Somewhere out there, through the looking glass, is another plane of reality and a dark reflection of our universe, a mirrored twin, where everything and everyone is the same... but different.

Somehow even the universe, the very stars themselves, lack the brilliance they are known for in our reality, there is no feeling of hope from looking up at the infinite void that inspired ancient civilizations to explore.

Slowly, a hulk of a ship emerged from a nebula, approaching a small blue planet. Imprinted on the ship was its name Starkiller, it stopped above the small blue world and within the ship a figure arose from the chair centered on its bridge. The man spoke "This is the Imperial Starship Starkiller, surrender to the might of the Terran Empire, or be destroyed".

Deep within the ship, Lieutenant Loreck Avery looked over the secret message that had been left for him on the Defiant, it detailed information about his future and the future of the Terran Empire and now he knew what he must do, to protect his Empire, he must kill Spock…