this story is originated from the story The Mates by duke4life3443... the original writer of the story... I'm only continuing the story since it was suppose to be completed years ago...

Chapter 1

Bella's POV

Welp, we are moving once again. It has gotten to noticeable that we haven't aged, so we have to go again. I think this time we are going to go to Forks. I think we have only been there a few times, but I loved the forest each and every time we were there.

Sorry I guess I better introduce myself first. My name is Isabella Marie Swan. I was born in ancient times and I'm what is known as Lycan. I have brown hair and gold eyes that change colors. No one had ever seen this before among my kind and I still haven't come across another so we don't know what it means; we just know that my mood decides my eye color. My parents were among the firs Lycans and had fought many battles. Eventually it was the race of vampires that we had once worked with and protected that turned us and tried to wipe us out completely. They weren't as successful as they thought. We had started to adapt to society by then and learned how to blend in.

A lot of the first generation was wiped out because they were trying to protect their children. My parents were part of the Lycans wipe out; this happened when I was 17. Luckily, I had gone through my first change already and my father had begun prepping me for t role of alpha.

I have two younger siblings who make up my current pack. I have a younger sister named Renesmee, who has dirty blond hair like mother and brown eyes like our father, and a brother named Derek, who has brown hair like our father and blue eyes like our moth Renesmee is the youngest between us and was seven at the time of our parents' death. Derek is the middle child and was twelve at time of our parents' death. When my parents died, it left me to be the alpha. The only other pack mates were my siblings and since hadn't shifted yet, it was like I was alone.

When Derek shifted, we had a small set back. He always thought that our father favored me, and to a point he did, but Derek also thought that since he was a guy, he should be the rightful alpha not me. Needless to say, this led to fighting. When he first shifted, didn't want to listen to me when I was trying to help him. After about two months, he tried to challenge me. That didn't end well for We fought, but it was over quickly; I had five years of experience on him. Instead of banishing him from my pack, we got to the boo of his problems and I made him realize that he wasn't cut out to be an alpha. I also told him that he needed to get himself under co before he got us caught by the Volturi and killed. When Renesmee shifted, we didn't really have any problems. She adjusted to this really with no problems and didn't want to challenge me at all.

We had been living in Ireland in 1953 when Derek met his mate. To all of our surprises she was a vampire named Victoria. Victoria fiery red hair and is a human drinker. When we first met her, she didn't discriminate against who she ate, everyone was fair game. We eventually convinced her to only hunt people who harm other people. It took me a while to trust her alone with anyone and when s would hunt, I would keep an eye on her. I had to make sure she wasn't going to report us to the Volturi. After about a decade I decide to trust her.

One thing my parents never told us about mating was that our mates will go into heat for ten days every six months once the pair o mates has exchanged marks. Although Derek knew she was his mate, he waited until I trusted her to mark her out of respect for m and our family. Once I told him that I trusted her, they exchanged marks. A month later something happened that I had only seen I marked female Lycans, Victoria went into heat. I had never heard of or seen a vampire go into heat before. It was similar to a Lycan though. She and my brother were all over each other. At the time it didn't click in my head what was going on; hell, I didn't even this was possible.

Once the ten days were over, everything went back to normal. We would hunt as one pack, including Victoria. About three months l Victoria started acting strangely. She actually wanted to eat meat. We had just gotten back to the cabin after our hunt and were in process of butchering the meat when Victoria came busting out of the house and ran over to us. She snatched the deer leg out of my hands and started eating it. To say we were shocked would be an understatement. Over the next three months she continued to eat meat and other human food. Once she started falling asleep, we started to worry. On day we were watching over her as she slept and saw that it looked like her stomach had grown. When she woke up, we had her pull shirt up and realized that her stomach was growing. All of a sudden, we saw what looked like her stomach move and we figured out she was pregnant.

Now a full blooded Lycan baby grows like a normal human child while in their mothers' womb, but they stay in until the full ten mon are up. We weren't sure how long it would take for this baby to grow. Hell, we didn't know anything about it. We also noticed that he once hard as stone skin was beginning to soften. After we put all the pieces of the puzzle together, it was decided that we would no Victoria hunt for humans anymore; we would do it for her. It wasn't safe for her and Derek was becoming more and more protective her. We would leave Ness to watch Victoria, since Derek only let me and her near Victoria, while Derek and I found a human, knock them out and brought them to her. As a couple months pass by, Victoria started to need more blood than usual. We had to start traveling farther out of our usual town accommodate her need. She started to grow more as well and her appetite for human food grew larger as well, especially for meat. started to hunt for bigger game when this happened and even took some animals from farmers.

When the ten-month mark hit, we waited with baited breath for her to go into labor. When that didn't happen, we were really confuse. All we could do was wait and wait and wait, so that is what we did. Eventually month eleven hit and Victoria were miserable. You could tell that she was really pregnant and she could barely do anything. One day, her and Derek were taking a walk around the cabin when suddenly Victoria's water broke.

With us not knowing what to expect it was pure madness around our cabin. When we first heard the cry of pain came from Victoria, and I ran out to the couple. As soon as we reached her, Derek went into protective mode and refused to let us help her. When he tried to attack us, I lost it and shifted as did Derek. We fought while Ness moved Victoria into the cabin. Once Derek was submitted, we shift back and were able to go into the cabin. Derek still was of no use to us so Ness and I had to figure out how to deliver this baby. I have been sneaking into hospitals to watch how doctors delivered babies so I was kinda prepared for this. I checked Victoria and when she was ready, I told her to push. After about ten pushes, we welcomed Margaret Bella Swan into our family, Maggie for short. She has hair just like her mother, but her fathers' blue eyes. Her skin is a little tough and cool to the touch, but nothing like a vampires and heartbeat is slower than normal, but overall, she seems more human than vampire. We left Ireland soon after Maggie was born and headed to the United States. We headed towards Alaska because of the forest and seclusion we found there. We weren't sure how fast Maggie would grow so we thought it would be good to stay hidden for a while. We built a cabin pretty quickly and made the furniture out of the woods around us. As the months went by, we noticed that Maggie grew what appeared to be a normal rate. She started walking around ten months and said her first word at seven months old.

We did notice that Maggie was stronger than most kids should be as well as faster when she really started walking. Her diet was interesting. When she was first born, Victoria was able to breast feed for about six months. After that we were taking formula from stores to support her. When she could eat solid food, she wanted meat. She would eat other things on the side, but she had to have some type of meat at all meals. One night when she was about four, Victoria was at the table with us and was drinking a glass of bl We had been storing it in the house so that she could have a meal with us every now and then. Maggie was just staring at the glass she was in a trance. She asked her mother if she could try some and when the blood reached her lips, she couldn't stop drinking it. was how we learned that she needed blood as well as meat? After Maggie turned five, Victoria started to go into heat again. We learn that even though she was a vampire, she had the mating habits of a Lycan. I remember reading in our fathers' journals that he would have to go away from us after the three of us was born so that Mother wouldn't get pregnant again, so we sent Derek away.

Once the ten days were up and Derek came back, I recorded that he had to be at least fifty miles away so that the urge to mate was as bad. I had recorded every step of Victoria's pregnancy and delivery so that we would have it. So, every six months, Derek would his family in my care so that we didn't have any other little ones running around yet.

We eventually decided to move again because we were bored in Alaska. We decided to head to the mountains of North Carolina. The we would have sun and tree coverage. We settled there when Maggie was ten so it was 1974 at this point. Maggie was very intelligent and we were teaching her at home. She picked things up so quickly and had no problems understanding difficult topics. When Maggie was fifteen, Derek and Victoria decided that they wanted another kid. So, in 1985 little Derek Charles Swan Jr was born and he was the spitting image of his father. Like Maggie he grew at a normal rate. Actually, everything about Jr was like Maggie grow up so that was helpful.

When Maggie hit 17, she shifted for the first time. We were curious to see if the vampire part of her would affect her and to a point did. She was smaller than a normal Lycan in her first form, but she was also faster than a normal Lycan.

By the time we were moving back to Forks, Derek and Victoria had three children. Yeah, little Liam was a surprise, but he was the spitting image of his mother. This time we decided that we were going to go to school. Maggie and Jr really wanted to know what it like and I figured that it was probably time to get reintroduced into society. It was decided that Derek and Victoria would stay home Liam since he was only five. Ness and I were going to look after Maggie and Jr at school. Our story was that Ness and I were twin's Jr and Maggie were our twin cousins that were a year younger than us, this way we would have someone in the same classes to get for the most part.

It was on our first day of school that my life changed forever.