So here's my 9 x05 offering, because Mike Ross super irritated me and I felt like Darvey didn't deserve it.

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She rewrapped the cheese in its waxy paper, knowing that the last thing Harvey would want to see when he got back was evidence of their failed evening. She out the bread away and the fruit back into its carton and cleared away everything except the wine, which she poured herself a large glass of.

God damn Mike Ross to Hell she thought, not even pausing to consider that the man was their friend. Tonight, he hadn't acted like one at all, to either of them.

She had been worried when Mike had turned up without Rachel: her alarm bells had told her that his motive for being here wasn't a social one, but she'd been too wrapped up in knowing how happy it would make Harvey to see him. She'd been even more worried when Harvey had finally gotten to the truth. She'd seen right away that Mike was invested only in the win and despite he and Harvey making a 'no disbarment' pact, she had known from the get go that things were going to get she thought about it, Harvey had mostly played fair, his reactions being mostly instigated by the other man and his temptation down the shadier path being drawn by Samantha. Donna had tried to be the voice of reason and she felt like mostly she had succeeded, but the relationship between Harvey and Mike had always been a complex one.

Harvey had gone out to bat for Mike by hiring him, had put himself on the line to save him numerous times. Then Mike had bested him by going to prison to save them all. Harvey had been grateful, that was why he'd fought so relentlessly to get him out again, but she knew that as much as there was camaraderie between them, there was also resentment.

That resentment had been made manifest tonight when the young man had determined that the strike against him had been unfair, but he didn't seem to accept his own culpability in setting this case up, just to take a win from a man who had been both mentor and friend to him. Granted, Samantha had behaved inappropriately, returning to her old ways rather than letting the case run its course, but Mike was the one at fault in truth. He'd stormed in here, all moral high ground and had ruined the chance for three old friends to catch up.

More than that, he'd ruined their first opportunity to entertain as a couple and she suspected that it would always be a sour note between them going forward. She'd deployed Louis to act as her envoy, feeling like one of the great British Queens of bygone times, overseeing her strategy from afar. She would have gone herself but she knew that that low-level sniping Mike had resulted to would increase tenfold if she went. In his mind there would be no reasoning with her because she was with Harvey. Well, he should have thought of that before he came in here shooting his mouth. Besides, she was Donna and there was more than one way for her to set the world to rights.

She knew what Mike had been implying of course. As much as he had been congratulatory to them both on their new status, the second he'd had the opportunity, he'd used it against them. She expected that kind of low blow from their opponents, specifically from Faye, but never from their friend.

"You've lost yourself Harvey and you know it."Mike had said and she knew he had meant that Harvey had lost himself since being with her. She took a sip of wine and seethed.

How dare he? They were the same as they ever were. Harvey accepted that she was always going to give him Hell. She accepted that he'd always challenge her when she needed it. The only thing that had changed was that they were together now. They couldn't even pretend that being in love was new. They'd always been in love, they'd accepted that. They had just said it now.

They were open with each other, they were honest and sure, she'd seen a different side to Harvey than she'd ever seen before: the guy who bought her flowers just because, who had her favourite ice cream in the freezer no matter what, who told her she was the one... he was an elevated version of himself maybe, but she couldn't see what he had lost.

He was more considerate now; he was more contemplative and less reactionary. She'd still call him a shark in the court room, but he was a shark who knew exactly which fish to go after and when, rather than one who waged a ruthless assault to win. If that was a bad thing and that was because of her, then frankly she wasn't going to apologise.

She thought about Harvey's reaction in the moments following Mike's tirade. He'd looked shell-shocked and sad, but the rage that she'd expected was missing. Ordinarily he'd have followed Mike out of there, faced him down in the street if he'd had to, maybe even put a fist through a wall, but he hadn't. He'd stood there, the situation washing over him and then, without saying a single word, he'd left.

She knew of course, where he was going. Not to Mike's. There was someone he had greater beef with and Donna didn't envy the woman right now. Worse than hot-shot Mike running his mouth to Harvey was Samantha's betrayal of his trust. He'd asked her to let him handle it. She'd said she would. The allusions to the situation with Thomas were striking. She tried not to think about that. She'd been forgiven, they'd moved past it, but she'd bet he was thinking about it right now.

She didn't quite know what to do with herself. She tried taking her wine through to the living room, but she was too fidgety to settle. She just wished she knew what was happening. If previous interactions between Harvey and Samantha were anything to go by, then it wouldn't be pretty. She wondered if anything had been broken yet, she wondered if Harvey had surrendered to the Macallan, if he'd be home anytime soon. Then another thought dawned on her. What if he didn't want her here when he got back? What if he did open the Macallan and start thinking about what Mike had said and realise that being with her was the cause of his change in demeanour? What if he didn't like that thought?

She took another sip of wine, got up, put her coat on, made it all the way to the door.

What're you doing? she thought to herself seconds later. The last thing she should do was walk out now. That would just prove every dark thought he ever had about people leaving him.

She took her coat off, slipped her feet out of her shoes, picking them up. She should do exactly the opposite of leaving him, she should make sure he knew she wasn't going anywhere.

She poured another glass of wine and took it through to the bedroom. Just as she was about to set to work on the surprise she had planned for him after Mike would have left, her phone began to ring. She went back out to the kitchen, grabbing it from the counter, thinking it was Harvey.

'Rachel calling'.

Of course she was. She couldn't call her back to dissect Harvey's near-miss of a proposal, but the second that Harvey and Mike were at loggerheads, it was a different story. For the first time since her friend had left, she let her call roll to voicemail. Rachel would only want to protect Mike's interests, she'd want Donna to soothe the situation. Well, this time was different. She had Harvey to think about, on a personal level and he was one hundred percent undeserving of the deluge which had been served against him. She went back to the bedroom and continued what she had been doing.

It was getting late and she was starting to wonder if Harvey was going to come home tonight. She thought she had even dozed off a little at some point. She looked at her phone, no missed calls, no texts. She was worried now. She pulled up his number on her screen, letting it ring a couple times. 'Come on, come on.'

That's when she heard the familiar sound of his call alert close by and her heart relaxed.

Harvey entered the apartment; he hadn't been quick enough to catch the call but a glance at the screen told him it was Donna. He knew she'd be worried, he felt terrible for that. The apartment was mostly dark. He scanned the kitchen, saw nothing but the corked bottle of red on the counter. The living room was dark. There didn't seem to be a trace of her. Why was she calling him just now? To tell him that she was through? That too many of the onslaughts they had faced tonight had happened recently, that he wasn't worth it?

His heart hammered. He'd thought he felt secure enough with her that his mind wouldn't automatically go to that place, but it turned out, he was just as scared as he had ever been. More maybe. She was more to him. He put his keys on the counter. Why couldn't he have just stayed with her? Why did he always have to run off to fight the fight?

Just as he was starting to go down that dark path of thought, he heard a noise coming from the bedroom.

"Donna?" he called. "Donna..." he heard the break in his voice as the panic took over.

At the strangled sound of his voice she was out of the bedroom in seconds, abandoning the finishing touches she'd been putting on the room. He was more important to her than any set dressing and his tone had told her that he needed her, now.

"I'm here," she said opening the door and meeting him in the kitchen.

He felt his heart jump at the sight of her. Her hair was all swept up, her face bare and she wore only a black negligee with a long cardigan strewn over her shoulders. She looked perfect, settled and relaxed and completely beautiful. At home. She was his home. He was on her in seconds. He wrapped his arms around her, felt her press her body against his as he dropped his lips on to her neck.

"I'm here," she said again. Her arms squeezed around his waist and she just held him for several minutes.

"I'm sorry," he said "I shouldn't have left. I thought..."

"I would never," she said. That moment before had been just that, just a moment and it was gone now. It would never happen again.

He stood up, his arms still tightly around her and let his lips fall onto hers. It was a desperate and tender kiss and it went on for the longest time. When the kiss ended, she let her hands link behind his head, stroking the skin there. "I wasn't sure you'd be home tonight, or that you would want me here if you did come home..." There seemed little point in hiding the truth from him now.

He pulled back fully then, holding her at arm's length, fixing her with a long stare. "Why would you ever think that?" he said. He thought they'd both moved past the constant doubt that had seemed to plague them in the first couple of weeks. Both of them had been on tenterhooks, almost waiting for the other to call time on what it had quickly become clear was the dream. It seemed they still were.

"It's just I..." God. She had really done it now. He was looking at her like she was breaking his heart, just by having the thought.

"I thought you'd think about what Mike said. I thought maybe you'd realise that you agree with him. I thought you'd think it was my fault..."

He tucked a tendril of her hair behind her ear before he answered and the action was so tender that she instantly felt better. "I did think about it Donna and you're right, I do agree with him."

"Ok, well..."

He took her hands, drawing them to his lips, kissing them. "I am different and that is because of you but I am grateful to you. There's no fault, no blame."

"Harvey I..."

"Let me finish. For years I have been running around New York, living it large as the best closer in the city, being 'Harvey Specter' and not really caring what anyone thought of me... anyone but you. You have always been my balance Donna, my True North and I couldn't ever have been me without you. Everyone close to me could see it, every woman I have ever been with, every person at the firm - except for me."

"It wasn't until you introduced Thomas to me as the man you'd been seeing that I realised you weren't just my conscious. To me, you were, you are, everything."

"I am better because of you, Donna. I just am. So I am not blaming you for that and I refuse to let Mike Ross - the guy who thinks he knows everything but still has so much to learn - tell me that I have lost myself because I know that being with you means the opposite is true."

He pulled her in close again, indulging in a long slow kiss. As he coaxed her lips open, sliding his tongue against hers, he tasted wine and that only pushed him closer.

"I will always come home to you Donna. I will always want you."

She didn't say anything for a while, pulling him into another hug and taking the time to steady herself. How could she have been so stupid? Mike had achieved precisely what he'd been hoping for, just not with the person he'd been aiming to hurt. For a person who knew everything, she sure could be dumb.

She pulled back, slipping the buttons of his coat loose and helping him out of it. She broke away from him just long enough to hang it up before she slipped her hand into his.

"I want to show you something," she said leading him towards the bedroom.

The room looked mostly as it had when he'd left it this morning. There were some candles burning on the nightstands, the comforter had been rolled down and the throw pillows were scattered at the end of the bed. He shot her a look. He wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to be looking at.

"Soon," she said. "It wasn't that I wanted to show you."

They stopped before his walk-in closet.

"Ta da!" she jazz-hands.

He laughed. "What did you do? Paint it or something?"

"No I didn't paint it! I may be 'deli run girl', but I am not your painter and decorator too." She laughed, so did he, that felt good.


"Would you just open the closet already?"


He opened it and felt her close behind him as he walked it. He saw it immediately, the big change. There on the left hand side, instead of her token three of four dresses were what looked to be an entire closet's worth. On the shoe rack were pair after pair of heels and all of her casual clothes were hanging up too.


"I'm saying yes Harvey, to that question you didn't ask me a week ago."

"Which question?" He suddenly felt hot.

"I heard you Harvey - when you said you were tired of us having to go back and forth, when you said you didn't want to waste any of the time we had to spend with each other. I know the you weren't sure you could ask - I realise you've had bad experiences in the past - but I heard you. I was planning on surprising you tonight anyway but then the evening went south."

"You really do know everything huh?"

"I really do."

"Do you know how much I love right now?"

"I do know how Harvey. The question is do you know how I love you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Harvey, I mean that I know exactly how you love me. I saw it in your eyes, felt it every second of that night we were together. I have felt it every single day since. I realised something though, I don't think I have ever told you how. That's pretty unfair don't you think?"

She placed a finger on his lips as he turned towards her, stopping any interruption.

"I love you like there is not a single other person in the world that matters more. I love you so much that I can't remember what life was like before we said it. I love how that we also don't even have to say a single word for me to feel it. I love that I know I love you, that I'm in love with you and that you know that from the second we wake up and, if you'll have me, I'd love to make this our home."

That was a lot of love right there, he thought to himself. She must be nervous. He loved that he could make her that way, that this was something she cared about that much.

"Donna, of course I'll have you. Every damned day of our lives..." he grabbed her, kissing her again.

His hands slipped to the shoulders of her cardigan and it hit the floor with a heavy swoosh. Her own hands were roaming underneath his jacket at his waist. She used the back of her hands to shrug him out of it and it too hit the floor. It seemed to go down heavier than usual and that made her stop their kiss abruptly. She knelt down to retrieve the jacket, curiosity getting the better of her, much to his protest.

"Donna, leave it, please..."

"Harvey, What is it?"

Her hand still lingered over the jacket. When she looked up at him however, she was surprised to find that he was face to face with her, kneeling on the carpet and that stopped her in her tracks.


"Donna." The utterance of her name sent shock waves right through her.

"You know I went to see Samantha tonight right?"

"I figured you would."

"Well I gave her Hell. Not because Mike didn't deserve what she did after what we found out, but because she's our family now. She should have known that she could trust me to deliver," the look he gave her made her think about how she'd acted with Thomas. He took her hand, squeezed it, she knew then that he didn't mean her.

"I read her the riot act, I left in a blaze and went right to my office, right to the Macallan. I was so angry Donna, so hurt, but then I sat at my desk and that picture of us you put there caught my eye and suddenly everything seemed so clear to me." He was still holding her hand.

"I didn't need to be mad with Samantha, I mean, I did. I am. What she did could set us back with Faye and she betrayed my trust...but what I realised was that I didn't need to be so hurt by it - because the firm isn't the only thing I have anymore."

"Oh?" she feigned surprise. As much as she tried to make light of the situation though, she knew this was a big step for him, the realisation that there was more to life than work.

"You see, I have this beautiful, smart, funny, incredible woman in my life now and she is everything to me."

"She sounds amazing. Anyone I know?"

He lent forward catching her lips with his and delighting in the fact that he could indulge in such a simple gesture whenever he chose.

"You always have to fish don't you?"

"Hey, I'm Donna."

"You're mine," he said kissing her possessively.

"I'm not even going to argue."

"Hallelujah," he said, indulging his urge to kiss her again. Would that urge ever cease? He hoped not. A few moments turned into minutes and he almost lost his train of thought.

"It was as I was sitting there, not drinking scotch and thinking of you that I remembered, there was another question I didn't ask you, a few weeks ago..."

He heard her sharp intake of breath, took a breath himself.

"That's when I knew, I had to come home because there is a very important question I have to ask you, now..."

"Yes..." she murmured.

"Could you at least let a guy ask first?" he laughed, sliding his hand under the jacket and retrieving the item that had caused it to fall so heavily.

" course... yes..."

"Stumbling? Well this seems familiar."

He opened his palm exposing the small box. "You know how hard it is to hide something like this from you? This has been at the office for two weeks, that whole moving in bit was a diversionary tactic and you fell for it..."

"In your office?" she said, just as he known she would, focusing on exactly what he'd hoped she would . She wouldn't be able to comprehend that he had duped her. That would give him time to do this right...

He nodded, taking the lid off the box. "Mm hmm."

Her eyes dropped, taking in the sizeable diamond that blinked up at her. "Harvey..." tears were welling now. This was it.

"Donna. I thought that I needed more time, to be ready, for us both to be ready, but then I realised, I have missed you in my life for fifteen years and I don't want to waste a single minute more missing you in my life. In any way."

His fingers were tracing her ring finger and he was looking at her like he could see the whole world in her eyes.

He took the ring out of the box. "Donna Paulsen, will you marry me?" he said.

For a while she didn't say anything, didn't accept the ring, barely even moved, but then the instinct to kiss him took over and she had to have her lips on his.

When she drew back she wore a smile. "Harvey, you know we're going to be together forever, right?"

He stopped feeling nervous then, his smile matching hers. "So, we're engaged?" He adopted her slightly disbelieving look from that night, the role reversal bringing him great pleasure.

She drew out the response, making him wait. "Yes Harvey. Yes we are."

He pulled her close, hugging her to him and she shifted back just enough to find his ear. "Guess you'd better put a ring on it huh?"

He didn't waste another moment, sliding the ring on to her finger.

"It's beautiful," she said.

"You're beautiful."

She was on him then, her mouth taking his possessively, pulling him in from a kiss. Her whole body came alive as it always did when she was near him. They got to their feet awkwardly, their lips barely leaving each other and he began to walk them blindly backwards into the bedroom. Had he really just proposed to the woman he loved in a closet? Somehow it seemed offbeat enough to be perfect for them.

As they got to the door he stumbled over the cardigan, not failing to notice that it was the same one from that night. It was so smart, how she'd managed to slip in the subtle reminder of it, to draw his attention back to what had always been right in front of his face. He pulled away reluctantly, hearing her groan of displeasure before he let his mouth fall onto her shoulder, his fingers swiftly following and going for the spaghetti strap there.

She pulled back quickly, brushing her lips along his jaw. "Uh uh Mister."

"Donna..." his voice had taken on that low, sexy grit that just drove her wild.

"You know," she said, toying with the knot of his tie. "It's kind of a shame..."

"What is - that we're engaged?"

"Well, no, not that," she glanced at her ring, unable to stop smiling each time she caught sight of it in pride of place on her left hand. "It's just that I wasn't expecting you to be in such a good mood..."

"You'd prefer if I wasn't?" He laughed again, not sure where this was going.

"It's just, I thought you'd be stressed, after the day you had, after what happened earlier. I was going to suggest a trip to 'Donna's Spa'," she indicated the candles, the set up of the bed and suddenly the scattering of throw pillows, the rolled down comforter made sense. "But if you don't need it then I guess I can close up shop..."

She went towards the bed, grabbing one of the throw pillows in the feigned attempt to tidy it away. Suddenly she was aware of him right behind her, his breath on the back of her neck.

"Well, you know, Ms. Paulsen, I did have a stressful day..."

"You did huh?"

"Mm hmm... it was very hard..." he pressed closer to her, grinding his hips against her bottom.

She reached behind her, grabbed his waist. "I don't know. It seems like it could have been harder to me."

"Trust me on this," he said feeling himself stir at their proximity.

"Why don't you let me take a look... see if there's anything to be done about all that tension?"

"What did you have in mind?"

She turned to face him, her eyes sparkling. "Why don't you take off your clothes and we can discuss a treatment plan?" Her fingers worked the knot of his tie loose, popped the top button of his shirt. She backed off then, taking a seat at the foot of the bed and watching as he stripped, slowly.

Her eyes lingered on his rippling chest, her tongue moistening her lips a little as she took in the trail of dark hair which disappeared into his waist band. He removed his shoes, bent to take off his socks and let his pants hit the floor moments later. Left in just his increasingly tight underwear, he moved towards her.

"Oh, no, no, no. This is a full nudity only spa," she said.

"Is that a promise?" he said, that smug grin on his face.

"I meant you," she said, deadpan.

He complied, standing before her as proudly as he deserved to. "Well? Does this meet with the establishment's approval?"

"Oh, Yes. The establishment is very pleased." She walked towards him, careful that their bodies didn't touch as she let her lips caress his for the briefest second. God, how she wanted to stroke him. She refrained though and managed to disentangle herself from him without letting him ruin what she had started.

He groaned as she moved towards the door of the en-suite. "What now?" he said, the tiredness he had been feeling strangely disappearing. She was a magician that way.

"Why don't you make yourself comfortable, I'll be back in a minute."

When she re-entered the room, a bottle and a towel in hand, she couldn't help but laugh. He had made himself comfortable alright. Laid against the pillows, hands locked behind his head as he looked up at her, there were parts of him that were anything but relaxed.

"You're supposed to be on your stomach," she said, slinging the towel over her shoulder as she decanted a little lotion into her hands, rubbing it in.

"I can't," he said.

"Can't or won't?"

"I physically can't," he cast a glance downwards.

"Oh, well now that is a problem," she said her eyes following his. "Looks like you could use some help with that."

She approached the bed, sitting down beside his right leg. She wasted no time, tracing her hand along the trail of dark hair at his midriff before sliding it along the length of him. She started slowly, enjoying watching the glint of the diamond as it moved with her hand. Evidently so was he. His long slow groan told her as much.

She moved with careful strokes, each one longer than the other until he was practically crunching towards her, grappling for her hands. She focused only on the way she was touching him, her grip slackening as she reached the head of him. A single finger traced him, coaxing him into release. He held on admirably but she was persistent and soon he was spilling into her waiting hand. Neither of them moved for a while and then she simply raised her fingers to her lips, sucking each one. His eyes darkened.

"Now, where were we? Ah, yes, you were getting on to your stomach," she said, wiping her hand on the towel.

"Donna, come here," he said.

"On your stomach," she said again.

"Donna..." he really needed to kiss her right now. Watching that little display meant he was almost ready to be buried in her and it had only been a minute or two since his release.

"Do as you're told Harvey," she said.

"Is this what it's going to be like after we're married?" he said.

It was the first time she'd even considered what his proposal meant- that they would actually be married, that he'd be her husband -the first time that their married life had presented itself and she felt tingly at the thought of it. "Oh baby, you'll be so whipped you won't even dare to defy me," she said, watching him shiver at the thought as he rolled onto his stomach, his chin resting on the throw pillows.

"So basically, you're saying you're the boss?" he said, making himself comfortable and waiting for her next move.

"Harvey if you didn't know that already, I might have to reconsider..."

"It's too late for that Donna. We're bound now and you are never taking that ring off."

"I know," she said, grabbing the lotion again and climbing back onto the bed. She lifted her leg so that she was straddling him and settled herself against his backside, pressing herself against him to afford herself some of the relief she was craving.

His eyes flew open and he craned his neck around. "Donna are you —?" He felt his heart quicken at the feel of her bare skin against his.

She guided his head back around. "You'll pull a muscle if you keep doing that. Just relax and concentrate on the feel of me," she said enigmatically, pumping some lotion into her hands and rubbing them together before she applied it to the centre of his spine.

She started there, applying a medium pressure as she let both her hands work up towards his shoulder blades and across his shoulders and she began to knead. She'd been right, he was tense. He'd probably been holding himself that way all day, caught between being proud of Mike and wanting to take his head off. She paused when she found a particularly bunched muscle, working a little extra lotion in and paying it special attention.

God, her hands felt fantastic. She worked on him with skilled movements, her palms pressing into his tired, stressed muscles with deftness. She had been right, he needed this. It was about more than what she was doing for him though - it was about what she was doing to him.

Sat astride him, touching him with her soft hands, she was making him lose the world around him. Here in the microcosm of his -their - bedroom, there was only her. In here they were Donna and Harvey, two people in love. She was the woman who had just agreed to marry him and he was the luckiest man on the planet. Here he could be confident that everything was as it should be. He felt his eyes begin to close. Right at that moment, he felt her slide up towards his back and was aware of just how wet she was already. Suddenly, he didn't feel sleepy at all anymore and a new kind of tension began to build...

She saw his muscles visibly relaxing beneath her touch and was glad that she could do this for him. She knew that he pushed himself to the limit and that nothing made him more stressed than a personal attack. Under her patient ministrations, she hoped he was forgetting some of that, focusing on her the way she was focusing on him: with complete undivided attention.

She leant forward, hearing him groan as her wetness came into contact with his skin and in that moment, she had never wanted him more. She pressed a quick kiss to the back of his neck and found herself practically laid across his back as she whispered in his ear.

"Time to turn over Mr Specter." She swung off him, kneeling at his side as he flipped so that his head was in the middle of the mattress.

She wasted no time in resuming her position astride him, sitting herself on his waist and feeling his desire pressed against her clothed bottom. She wiggled a little, creating the friction they both needed. They moaned.

"Hey," she said, unable to resist the urge to kiss him. It was a long slow kiss and she almost abandoned any thought of how she wanted to proceed, especially when she felt his hand slip beneath the hem of her negligee. "How do you feel?" she said, barely able to concentrate as she felt him tickling at the dusting of hair between her legs.

"Horny as Hell," he told her honestly, letting his finger push inside her. She jolted, her eyes squeezing shut.

"How about you? because to me, you feel pretty damned amazing."

She didn't speak for a moment, concentrating on the feel of him as she'd told him to do with her. Even though he was working blindly, he was so close to where she needed him most. She rolled her hips, grinding him closer and there, oh, there.

"Fuck," she said when white spots had stopped appearing before her eyes. She didn't curse much when they were together, but he knew that when she did, it was because he was doing something very right...

He laughed and she seemed to come back to herself at the sound. She reached for the almost forgotten bottle and applied more lotion to her hands, smearing it onto his chest. It was then, as he concentrated on the feel of her hands sliding over him, that he realised why he felt so relaxed and simultaneously turned on. That scent: to him it was comfort and denial all wrapped up in one.

"Is that vanilla?"

She smiled, it had taken him long enough. "Mm hmm."

"Jesus Donna, I'll never be able to smell it without thinking of you like this again..."

"Hasn't that always been the way for you? I know it has for me..." she let her mind drift to that other time: the frenzied removal of clothes, the hurried kissing that had led to her bedroom, the sound of the whipped cream's gun deploying, sticky sheets and the roughness of his tongue as he lapped at her...

"You went there huh?" Harvey said moments later, stroking her waist through her negligee.

"I don't know about you, but it feels damned good to be allowed to think of that night," she said, continuing to massage him.

"Sure does," he said.

"You wanna know something else?"

"Tell me."

"The lotion is edible," she said, dropping her mouth to his shoulder and letting her tongue glide along his collarbone as if to prove the point.

She was a marvel. How on Earth did she just keep getting sexier and what the Hell kind of idiot had he been for the past fifteen years? Edible lotion? She seemed to constantly be able to find ways to merge their past and present. The thought shivers through him.

"You know, Ms. Paulsen, glorious as this spa treatment has been, I do have one complaint," he said.

"You do huh?" she said, sitting astride him again.

"You see I was told this was a full-nudity only establishment and well, I've been very compliant, but it appears you're not adhering to policy." He reached up, toying with her strap.

"Oh," she said, biting her lip. "My most profuse apologies," she pulled her hair free of its clip, gripped the hem of her negligee and tugged it over her head in one swift motion."Better?" she said.

He didn't speak, just surged up, causing her to slide down a little, allowing him to take up a nearly-seated position. Their centres were now mere inches apart, all it would take would be for him to lift her marginally and they would find bliss, but he wanted to wait, just a little bit longer.

Her legs were spread around him in their semi-seated position, her hands planting on his shoulders and finally, finally they kissed again properly. It was as his tongue met hers that he tasted the sweetness of the vanilla that suddenly his mind was wild with only the thought of the taste of her, mingling with that sweetness, a memory from all those years ago.

Taking advantage of her distraction, he eased her back against the throw pillows and lingered over her. "I'm sensing a little pent up tension in you Ms. Paulsen," he said, already grappling behind him for the bottle. "Maybe it's my turn, to treat you."

She said nothing, her fists bunching the sheets her leg wrapping lazily over his hip as she waited.

He was nowhere near as subtle as she had been. She should have known he'd be that way if he got his hands on the bottle and frankly, she loved his sheer shamelessness. He positioned the plunger right over her left nipple, decanting and generous amount of lotion on to it before repeating the process on the right. He didn't stop there, trailing vanilla creaminess down her abdomen, across her pelvic bone and finally, using his hands to make sure that her centre was utterly coated in the slippery deliciousness.

"Harvey," she moaned as he withdrew his hand, making his way slowly up her body until he was face to face with her. He might not be subtle, but one thing was for damned sure, he sure was artistically purposeful.

"You are a glorious, glorious creature Donna Paulsen," he said, his hands going to work on her breasts, kneading them slowly.

"Careful Harvey, I might start to get the impression that you're going soft on me," she said, being driven to distraction by the way his fingertips were swirling their way through the lotion. The provocation seemed necessary somehow.

He bucked against her, pressing into her. "Does it feel that way to you?" He said and neither of them could be in any doubt that he was anything but rock hard and ready for her.

"God..." she muttered as he curled against her, shifting towards her legs as he let his mouth trail her abdomen, lapping up the lotion and abandoning any notion of massage much more quickly than she had.

He was at her pelvis now and shifted enough so that she could open her legs. She didn't need any coaxing, just did it. He guided her leg onto his shoulder, tipping her towards him and taking her in for a moment. This was going to be a real treat and a wonderful reminder of their first time, fitting since this was their first time as an engaged couple. He let his mouth fall on to her, there was no point in pretending that he wanted anything but this: to taste her and the sweetness and to thank his lucky stars that she was his.

His tongue began to work her with a tender and confident diligence. He knew exactly how to please her, exactly how to drive her wild. Her knee had locked behind his head, holding him in place and she called out his name as his tongue pressed against her most sensitive self over and over. She was starting to tremble now and he slid his hand to her hips holding her steady as he continued to pleasure her, only withdrawing at the last moment, when the sweet stickiness of her had coated his tongue.

She was rendered speechless again as she recovered. She was vaguely aware of him making his way up her body, even lazily letting her legs settle around his hip but she could barely concentrate. He was kissing her everywhere, her neck, her collarbone, the dip between her breasts and finally her lips again.

"Wow," she said after a while, her hand sliding into his hair.

She kissed him languorously, feeling him twitch against her abdomen. She drew in a sharp breath, his mouth fell to her shoulder. "Donna, I have to be in you. Now." He made no apologies as he thrust into her, causing them both to cry out.

"This," he said as they began to move. "This is exactly what I needed." He didn't speak again as he plundered her.

They had put the bed back to some semblance of order and were firmly snuggled under the comforter. His arm was strewn around her and her hand rested on his chest.

"Can we just stay here, like this forever? Just you and me?" she said.

"Who needs other people?" he agreed.

She took her hand out from beneath the comforter, letting the ring catch the light of the waning candles. "I can't wait to marry you Harvey."

"I can't wait to marry you Donna."

"I have a question for you though."

"I'm not going to tell you Donna."

"You don't even know what I was going to say!"

"You want to know where I hid the ring. I'm not going to tell you. I have to have some mystery..."

"I will find out you know."

"You won't. It is good to know though..."

"What is?"

"That sometimes there are things we both don't see."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, it was right there Donna and you..."

"I'm right here Harvey, I'll always be right here," she said, dragging a kiss against his mouth and settling down for the night, happier than she had ever been.

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