Dare Devil

the-lady-razorsharp did some wonderful art!

I got inspired and this little ficlet happened :D I hope you enjoy it. Marks & Wings Universe and young Tracys :D


Out of all the Tracy brothers, Scott was the dare devil.

That's not to say that the other four were incapable of silly stunts, it was a given that any and all of them tried to kill themselves doing something stupid at least once in their lifetime. But it was Scott who was the most proficient in the air and Scott who stretched the limits of physics the most.

Virgil was known to comment that his wings should be grey considering how much worry his older brother caused him. Scott's answer to that was to declare that his wings were grey because he had four younger brothers who stressed him to that colour.

Gordon would simply laugh and then prove his brother's point. There may be a cliff involved, or perhaps a shark, but generally an ocean and depths that no other brother could even consider…and, yeah, grey feathers for the eldest.

Alan was very much like Scott and loved to do tricks midair. Said tricks usually ended up in a lot of screaming, whether it be Alan falling out of the sky screaming or the two older brothers berating Alan after falling out of the sky.

Alan's answer to that was always, "But Scott did it."

Virgil was often absent after that.

John, thankfully was much calmer, much more logical, much more likely to take the sane route. Virgil had blanked out his younger brother's one incident of seeing how high he could fly with an oxygen supply attached.

Sure the height limit was well documented, remarked on, stuck on the refrigerator, yelled at goodbye and generally etched into every Tracy brothers' brain, even Gordon's, despite his lack of wings.

Gordon's depth limits were a whole other story, one enough to cause Virgil to moult out of sequence.

But anyway, all the boys knew the limit of the height they could fly and should never go beyond. John, in his ever scientific glory, decided to test said limit.

He hadn't counted on Air Terranean flight 5476.

Let's just say he was grounded in more ways than one after that little incident. Their father, wingless and somewhat powerless in the wing parenting department, exploded at all five boys, somewhat unfairly, Virgil thought.

No one went above the height limit again.

Well, no one admitted to it.

Virgil had suspicions that no rules remained unbroken when Scott took to the air. The key was that he did it with so much style, no one cared.

Scott excelled at acrobatics. He could flip himself midair, virtually fly upside down - Virgil had yet to work out how the hell his brother managed that little trick - and soar at speeds that left his brothers in his contrail.

John had theories. Scott's wings were this shape, canted at that angle, weighed x amount. Virgil, of course, knew all the theory and suspected Scott was just very good at making the most of the available conditions.

Gordon claimed he was gas powered on Grandma's cooking.

However he did it, he did it beautifully.

Virgil wasn't afraid to admit he admired his brother either.

There had been moments, standing in the middle of a Kansas field, staring up into the sky, watching his brother soar. There had been sketches and studies, even the occasional paint work. Virgil had initially attempted to keep it secret from his brother. After all, finding inspiration in your older brother could have been considered a little odd. Gordon, no doubt, would have plenty to say about it. So he kept the sketches to himself and simply admired what his brother could do.

Of course, Scott had eagle eyes to match those eagle wings and it wasn't long before the younger brother was discovered sitting on the grass drawing by his flying brother.

Virgil feared his brother would laugh. But no, Scott, ever the big brother, simply sat beside him, asked him a few questions and admired his work.

If, after that, Scott took to the air and strutted just that little bit more…well, it was understandable.

One thing that did happen was the next time Virgil took a flight with his big brother, Scott made a point to show him exactly how he took advantage of the conditions, how to gain that extra bit of speed, how to fly his best.

Virgil's black wings were the largest of the boys, and perhaps weren't as nimble as Scott's, but he learnt and he improved and lazy Sundays often saw them flying together. Scott doing loop-de-loops around his calmer brother and laughter at the fore.

Later, when the Tracy family launched International Rescue, those skills and those bonds drew all the brothers together into a tight knit and loving team. But for now, it was weekends and after school and smiles and laughter and a crazy elder brother who was determined to turn Virgil's wings the same colour as his own.

Scott's answer was always a piece of history.

Because none of the boys had quite screwed up as much as Virgil did the day he got distracted by the beauty of the landscape around him…

…and flew into a tree.

It had taken a hysterical father and elder brother, a cherry picker, a leg and a wing immobilised for weeks and a lifetime of brotherly torture to get over it.

So while Scott did acrobatics, John discovered science, Alan tried to kill himself emulating his eldest brother, and Gordon went on a hunt for the Loch Ness Monster in a lake in Tennessee, Virgil simply couldn't be trusted to look where he was going.

The 'George of the Jungle' jokes lasted a life time.

So yes, Scott was the best flyer of them all - the most agile, most able and most skilled.

And never ashamed to show it.