After high school graduation and after college, Troy married his high school girlfriend, Gabriella, in front of all of their friends and family. They had a really great wedding! It was magical!

After the wedding, their lives began. Eventually, over a logical time period, they had sons, Jack and Nicolas. Jack was the older child, then Nicolas. Jack was the big brother, while Nicolas lived it up as his little brother.

The two boys as they grew up, developed different personalities. Jack,became a star athlete. While Nicolas became artist who had no interest in sports at all.

This is when their small moment begins.

The two brothers enter into a new chapter in their lives...their sophomore and senior year of high school...

"Nick...", whispered a voice.

15-year old Nicolas slowly snuggled into the bed and lazily opened his eyes.

He could recognize that voice was his annoying 17-year old brother Jack.

"Nicolas.",he said in a sing song, but, yet teasing voice.

"What...?" ,grunted Nicolas annoyed.

"Nicolas, get up already, please!",yelled Jack.

Nicolas almost fell out of bed, it made Jack laugh.

"Ah,my little bro, heh,always clumsy as ever...",nodded Jack to himself.

Nicolas rolled his eyes annoyed.

"Very funny, Jack, even though it isn't that funny.. it's mean..." ,said Nicolas.

Jack was all start athlete at their school, but, there is another side to him that people and his parents do not know about, it's that Jack acts like complete jerk at home. That is teasing and making fun of him bothers him so much but he couldn't tell his parents.

They are already proud of Jack for what his doing as it is.

Jack stared at Nicolas "But you always liked the teasing when you were little I mean falling of the bed is funny." Told Jack "Yeah expect I'm not clumsy anymore."Says Nicolas in a reasonable tone "Alright then whatever you say Little B come on Mom and Dad are waiting for us to eat breakfast." Told Jack annoyed as he walked out the door Nicolas had no explanation on what that meant so he decides to follow his brother down to breakfast