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"Are we safe here, Mr. Malfoy?" – asks Harry.

"I hope so." – replies Malfoy quietly. "If more of them comes, we're in trouble."

"And if Angriff comes?"

"We are dead." – snaps Lucius. "He's more powerful than we are." They are sitting in awkward silence, both too exhausted to risk the way back. After all, that's the safest place in the whole castle.

"Lucius" – hisses a cold voice. "You? With this traitor?" Malfoy leaps to his feet fast like a cat; he points his wand at the newcomer. Harry stares at the tall, brown-haired man. Is it?…

"Godric." – whispers Malfoy. He's turned white as chalk. "What traitor?"

"Severus Snape." – replies Angriff calmly. "And this" – he points at Harry – "is his bastard son."

"What?" – Lucius laughs out aloud; Harry must admit that he's a great actor. "Godric, this is Harry Potter, son of that Auror!"

"No, no, no." – hisses Angriff. "So what is he doing here with you?"

"He's a Cracker like his mother, don't you remember the She-fox?" – answers Malfoy. "He's really good and he can Guess."

"Well…" – says Godric slowly. "I believe, Lucius, that he's her brat but his father is Snape, I tell you."

"That's impossible." – laughs Malfoy out. "Severus is a Death Eater and she was a Mudblood."

"He's a traitor!" – barks Godric. "He and that bitch fought together to defend this boy! Can't you comprehend it, Lucius? Maybe he gave that brat to the Muggles, maybe he told them a fairy tale or whatever – Snape is a cunning man – animal, I should say – but I'm sure that this Potter of yours is his son. Blood of the basilisk, flesh of the unicorn, don't you remember that, Lucius? Her Animagus form was a unicorn and his…"

"A basilisk, king of serpents." Snape has appeared in the doorway, accompanied by Draco, Salazar, Carmen and a huge group of Priestesses. Godric smiles nastily and before anyone has the time to curse him, he waves his wand...

This charm works like a Portkey but is far more advanced. It has allowed Godric to kidnap people he has chosen and to Apparate with them. However, he can't catch everyone he'd like so he decides for Snape, Sal, Carmen, Harry and Draco. They all Apparate far away from the castle.

"And now" – hisses Godric – "We duel, Snape, unless you want to watch them die."

"You haven't changed, have you?" – says Snape slowly. "What do you want this time? My service again? Don't be a fool, the Dark Lord is more powerful…"

"Shut up, Snape. I want just one thing. To see you defeated, you traitor. To see you suffering. To see you begging. To see you dying."

"That makes four things." – says Snape. "ANIMA DELETRIO!!!"

The curse that nearly killed Lord Voldemort years ago hits Godric now but he's ready. He replies with the same No Name curse. Anima Deletrio is not an everyday spell – not even because it's No Name – that is, you cast it without using your wand. Anima Deletrio belongs to Killing Curses and has been invented to destroy the most dangerous and very well protected enemies. It's enough to say that it stopped Voldemort for so many years to understand its force. It rips the soul out of its victim (and the Stone of the Soul can't protect you in this case – the curse is too powerful), enabling the assaulter to destroy it.

Snape and Angriff are locked in stalemate; none of them is able to break through the attack of the other. However, Godric is more powerful.

"Severus will lose." – whispers Salazar.

"NO!" – yells Carmen out. "We must help him!" The Song of Death echoes against the trees; that's the most powerful one Carmen knows. She doesn't care an inch that her own music can harm or even kill her; she directs all her anger and hate towards Godric.

"CRUCIO!" – shouts Draco as loud as he can. For the first time in his life he uses this curse willingly; there's enough hatred and anger in him to make it work.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" – Salazar joins him.

"Sever, though he's a Dog of War, is no match for him."

"And I thought he was."

"Well, not when he's alone but he's already dealt with Angriff once when your mother helped him."

The conversation with Malfoy rings in Harry's head. He looks at four wizards fighting the enemy who's stronger than any of them. Still, if they work together… Harry draws his wand, points it at Godric and uses the Killing Curse again.

The third Five

Children of the Night

Five brave hearts

Serving the Castle

Love out of hatred

Trust out of enmity

One blood, one dream, one aim

Living to see the daylight

When the night is gone

The Castle is Hogwarts; it's obvious for Salazar now; they're all one blood – all vampires so Children of the Night, and they're all related. There's still a long way to trust and love but surely they relationships have improved.

No one of them knows where they really are – somewhere in their minds, probably. Even Severus can't say whether the curse has brought them to the Temple of Seth or to another place because all the pictures are blurred – and, after all, they have no time to take a closer look.

When they attack each other, the real world disappears; Snape feels he's transformed into his Animagus form again and Godric is really a snake. After some time – Snape can't tell whether it's seconds or eons – another Animagus joins him.

She's a Sleipnir – an enormous, black horse with snake-like eyes and bat wings. Her huge hooves hit the floor with a dull thud as she lands to help him. Carmen, his daughter, hasn't let him alone.

Then, the song of the phoenix burst out high up in the air and a marvelous bird attack the snake with fury. His white-silver plumage is shining as if made of flames and his pale blue eyes are burning menacingly. Draco has come; his Stone of the Soul – a ruby - glitters in the light.

And the huge Mngva – a scarlet, horse-sized tiger joins them. This is Salazar, a Metal wizard, with his onyx.

But still they're not enough to break the defenses of the Snake. Snape feels he won't stand this much longer – and that it means death to all of them. Desperate, he forces himself to strengthen the curse…

No, he must be seeing things.

It's impossible.




A unicorn, a snow-white unicorn with green eyes is galloping towards them. When he lowers his head and his horn glitters like a sword, Snape understands.

There's a lighting-shaped scar on the head of the charging Animagus. Lily's son has come to help them.

When the Dark Prince saves the Unicorn again

When two predators meet in the moonlight

When the Sleipnir and the Phoenix fly together

The Son of the Snake will fight the Basilisk

The Unicorn will slash his flesh

The Mngva will rip his throat

The Phoenix will blind him

The Sleipnir will crush his skull

And the night will be over

The new day will come.

"Where am I?" – croaks Harry weakly.

"Hospital Wing." – answers somebody quietly. It's Salazar.

"What happened?"

"I don't know." – replies the Seer. "I woke up yesterday and we had already been here. Somebody must have brought us here; I think our own power."

"And Angriff?"

"Dead as a doorknob." At last some good news.


"She's woken up this morning. Have you heard her Death Song? Good Lord, that was something!"

"So she really can kill with it."

"That's right. I've seen her doing that before."

"Before?" Right, she was a Jaguar-Turned-Spy and it isn't her first war!

"What about Draco?"

"They've already brought his fake corpse. The Transfigurer has started transforming him. I believe he'll come back after Christmas holidays but with the new identity. But remember, officially he's dead."

"I know. And his father?"

"Doing the bookkeeping."


"Somebody must pay the Dogs when Severus…"


"He can't be… He isn't?" – stutters Harry.

"He's alive but still in coma." – says the Seer. "He's here."

"Will he be all right?" – for the first time Harry feels anxious about him.

"He's taken the main impact of Angriff's attack on himself." – explains Sal quietly. "Even the Healers can't say when he'll wake up. He's been raving all the time, calling his friends. My mum, Carmen's one as well but mainly yours. Lily, Lily and Lily all night long. They must have really loved each other, Serp." Harry leaves his bed to take a look at Severus.

"Malfoy told me that, though he was weaker than Angriff, he could kill him, when my mum helped him."

"That's why we should be united." – whispers the Seer.

"Strange that it was Lucius Malfoy who told me that." – says Harry. "Are they friends? I mean Severus and Lucius?"

"They couldn't be schoolmates." – replies Salazar. "I was reading some Hogwarts annals and found out that Lucius was nine years older than your father so they could have made friends later but I'm not sure. Ask Severus when he wakes up."

"What if he doesn't? What if it injured his mind or something? You said he was raving!"

"I don't know, Serp." – whispers the Seer quietly. "I am the one who should know such things but I can't help you now."

"You know, there were times I hated him." – says Harry slowly. "But now I miss him."

"Because you've seen another side of him." – replies Salazar. "And, moreover, blood ties are hard to sever."

Harry keeps looking at the unconscious man, unable to tell what he feels. There were times he hated him – but how can you hate somebody who saved your life? Your own father? Emotions are boiling inside him. What about Avada Kedavra he used? How could he call Severus or Lucius "murderers" when he did the same? Well, maybe not exactly the same thing but he understands them more now. How can he hate Malfoy now when the man saved him several times? When he helped him with the Core? Without him he'd have never even reached the blasted chamber!

How can he blame anyone for anything when he's seen so much?

The Aurors using cruel curses for fun.

Sirius who cast Cruciatus and hasn't shown himself since then. He loved a Potter, not a person. God, how it hurts. It would be better to be hit with that curse.

Death Eaters, showing courage and loyalty he'd never ever expect them to posses.

Wild Dogs as only people able and interested in stopping Angriff. Fudge wouldn't have snapped his fingers, if Malfoy hadn't bribed him and a few other clerks.

It's good he hasn't seen much of the battle but he's seen enough.

How will he come back to Ron and Hermione then? He isn't allowed to tell them anything and he'll keep his word. Well, even if he told them, they wouldn't understand. The battle has changed everything. He's closer to the Aurors, to the Dogs, even to the Death Eaters than to other students now. His musings are suddenly broken by a deep, hollow voice:

Diamond cuts diamond

And steel shatters steel

Fang breaks against a fang

Darkness will kill the Darkness.

The Heir has bred his greatest enemy himself

And will bring another one back

They'll join again

And ride across the forest once more.

"What are you talking about, Salazar?" – whispers Harry. Sal has his seeing fit again.

Courage of the Gryffindor

Cunning of the Slytherin

White and Black

Man and Woman

Wizard and Witch

Flesh and Blood

Emerald and Diamond

"What happened?" – asks Salazar.

"You've made a prophecy again."

"Oh… right. I remember it now; I used it before when Severus asked who would defeat Voldemort."

"Emerald and diamond?" – asks Harry, looking at Snape. "He has an emerald!"

"So maybe it refers to him." – smiles Salazar wryly – "But maybe not. He's not the only one with the Water Stone."

"But it seems that just two people will kill Voldemort! It took five to finish Angriff off, Sal!"

"I don't know, Serp, but imagine if two wizards – or a wizard and a witch – because the prophecy says "a man and a woman" use Anima Deletrio together. Maybe it would be enough? No, wait! Something has changed but I can't put my finger on it… Wait… The future isn't definite; it's a bunch of possibilities. Of course, some choices already made lead to the other choices in the future so some events are inevitable but many decisions are still to be made. Something has changed lately; that means somebody has made an important decision. It may influence everything, Serp. Of course, the prophecies are still legitimate but the way they'll come true can change. What happened?" He concentrates hard and new pictures start flowing through his mind:

Draco dormiens nunquam tittilandus

The Dragon

Who was asleep

For dozens of years

Has woken up.

Draco dormiens nunquam tittilandus

The Dragon has woken up

He's breaking the chains

Fear and lies hold him no more

He's spreading his wings.

Draco dormiens nunquam tittilandus

He has opened the door

The door leading to the truth

The truth he fears more than death

He will never forgive the treason

Draco dormiens nunquam tittilandus

Who pays with treason for loyalty

Who robs the most precious jewel

Will receive measure for measure

Vengeance of the Dragon will be sweet.

Draco dormiens nunquam tittilandus

Draco dormiens nunquam tittilandus

Draco dormiens nunquam tittilandus

Harry gapes at him in amazement; this time he has not the slightest idea what these words mean.

"In my opinion" – says Carmen, who's just entered – "it seems that somebody was loyal to somebody else for a long time. For dozens of years, you see. However the superior cheated that person, betrayed him. The betrayed one didn't realize it at first - Who was asleep – because he was enchanted by lies and paralyzed with fear but it's the past now. He has opened the door leading to the truth he fears more than death – he has learnt what his boss was up to, I suppose, and he won't forgive him that."

"But why the Dragon?"

"When the prophecy describes a person as an animal, it may refer to this person's Animagus form, a name, a family name, a coat of arms, an animal this person likes a lot and so on." – explains Salazar. "That's why Severus has always been described as a basilisk – due to his second name, Animagus form and his coat of arms. Carmen is usually a Sleipnir, a singing predator or something like that." – he keeps explaining. "Professor Dumbledore would be a phoenix, maybe a white one or a bumblebee, I think. Your mum, Serp, was a unicorn."

"Can't the prophecies be more exact?"

"Would you like me to give you everything in detail?" – smiles the Seer wryly. "It's good we aren't so enslaved by Fate, don't you think?"

Harry stands up and looks out of the window. He recognizes people walking down the path.

"The Weasleys? What are they doing here?"

"Their five children fought in the battle." – reminds him Carmen.


"They fought."

"Are they OK?!" – yells Harry out.

"Ask Meinherr Pitbull; she's dealing with counting the loses." – sighs Carmen. "She should know."

"Where is she?"

"I'll show you the way." Pitbull, a straw-blonde in her forties looks at Harry with her watery-blue eyes.

"Who are you looking for?" – she asks in a tired voice.

"Weasley brothers; there were five of them…"

"Weasley…" – murmurs Pitbull, tapping a red scroll with her wand. "The list of the wounded." – she explains. "Already complete. Weasley… Charles. A dragon burn but he's already been released from the Hospital Wing so don't worry, boy. Frederic… Hit with a Claw Curse… Nothing serious. Released." Harry sighs with relief. "Boy, don't be so happy." – growls Pitbull in a very dog-like manner, taking a black scroll.

"The dead." – whispers Harry quietly.

"Indeed. Have a sit and drink some wine, boy. Weasley." Pitbull stares at the black scroll and sighs: "I'm sorry."

"Who?" – whispers Harry.

"Perceval." Harry hides his face in his hands.

"How? Why?"

"The nundus." – growls Pitbull angrily. "He was with English Aurors; they were ordered to wait till Basileus dealt with them but some disobeyed. Traitors!" – she barks furiously. "Many of us died only because of their stupidity! If their leader had survived, we would have shown him…" – she bares her teeth. "I won't forgive him my people, never, even in ten next lives!"

Harry leaves her chamber, feeling as if somebody hit him hard in the stomach.

"This is the war." – murmurs Carmen quietly. "It's always the same. The red and the black scrolls. Serp, let's go outside." Fresh, cold air sobers him up a bit.

"What are they doing?" – he asks, pointing at the Dogs, who have gathered on the lake bank.

"Funerals." – replies Carmen quietly. "Dog style. According to my knowledge Artanigra, the Priestesses and the Wraiths also follow this custom. Even some Aurors do, German and French do." When they've come closer Harry notices wooden ships, anchored to the bank. They're long and are adorned with dragonheads, carved out of black wood.

"We put the corpses of our dead on their boards. They're called the Drakkars, dragon-ships." – explains Freya, who's just joined them. "They're stuffed with straw and other flammable stuff. They'll be sailed to the middle of the lake and then set on fire."

"Why?" – asks Harry.

"So nothing remains. What the fire doesn't devour, the water will swallow. Nothing must remain. Nothing." She's silent for a moment. "My best friend is there." – she beckons the biggest ship. "Her name was Millicent."

"I'm so sorry." – whispers Harry.

"It's normal, isn't it?" – replies Freya quietly. "The cycle of life has made another turn. In forty days her soul will find another body to live in and everything will start again. The story will repeat once more. Creator has given her life and now Deletrix has taken it and then he'll give her life again… It must be like that."

"It's sad."

"If you decide to be a fighter you must see a lot of death."

They come closer. The Priestesses have already started singing; many Wraiths, Dogs and Aurors join them and finally the Invokers' uncanny voices burst out. Their music, carried over the lake, echo against the Forest. The Drakkars, led by magic, leave the shore one by one, stop in the middle of the lake and then burst into flames. They burn like giant torches, sending the sparks high up into the dark sky. Harry looks at the raging flames and their reflections, dancing on the smooth, black surface of the lake. He sees the first ship sinking slowly with the hiss of flames, then another one… Nothing must remain. Nothing has remained out of his previous life; Deletrix, the goddess of destruction, has taken everything. Or maybe it was Fortuna? Or Nemain, Lady of War? Or maybe just the blind Fate? Who cares, after all. All his life is like the Drakkars: it has turned into ashes and sunk into nothingness.

He stays at the bank even when all the ships have sunk, gaping into the dark surface. Finally, he sighs and walks back to the castle, accompanied by Freya. After all, there's no creation without destruction. He's lost everything but received a family instead. Maybe it isn't the family he's been dreaming of but nonetheless a family and blood ties are indeed hard to sever. They'll help him to rebuild his life. He must start anew.



"War in our veins" – next week

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