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Set between Season 5 & 6.

Follow me to Neverland...

This is it. This is the moment. The one single moment that has her heart clenching uncomfortably in her chest. Beckett didn't expect it to be this hard. She didn't know this would suck quite so spectacularly. But it is hard and it does suck. Her new place doesn't feel like home, not even with him by her side and now he's leaving. After just a few days here with her, he's catching a plane back to New York. She'll stay in DC and this is the first time since they started their relationship that they'll be apart like this. But she wants this. The job and the man. That's why she's here at the airport, lagging behind because she doesn't want him to go.

She's independent. She's never relied on anyone but he's always been there regardless. From the moment he weaseled his way into being her unwanted shadow to becoming her friend and partner and now…now he's her fiancé. And she's not relying on him but she has his support and that's what makes this even harder. She doesn't want to say goodbye. Not even for just a week. He's supposed to come visit next weekend but she doesn't know how busy she'll be. She doesn't know if she'll have to tell him to wait and come another time. Their plans are subject to change and it's hard to be here at the airport with him, knowing it could be awhile before she can touch him - kiss him.

They're almost late. Her fault. Maybe his too. Because she'd dragged him back to bed this morning, not ready to let go just yet. But he's the one who let her. She's actually afraid he'll miss the flight just by how long it takes to get through security. Well…afraid isn't the right word, maybe hopeful? Is that terrible?

He doesn't miss it. They're calling his flight by the time they make it to the gate and she's still gripping his hand tight in her own. This is as far as she goes. They haven't had to do this, not in this context. They haven't had to say goodbye in an airport with people passing by as if it's just another day. Except she spots a couple in the corner and they don't look ready to part ways either.

She's in his arms before she can drag her eyes away from them and up to his. He's holding her, gentle and firm. A tight embrace that has her curling into him. It's not weakness. It's the fact that she's stupid in love with him and she wants to press her face against his neck, inhale his scent one more time. Smudge her lips over his skin and slowly pull back to see his sparkling blue eyes. So she does it. All of it.

And he's not smiling either. He still has his arms around her waist, he's still holding a little too tight. And she's still gripping his lapels.

"I -"

"Need to go. I know." She does but neither of them move. Not one muscle. Not even a twitch and finally a smile breaks across her lips. She feels it tug free because this is ridiculous.

It isn't goodbye forever. It's just a little while. He kisses her then. His lips soft, warm, sliding easily against her own as she kisses him back. She'll miss this.

It's over too soon. Because he needs to go. But he doesn't. He stays another moment more.

"You'll call?" He asks as though he wouldn't just call her as soon as she didn't check in. It's just as ridiculous as their behavior and she doesn't care.

"Promise." She can feel him lean close again, her eyes closing the moment his nose bumps hers and then he's stealing another kiss.

Quickly. Just a short press of his mouth. He really needs to go.

"Kate, I -"

"You're gonna miss your flight." Another kiss. Two more. Three when he crowds close again and she can't stop the laugh that escapes before he silences her.

She still hasn't let go of his jacket. Her fingers are still curled there and when she drops her gaze, her eyes catch on the engagement ring. They're making a big deal out of this because it's hard. But she has his promise on her finger and he has hers in his heart.

"Go." He nods as if he hears what she's saying but can't make his legs cooperate. "Let me know when you land."

"I feel like one of your dwarves." It throws her. Makes her scrunch her face in confusion because she has no idea what he's talking about but then he's grinning at her and it doesn't even matter. "Snow White. I'm probably Dopey."

"You're not making any sense." Not surprising but she humors him a minute longer. "Why?"

"Isn't he the one that keeps circling back around for a kiss?" He punctuates it with a kiss to her cheek and she gives him a little shove, breaks free from him. He still isn't making any sense.

"You're not one of the seven dwarves, Castle."

"You sure?" He grabs her again and turns his face until she's rolling her eyes but pressing her lips to his jaw anyway. She'll play along.

"I'm sure." And that's when she bumps her forehead to his. Staying and not even caring that he's going to miss the plane. Cupping his cheek in her palm because she's nervous about the new job, the new city. Everything being different. "No. You're more Peter Pan."


"Mhm. The boy who never grew up. The one bringing the fun." The speakers call out again and he's shuffling back just an inch.

"Does that make you my Wendy?"

"No. Wendy left him. I'm never leaving." She surges into him then. Needing one more taste. And he's just as desperate.

But it's over too soon. Both of them knowing this is the moment he goes home. He hugs her again, just as tight, his arms solid and comforting.

"I have to go."

"Yeah. I'll be fine. You said yourself, we'll be - everything is going to be great."

"I'll call when I land." And with an exchange of I love yous, he's gone.

Her heart already aches a little. But before she ever makes it out of the airport her phone is buzzing and there's a text from him.

'I miss you'

And she's smiling, tapping out a quick reply, telling him to get on the plane. But she already misses him too.