There's a Fine Line Between Love and Hate....And Your Walking It: Chapter Seven: Sure About This



Her Apartment

Gotham City

"No," I told Grandmother for the last time. "No." Quitting wasn't an option. I was down, but I was not yet out.

"Please Kat," she begged me. I turned and walked out the door, needing to think. I hadn't realized how late it was as I walked out into the city, my backpack containing my suit. I walked aimlessly, probably for at least forty five minutes. Now where to go, no one to talk to.

I changed into the suit, desperately wanting to see Riko, if only to calm myself. I arrived at the zoo, slipping into the tigers cage. He hurriedly padded up to me, rubbing his head against me, telling me how he'd missed me and how awful it had been without me.

I patted his head. "There, there my friend.....Just wait....I'll make everything right...."


"I don't like this Terry...." said Emily, rubbing her hands together to calm herself with the realization that she could summon the sword if anything went wrong.

"Don't back down on me now," said Batman. "You said you'd go through with this.....this is right....."

"Can't we just-"

"Do you want Kat in prison?"

There was a pause.


"Well what?"

"Do you?!"


"Well that's a start," thought Terry to himself.

"Then this is the only chance."

Emily turned her head, looking to her right. "Here she comes," she said as she ducked into the shadows.

Batman turned on his camouflage, and Catwoman, absconding with some rubies, collided into him. He reappeared, and Kat jumped back in fright.

"Oh, no," she said drawing her whip. "Your not getting me that easy."

"Relax. I just want to talk."

"I have a phone you know."

"To easy to be traced. Besides, we need to talk face to face."

"There's nothing to talk about. You're the hero, I'm the thief. We fight each other until one of us dies."

"It's not that simple any more."

"Why not?"

"I told you why."


"When I told you I loved you."

"Well," thought Emily. "That's something he failed to mention."

Kat had bowed her head.

"Well?" he asked.

"Well what?"

"You never answered me."


"Do you love me?"


"Do you love me?"

Kat hugged him tightly.

"Please. Please don't ask me that...."

"I need to know, now."


"Kat, tell me the truth."

"Of corse I do! Why do you need to ask me that!? Didn't you already know? Couldn't you already tell?"

Terry held her tightly against him, as she cried lightly against him.

"Are you sure about what your doing. It's not worth it Kat-"

"I'm not sure about anything anymore."

"I'm sure about this," he said, and he delicately kissed her.

"Batman! Gordon's coming! We need to get out of her now!" Emily yelled.

"Your making things so difficult on me," Kat said.

"Bats! I said now!"

"Kat, you've got to stop being Catwoman. I beg of you," Terry pleaded.

"Batman, I-"

"I said now!" Emily yelled, grabbing Terry's wrist, and yanking him out of Catwoman's arms. Just in time too.

"Halt!" Yelled Commissioner Gordon on the megaphone, with the spotlight on Kat. "You are under arrest for theft in the first degree, alluding the police, kidnaping an endangered species...."


"Bring! Bring!" went the telephone in the Kyle's residence.

"I got it grandma!" called Kat. "Hello?"

"So, I hear the judge let you off easy since it was a charity, and your first offense," said Emily.

"Why are you calling?" Kat said bitterly.

"Relax. No harm is intended."

"Then why are you calling?"

"Because I wanted to see if you'd like to go out to lunch with me tomorrow."

"Are you feeling ok?"

"Look, people are gonna start wondering if we just stop hanging out with each other, because we were pretty tight for a while. We'd be keeping up appearances."

"You forget. I'm a convicted felon. I have no appearances keep."

"Well, yeah...."



"Why else would you invite me to lunch?"



"Because, I kinda miss not talking with you."



"Where do you want to go to lunch?"

The End