It had been a couple of days, but David was still reeling from the shock of Maddie's return. When he saw her standing outside of her office looking beautiful with a newly well- rounded body and swollen belly, he was sure that they she realized she had missed him and that he was the man she wanted to spend her life with.

Yeah, sure, Dave – he didn't know what hurt him more the "I'm married David." Married to a man she knew for 3 days! A man she had met when she was supposedly coming home to him! Or "It's not yours." In the icy, cruel tone that coated her voice and the spiteful glint in her cornflower blue eyes. Both would have devastated another man. But David wasn't another man and would not allow that icy blonde to further destroy his world. He plastered that bullet proof look on his face at Blue Moon and pretended he didn't give a shit about Maddie, her new husband or Sam's baby. Screw them all! He'd survive. He always did.

Now after a long day of pretense around Maddie, who seemed to want to rub her new life in his face over and over, he was on his way to pick up Teri for their weekly Lamaze class. He had grown to care about Teri over the last few months. She was a brown eyed, brown haired uncomplicated woman and the complete opposite of the complicated blonde he had held in his heart for the last 3 and a half years. Teri was easy to talk too and never made him feel like a fool or less of a man. So why did he feel like drowning himself in a bottle of Tequila instead of taking her to class? David sighed inwardly as he pulled up in front of Teri's building. He saw her waiting on the steps and his heart felt a pang of longing. Maybe he could love this woman. After all, he knew he could not keep loving Maddie Hayes!

"Anything wrong David?" Teri inquired as she took another bite of her burger. She couldn't help taking huge bites of the delicious burger covered in melted cheese. She was eating for two and she was always famished! Teri swallowed her bite and wiped her mouth with a napkin as she gazed at David with searching brown eyes. She knew him well enough by now to realize that something was upsetting him. He hadn't responded and was staring absently at the window on the side of their booth. He also hadn't touched his burger and David usually inhaled his food. She tried again to get his attention, "Earth to David Addison!"

David was trying to pay attention to Teri and enjoy his burger, but he couldn't get Maddie out of his mind. She was married to another man! What were they doing now? Having a quiet, romantic dinner outside on her patio? Maybe he took her to the type of restaurant Maddie enjoyed – with no menus on the placemats – and they were holding hands across the table. Or maybe they were coiled up in bed screwing their brains out – David could almost hear Maddie's cries of passions. His insides were burning with anger and – then he heard Teri calling out to him. His thoughts immediately focused on the woman across the booth. David was quite adept at hiding his feelings. But when he looked into the worried brown eyes of Teri, he knew he never fooled her. "David?"

"Oh yeah sorry." He ran his hands through his hair as he threw Teri a sideways grin. "Just thinking about a case that I'm working on." He lied.

A scowl covered Teri's usual cheery face. "Knock it off Addison!" She fumed, "I can tell already when you are fibbing!" She pointed her finger at him, "Does this 'case' Terri used air quotes, "have anything to do with a blonde who happens to be in Chicago?"

David shook his head, looked away for a moment, and then nodded. He put his head down, "Yeah. Well." He nodded, then shook his head again, "she's not in Chicago anymore." He told her slowly.

Teri felt a pang in her heart. Even though she knew that David Addison was wildly in love with Maddie Hayes she had harbored a secret yearning that the woman would stay in Chicago and let David free. But she guessed that wasn't in the cards. She threw off her inner anguish (Teri was also good at hiding her emotions when she had to) and forced a happy smile onto her face. "Well that is great news David!" She clapped her hands together. She looked at his sullen face. "Isn't it?"

David gave out a short laugh. "Yeah sure." He nodded. "But well she didn't come back alone."

Teri didn't think that Maddie was so far along in her pregnancy. "A baby?" She asked with surprise in her voice.

David laughed bitterly. "Hardly." He waved his hand as if to swat away that idea. "More like a 40-year old husband."

Teri was stunned. "What? A what? Husband." She sputtered in disbelief.

David nodded.

"Sam?" Teri asked slowly.

David laughed again. "In a way I wish." Teri listened intently, "Sam? I could understand her marrying him. But no, this jamook is some guy she picked up on the train home."

David saw the stunned look on her face. Well, he had been stunned too. Still was actually. "Yep." David continued with a frown marring his brow, "she only knew him like 3 days."

"I don't understand." Teri admitted with a frown.

"Join the club."

"Wow." Teri stared into his unhappy green eyes. She could tell he was hurting. "I'm sorry."

David shrugged. "Yeah well now I have my answer." He nodded his head as if he had made a decision. "It's done."

Teri nodded along with him. Then a thought stopped her in mid nod. "The baby?" She ventured.

"Says it's not mine." David took a long pull of his beer.


Suddenly, David was starving. He laughed as he took a huge bite out of his burger.

Teri saw the light in his green eyes turn back on. "Her loss." She told him with a smile. "You are going to make some lucky girl a great husband and killer dad!" I want him for mine she realized as she laid her ringless hand on his.

The next day was a busy one at Blue Moon and David tried to avoid Maddie as much as possible. But just before noon she strolled into his office and sat in the chair in front of his desk. She smiled at him but said not a word.

"So, you don't knock now?" He lifted an eyebrow as he put his head down and continued to work on the Anselmo file.

"I wanted to see if you were free for lunch?" Her voice was liltingly sweet, and it struck a nerve with David. She really was a piece of work! He sat back in his chair twirling the pencil in his long fingers. A lopsided grin spread over his face, but it didn't reach his eyes.

Maddie hated the cold look in David's eyes. She had thought when she came back with Walter that David would – well she really didn't know what David would do or feel – but she never expected this cold stranger to show up. She had tried numerous times to talk things out with him, but he wasn't easy to pin down. Yesterday, he had left early without any explanation. Didn't he care at all? Sure, seemed like he didn't. Her smile wavered as she looked at him closely. Damn, he had only gotten more handsome and sexier when she was away. Looked like he had spent some time working out. A bolt of anger that she squelched ran over her – so she was crying and miserable in Chicago carrying this baby and David was going to the gym, and God knows how many parties. She felt suddenly old and tired. The reasons for her running away and marrying Walter no longer made a shred of sense to her. She could only imagine what David and the rest of the staff thought. Cringing inwardly, Maddie forced a wide smile. "So?" She urged.




"Stop repeating every word I say!" Maddie snapped as she jumped to her feet – well as much as she could jump carrying a baby and the extra weight she had gained. She hated her body but to David she looked sexier than ever. He pushed that thought out of his head.

"I really have a lot of work to catch up on." He lied waving his hand at the papers on his desk.

Maddie was at a loss for words. She had to fight to hide the tears sneaking into her eyes. "Oh." She nodded as she backed away from his desk.

David put his head back to his work. "When are we going to meet him?"

Maddie stopped in her tracks. "Him?" She knew exactly who he meant.

"Yeah him. Your hubby. William." David looked up and leaned back in his chair.

"Walter. His name is Walter."

David nodded. "Ok. When are we going to meet the blushing groom?" He stood up and walked around his desk. He leaned his back against the front of his desk, puckered his lips, and crossed his arms across his chest. His eyes were gleaming with mischief.

Maddie hated him at that second. Why was he torturing her? "I don't know." She threw out with irritation. "He's busy."

David nodded. "Busy heh?" A thought came to him. He laughed to himself. "Got an idea. Pencil it in." He made a writing gesture. "Saturday night. A welcome home Maddie and congratulations to the happy couple party!" David smiled wickedly.

Maddie's face tightened, "I don't know."

"Are you ashamed of Wallace?" He raised a devilish brow.

"Walter!" Maddie practically growled. "His name is Walter!"

David loved to rile her up. "Ok are you ashamed of Walter?" He asked innocently, "Mrs. Bishop?" A smirk ran up the side of his face.

"What did you call me?" She itched to smack that smirk off of his face.

David shrugged, "isn't that your name now? Maddie Bishop?"

"My name is Maddie Hayes!" She shrieked as she pointed her finger at him like a pistol. "Hayes!"

David shrugged again. "Oh, I would think that a woman in love would want to take the name of her husband?" He baited her. "You do love him? Right?"

"Truly! Madly! Deeply!" Maddie lied. "He is my soul mate."

"Ok then Mrs. Bishop!" He pushed off his desk and approached her. Maddie backed up. That intoxicating smell that was pure David ran through her senses. She felt like crying or screaming – or both. "Saturday at 7 at Pat's."

Pat's was their place that they went to together for lunch and dinner at least once a week. Maddie felt her heart splinter. She knew he was trying to hurt her, and she wouldn't fall into his sinister plot! "Sure!" She smiled as she stopped backing away from him. She put her hands on his shoulders and reached up to kiss his cheek. "I can't wait.!" Two can play the game.

Later that night at Maddie's

Walter kept gazing at Maddie across the dinner table. She hadn't said a word since she got home, and he was worried about her. She looked a bit wan. "Are you feeling ok?" He ventured with worry coating his voice.

Maddie hadn't even attempted to pretend to Walter she was glad to be home that night. She was overwhelmed with regret and that was making her cranky and out of sorts. She looked up from the plate of food she hadn't touched. She looked into Walter's concerned eyes and felt a flash of pity for this man. She had to try to love him! Walter would make a good husband and good father. He was stable and safe. Safe. She had always wanted a safe man – and then along came David Addison. NO! She would not get on that thought train tonight. She had to push the images of twinkling green eyes and lopsided grins out of her mind. David was the past. Walter the future.

"I'm fine." She forced a smile to her face. "Just a bit tired."

"Go up to bed Maddie." Walter suggested. "I can clean up here."

Maddie felt a twinge of irritation. Why did he always have to be so considerate? Even when she had flat out lied and told him that her doctor insisted that she refrain from any sexual activity until the baby was born, he had only been concerned for her welfare. David would have suggested 'other ways' to please him. David again? She had to stop thinking of that man once and for all!

Later that night at Teri's

Across town David was making Teri his Steak La Dave for dinner. She was watching him cook with a huge grin. David smiled back. "Soon you will taste the magic of Dave in the kitchen!" He winked.

"In the kitchen?" She giggled. She peered at the steak cooking on her indoor grill. It smelled terrific. "I can't wait." She told him as she took out the dishes and cutlery to set the table. "I'm famished."

"You're always famished." David quipped with a sideways smirk.

Teri hit him on the shoulder, but she was laughing. "You're unfortunately right Addison." She shook her head as she walked to the table. "Soon I will be as huge as a whale."

David plated the steaks, took the baked potatoes out of the oven and followed her to the table. "Nah, you look great." His voice was sweet as honey and Teri felt a tingle in her belly and some other parts. "Round and soft." David's voice was low, "and beautiful." His eyes were blinding green. He placed a steak and potato on her plate and sat down to eat.

Teri ignored his compliments as she sat down across from David. "This steak is huge!" She laughed, "how do you expect me to finish all of this?" But when she tasted it, she couldn't stop eating. "Oh my God!" She talked with her mouth full. "This is the best steak I have ever eaten!"

David nodded, "Told you babe."

That babe hit her right between her legs. OK her hormones were making her hornier than usual but tonight she couldn't stop her body from wanting his. She had to control herself. She didn't want to lose his friendship.

After that hearty meal David shooed her into the living room. "I order you to find a movie to watch and I will clean up." David ordered her in his bossy tone of voice. They had discovered they were both huge horror fans and had watched a few movies together in the past few months. "Make sure it is scary!" He winked as he pushed her gently out of the kitchen.

The movie was scary, and Teri couldn't help moving closer to David on the sofa. She screamed out during one scary part; David laughed and pulled her closer. They both turned their heads toward one another at the same time and found their lips almost touching. David couldn't resist as his lips found her soft ones.

"I want you." David whispered in that caramel voice that most women couldn't resist.

"God, I want you too David!" Teri cried out as she began to pull off his t-shirt in excitement. Maddie Hayes flew out of her head as her need for David ran through her body.

David pulled back, "You sure its ok?" He asked her, he had never been with a woman in her 9th month of pregnancy and he was nervous he'd hurt her or the baby.

Teri searched his face, "What do you mean?"

"Is it ok," David waved towards her swollen belly, "I don't want to upset the bambino. Or hurt you."

Teri giggled, "as long as you're gentle it will be fine." She reassured him pulling David closer to her body.

And he was. David made love to her gently and slowly. He entered her from the back as his long fingers played over her womanhood and his lips traveled over her neck and back making Teri squirm with passion. He brought her to a mind-blowing climax as she cried out his name. A few seconds later David reached his own strong orgasm. Teri turned to look into his face. "Was it good for you?" She asked timidly. Deep in her heart she knew he wasn't over Maddie Hayes but hoped he could be happy with her now that Maddie was married. "It was great." David smiled wiping a damp tendril of hair out of her eyes, "how bout you baby?" Teri laughed out loud. "I guess my screaming your name should have clued you in," She kissed his mouth softly, "It was wonderful."

Making love to Teri was satisfying but it could never equal the red hot, ground moving, sex he had with Maddie Hayes. He tried to bury those thoughts as he cuddled Teri close to his chest. Sexual heat disappears after a while, David tried to convince himself, but a good woman lasts a lifetime. They fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms.

The next few days sped along. David and Agnes were busy planning Maddie's Welcome Home/Congratulations party. Maddie and David were out together working on a case. It was very awkward between them. Maddie kept trying to get David to admit that he was upset she had gotten married, but David refused to fall for her bait. He pretended that he didn't have a care in the world although inside he was angry and hurt. Being in such close proximity with Maddie and not being able to touch her was slowly driving him mad but then he forced himself to think of Teri and he felt better. She was a good woman and she was his future. Not this complicated nut sitting a few inches away from him.

Was this car always so small? Maddie thought to herself as David drove back to Blue Moon. They had spent the morning tracking down some leads for a new case, but Maddie couldn't keep her mind on business. She had hoped that David would be a bit more upset about her marriage than he seemed to be. She kept sneaking peeks at him from the corner of her eyes. His sideways grin was in place and she felt like screaming at him. "Don't you care at all?" Maddie guessed she had been right about David not wanting to be tied down. He seemed fine with it that he was now off the hook! She hated him! But even though she urged to slap that grin off his face she felt her loins throb when she thought of what those long fingers caressing the steering wheel could do to her. She shifted in her seat to relieve the pressure. Her hormones were out of control to begin with being so close to David made her libido go into overdrive. What had she done with her life, she thought miserably as they pulled into the garage at Blue Moon? Silently they rode the elevator up to the 21st floor. Maddie stomped out of the elevator so hard her heels made small dents in the carpet. David smiled to himself. Something was eating at Maddie and he could guess what it was.

Maddie stopped short as she approached Blue Moon's double doors. Walter! Why on earth was he here? She didn't want David and Walter to meet – ever! A sick feeling of dread spread over her body. Damn men! She hated all of them!

David looked through the doors to see the staff crowded around a light man with dirty blonde hair. AS he wondered who he was Maddie backed up and bumped full force into him. "Whoa young lady." He laughed as he steadied her. She turned to him and waved toward the elevator. "I just remembered something about the case!" She hurriedly told him trying to grab his arm and steer him away from the agency. "We need to go back to that red head we spoke with earlier!"

David snatched his arm out of her firm grasp. He was confused. "What are you saying?" Then he saw Maddie eyes peek towards Blue Moon and the strange man, and it hit him. Walter Bishop! He seriously had expected another poster boy like Sam not this little man with dirty blonde hair. He laughed merrily to himself. No competition here. Wait he fretted inwardly – I'm not in any sort of competition with this man! He's Maddie's husband and I have Teri. Even as he thought that David felt a boulder fall off his chest. He moved away from Maddie and threw open the door to the agency.

Everyone turned to look at the handsome man who blew into Blue Moon with a huge smile. Miss Dipesto smiled at David and Bert was pointing at Walter and grinning from ear to ear.

"This is Walter Bishop!" Bert crowed with mirth. "Miss Hayes husband!"

David grinned down at Walter and extended his hand to shake. "You mean Mrs. Bishop." He said deadpan, "Hi. I'm David Addison."

Walter had expected David Addison to be good looking, but he hadn't realized how handsome he actually was. And so tall and those eyes. Walter felt sick. "Hi!" He almost squealed, "Nice to meet you!" He tried to shake David's hand firmly, but his hand was sweating profusely. He quickly pulled his hand back and nodded at Maddie who looked very pale. "I wanted to surprise you!" He told her with a smile.

"Surprise!" Maddie was not happy.

Walter pointed at a beautiful rocking chair covered in a huge bow. "I got this for you!" He told her with pride. "You will need it when the baby comes and now you can sit in it when you knit!"

Maddie's face turned ashen. She remained silent as she stared at the chair.

David looked at Maddie with his green eyes dancing with amusement. "Since when do you knit?"

Walter put his arm around her waist. "I'm teaching her!" He told David pleased with himself.

David gave a short laugh, "Oh nice." He winked at Maddie. "Although I could think of other things you can be taught to do in that chair."

Maddie glared at him menacingly.

"She is such a fast learner!" Walter gushed looking at Maddie with glee.

"She sure is!" David snickered. "I've taught her so much over the years." He winked at Maddie and she had the urge to punch him in his smug face. She resisted. "Right Maddie?"

Maddie ignored him. "Well Walter let's be on our way." She patted her belly, "I'm famished." She lied. She didn't think she'd be able to eat anything with the lump that had formed in her throat.

Walter nodded as he took her hand, David felt an immediate urge to pull her hand out of that strange man's but then he remembered he was her husband. He put on his bullet proof face. "Yeah I bet she's eating for two now." David waved toward her stomach.

The three of them just stood staring at each other for a few seconds. It was getting awkward. "Well enjoy your lunch," David managed to force out. "Guess I will see you on Saturday Wally."

"It's Walter." Walter said and then looked puzzled. "What's Saturday?"

Maddie felt her heart beating fast, "Come on Walter!" She attempted to pull Walter out of the door.

"We're throwing a party for Maddie and you on Saturday!" David almost shouted to get Walter's attention. "Didn't Maddie mention it?" David knew now that she hadn't. Guess she wasn't eager to have him meet the hubby.

"No." Walter searched Maddie's face. "Why didn't you tell me?" He suddenly felt like a joke. Why had he married a woman who was clearly in love with another man. And now that man was standing in front of him with a snide look in his eyes.

"I forgot." Maddie lied. "I've been so busy and had lots of things on my mind." She avoided looking at David.

"I'm sure you have." Walter frowned at Maddie.

Maddie forced a smile onto her face. "But now you know!"

Walter nodded. "Now I know."

David hit Walter on the back forcefully almost knocking the smaller man over. "It will be fun Wally!"

"It's Walter!" Maddie and Walter both snapped at the same time.

David laughed as he turned toward his office. "Have a good lunch you happy newlyweds!"

Maddie wanted to kill David and Walter wanted to sink into a hole.

David and Maddie avoided all contact with each other for the next couple of days. David went out in the field with Bert while Maddie worked on the ledgers which were in surprisingly good shape. Both were confused and hurt and didn't want to be near one another.

Saturday came faster than Maddie would have liked. She dreaded the party and complained all day that she was tired and ill, but Walter would have no part of her feigned sickness. He was going to this party with his head held high. He was Maddie's husband and he was going to show the world that this beauty was his – or would be his as soon as the baby came. Maddie reluctantly agreed to go to the party but as she looked at herself in the mirror she plopped on the bed in tears. Walter felt scared when he saw Maddie lying on the bed in tears. Maybe she really does feel ill he thought sadly. "Are you ok Maddie?" Walter rushed to her and put his hand on her forehead. She didn't have a fever.

"I am not fine!" Maddie sobbed. "I am fat and ugly and old!"

Oh, so that's it. Her pride was hurting. Why couldn't Maddie see she was still a gorgeous woman! "You are beautiful and not fat!" Walter picked her off the bed and cuddled her in his arms. "You are pregnant and glowing!" He kissed the top of her head. "You will be the most gorgeous woman at the restaurant!" Walter almost cooed to her. "I am proud to be the man to escort you tonight." He dried her tears with his fingers.

"I don't know what to wear!" She groaned. "I feel like a stuffed pig!"

Walter laughed. "Nonsense!"

Maddie got up and approached her vast closet. She had just bought a few new maternity outfits and for some reason had bought a sexy backless black dress that showed off her long sexy legs. Determinedly, she snatched the dress out of the closet and retreated to the bathroom to dress. When she looked in the mirror, Maddie knew she looked spectacular. For a pregnant old woman that is….

"Maddie!" Walter's eyes were wide open with admiration and lust. "You look like a movie star!" He pulled her into his arms and tried to cover her mouth with his. She adroitly pulled away with a laugh. "Walter stop you're going to ruin my makeup!"

Walter's jaw clenched. "Would you care a fig about your makeup if it were David Addison trying to kiss you?"

Stunned, Maddie could only look at him with her mouth open, "What did you say?" Walter had hit a nerve.

Walter waved his hands as if to make what he said go away. "Forget it!" He turned to shrug into his suit jacket.

"Forgotten." Maddie's voice was cold steel, and Walter knew enough about her to back off when he had the chance.

When David picked Teri up for the party, he was pleased to see how sexy and attractive she looked even at 9 months pregnant. He usually saw her in sweats and baggy clothes but tonight she was wearing a navy-blue dress which accentuated her curves. He whistled when he saw her.

Teri laughed and twirled around to show David all sides of her. "The baby whale goes out!" She scoffed uneasily.

David was stunned. "Are you kidding?" He put his hands on her shoulders and looked her over with green lasers. "You are drop dead gorgeous!" He grinned at her lazily, "Damn woman maybe we should skip this soiree and just stay home." He winked.

Teri felt her loins throb but shook her head. "Now how would it look for the host not to show up?" She moved away from him and picked up her purse.

David shrugged and ruffled his hair. "Actually, I couldn't care less." He admitted. "I met Wally the other day and believe me he doesn't seem to be the life of the party."

Teri was curious. "You met Maddie's husband?" Teri knew David well enough to know that he wasn't very forthcoming with information or details about certain aspects of his life. Maddie Hayes for one.

David shrugged again. "He dropped by the office the other day to take Maddie to lunch." He ran his fingers through his hair, "seems like an ok dude. Good for Maddie. He is definitely safe." He let out a short laugh. "Won't see him running around on her. Nice, safe man." David nodded. "Her dream."

Teri didn't know what to say. She knew that David was still in love with Maddie Hayes but seeing how the woman could hurt him made her feel jealous. She decided to shrug it off and try to enjoy as much of David as she could. She linked her arm through his and pulled him toward the door. "Well, I can't wait to meet this nice, safe man." She smiled up at him as they walked out her door.

The party was going on for about an hour before Maddie started to think that maybe David wouldn't show up. She wouldn't put it passed him. His idea of a joke at her expense? Damn that man could still make her furious – and hurt. Was she just a joke? A toy that he had enjoyed playing with and now was bored with his game? A jolt of misery raced through her mind. Screw him! She thought determinedly. This is MY party and I will enjoy it. She turned to Walter with a smile as Bert and Agnes approached.

"Mr. Addison is late." Bert mumbled under his breath.

"Surprise." Agnes replied, "you know Mr. Addison. "He likes to make an entrance." She elbowed Bert. "Let's go talk to Maddie and Walter." She forced a smile to her face. "After all someone has to welcome them to their party."

A few moments later Maddie felt the electricity she always felt when David was near. She turned away from Agnes who she had been talking to and her eyes widened in shock.

David and Teri entered the restaurant holding hands and beaming at the staff members of Blue Moon. A murmur started among the crowd questioning who the woman with David was. Maddie was asking herself that question as she saw them stroll in together like they were movie stars. Her stomach knotted and she saw red and green. "Who is that woman with David?" She asked Agnes tersely.