After my little moment at the café I hurried home and stripped out of my clothes, replacing my jeans with jogging shorts and my shirt with a sports bra. I threw on a sweater to keep me warm on my travel to the gym and set out back towards the town centre. I nearly threw myself off balanced as I hitched my bag up over my shoulder but managed to quickly right myself.

The gym was deserted when I arrived and I headed straight for the treadmill to warm up. Before coming to White Ridge, you would have never caught me in the gym working up a sweat. However for the first six months of being here I threw myself into an unhealthy lifestyle of drinking wine, eating junk food and binge watching Netflix as a means of coping with the drastic change in my life. As you can imagine, I gained that freshman fifteen. Except I wasn't a freshman, I was an adult, and it was more like thirty pounds instead of fifteen. The day I noticed that I was getting out of breath going up the stairs in my house was the day I knew I needed to make a change.

After I finished up on the treadmill I spent an hour doing a strength workout on my arms. I was nearing the end of my workout when that prickling feeling on the back of my neck perked up once again for the second time that day, and my eyes darted around the gym. My blood went slightly cold when I heard giggles and whispers coming from one corner of the gym and I spotted two women, both tall brunettes. But they weren't giggling at me.

I followed their gaze to the middle of the gym where the same tall man from earlier sat on the rowing machine, but he wasn't making an effort to move. While the women's gazes were trained on him, his forest green eyes were focused on me.

My mouth went dry and I instantly reached for my water bottle, making sure to avoid contact with the strange man.

Was he following me?

This was the second time today I had seen him, and he seemed to stare at me an awful lot.

I guzzled down my water and skipped the last part of my workout, which would have been another fifteen minutes on the treadmill, and decided to head home instead.