The start of this fic is just a little wonky, but gets way better. The early chapters are being edited to fix all my inexperienced writer mistakes from when I started writing this. I'm putting this here for the people that skip the notes. Chapters 1-3 are fixed, and the further you read the far less mistakes you'll find. At this point it's just bad autocorrect and typos due to writing super late at night and having no brain power. Also, the story in general just gets better as I learn. Being 50 chapters in at the time of writing this, I can confidently say I've gotten somewhat of a handle on things. I really hope you like my story. ^_^

There were a number of feelings that Izuku Midoriya was familiar with. Defeat, sadness, frustration, and hopelessness just for starters. All of which he became well acquainted with at the young age of four. Growing up quirkless in this world made that inevitable, and as much as he doesn't like it, these are feelings that were still stuck with him even to this day.

After meeting All Might, gaining his unimaginable power, passing the entrance exam to his dream school and All Might's alma mater U.A High, and making REAL friends. Ones that don't mock you, threaten you, and hurt you in every which way. Things seemed to be turning up for the better, even with the backlash One for All and the USJ attack, his personal life was looking up. One would think that you could move on from such a bad past.


Well, at least mostly. Many nights he still had nightmares about it. Sometimes he would be in the doctor's office where he got the worst news of his life. Or sometimes it was about blonde spikes and explosions, and only in the recent year he's had nightmares of Kacchan's "advice". Those memories and feelings stick with someone for life. So long that you can recognize when others are going through the same feelings as you. That is what he is witnessing right now, someone who shared that pain with him. Someone who could (at least slightly) understand.

That someone was none other than Momo Yaoyarozu, the Creation Quirk user VP of Class 1-A, the smartest out of all the first years, and considered by many to be the prettiest as well. He had never really spoken to her all that much. Not even when they were both chosen as the representatives for their class, back before he had given the position of Class President to Iida.

Besides his sheer terror of talking to highly attractive women, (oh who was he kidding, women in general) his introvertness and difference in friend groups never really gave him the chance to even attempt to talk to her. They weren't really friends, just classmates. He couldn't deny that she was an outstanding student with an unbelievable quirk to boot, and from what he could pick up on from a distance, a wonderfully nice person.

Yet still, just a classmate. One that he highly respected, but classmates nonetheless.

But...that look on her face...he couldn't just sit there and do nothing. He watched her as she walked out of the Tournament Arena, freshly defeated from her fight with Tokoyami. At that moment, time seemed to grind to an eerily slow pace. He could read her face like the books she reads to learn molecular structures. The self-doubt, the feeling of powerlessness, the...disappointment. Those weren't just feelings, they were powerful beings themselves. Like parasites, they latched on to you and wipe you of any confidence you have in yourself. Slowly breaking you down over time until you can't be fixed.

"I'm already too far gone, but...maybe I can help her befor-...I-..." Before the quirk inheritor could even sift through any reluctance he had, he had shot out of his seat and was running down towards the gateway where Yaoyorozu have should entered from without even thinking. He never even noticed the odd looks from his classmates.

Uraraka raised an eyebrow and yell, "Deku!? Where are you goin'!" Her question fell upon deaf ears as the Green Mop-headed boy was already gone. "Where's he going? He looked like he was in a hurry. D'you guys think somethings wrong?" the brunette best friend of Midoriya asked, genuinely concerned.

Kaminari, sitting nearby, chuckled, "Maybe he got sick of Bakugou's constant grumbling over not getting first in any event?"


"Aw c'mon man, at least I tried!" the most Electrifying Student in Anime entertainment tried to defend himself.



Meanwhile, as all hell broke loose up in the stands, Izuku had made it to the entrance point to the arena. But, Yaoyorozu was nowhere to be found. He started to wander the halls, hoping she didn't leave the stadium grounds all together.


Looking to his right, around the corner was the rich girl herself. Sitting against the wall of a deserted hallway, a hand over her mouth to stifle her sobs, tears flowing down her face, was Yaoyorozu Momo. This was where the One for All user stopped dead in his tracks. Girls he already can't handle, but a crying one he should stay thousands of feet away from. He couldn't even handle when his own mother cried.

'I c-can't just leave her l-like this. I...I...all those times when I was in the exact position as her. Alone, crying, feeling hopeless. Everytime, I just wished someone was there. I already can't leave, my body won't let me until I help her. And even if I could, I wouldn't be able to live with myself, much less feel worthy of being of hero if I left. I HAVE TO HELP HER! NO MATTER WHAT!'

Izuku's heart and mind we're set. Being who he was, no matter how nervous he was he would always help. He steeled himself, and took a step towards Yaoyorozu.

As soon as his first step rang throughout the hallway, Momo jumped in shock believing no one would come down this seemingly unused hallway. She believed someone would probably come looking for her eventually, but not so soon. She was then even more flabbergasted when it wasn't Jirou, Uraraka, or any of the other girls of Class 1-A that showed up...but Midoriya.

Izuku Midoriya. The timid, shy boy with the heart of hero and the strangest quirk she had ever seen. Not because it caused some kind of wacky or extraordinary mutation, but because of the backlash it caused. Sure quirks had weaknesses, and if used too much could cause a strain on the body. She had learned that young when her parents warned her of the limited lipids in her body when she started to become malnourished from overuse (She tried to create more books to read when she became impatient for trips to the bookstore). But, to cause the breaking of one's own limbs when used was just entirely unheard of.

Yet, even with his quirk she could tell he was someone with a bright future as a hero. He was always adapting, no matter the situation. Even on the first day of school when he went from injuring his whole arm to just his finger. He expressed the ideals of a true hero more than anyone she had ever known, and (at least what she had been told by Uraraka) was one of the nicest and caring people around. She, like the rest of her class excluding Bakugou and apparently Todoroki, was impressed by him.

Yet, that was where there acquaintance ended. So…why was he the one to show up?

"Um...I-uh…m-mind if I s-s-sit down...f-f-for a minute?" She listened as he barely managed to get that sentence out. She knew he was shy, but this was a whole new level than anything she had ever seen. She realized she hadn't responded yet, not knowing what to say.

"Well, I-"


Momo's eyes widened, startled at the sudden outburst. Her tears had even subsided from shock. His bellowed and rushed words were barely translated in her mind.
Realizing how, to put it nicely, weird that must have been for her; Midoriya tried again.

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't m-mean to shout I…" He then bowed down. "Please, allow me to start over. I know we d-don't exactly know one another all that well, b-but I have something I would like to say."

He was met with silence, so he took that as a green light to continue. Izuku sat down next to Momo, about one foot apart from each other. Not knowing where exactly to start now that he had made it that far, he deduced that maybe he should start with her fight. That would be the most difficult part for her to think about. He wanted to make this as easy for her as possible without.

"I...I know how your fight with Tokoyami is making you feeling right now." While he wasn't looking at her, he could tell she was awkwardly shuffling in her spot, clearly uneasy about it. But, Midoriya knew he couldn't stop now, not if he wanted to save her from turning out like him. "I-I know because I've felt that way my entire life. I've never believed in myself. It feels suffocating, like it's trying to drown the rest of you out to the point of where all you feel is just...disappointment. Not just in yourself, but you start to feel others disappointment in you. It wears you down. I mean, I don't exactly make it hard to see that I'm n-not confident. It's only recently that I have been able to feel proud of myself for things. B-But, if there is anyone in this school that shouldn't feel like that's it's you."

He finally felt her eyes on him. He had fully gotten her attention now. And his stuttering was becoming sparse for now, so he took advantage of it.

"I mean...I'm not all that much. Besides my body destroying quirk that I can't even control, I'm as plain as they come. B-But...but you, I mean look at you. You're Momo Yaoyorozu. Amazing quirk, you're as smart as they come; you could give Principal Nezu a run for his money I'm sure. I-I heard from Kaminari about your plan back at USJ that saved you, him, and Jirou. You even made weapons on the spot for them. That's incredible! I'm just ecstatic th-that you're such a nice person and don't have an ego like Kacchan's".

She giggled at that. A clearly wobbly, tear filled giggle, but it's still a giggle. 'Okay, okay this is working Izuku. Keep it up. Plus Ultra on an emotional level!'

"Tokoyami is strong, b-but you shouldn't let this drag you down. I-It was one fight, and we're only going to get stronger from here. L-Let's both go beyond, and do our best together! So we can make sure that we never lose, or let these emotions drag us down again!"

That was by far the longest one on one conversation he had ever had with a girl, and now that he was out of material he didn't exactly know what to do.

"Um...s-so...I-I hope that helps. Uh...I should... probably get back. Kirishima's fight is about to start and I-"

He couldn't finish his sentence because a soft, warm mass slammed into his side and a pair of arms wrapped around his neck. Something placed itself into the crook his neck, with hot tears hitting his skin and clothes.

A hug...

From a girl...

That was crying...

Said girl was Yaoyorozu...

He was being hugged by a crying Yaoyorozu.
He had never felt his whole body lock up so fast or his face become so hot and red before.

"Thank you" was all she said. Slightly muffled from face her pressing against his neck, but he heard it. His job comforting wasn't done...not just yet. He forced his arms to move and lightly hug back. Granted, his arms moved like the Tin Man BEFORE he got oiled, but he knew she needed this. And maybe he did a little too.

'I'll just think of this as training for when I have to comfort civilians in the future' Midoriya tried to rationalize in his head. He tried to ignore the extreme blushing he was doing and the two large, soft masses he could feel on his torso. So, he decided that maybe doing this for a while longer wasn't too bad.


Momo looked up slightly. "Should we go watch Kirishima's fight?"

Midoriya thought about it for a second and replied, "Actually, I have a feeling that's not going to be a very interesting battle."

To be continued...