan's tearful face was falling into compassion and striking Hiei's heart as she always did. Her puppy eyes were always a victor over his heart, but her teary and sad eyes caught him and tugged his heart harder than ever. He almost exploded in seeing her cry, and almost couldn't take it... and he knew he couldn't even dare hurt her.

"I couldn't," he said as his heart's insides thump painfully and he thought it would burst. "I couldn't."

"Hiei, would you just try to understand!?" Botan walked closer to him and held his face with her two hands as if yelling at basketball. "It's not what you think!"

"No need explaining, I'm not going to kill you." Hiei muttered.

"Shut up, it's not what you thought, you have your senses, USE THEM!!!" Botan yelled in his ears. He closed his eyes calmly and walked away.


The next day, all were called to Yuusuke's. All went except Koenma, They were all smiling happily, except Botan and Hiei. Botan sat beside Shizuru, not daring to look at Hiei who felt all the same.

Yusuuke was grinning widest among them all. Kuwabara was chuckling and toppling under the table. Shizuru rolled her eyes impatiently, and yelled,

"Would you stop that, just tell us why you made me cancel my eating spree today JUST TO LAUGH AND GO NUTSO UNDER THAT TABLE!!!" She screamed her head off and threatened to beat up Kuwabara.

"Hey, keep cool, keep cool," Yuusuke snorted as he stood up and walked towards the TV set to open it. He inserted a tape into the video player and opened the television. Kuwabara almost popped his eyes out with the effort in stopping himself from laughing.

"Okay, guys, watch this." Yuusuke wore a sniggering face. Keiko frowned warningly,

"Wait, before you play that, are you sure I shouldn't give you this with what that tape contains?"

"Hey, even the two of us don't know yet!" Kuwabara said beneath his palms, stopping the outburst.

"What!? What if it's porn?" Botan exclaimed.

"Porn!? No! Unless you-" Kuwabara covered Yuusuke's mouth.

"Hey, you're going to spoil the fun!"

"Okay, okay, let's get this over with!!" Shizuru yelled, and the video was played. Botan was sweating. She stole glances at Hiei who didn't even care look at her, focusing at the TV screen. On the screen, to everyone's surprise, was a view from Koenma's office. Hiei frowned. He was reminded of yesterday.

Koenma then appeared on the screen, sitting on his usual chair and snoring, his head on the table and obviously tired. Botan then came in from the door. Hiei's fury began to arouse and his hand was heating up. Botan stared at the screen, highly flabbergasted at what she was seeing.

"Botan, you look good on TV!" Shizuru giggled as Yuusuke and Kuwabara laughed. Botan forced a smile, hiding all her feelings of mixed tension and thrill. She knew: that was taken yesterday, and would prove one thing that Hiei was about to see.

On the screen, Koenma didn't see Botan enter, because he was sleeping. She was holding a heavy heap of papers. She bent down to put them down, but her nose itched, and with a flash, she sneezed. Koenma was awakened and he stood up, not giving Botan chance to dodge from bumping onto him. They both fell (Kurama rolled his eyes at seeing this) and the papers were scattered.

Hiei then understood. It was as simple as a flourish and he even thought of killing both Koenma and Botan. He looked at Botan who was staring at her. He bowed his head in shame as the others watched him enter into scene on the TV. Everything was videotaped, and even his threat and Botan's bold arguments, and his silliness, and his threats which were now all playing before the others.

"I... I didn't know." Shizuru's jaw dropped. She turned to Botan who nodded.

"Well, he didn't want you to know."

"I actually thought it was Botan and Koenma-" Kuwabara murmured.

"Hiei, why didn't you tell us!?" Yuusuke started to smile. Hiei frowned at his shameful mistake and stood up. He walked up to Botan and knelt in front of her and looked at the ground,

"Gomen ne," he said. Botan smiled, and didn't resist but clung to him and broke down into tears.

"I- we..." Kuwabara stuttered as he smiled at Yuusuke,

"We're heroes, buddy!!" they screamed at each other.

"Yeah, thanks you taped it all or he would forever think I betrayed him..." Botan sniffed, half because of her tears and half because of her cold. Hiei held her and whispered,

"I'm so sorry... I should have... should have used my senses."

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M.M.: Hey, I'm through with it, did it take me so long? I was just so busy with home works, next time I'll make a story when somebody would get all- chaos because of these home works!! Home works for weekends, unbelievable! I'm so sorry if it took me so long.