Digimon: Silver Star Story

Characters: This is a brief outlook of the main, supporting, and evil characters that will make an appearance in this fic. Updated for new characters.

Lunar Main Characters

Alex: Alex dreams of one day becoming a Dragonmaster like his hero, Dyne. But to fulfill his dream, he must leave behind all that he holds dear. Much more is in store for young Alex than he realizes. Hopefully, he'll live long enough to tell about it!

Luna (human): Alex's parents have taken care of Luna since she was a child. She is Alex's childhood sweetheart, though she'll never admit it. No one can match the power of her magical songs. Like most adolescents her age, she has many questions about herself. Unfortunately, they're about to be answered…

Nall: When Alex was a small child, a mysterious man gave his father this strange, winged, catlike creature that unfortunately grew up with an attitude. He tends to get Alex into a lot of trouble by smarting off at the wrong time. But he'll get what's coming to him, sooner or later!

Nash: This extremely overconfident magicians apprentice is an understudy of Ghaleon, the most powerful magician in Vane. If he isn't studying for his latest exam at the Magic Guild, he can be found trying to impress the woman of his dreams, Mia. Too bad Nash isn't as successful at trying to win Mia's heart as he is with magic.

Mia: Mia is the daughter of Lemia, one of the Four Heroes, and the leader of Vane. Lemia has protected Mia from the outside world for so long that she is oblivious to the joys and hardships found in the world below. Despite her mild nature, she is actually a very powerful magician. If she could learn one new magic trick, it would be making Nash disappear.

Kyle: After winning the approval of Master Mel of Meribia, Kyle was put in charge of protecting the Nanza barrier. Despite his youth, he is a master swordsman and well-respected by his loyal followers. He can't help but find himself attracted to Jessica, even though she can't stand his chauvinistic ways. He has only one flaw…his ego!

Jessica: Jessica is the daughter of Master Mel, one of the Four Heroes, and the governor of Meribia. As an apprentice priest of Althena's Shrine, she is a master of healing spells. Don't let the sweetness she displays around her father fool you; Jessica is a very brave and independent woman. She is constantly at odds with Kyle, hoping that one day he will treat all women as equals (yeah right).

Sailor Moon Characters by the end of the 2nd season (Greg is included in it because he played an important role in the two episodes of Sailor Moon that he was on.)

Sailor Moon: A junior high school student at Juban, Serena Tsukino is a friendly person who cares for everyone around her. The reincarnated princess of the moon, she is keeper of the Silver crystal, and leader of the Sailor Scouts. Her one real dream is to get married and have a family of her own. She is already aware of her future, and will make an extraordinary queen if and when she grows up. Her only flaws are her selfishness and flakiness, but these are compensated by her natural leadership skills, and her pure heart.

Sailor Mercury: The reincarnated princess of Mercury, Amy Mizuno is the resident genius of the Sailor Scouts. With the aid of a palm-sized super computer, she can analyze just about anything that is made in the 20th century. Lately, she has been having extremely unsettling dreams that have put her on edge. She has questions about this, but she's in for a rude awakening!

Sailor Mars: The resident psychic of the group, Rei Hino is the one the others turn to for guidance in anything out of the ordinary. She is the reincarnated princess of Mars, she is trained in telepathic combat. Her weakness is her red-hot temper, and her pride. She is constantly at odds with Serena, but it is a friendly rivalry, as the two are like sisters.

Sailor Jupiter: Lita Kino, the reincarnated princess of Jupiter, is the second most powerful member of the team, just after Sailor Moon. She is their martial arts master, capable of going head to toe with some of the most dangerous creatures alive, even when she isn't transformed. Her explosive temper and awe-inspiring strength give Lita a major advantage in combat. Her intelligence is limited, and she cannot create worthwhile strategies on her own, but her skills, and the other scouts, more than make up for that.

Sailor Venus: The reincarnated princess of Venus, Mina Aino was actually the first of the Scouts to be awakened. She has the most experience of them, and is a decent fighter. Her intelligence is limited, and she was never considered leadership material. She is a bit snobby, but a good friend too all those around her.

Sailor Pluto: The direct heir to the throne of Pluto, Trista Meioh is the sole survivor of the Silver Millennium. Her knowledge of time is unmatched in the cosmos, and her tactical know-how is parallel to Mercury. Her powers, as well as her duties as the guardian of time, make her one of the most powerful Scouts of all time. Her only flaw is that she cannot work well with others, due to her isolation in the gates of time. She is also known as the scout of dreams among her peers. Will she be able to figure out what Amy's dreams mean?

Tuxedo Mask: The reincarnated prince of Earth and protector of the moon princess, Darien Endyimon is an ally to the Sailor Scouts, and courting Princess Serena. He is a stabilizing force in Serena's life, and always gives good advice to others when he feels they need it. An orphan who doesn't remember his own parents, he feels that Serena is his family, and will do anything to protect her from harm.

Luna (Feline) and Artemis: Reincarnated by Queen Serenity to guide the Sailor Scouts to their rightful destiny, Luna and Artemis were the ones to reawaken the five Sailor Scouts. With the Negaverse and Negamoon family finally defeated, they continue to train the Scouts for the next evil that will attempt to attack Earth. Little to they expect that that training will come in handy, and sooner than they think!

Rini: Serena and Darien's child from the 30th century, Rini Endyimon is the direct heir to throne of Crystal Tokyo. She is a young, but extremely brave girl. Wielding unexplainable powers due to her exposure to the Silver Crystal, and an extremely short temper, she can do a great deal of damage to her enemies. With Serena's determination, and Darien's intelligence, Rini is the perfect balance of brains and brawn. Now if only she could learn to use both at the right time!

Greg: One of the Seven Rainbow Crystal carriers, and one of the former shadow warriors of the Negaverse, Greg has been a good friend to the Sailor Scouts for almost two years. His unique ability to foresee the future has helped in stopping one of Queen Beryl's greatest plans ever. Greg's feelings for Amy link him to her in a way that he is aware when she in some form of distress. He has lately been having dreams similar to the ones that Amy has been having. Greg is trying to uncover their origin, and whether or not they pose a threat to the Scouts.

Digimon Characters of Season one

Tai and Agumon: The leader of the Digi-Destined and older brother to Kari, Tai is keeper of the Crest of Courage. He is a natural leader, and has led the Digi-Destined to victory time and time again against overpowering foes. He may seem cold and impersonal in the heat of battle, but deep inside, he has a heart of gold.

His Digimon partner Agumon is the defacto leader of the Digimon portion of the team. He is also the strongest of the Digimon, capable of digi-volving to the Mega level.

Matt and Gabumon: Matt is the second member of the Digi-Destined, and holder of the Crest of Friendship. He is the one who always tries to remind Tai that a little humanity will go a long way. He can get extremely angry with Tai with over his conduct, but the two are like brothers. He once thought that his only mission was to protect his little brother, T.K., but after the battle with Apocalmon, he embraced a higher purpose.

Gabumon is the only other digimon on the team to hold the capability of digi-volving to Mega. He is the rational member of the group, acting like a confidant to the others. He knows everything there is to know about the Digital World, and will try to find out anything he doesn't. Maybe this crisis will broaden his horizons.

Sora and Biyomon: If there were two people so alike, Sora and Biyomon would be sisters. Both have the gentlest souls of the team, and can get overly emotional at times. Looking to Tai for guidance, Sora may have feelings for him that are more than friendship. She is keeper of the crest of Love, which enables Biyomon to digi-volving to the Ultimate level.

Izzy and Tentomon: As pertained by his Crest of Knowledge, Izzy Izumi is the resident genius of the group. He is totally level headed, and has used his intellect to uncover the mysteries of the Digital World. Like Mimi and Tai, he is Lunarian in origin, aging at an accelerated rate to a certain point.

Tentomon is also level headed, and tries to get Izzy to live in the world around him. His digivolution is up to the Ultimate level.

Mimi and Palmon: In her time on Lunar, Mimi has shed the persona she used to hide from her friends, instead revealing a different person all together. A half demon, she possesses the best of both worlds, including immense magical power, super human strength, and incredible durability. Recently, she and fellow Digi-Destined Izzy have taken the first tentative steps of forming a relationship. Only time will tell if that relationship will hold, especially if the powers of darkness decide to destroy it.

Palmon is Mimi's partner, and the one most in tune to Mother Nature. Capable of digi-volving to Ultimate, Palmon is the least powerful, but also the most maneuverable of the group. She trusts everyone around her, and will always try to protect a friend.

Joe and Gomamon: Joe is your basic paranoid kid who believes that everyone and everything is out to get him. His experiences in the Digital World have cured him of that somewhat, and he has become the most reliable member of the team. He is keeper of the Crest of Reliability, and is always there for the others.

If every power in the universe has an opposite, then Joe got the raw end of the deal. Gomamon is his opposite in every way possible. He is laid back most of the time, and always ready to crack a joke. He is the only Digimon in the team who can swim, and he has an Ultimate level Digivolution.

T.K. and Angemon: T.K. is the child of Hope, and keeper/protector of its crest. He is considered by the powers of darkness as one of the most dangerous of the children. Wielding the weapon previously held by Takeru, T.K. begins to uncover the past...

Angemon is the third strongest of the Digimon team, and one of the most powerful Digimon in history. He is skilled in hand-to-hand-combat, and can stand up to Ultimate and Mega level Digimon. Like T.K., he has been having dreams as well, but he has handled them better than any of the others, and feels that a dark future is approaching. If only he knew…

Kari and Angewomon: The child of Light and keeper of its crest, Kari is the most lovable and trustworthy of the Digi-Destined, as well as the most powerful. She possesses abilities so strong that the powers of darkness fear her. She is extremely strong willed, and will sacrifice herself to save others, and that's almost killed her twice in her life. Wielding the Scepter of Light, she commands power beyond imagination.

Angewomon is the digimon of light, and the only other Angelic Digimon on the team. She is shrouded in controversy due to her association with Myotismon, and has been horribly scarred both physically and mentally. She bears a great hatred to any creature, human or Digimon, who would hurt others to gain control over them. Angewomon has been hit almost as hard as Kari by the dreams, and might be able to help Angemon discern them. Whatever happens though, she will be a great ally in the upcoming battle.

Lilika: Lilika is Mimi's twin sister, born and raised on Lunar. Like her sister, she possesses superhuman strength, and the acute senses of the demons. Unlike her sister, she doesn't possess unlimited magical power, and is very shy and reserved around those she doesn't know. In times of great emotional stress, she is the Alliance's anchor, being their spiritual presence whenever they need it.

Harry Potter Characters; (The majority of them making an impact won't appear until much later in the fic.)

Harry: The only one to survive the Dark Lord Voldemort reign of terror, Harry Potter is famous throughout the Wizarding World as the boy who lived. He is also head of the newly formed Hogwarts Stargate Corp, which was created to battle Deadly Alliance member Outworld. Wielding a sword and now fluent in several different forms of martial arts, he has become a dangerous warrior.

Hermione: The smartest witch in Hogwarts, and one of the best friends of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger is a muggle born witch who is ridiculed by those who believe themselves to be better than her, and accepted by those who know her. In the aftermath of the battle of the Star Chamber, she has obtained a new edge to her personality, as well as new likes and dislikes. Harry's counterpart and equal, she is never far from his side.

Ginny: The youngest and only daughter of Arthur and Molly Weasley, Ginevra Weasley's first year at Hogwarts almost saw the end of the school, and the rebirth of the Wizarding World's most powerful dark wizard. Now wielding a mystic blade of ancient origin, she has become part of a new generation of warriors, sworn to defend a land of dreams.

Ron: The second youngest of the family, Ron is Harry Potter's second best friend, having known him since his first year. He's one of the few who wants Harry to have a normal life, and try to have fun. However, as they sometimes say, playtime is over…

Claire: A student of Zion Academy for Guardians, Claire Damont is from Realm 7684, the realm of the Jedi order. She knows elemental spells that can do incomprehensible damage to her enemies, and is skilled in hand to hand combat. Her primary weapon of choice is a Jedi light saber.

Snape: Hogwarts Potions Professor, Severus Snape is considered the resident teacher to hate among the majority of students. Always after the position of the DADA teacher, he takes his frustration out on his students, mostly Harry and Hermione. Now though, he's going to have to shelve that animosity in the face of the Deadly Alliance.

McGonagall: The Deputy Headmistress and Transfiguration Professor, Minerva McGonagall is not a human on that Earth, but a fully trained mage from the Magic Guild of Vane on Lunar. She is an Animagi, meaning she can transform into an animal willingly. Now her experience working for the Magic Guild's Dimensional Stargate Corp is going to come in very handy for Hogwarts.

Lupin: The current Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Remus Lupin is a werewolf, though no one except the teachers know this. He is the exact opposite of Professor Snape in terms of personality, and his equal in teaching ability. His experience in the first magical war against Voldemort also make him a formidable being in battle. And it's going to be needed soon.

Disney characters

Peter Pan: Like the Peter Pan currently helping the Planeteers, this Peter Pan is a boy who wanted to never grow up. He met his Wendy's twelve year old daughter during the tail end of World War II, when Captain Hook kidnapped her. He possesses no memories about his past, but he will soon remember...and the price that is paid will change his life forever.

Jane: Wendy Darling Barrington's eldest child, Jane was raised in World War II London, while her father fought to defend England. She met Peter Pan when Captain Hook forcibly took her to Neverland. There, she found her lost childhood, and developed a friendship with the young boy. Perhaps those feelings will become something more.

Wendy: Wendy Darling Barrington is mother of Jane and Daniel. Growing up with her belief in her friend Peter Pan intact, she passed on her belief to her children. Now living in a battle damaged London, she becomes a beacon of light for those less fortunate. But soon, something will happen that will bring her faith to its knees.

Belle: A village girl, Belle now lives in an enchanted castle full of talking household appliances, helping the Beast on his path to become human once again. Once, she had been kidnapped by a force known as the Heartless, before being set free by the Keybearer. Now darkness is coming for her again, and a secret from her past will begin to emerge. What is it?

Yu-Gi-Oh Characters

Yami: A five thousand year old spirit of ancient Egypt, Yami was once the Pharaoh of an empire. He was forced to fight to end the ancient Shadow Games, sealing the great evil away in the seven mystical Millennium Items. With the capture of Yugi's soul by the Orichalcos, he finds himself filled with despair, dealing with emotions of rage and grief.

Tea: Yugi's best friend since grade school, Tea Gardner has also been a good friend of Yami's since Duelist Kingdom. She has been both of their confidants, helping them refocus on who they were. However, with everything that has happened, she has been forced to reevaluate her feelings for the ancient spirit.

Yugi: Yami's 'better half,' so to speak, Yugi Motou has one goal in life, and one goal only; To be himself. Absolutely selfess, and willing to sacrifice himself for his friends, he becomes friends with almost everyone he meets. He recently freed himself, and warned his friends of the Deadly Alliance's plans. He wields the Eye of Tiamius, the strongest of the three Legendary Dragons.

Joey: The third greatest duelist in the world, Joey Wheeler is one of Yugi's friends, and Yami's partner in the battle against the forces of darkness. Commanding the power of the third guardian dragon Heramos, he is absolutely loyal to his friends, and will sacrifice himself to save them.

Tristen: Joey's best friend, Tristen is a decent duelist who will probably never make his name in Duel Monsters. He's the one they turn to if there is a situation that requires his forceful method of handling. And that method is going to be needed in the coming struggle.

Seto: The second greatest duelist in the world, Seto Kaiba is CEO of Kaiba Corp, a corporation that went from military to civilian service over the course of four years. As a businessman or duelist, Seto is absolutely ruthless, though he's not without compassion. With events going as they are, he'll need to call upon every ounce of his dueling experience and business cunning to battle this new enemy. Commanding the Fang of Kriddius, he has become more dangerous than ever.

Serenity: Joey's younger sister, Serenity Wheeler is one of the most joyful people a person could ever meet. Unwavering in her faith of her brother, she is the reason that Joey fights. She is also one of the few people Seto Kaiba can tolerate being around for more than a minute.

Mokuba: Seto's younger brother, Mokuba Kaiba is the exact opposite of his older brother. He is mellower than Seto, more able to make new friends. He also has an understanding of business that equals Seto's, though his dueling skills leave something to be desired..

Rebecca: Professor Hawkins granddaughter, Rebecca Hawkins is a gifted genius who follows her grandfather's research nearly religiously. Facing Yugi Moto once in a duel, she grew to respect the young boy, and even developed feelings for him. Now her knowledge will prove crucial in the coming battle.

Mai: A duelist who was once never beaten, Mai Valentine has been friends with Yugi and Joey since their days in Duelist Kingdom. After her defeat at the hands of Marik, she fell into the sway of the Orichalcos, hoping to never be helpless against the Shadow Realm. Now though, she must decide where her true loyalties lie.

Dark Magician Girl: One of Yugi Motou's Duel Monsters, Dark Magician Girl was the monster who was out when Yami played the Seal of Orichalcos. Because of this, she has been cut off from the monster world. Now it will take all of her power and knowledge to save her world and Earth, as well as find her way back home.

Mahaddo: One of seven Sacred Guardians in the Pharaoh's Court, Mahhado once commanded the power of the Millennium Ring, an item that can sense the darkness in others. He is also a sorcerer who trains others in unlocking their gifts, though many of them have difficulties in that. After the final battle with Zoorc, he sealed himself away, vowing to protect the Pharaoh's secrets. But no one knows where he is, now. And he is needed again.

Mana: Mahhado's top student, Mana is the Pharaoh's closest friend in ancient times. She is an aspiring magician who suffers from a lack of self esteem. Due to this, her spells are only effective half the time. She shall soon have a great deal old practice, that's for sure.

Teen Titans Characters

Robin: Leader of the Teen Titans, Dick Grayson was trained by none other than the Batman himself in the martial arts, as well as detective work. Moving to another city, he forged a team to fight crime known as the Teen Titans. However, now he must prepare to fight a war that will have far reaching consequences for him, and his friends…

Starfire: A Tamaranian who came to Earth, Starfire is the second oldest member of the Teen Titans. Strong, fast, and capable of firing energy blasts from her hands and eyes, she also possesses the unique ability of surviving in space without oxygen. She will have to call upon all of those abilities now.

Cyborg: As the name implies, Cyborg is a cybernetic human, with ninety percent of his body covered in electronic equipment and weapons. He is the techno master, with even more equipment then Robin, though at his heart, he is still a teenager.

Raven: The resident magic user of the group, Raven is a half demon, daughter of a powerful demon lord. Choosing to embrace her human side, she joined the Titans after learning to control her abilities. Requiring constant meditation to qualm the anger being inside of her, she has witnessed Luna's abduction at the hands of the Magic Emperor, and shall now prepare for something that she doesn't understand.

Beast Boy: A shape shifting meta human, Beast Boy is the jokester of the Titans, always ready for a good laugh, even if it's at his own expense. He is also the only one to really break through Raven's communication wall, and regards her as the sister he never had. Capable of changing into any creature that walked the Earth, he is very much the most dangerous of the Teen Titans.

Terra: Wielding command over the Earth itself, Terra is a meta human who once had trouble controlling her abilities. Due to a volcano that was forming and the subsequent use of her powers, she is now encased in stone. But with the Deadly Alliance now nipping at her friend's heels, she needs to be awakened. Perhaps the soul of a certain young duelist can help her accomplish that.

Jinx: A student of Brother Blood's school of villains, Jinx has battled the Teen Titans on several occasions. However, out of all of the villains, she seems to have the most compassion in her, as she only seems to want to have some fun. She is extremely loyal to her group, though that might change in the future.

Azar: The founder of Azarath, Raven's home, Azar is a being of great power. Having lived for five thousand years, she was Arella's teacher, and later, Raven's protector. Though dead, her legacy lives on through the people of her city. But none know how this came to be... except for a certain five thousand year old spirit...

Justice League Unlimited Characters

Superman: Born Kal-El of Krypton, Clark Kent was among the first super heroes to form the Justice League. As leader, he is responsible for the actions of the rest of the team. He is also the strongest being physically, capable of taking more punishment than anyone else, as well as various other abilities. With the Justice League now expanding rapidly into a true force for justice, he finds that being a hero and being a leader are two different things.

Batman: One of the few humans in the League without powers, Bruce Wayne is also their most experienced hero. Versed in several different martial arts styles, and trained in detective work, he serves as their resident crime solver. He is also the one who funds the Justice League and all of their equipment. And a good thing too!

Green Lantern: Only one of many to bear the ring of the Green Lantern Corp, John Stewart is responsible for the protection of Planet Earth. As his responsibilities in the Justice League usually coincide with his duties as a GL, this causes very few problems for his schedule. After the Thanagarian Invasion, he serves as a instructor of the newly added members of the League, most notably Supergirl. However, things are going to become a little more problematic.

Shayera: An exiled Thanagarian, Shayera Hol arrived on Earth on a mission for the Thanagarian Government. However, her conscience and feelings for humanity forced her to turn her back on them. Recently reinstated into the Justice League, she still wrestles with feelings of guilt and shame as she tries to find her place in the League. However, she's about to find out where she stands in Existence, and it will be surprising…

Wonder Woman: Exiled princess of Themyiscera, Diana was molded with the speed of Hermes, and strength nearly equal to Superman's. She is a warrior's warrior, though she was trained as a diplomat by her mother. And both will be needed, as she will have to help forge alliances to battle their newest enemy…as well as an ancient foe.

J'onn: The last Martian, J'onn J'onzz was the last of the seven heroes to form the Justice League. He is extremely strong, and possesses the ability to rearrange his own molecules. This gives him the ability to go through walls, become transparent, become any person he wants, and to make his body malleable. He also possesses telepathic abilities. Since the Thanagarian Invasion, he has served as a consultant for the younger members, rarely leaving the Watchtower. His services as a soldier will be required again soon, though.

Flash: Quite literally "The Fastest Man Alive," Wally West is hormone's personified. He is capable of reaching the speed of light, allowing him to run across water, up buildings, and break speed limits all around the world. Since the Justice League began recruiting new members, he has stayed in the background, lending a sympathetic ear to others, and acting as the League's conscience.

Cardcaptor's Characters

Sakura: The mighty Clow Mistress of the cards, Sakura Kiminoto has always been in the thick of the magical fight, first with capturing the Clow Cards, then changing them to Sakura Cards. However, regardless of the challenge thrown in her direction, she remains the same carefree girl who had, once upon a time, opened up the Book of Clow by accident. Now, as events start to take shape, she will have to call upon every card, and all of her friends for help.

Lee: Li Shoaran is a powerful sorcerer and fighter of the Shoaran Clan of Hong Kong. He aided Sakura during the two years that he attended her school, slowly cultivating a friendship that became more. However, the newest challenge for Sakura is fast approaching, that will require all of them to prepare…for war.

Madison: Sakura's best friend, and an aspiring clothes designer, Madison Tomoyo is Sakura's emotional anchor in times of trouble, though she possesses no magical powers of her own. Her 'battle costumes' are somewhat wacky sometimes, and she taped almost every single card capture. It looks like she'll have to have to buy a lot of video tapes. She's going to be taping a documentary, after all.

Kero: Guardian of the Clow Cards, Kero has two forms, a cute, teddy bear styled body, and a powerful lion like form. In this form, he is capable of shooting very powerful fire blasts from his mouth. As Sakura's guardian, he has helped her with advice and counsel.

Yue: The other guardian of the Clow Cards, Yue is a formidable warrior who draws his power from the moon. He can create energy weapons in his hands, and fire powerful blue crystals at his enemies. His other form, which is a good friend of Tori, is a very mild mannered boy who eats a great deal of food.

Eli: The reincarnated Clow Ree, Eli Moon was the one who pushed Sakura to the test with the Clow Cards. Commanding immense power, he is aided by Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun, who are similar to the keepers of the Clow Cards. But now all three will be needed once again.

X-Men: Evolution characters

Rogue: One of the more powerful members of the X-Men, Rogue's mutant ability allows her to drain the life force of a human, and in mutant's cases, temporarily take their abilities as her own. She has no memory of her first twelve years of life, though she now knows about her connection with Mystique. She'll be getting her memories back very soon, though, and find the family she lost...

Professor Xavier: Founder of Xavier's Institute for the gifted, Charles Xavier helps mutants understand and control their abilities, while also preparing them for the future. With the knowledge of mutants now an open secret, he finds himself at the forefront of that future, having seen the troubles that will befall both humans and mutants. Maybe the meta human population can help him stave it off.

Wolverine: Quite possible one of the oldest mutants of the present day, Logan is an enigma, even to himself. No one knows anything about him after World War II occurred, though he was part of the Weapon X project. It infused his body with adamantium, a virtually indestructible metal. He also possesses accelerated healing powers that allow him to survive potentially fatal wounds. In terms of combat, he is near Batman's level.

Storm: Another adult who works at the institute, Ororo Monroe's mutant ability is command over the elements. In a concentrated area, she can make it snow, rain, create tornadoes, or launch lightning bolts. As an instructor, she helps guide the new recruits to understanding their powers. As a fighter, she is one who few can stand against.

Cyclops: One of the first students of the Xavier Institute, Scott Summers possesses the mutant ability to fire optic blasts from his eyes. However, he can't control his powers, forcing him to wear a pair of ruby quartz sunglasses to contain the power. As leader of the X-Men, he is responsible for the conduct of every member of his group. But things are going to get much more difficult for him.

Jean: A telepathic/telekinetic mutant, Jean Grey was in fact the first person to go to Xavier's Institute. Her powers are constantly growing, sometimes leading to problems. She is Scott's love interest, one that's reciprocated by the boy in question. Maybe she'll be able act on those feelings…

Shadowcat: The perkiest member of the team, Kitty Pryde's mutant ability enables her to phase through solid matter, becoming as insubstantial as a ghost. She also is the groups emotional conscience, keeping them all on their feet. And out of all of them, she is the only one who Lance Alvers trusts.

Nightcrawler: Quite possibly the most unique member of the X-Men, Kurt Wagner possesses the ability to teleport. In terms of physical development, he has superior flexibility, though his strength isn't very spectacular. However, his mutation also includes blue fur, pointed ears, and a tail, giving him a demonic appearance. But that will work to his advantage in the future…

Amanda: Quite possibly the only person who would fight for mutant rights zealously, Amanda Sefton is the only one who accepts Kurt for who he is, and even likes it. A student of Bayville High, she first learned of the young X-Men's secret before the knowledge of mutants had been made public. Now she'll have to help Kurt become comfortable with who he really is.

Avalanche: Leader of the Brotherhood, Lance Alvers possesses the ability to generate seismic vibrations in his immediate vicinity. Having lived a harsh life, he has learned to trust, and has even shelved his rivalry with Cyclops for Kitty's sake.

Star Wars Characters

Obi Wan: A Jedi Knight, Obi Wan Kenobi is the instructor to Anakin Skywalker, as well as a general of the Galactic Republic. Wielding the traditional weapon of the Jedi Order, he will, in the future, be killed by his own disciple. However, events have been set in motion that will destroy that future.

Anakin: Quite possibly the most powerful Jedi, Anakin Skywalker is still very much a rookie, learning how to harness his powers correctly and wisely. Impatient and impulsive, he is capable of doing things that no Jedi can do. He is also an expert mechanic, having built a protocol droid. He is also a commander in the Galactic Republic Army. Now, he'll have a chance to become something other than a Sith, as destiny has set him out to be…

Padme: A senator of the Galactic Republic and wife of Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala was once the queen of Naboo before becoming the planet's representative. A decent marksman, she has helped in several engagements against the Trade Federation and it's allies, both times aiding in the Republic's victory. Her relationship with Anakin has evolved considerably, and she understands him better than even Obi Wan. In the coming struggle, she will help him find himself, and perhaps find true happiness at the same time.

Static Shock Characters

Static Shock: A meta human, Virgil Hawkins possesses the ability of magnetic electricity, allowing him to lift objects into the air, as well as shorting out any electrical appliances out there. Deciding to use his powers to protect the people of Dakota City from the other "Bang Babies," he began honing his control, becoming the hero Static Shock. Out of all the new heroes, he is the only one who is in constant contact with the Justice League.

Gear: Static's best friend and a fellow bang baby, Ritchie's ability is a hyper-accelerated intelligence, allowing him to build extremely advanced equipment, as well as a suit that gives him flight ability. His greatest achievement though, is the development of BACKPACK, a device that allows him to override almost any computer, or enhance said computer's computing capability. And it will prove very necessary in the future.

Permafrost: A homeless girl living in Dakota City, Maureen Conner possesses the power of cold, creating snow and ice with her will. She isn't evil, just a girl whose past life was filled with tragedy. However, she will soon find herself in the forefront of events, and every ounce of her power will be needed. May it be enough.

Other characters

Kes: An Occampan from the unexplored regions of the Delta Quadrant, Kes's life changed forever when she was rescued by the crew of the Starship Voyager. Joining them on their journey home, she began to explore her long suppressed telepathic powers. Near death, she decided to return home so she could die among her people. But, her life is going to make another drastic change.

Idaris: Jadzia Idaris is one of many dead Starfleet officers who has been resurrected by the Guardians to help with the defense of the Protectorate. Sought out by Alania herself, she accepted a position at Zion Academy teaching Time Science and History. Now, Alania has recommended her for the position of Science officer aboard the Valkyrie.

Yar: The first Tactical Officer of the Enterprise-D, Natasha Yar only held the post for eight months before being killed on Argus IV. Resurrected by the Guardians, she was made Chief of Security of Avalon. After almost ten years, she was reassigned to Zion, where she has now taken up the position of Security Chief aboard the Valkyrie.

Boomer: Lieutenant Sharon Valerii, known better as 'Boomer' among her friends, was only one of many humans killed when the Cylons launched a full scale attack on the twelve colonies. The Guardians resurrected her, and spent the last year training her for the position of Helm aboard their new flagship. Easygoing, thought serious to the extreme, she hopes to prove herself as a member of the crew. Her greatest dream is to see Earth. Hopefully, she will get that chance.

Aeris: A half cetra, Aeris Gainsborough was resurrected by Lily Potter before she disappeared, and accepted a position in Zion Medical, awaiting the completion of the Valkyrie. Emotionally stable, and immensely adept in healing magic, she has been considered the Doctor McCoy of the Protectorate, having published a medical book that is now considered a staple among the profession. Now she will have a chance to go into space, and improve upon her already considerable knowledge.

Prue: Quite possibly the only witch in Guardian Starfleet, Prue Halliwell was the originally the third Charmed One, a trio of sisters who possessed the strongest magic in her universe. Resurrected by the Guardians, she expressed a hidden interest in Engineering, and was trained in that. She was also the driving force behind the construction of the Valkyrie, being involved in every stage of her construction.

Guest Characters

Ramus: Ramus is the son of the village elder in Burg and Alex's best friend. He hopes that Alex will one day get over his fascination of Dragonmaster Dyne. His one ambition in life is to become filthy rich. He wants it all; fast horses, expensive food, and beautiful women. It's Ramus' craving for fame and fortune that starts Alex's adventure.

Laike: Laike is an extremely talented swordsman who lacks the ability to use magic. The very helpful and very friendly man usually appears out of nowhere and sticks around just long enough to impart advice before disappearing from the scene. Never content to stay in one place, Laike is constantly wandering around the world. Just wait until his past catches up to him!

Mel: As the leader of Meribia, Master Mel has the respect and loyalty of the townsfolk. He is known for his ferocious fighting style, which has earned him the nickname 'Hell Mel'. After life in the spotlight as one of the Four Heroes, Mel settled down and fathered a child named Jessica. She is Mel's pride and joy…his life.

Lemia: Lemia is the leader of Vane, and the founder of the Magic Guild, which instructs others on how to unlock their magical abilities. With Xenobia on the warpath, she races to heal her damaged body, and hold the Magic Guild together, as war threatens to engulf them once again...

Dyne: Dragonmaster Dyne had the ability to command and use the power of the Four Dragons in order to protect the Goddess Althena. Unfortunately, none of those powers could protect him from perishing under mysterious circumstances. With each passing year, the legend of Dyne continues to inspire both boys and girls alike.

Tempest and Fresca: Tempest leaves the village of Pao, in the Stadius Zone. With the recent epidemic that has broken out in the prairie, Tempest and Fresca are forced to leave their village in order to find a cure. Tempest is a strong fighter who doesn't back down from a fight. Hopefully, he's strong enough to face what lies ahead.

Fresca's hometown of Pao has recently been struck with an epidemic that is slowly killing all the inhabitants. With no known cure, Tempest and Fresca are faced with losing their entire village. With the village in such dire circumstances, she and Tempest decide to leave the village in order to find a cure before it's too late.

Myght: With a severe case of body odor, Myght stays hidden in his tower, away from the hare-brained of the outside world. From his secluded location, he spends his time creating one invention after another. However, it is rumored that he is working on an incredible flying machine. Even more incredible than his legendary B.O.

Black: An escaped convict from prison, Sirius Black was James Potter best friend during their time at Hogwarts. Alongside Remus, James, and Pettigrew, they formed a group known as the Marauder's. However, with James and Lily's death's, he was sentenced to the Wizarding World's prison of Azkaban, though Pettigrew was the one who betrayed them. Now he seeks to kill Pettigrew for his transgressions.

Sere: Owner of Sere's Shop, Sere is also a very powerful sorceress. She is also very knowledgeable on the Sailor Scouts and the Digi-Destined, helping them out every now and then in the shadows. The time's fast approaching when she'll have to reveal who she really is, though.

Hro Talek: Supreme commander of Thanagar's forces, Hro Talek was once Shayera Hol's betrothed. He was the one who sent her to Earth, on a mission that would save millions of Thanagarian lives if successful, though doom the planet Earth to death. Now, he's going to have to join forces with them to stop an enemy more dangerous than the Gordanians. An enemy, who will kill all who stand in their way…

Akalon: A powerful being in Existence, Timelord Akalon is charged with maintaining the balance of Existence by any means necessary. He was the one who originally trained the First Guardian herself, and helps to preserve the Protectorate whenever he has time to. Unfortunately, he's about to find out that he can no longer perform his duty to it's fullest extent. Because the threat to the balance, has an ally in the future…

Daniel: Wendy's younger son, Daniel Barrington is the personification of innocence, his belief in Peter Pan as unwavering as his mother's. He grew up listening to Peter Pan stories, and even saw him once. Now, he may be the only thing that will help his family stay together after a horrific event occurs.

Chip: Son of an English maid, Chip was transformed into a teacup when the Enchantress cursed the Beast. When Belle came, he became close friends with her, becoming something of a surrogate son for her. Now, events have been set in motion that will see him restored to human form…but at what cost?

Prince Sol: The son of another reality's Queen Serenity, William Tsukino lives on Earth with his father and stepmother. He commands the energies of the Pheonix, a mythical beast of infinite power and grace. Trained from a young age to harness this power, he will soon have to call upon all of it... with devastating consequences for his home.

Prince Starr: Head of the Jedi Order of Realm 323, Daniel Starr is allies with Akalon, Queen Serenity, and the Galactic Republic's Jedi. He trained Yoda in the advanced arts of Force meditation, and Akalon's wife in the holy arts. In combat, it is said that only Mary Sara is better, and his strength almost rivals Anakin's. The tides of war approach, and he knows what he must do.

Enemy Characters (Updated to include the Uruk-Hai and Queen Beryl.)

Taben: Taben is an evil inventor who has begun work on a mechanized castle. He has enslaved the people of Talon in order to mine for the minerals that he needs to complete what is known as the Grindery. With the Magic Emperor backing him, Taben's Grindery will be unstoppable. Can Taben be stopped before he makes the Grindery operational.

Xenobia: Xenobia is the leader of the Vile Tribe that inhabits the frontier. The Magic Emperor, with whom she has become infatuated, has given her extremely powerful magical spells. One of her favorite spells allows her to mimic the physical appearance of another person. This hotty's going to make Alex's life very difficult!

Royce: Royce is a constantly busy prognosticator of the future who runs a small shop on Black Rose Street and consults with Lemia Ausa. While she doesn't mind peering into the lives of others, she keeps her own life to herself. Strangely, she and Nash seem to have a special bond…

Phacia: Phacia is the head priestess of the Althena's Shrine, located at the foot of the Goddess Tower. Much like Althena, she has a friendly demeanor and a hypnotic beauty that dazzles everyone in her presence. In fact, many of the inhabitants are under the impression that she is the physical representation of Althena herself. Could this be true?

Magic Emperor: With the added talents of Xenobia and Taben, the Magic Emperor has set his plans in motion to rule the world of Lunar. As his power continues to grow, only a Dragonmaster will be capable of stopping him before he destroys all that Althena built. Will Alex become a Dragonmaster in time?

Devimon: This enemy from the Digi-Destined's past has managed to find his way from the Digital World and gain new life on Lunar. He has formed a devils deal with the Magic Emperor, and has grown more powerful than before. He bears a particularly strong hatred for T.K. and his Digimon partner, and that has only increased with time. Above all that, this nemesis has learned a devastating secret about Lunar. What is it?

Queen Beryl: The ruler of the Negaverse, and strongest disciple of the Negaforce, Beryl possesses great control over the powers of darkness. In fact, it was her that led the invasion against Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom. Now, she has formed the same deal as the dark Digimon, all for revenge against Sailor Moon. However, she is seriously going to have some serious problems, especially in the form of a certain red hair witch.

Racc: The leader of the Uruk-Hai force, Racc is the deadliest fighter in the service of the Vile Tribe. Wielding a katana and possessing fire magic, he is Tai's equal in combat, as well as power. His obsession with Tai makes him a particularly dangerous opponent.

Kirok: The only member of the Uruk-Hai to possess a conscience, Kirok is the Uruk-Hai's resident sword duelist, wielding a saber. He commands the powers of ice, and is Matt's equal in battle. He also possesses a sense of honor, and a sense of ethics, which makes him open to ideas. Hopefully, Matt can reach him before they fight for the final time…

Bara: Adept at the martial arts, and also the only member of the Uruk-Hai to retain a human appearance, Bara is romantically attached to Racc. As Sora's opponent, she is extremely vicious, out to prove that she is the best. Sora is about to give her a run for her money.

Shayre: The Uruk-Hai's most powerful mage warrior, Shayre is Lilika's equal. As a mage, she possesses unspeakable control over the Earth itself, creating powerful earthquakes. She is Lilika's enemy and not Mimi's because of a instability in her powers, which means she must kill Lilika, or die alongside her…

J'onro: Expert archer and a decent swordsman, J'onro begins his clash with Izzy over a powerful prophecy, one that will spell the end of the Uruk-Hai's dominance over Lunarian battle. He has become particularly enamored with Mimi, which will only flare the personal war between the two lightning warriors.

Parrt: Joe's equal in everything but personality, Parrt is more vicious than the other Uruk-Hai, and not restrained by a Hippocratic Oath. He is easily the most sadistic of the group, willing to use torture and deadly force to achieve his ends. He uses an energy whip that allows him to utilize the powers of water. Joe is going to have his hands full dealing with him.

Slade: The Teen Titans deadliest enemy, Slade is much like the Joker, though he is not insane. Possessing similar skills to Robin, he has constantly pushed the Titans to the brink of collapse time and time again. Now, he's back with new allies, ready to do more than simply defeat them.

Brother Blood: Quite possibly the second most dangerous enemy of the Teen Titans, Brother Blood is a powerful magician and fighter. His knowledge of Cyborg is second only to the person in question himself. And that is going to make Cyborg's life very difficult.

Darts: Head of the force that serves the Oricalco's, Darts is apparently a very successful and rich man, having a collection of Duel Monsters cards that rivals that of Pegasus and Kaiba. His desire to destroy humanity with the power of the beast Leviathan make him a dangerous enemy for the Pharaoh and his allies.

Raphael: Dartz's right hand man, and now the only man who can truly say he defeated the Pharaoh, Raphael commands the powers of the three Guardian Cards, pure creatures who saved him when he was younger. Because of this, he possesses similar abilities and powers to the Millennium Puzzle. Knowing that he needs no help from the Oricalco's makes him a more dangerous opponent than even his master. And he proved it in the most devastating way possible.

Allister: A servant of Darts, Allister is easily the angriest of them, holding a particular hatred for Seto Kaiba and his family. His family had been destroyed due to weapons Seto's stepfather had given to the military, and now he craves revenge.

Vallen: The third member to Dartz trio of warriors, Vallen is a battle suit duelist, using their special abilities and combat skills to defeat his opponents. He has fallen in love with Mai Valentine, and will take out his perceived rival, Joey Wheeler to win her affections.

Reiko: Regent of Outworld, Reiko is Shao Kahn's greatest general, having served as his tactical strategist since before Kung Lao's day and age. Now, he is one of the most powerful members of the Deadly Alliance, charged with killing Harry Potter.

Sidious: Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious is Yoda's equal in power and knowledge. The master strategist that helped start the Clone Wars, his goal is to obtain Anakin Skywalker as his apprentice. And in every other reality, he succeeds. Will he here?

Maul:Darth Sidious's first apprentice, Maul was the defeater of Qui Gon Jinn, as well as Jedi Master Anoon Bondara and his apprentice Darsha Assant, before meeting his end at the hands of Obi Wan Kenobi. Now brought back in a similar manner as his fallen foe, he seeks to redeem himself, and become the ultimate Sith.

Bakura: The Pharoah's mortal enemy from ancient and modern times, Bakura is known as the Tomb Robber, who wishes to unleash Zoorc, the creator of the Shadow Games. But he knows that Zoorc is merely a servant himself to a far greater evil. Who is it?

Akknadin: The keeper of the Millennium Eye, Akknadin is also the oldest member of the Pharaoh's court. He is the one who created the seven Millennium Items, destroying the village Kel Ellna in the process. He will pay for this sin sooner or later. His greatest ambition is to replace Yami with his own son, High Priest Set.