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After what seemed like forever, they pulled into a concealed alleyway next to a run-down building.

Izuki jumped out. "And we're here."

The four others looked at the building. "This is not what I was expecting." Jet Fuel stepped out.

"Well, this is the best place because not only is it hidden in plain sight but also everyone thinks it's abandoned so it should be easy enough."

Izumi led the four new recruits into the building and up to the top floor of the building to were the bar was located.

Izuki stood at the door and locked it open resulting in the lock breaking.

The two occupants of the room jumped and turned to the door.

"I'm back losers. What I miss?"

"Did you really have to break the door?" Kirigiri eyes the broken lock.

"Yes, I did." She walks in with the other three behind her. "Seeing as I'm the only one able to recruit more than just street thugs." She looks at Shigaraki. "And no you can't reject them so don't even try."

Shigaraki glares at her. "The hells that suppose to mean?"

"Exactly as I said." She stepped to the side to let the three others enter the room. They looked around before leveling their eyes on Shigaraki.

Axton was the first to speak up, wanting to break the silence. "So you're the boss?"

Shigaraki snorted. "Nah, I'm not. The boss isn't here but I am acting leader." He declared using the term that Izuki has used to describe him on the second day of her being here.

Jet Fuel stepped forward. "If your boss isn't here, then where the hell is he?"

"I'm the only person in this room privy to that information." Kirigiri spoke up, silencing whatever childish outburst Tomura was getting ready to unleash.

Tomura scoffed and looked towards the tv, before turning back to them. "Who are you anyways? Izuki may have recruited you and even though she's like a sister to me and I trust her as such. That doesn't mean anything until I'm sure I can trust you."

The two parties started at each other in crushing silence as Izuki crept along the wall to get a better view of the chaos that she anticipated to come.

Maya pushed her short light blue hair behind her ears and spoke up. "I understand you not knowing me and my siblings but how do you not know Jet Fuel? He's all over the news recently."

Tomura closes his left hand around the glass that sat in front of him causing it to disintegrate into a pile of fine dust. "I'm practically running an entire criminal organization by myself. Do you really think I have enough time to watch the news?"

Kirigiri caught Izuki's eye to ask her to step on but before he did, he saw the playful look in her eyes that told him she knew this would happen and was enjoying it a little too much. "Tomura, calm yourself. And you four, please introduce yourselves."

Izuki frowned as Kirigiri stepped in and ended the situation before it got to the good bit.

The four new recruits looked at each other before they all eventually nodded in agreement.

Jet Fuel bowed slightly before speaking. "I am known as Jet Fuel and these are my associates collectively known as Gemini, cyber terrorists from Scotland. We have agreed to join your group because our goal lines up with one in your order."

Tomura glares at them before turning to the clock. "Kirigiri, it's time."

Kirigiri nodded and a dark purple circle materialized in the middle of the bar. Tomura grabbed the hand that laid on the bar and placed it on his face and stepped through the portal, followed by Izuki who turned to the others, beckoning them through with a smile that promised fun. They hesitated a bit but started forward lead by a chipper Gaige, her brown hair bobbing up and down.

Unknown location

Axton was the last one through the portal, which collapsed in on itself before forming into Kirigiri.

Waiting for them was a room the size of a warehouse that was filled with street thugs and a large purple skinned bird like thing with its brain exposed. Tomura grabbed a metal steampunk-like mask that looked like a skull. It had a gap down the middle revealing and dark red velvet cloth. At the bottom, the metal was cut away to form a mouth with a ribbon thread across it. He tossed it to Izuki, who fumbled to catch it. He then tossed a hooded cloak at her.

"Put those on. Sensei doesn't want the heroes knowing about you just yet."

Izuki looked at the mask and frowned. "I understand Sensei's stance in this but do I have to have this…" she paused thinking of a word for it. "Thing? It's not my style."

"It's the only thing I could get you otherwise I would have gotten something else. However, it does have telescope lenses for eyes so you can see far distances. I'll get you something else when we're done."

Izuki nodded and fastened the mask on before throwing the black cloak over her shoulder and flipping the hood up.

Tomura turned to the crowd and did a side nod to Kirigiri.

A long portal formed in front of the group with six smaller portals forming on the side.

The big group split into seven smaller groups with the biggest one stepping into the front portal.

Once the thugs had all gone through. Tomura and his group stepped forward, with Izuki calling out in sing-song fashion. "Come on, Nomu."

The big bird thing stepped forward.


Once Izuki stepped through the portal she looked up and saw class-1A. Though there seemed to be more students than originally thought. She rolled her head before it came to her. "Seems like a last minute change of plans. Looks like 1-B is here as well."

Tomura scoffed. "Who cares about that, All Might isn't here. The schedule said he would be."

Izuki shrugged. "That doesn't matter. Since he isn't here. Let's kill some of these kids. The fact he wasn't here to save them will definitely break his spirit."

Tomura sent a side glance to Izuki and a smile spread across his face. "I like that idea. Kirigiri, proceed with the plan."

Kirigiri warped away without even nodding and Izuki could see him form at the top of the stairs while a figure flung himself down the stairs to fight the villains.

"Izuki, stay back and don't use your quirk unless you have to."

Izuki smiled and pulled a small knife from her boot. "I don't need my quirk to defend myself."

Tomura nodded and turned back to the fight. "How is this?"

After a bit of silence, Izuki spoke up. "I believe it's Eraserhead." Izuki turned to the four next to her. "You want to join the fight?"

Jet Fuel shook his head. "I'm staying out of it as long as possible." The other three echoed their agreement.

Izuki looked back toward the fight and watched as Eraserhead beat all the goons they had brought.

Then Kirigiri arrived back. "I'm sorry but one of the students escaped and is no doubt heading to warn the pros."

Izuki sighed. "That fine. We can be out before they show up."

Before she could say anything else, Tomura burst forth and engaged the underground hero but it became apparent that he was outmatches as Eraser was easily dodging all his strikes. The only damage that Tomura was able to land was when he grabbed Eraserhead's elbow before his quirk was canceled.

Tomura leaped back. "You really are so cool Eraserhead and while I would like to keep fighting you, we both know you would win so instead you will get to fight someone else. NOMU, beat him."

The bird like giant that had been standing motionless, sprung forward faster than the eye could see and slammed Eraser into the ground.

Izuki watched this happen until she saw movement beyond the fight in the water. She brought her hand up and zoomed in on it. She saw four students. One had purple hair and looked sleep deprived, another looked like a frog, the next one was clinging onto the frog girl and had purple balls and his head and the last one had horns and looked like an American. "It would seem we underestimated these students." Tomura glances at Izuki who indicated with her head to the lake. "They didn't seem to have suffered much."

Tomura nodded. "Well, since the Symbol of Piece isn't here let's leave him with a parting gift." With that, he burst forward in a blur of speed and grabbed the face of frog girl only for nothing to happen. Izuki glances at Eraserhead to see him looking at Tomura, his eyes red.

The horned girl shouted something in english and jumped out of the water to reveal hooves for feet. She made a kick aimed at Tomura only for Nomu to shoot forward a get in between the two.

The Nomu pulled his fist back ready to let it fly forward, the doors at the top of the stairs burst open with such force that smoke rose. When it was clear, it revealed the number 1 hero in all his glory, that made Izuki gag, All Might.

"Tomura, get back here. Nomu, kill All Might." Izuki wastes no time issuing those orders as Nomu leaped to All Might as soon as the words left her mouth. All Might and the nomu met in the air creating a shock wave as they flew apart and landed on the ground each creating cracks in the concrete.

Tomura walked back to where Izuki was standing. "Guess we don't have to kill anyone."

"You May be right but you never know someone could die before this chapter of our lives is over."

Tomura chose not to respond in favor of watching the fight. All Might Aimee a punch at Nomu and shouted. "CALIFORNIA SMASH!" He then let it loose and his fist connected with the giants chest but not doing anything. "What? Why didn't it do anything?"

"Your punches won't do anything. Nomu has shock absorption."

Izuki resisted the urge to punch Tomura for such a dumb mistake.

All Might studied the purple abomination before rushing forward and grabbing the Nomu around the waist and preformed a suplex but instead of the Nomu hitting the ground, two purple smoky discs appeared under the point of impact and under All Might. Nomu passed through the portals and grabbed All Might, his sharp nails digging into his sides and started to pull him down to get him through the portal to cut him in half.

Before that could happen ice spread across the ground and over Nomu and someone cried out. "DIE." And Bakugou slammed into Kirigiri and pinning him to the ground. Two more figures jumped aiming punches at Tomura and Izuki. Both of which missed as Tomura rolled out of the way and Izuki deflected the silver hand and throw the figure it was connected to.

"You think you shitty villain's can kill All Might? Not a chance and now I've got your way out."

When Izuki turned to see who was speaking she had to push her anger down at seeing the face of the last remaining tormentor telling herself it was not the time yet and that she would get her chance in the future. She instead turned to Jet Fuel. "You know his quirk is like yours. Except he was praised for it."

Anger flashed through Jet Fuel's eyes as his hands started to glow purple and his gas started to spread. He formed the glass into a ball and aimed at Bakugou but didn't throw it as Izuki raises her hand slightly. "Nomu get our friend back."

Nomu let go of All Might and broke the ice which resulted in only half a Nomu and rose back through the portal as his left side regenerated. It then sped to Bakugo but was about to hit him when All Might grabbed the explosion user and throw him to the side taking the blow himself.

Izuki then threw her hand forward and Jet fuel let his gas ball fly towards the groups of students and exploded right in Bakugou's face with enough force to send him flying but not affect the other students.

The students shouted out concerns for Bakugo. All Might then burst out of the smoke where he landed and started wailing on Nomu.

"Are you an idiot. I said Nomu has shock absorption. You can't beat him."

All Might called back while punching the Nomu. "Yes you did say he has shock absorption but you didn't say he has shock nullification, so he must have a limit. If he was made to handle my best then I must go beyond my best. Listen well villains, I'm sure you have heard these words before but I will show you the true meaning of going beyond. Going PLUS ULTRA!" The force of the fight pushed everyone back as the Nomu began to give ground to All Might. The battle was taken to the air as All Might uppercutted Nomu and jumped up and continued the wail on him before grabbing his arm and throws him toward the ground which created waves in the concrete. He then lands and yells out plus ultra before unleashing on more punch causing the Nomu to go flying through the air and out of the USJ.

Everything was quiet as they watched All Might, who was panting and dust rose from the ground like smoke from a raging forest fire.

Tomura began to scratch his neck. "He lied. He said All Might had weakened but he hasn't."

Izuki places her left hand on Tomura's shoulder. Her knife dangling from her fingers on her right ready to throw it. "Actually he has weakened. Can't you see the steam coming off of him? We can still beat him."

Tomura slowed his scratching and looked at All Might. "You're right. It's so easy. Just…"

Before he could say anything else, a female voice called out in a foreign language and they looked over to see the horned girl flying toward them with her left hoof raised in the air.

A portal appeared next to Izuki and she tightened her grip on the knife and thrusted it through. Immediately she heard a pain cry and looked at their flying assailant. Now frozen in the air suspended by Izuki knife in her chest. Izuki pulled her knife out and the girl fell to the ground with a wet thud.

The group of students cry out her name, Pony apparently.

Just then a shot rang out and Izuki felt intense pain in her shoulder as bullet flew through the air.

"Everyone, time to go." Izuki called out to the group of four that stared at the corpse that was a hero in training just a few minutes ago before they shook out of their stupor and ran toward the other three.

Kirigiri wrapped himself around the six to block other bullets before collapsing in on himself leaving the USJ and taking them with him.


The six spilled out in the middle of bar. Five perfectly fine villains and a heavily wounded Izuki, who had four bullet wounds. One in each shoulder and two in her legs. She cried out in pain as she hit the floor before gritting her teeth.

The T.V. turned on. "Didn't go so well I take it."

A small portal opened up next to Izuki and a small medkit dropped down.

Maya crouched next to Izuki and started to fix her up despite her protests.

"All Might isn't at weak as we thought."

"And my Nomu?"

"He went flying out of the USJ. Without the coordinates I couldn't bring him back."

"Very well. The important thing is that you all are safe. Now it's time for me to formally meet the new recruit. My name is Sensei, I'm glad y'all decided to join us."

Jet Fuel stepped forward. "You should thank Siren. She was the one that recruited us."

"Of course, she has my gratitude. Far well." The T.V. shut off washing the bar in silence aside from the muffled grunts of pain as Maya stitched up Izuki.

And that's it for chapter 6. If you want a better idea of what Izuki's temporary mask looks like just look up Corvo Attano's mask from Dishonored.