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Chapter 3: Core_Spark_Recursion

Kamijou eventually reached the mansion that he ran out of earlier. This time he was lead back peacefully by Kunou. It wouldn't be wrong to say that he's ecstatic that he doesn't have to run around again.

Ever since he was thrown in this world's Kyoto, he's been doing nothing but running and strung along as a waiter for two separate restaurants. "Could my luck actually be that bad…?" He wondered to himself for just a moment.

He released a chuckle full of despair. "Of course it would be that bad."

"Hey, what are you muttering to yourself?" The curious kitsune slowed down her pace to keep up with the tired Kamijou. She still couldn't quite catch what he was saying.

He shakes his head." No, it was nothing. I just need to get some sleep." The yawn accentuates his desire for a good night's rest.

"We will show you only the finest. We Youkai offer the best hospitality to humans more than any other supernatural races!" She grins as if to show off a special service; almost like she's competing with others in a business, which isn't inaccurate.

"Oh, wow." Kamijou gives a round of applause in a monotone voice. The young kitsune preens as her tails swish around.

Kamijou curiously looks around the place as they both walk in along with the bodyguards. He didn't get a chance to give this place more than a cursory view because he had to escape. Now that he has the go-to to relax around here temporarily, he can leisurely tour the area.

"Do you know where the guest rooms are?" Kunou temporarily paused. 'Of all things, the guest rooms? I was going to show you around the entire place as an apology, but you just want to sleep?'

"Yeah…they're on the end." She responds with much less enthusiasm than before. Naturally, Kamijou being the tired and dense person that he is, doesn't pick up on it and continues on to where she pointed.

"Woah!" He gasped in pleasant shock. What laid before him was the most holy futon he has ever seen in his life.

Pure pristine whiteness, glorious softness, cleanliness, all of it blended together to create the perfect futon. As he stares at it, he speaks with a light tone.

"I take back everything I said about this Kyoto. It was all worth it to see this futon. Uh, what did you say your name was?" He turned to Kunou with a confused look.

"I am Kunou, daughter of Yasaka and the temporary leader of all Youkai as of now." She wasn't too happy with saying that last part. Her mother is still missing and she doesn't even know if she's okay or not.

"Alright then, Kunou. I guess I'll see you in the morning." Kamijou waved right before shutting the folding door. The first thing he did was fall straight onto the futon, one that he's not used to in the slightest.

All he knows is the hard comfort of a bathtub, which he grew to like eventually. His breathing started to even and he finally slipped into a deep sleep.

Outside the door was the little Kitsune and the two bodyguards. "Lady Kunou, are you going to visit the prisoner now?" She twitched a little bit from the reminder. She just nodded and walked off with the two trailing behind her.

Connla's in a similar cell to the one Kamijou was in. A difference is that he was blindfolded, chained up instead of handcuffs, and muffled. Judging by his breathing, he should still be awake.

His ears were at least still unblocked, so he did hear the sound of feet stomping on the floor. His breathing evened out when the muffle was violently ripped from his mouth.

"Where is my mother? What is your group planning to do with her?" He recognizes that voice. She was there along with the one Cao Cao wanted. The moment he had that thought, he his mind went back in time to that moment.

The moment where all his ideals were renounced and trampled on just like that. 'I wasn't…we weren't wrong. We're just trying to get humanity to the top of the food chain where they should be.'

He tuned out the outsides voices and sunk into a semiconscious state, ruminating what Kamijou said to him.

'What's the difference between us? He should've gone through the same thing I did, yet he could take a different path? No, his path his wrong and cowardly. How dare he try to make nice with these freaks!'

A small hand grabbed him by the collar, snapping him out of his thoughts. His deadpan frown turned upward into a smirk.

"You're going to tell me everything. There is no time to waste." There's an underlying ferocity he can sense in those words.

He didn't think this little brat had it in her to actually hold an interrogation and threaten him like this. He still won't spill anything to her though. That is the depths of his loyalty.

"You think I'll tell you anything? A damn beast like you has no right to talk down to humans like this. We see you for what you supernaturals really are. Nothing but lowly creatures trying to suffocate the potential of humanity." He heard a growl and the sizzling of flames.

His sardonic grin and bitter laugh told Kunou that her efforts would all be in vain. "Do your worst."

Even though she so desperately wanted to torture him out of a sense of vengeance, she just couldn't bring herself to do it. She left with an exhausted expression. Connla sat there and attempted to get some rest.

"Since lady Kunou couldn't get anything out of you, let's have a bit a fun together, you and I." He didn't have any time to react before a foot crashed into his cheek.

There was a yawn that represented a wonderful rest. The person this yawn came from brought himself to a sitting position and stretched. He creaking of his bones almost made him let loose a moan.

The last time he's had a good night's rest like that was…he can't even recall. "I have to thank her for this." He smiled and fixed up the futon like the way it was before he disturbed it.

He opened the sliding door to see a person standing right there. It was a single kitsune that wasn't the little girl that chased him around yesterday. Neither of them said nothing, which made for an awkward silence.

"So…what are you doing here?" 'Wait, don't tell me he was up all night here?! I'm so sorry!'

"I was tasked by Kunou to receive you, but it seems you woke up just in time." The misunderstanding was cleared up and Kamijou sighed in relief that he didn't take a person's precious sleep away from them.

"Oh. Thanks." The awkward silence returned.

"Follow me." The stoic kitsune was not inclined to talking and Kamijou felt that speaking haphazardly would only make things worse. His experience with things like this have finally embedded itself into his brain.

He's not going to say something stupid ever again.

"Where is Connla?" The kitsune paused and inclined his head to show confusion. "The guy that was captured yesterday." Kamijou clarified.

"He's being held in a cell. He was interrogated last night by lady Kunou herself." 'She did it herself? That chibi? Wait a sec…'

"Did you guys find out anything important?" He has a bad feeling about what happened last night while he was asleep. The likes of someone as devoted of Connla speaking is nil.

So, the man replied to Kamijou like it was something obvious. "She tried to wring out some information, but it failed. The guards took over and they managed to...convince him to talk. He promised to tell everyone today." His voice had no changes in inflection.

His blood chilled a bit. He doesn't want to assume anything, so he won't say anything. "We're here." Another sliding door opened to reveal a nice room with a large table where multiple people are seated.

A brown-haired high school student and his fellow classmates around him, a blond and black-haired middle-aged man with a goatee, a woman with twin-tails and obviously inhumanly colored eyes, and that silver-haired lady from the other day.

He was surprised by the colorful assortment of people in this room. There was an air of graveness here that he felt like he was intruding on. Everyone stared at him including Kunou and then his escort shut the door on him.

'What's with this pre-final boss room?! It feels like everyone's gathering to face a last boss!' Needless to say, he wasn't prepared to be thrown into a tiger's den.

"Right here." Kunou cheerfully patted the seat right next to her. Kamijou, seeing a way out of an awkward situation through doing nothing but standing there, instantly sat beside her.

His attempts at trying to fade into the background were failing immensely with everyone looking at him. Only two people recognize him.

"Ah! You're the kid from last night." That silver-haired lady dressed in red just realized who she was looking at. Azazel is having a tough time trying to keep a straight face.

He also remembers an innocent high school boy being mercilessly gunned down for his body while he hovered above laughing. He managed to finally solve the issue of the crazy molesters, but it didn't change the fact that he watched someone almost get mobbed. It was quite hilarious to him.

"Hm? Oh it's you." And with that, it started all the introductions.

"Um, what's your name?" The brown-haired high school student broke the ice.

"I'm Kamijou Touma. Who are you guys and why is everyone seated here?" The serious mood that was starting to clear up returned harsher than before. Kamijou immediately felt the change in pressure and cursed himself for making it return with a vengeance.

"Introductions can wait. We were discussing what we needed to do about the Hero Faction." 'Them!' He realized what the gathering was for.

"Were you guys attacked by them too?" He rubbed the back of his head in confusion. His question was answered with a shake of the fallen angel's head.

"Not yet. We came here to speak with the leader, but then we found out she was taken by the Hero Faction. We're planning to stop whatever they're doing and take her back. We're here because the little miss seems to have gotten some information from one of their members."

Kamijou remembered. That other kitsune told him that Kunou tried to get some info and failed. He can't accept that. 'Is Connla really alright with what he's doing?'

"Yeah, that's right. I got some stuff from him. He should be ready to speak. I've already sent for someone to get him." As if on command, the door opened to reveal an older kitsune and Connla in handcuffs. He still has the blindfold on his face.

There's no signs of any damage on him that Kamijou was looking for, but that could've been healed up to leave no trace.

The stoic guard stood behind him in case he tried anything funny. He had no access to anything with the cuffs binding him, but who knows what he'll do.

"Well? Ready to tell us the secrets behind your little game?" Azazel tried to goad him into talking.

"I still won't say anything." Kunou gasped. "No matter what, I won't betray my boss!"

"You said you would talk!" The little kitsune growled at him. He turned towards her and even without the eyes visible, the grin spelled out his feelings.

"Oh? I must've lied then. Your guards did their worst to make me spill, but their worst wasn't that bad in the slightest. Kamijou's suspicions were right, but he'll address that later.

Right now he needs to find out where the rest of them are, so that he can stop them.

"Issei!" One of the people at the table that seemed to be Kamijou's age called out to someone.

"What the hell are you talking about?" That someone was the hot-blooded brown-haired boy who stormed up to the Hero Faction member and gripped him by the collar. "You guys keep screwing around! You and the Khaos Brigade! Just tell us already!"

Kamijou ignored the important parts of that demand. He ignored what he might've needed to listen to for the future and merely walked up to Connla with a calm look on his face.

He ignored all the racing thoughts in his mind and just spoke from the heart.

"Why are you doing this?" The brown-haired boy's grip loosened. Kamijou ignored how everyone's gazes seemed to have focused on him. "I know how you must've felt, but do you think your boss feels the same?"

"Shut up. You don't know a single thing." That sparked a reaction from Connla. Kamijou continued to talk.

"Who cares what your boss thinks?! What did you want to do at the very beginning when you joined up with him? Did you want to destroy everyone who looked down on you and their own race by association, or did you just want the pain to end? It won't end unless you tell us everything, so that we can put an end to this ourselves!"

"You…" He struggled to come up with something, anything that would tell him to reject the words in front of him. He couldn't. This person in front of him, even if he couldn't see him, was shining just as bright as Cao Cao did when he was recruited for the Hero Faction.

"…Nijo Castle." He was almost so quiet that his words were almost missed. "That's where they are. I won't tell you anything else."

He clammed up. It's probably true that no matter what is done to him, he won't open his mouth again. Thankfully, they got all they needed from him.

The kitsune escorted nodded to everyone and escorted Connla back from where he was pulled from. Issei and Kamijou both sat down in their respective seats.

"Alright. Now that we got the information, we'll head out. I'll call in some help and hope that they'll arrive on time. You all need to head to Nijo Castle and deal with the Hero Faction yourselves." Azazel walked out of the room.

"I'll gather all the angels, fallen angels, and devils to secure the perimeter. No baddie will escape us!" The twin-tailed girl did a wink and also left.

"So…" Kamijou awkwardly scratched his cheek as everyone stared at one another. "Shall we go?"

The brown-haired boy exuberantly nodded in agreement. "Let's go!" He dashed out of the building and everyone followed. Including Kunou.

Kamijou noticed this and stepped in her way. She instantly realized what he was trying to do and shot a pointed glare at him.

"You're not stopping me. That's my mother and there's no way I'm going to sit here and do nothing!" No matter how resolute she is though, that's not going to get through to the boy standing in her way.

"Don't worry, just leave things to us." She's still extremely unconvinced and raring to charge ahead. All her immediate thoughts were halted with a hand gently rubbing her head. She looked up and saw a serene smile.

"You have a city of Youkai to look after right? Don't worry. I promise that we'll return your mother safe and sound. Leave everything to us." She gave a small, hesitant nod.

That's all that Kamijou needed to head over to Nijo Castle along with the rest of the devils. He left Kunou along with her thoughts.

'He's like a big brother…'

"Ah damnit! Where did they go?" Kamijou Touma has already ran into a conundrum. He was going to follow them, but he didn't account for them to be so quick.

In all fairness, he can't be totally blamed for this lapse of thinking. He had no clue that they were devils, and he had even less of an idea about how quick they were. Though he should've at least expected them to fly off like the other two did.

All he can do is hurry to Nijo Castle on his slow human legs. He quickly sprints over there as fast as possible.

"I should've asked one of them for a ride. How could I be so stupid!" Even if he's out of breath by the time he arrives, he needs to give it all he's got to make it there in time.

It would be quite the comedic tragedy if he arrived after all the action finished. Just the imagination of that happening after he acted all cool and said what he said to Kunou is enough to make him speed up.

That would be far too embarrassing for him to live anymore. While he was running at full speeds, he crashed into something he didn't even notice. A high-pitched sound rang out, and then he heard an explosion.

Nijo Castle is burning. Out in the daylight. While regular people are walking out in Kyoto. Panic doesn't even begin to describe the emotion welling up within everyone, supernatural or not.

"Fuck!" Kamijou heard it. He didn't know who uttered it, but it was definitely heard. Whoever said it basically uttered the sentiments of everyone who saw the travesty.

The Youkai are extremely irritated and somewhat afraid of what will happen if they don't erase every trace of this event, and the everyday human beings are in shock of how Nijo Castle randomly combusted into flames.

What Kamijou broke was a sort of "people-clearing field" that many supernatural beings employ to hide anything unnatural breaking out to the natural world.

The majority of normal humans saw the famous castle on fire and that's something that can't be denied. The Youkai are already working in full to erase any memories of the event.

Imagine Breaker is truly an unnatural and terrifying thing in this world. The wielder of this right hand didn't notice the repercussions of what he did and the ripples already flying across the world.

A butterfly's wingbeat causes a hurricane somewhere else. What Kamijou did may have nearly caused a breakdown of the normal world. At least the barrier was quickly reapplied with the person behind its destruction inside.

In the distance, Kamijou saw a rampaging giant nine-tailed fox with a purple serpent wrapped around it. He quickly hurried his pace in an anxious dash to the danger.

The moment he arrived to the battlefield, his feet skid to a halt. Everyone he saw at the table is unconscious besides a new figure clad in crimson armor. In front of the armored dragonoid, Cao Cao turned towards Kamijou with a barbaric smirk.

"I was wondering when you'd show up. That barrier bursting was definitely you then, Kamijou Touma!" He seems beaten and battered, but he's still not down. The red one definitely pushed him hard and the nine-tailed fox is still fighting against the purple serpent.

Kamijou has no idea what's going on right now, but he's not going to let this tragedy continue any longer.

"I'm the one who you're fighting!" Hyoudou Issei, the Red Dragon Emperor, stood up and once again boosted his strength. "Kamijou-san, right?! Please deal with the mess over there and leave this bastard to me!"

Kamijou nodded and took off in the direction where Yasaka's rampaging. Cao Cao was struck dumb for a moment that he was completely ignored by Kamijou, but that moment nearly cost him the fight as an armored first came swinging for his head.

He offset the blow with his spear, but he was still pushed back. 'This new power of his is troubling… No. I'm not wasting anymore time. I'm done playing games.' Cao Cao uttered two powerful words.

"Balance Break!" An immense holy power nearly shattered the barriers again. The level of the power continued to climb and then seven orbs of pure light spread out, surrounding the wielder of the True Longinus.

"This is the power of the strongest Longinus. Do you think you have what it takes, Red Dragon Emperor?" His arrogance was plain to see, but that didn't matter to Issei.

"I don't give a damn about how many balls of light you got stacked up, I'm still taking your ass down! Welsh Draconic Rook! [Change Solid Impact!]" Issei's Balance Breaker bulked up in volume.

He was brashly talking, but he wasn't going to underestimate Cao Cao's Balance Breaker. He needs as much defense as possible to ascertain his new power. Also…

He looked up to see the seven balls of light pulsating with a large ring of light around each. 'I've gotta a bad feeling about those things.' He grimaced and charged at the now flying Cao Cao.

"I'll congratulate you for pushing me this far, but this ends now." The tip of the glowing spear struck the heavy first of the Scale Mail armor. The collision shattered the air around them.

Neither were pushed back. Cao Cao's confident grin showed he had no worries in the slightest. One of the balls of light morphed into the shape of a spear. Issei's eyes widened in panic as he tried to turn his body.

It penetrated deep in his armor but didn't quite pierce all the way through. Cao Cao clicked his tongue had the hardness of his armor. The rest of the six balls of light morphed into spears as Issei disengaged.

In the form he's in right now, he can't dodge them.

"Welsh Sonic Boost Knight! [Change Star Sonic!]" The increased speed allowed him to maneuver around the lightning fast spears of light. He boosted himself rapidly to close in on Cao Cao.

Then, right in front of his eyes…he vanished. Issei's shoulder was pierced completely through from behind. 'What just happened?'He used all the speed he could and dashed away from the spear.

The blade left his shoulder, which started gushing blood. "Ddraig take care of the armor!" The burning pain from the holy weapon is exceptionally painful on his devil body.

Cao Cao smirks triumphantly because he's assured of his win. His Balance Breaker is surely an abnormally strong one. "Partner watch out. That's a subspecies and I'm guessing that each of those orbs possess a different ability."

"That's fine by me." Issei grinned. There's no way he's going down so easily.

"Let's go all in Ddraig!" The power of the Knight, the power of the Rook, the power of the Bishop. Because he's a pawn, he can turn into a queen. For some reason he couldn't do it before, but that doesn't matter to him at the moment.

If he can't do it, then he'll force it. A forced Queen form for his Scale Mail. The rapid-fire "Boosts" echoing out of his sacred gear is proof that he's forcing a new form.

The armor begins to be surrounded by a haze of pure red energy. The armored figure is barely visible inside of it as a painful-looking transformation is taking place in it. The Scale Mail increased in size, grew jagged, uneven wings and became more barbaric looking.

"You think I'll give you time to transform?!" Cao Cao barked harshly.

He bent his knees and charged forward, thrusting his spear at blinding speeds. An armored fist met it once again.

The haze was blown away and what's in front of Cao Cao is a very unbalanced looking creature. The humanoid shape has been somewhat lost but the power balance between the three forms has been almost attained.

Sacred Gears respond in accordance to their owner's will. This is Issei's answer and will towards Cao Cao's Balance Breaker.

"Interesting, very interesting! You're truly almost as interesting as the other one!"

Kamijou Touma is running towards the Kaiju battle. The two titanic creatures are ravaging the land around them and causing minor quakes with each movement.

He tried to get closer, but the undulations of the purple serpent ravaged the field and caused minor quakes distracting enough to unbalance Kamijou. The giant fox isn't helping with blue fire sipping out of its maw and its rampage on the purple serpent.

The purple serpent's maw clasped down hard on the shoulder of the fox. It's slender, yet powerful body curled around the legs in order to restrict its movement. The strong bind was still broken by the fox flexing her full power and blasting the surroundings with flames. The lava-like fire seeping out of her mouth was a prelude to a huge breath of flames.

Those flames were stalemated by the dragon's own intense black flames. The heat of both of the flames melted the ground. The lingering flames were put out by the dragon's control over shadows. They charged at each other and collided heads.

The two opponents are Yasaka and Genshirou Saji who is merely using the full power of his sacred gear. He had no choice but to transform into that giant purple dragon. He's using the form of Vritra to contain Yasaka's berserk state.

The two mythical creatures are dead even. A bit further away from the two is the magician named Georg. An innumerable amount of magic circles were surrounding him. It seemed like he was trying to do something complicated based on the heavy sweating on his face.

Whatever he was doing, Kamijou doesn't know. All he needs to do is stop the rampage of the two monsters in front of him. He took steady steps to keep himself balanced.

"Tch!" He clicked his tongue and broke off into a dash. After taking a couple slow steps, he decided that it wasn't worth wasting time just to be a little bit safer. He already knew the risks of being here, so he's going to get this over with as quick as possible.

Before he could reach them though, he was intercepted by a blade trying to cleave his head straight off. He barely had time to duck below the obviously fatal attack. Before he could catch his breath, he saw a man wearing missiles for hands that fired straight at him. He couldn't focus his attention on that though because there was a blonde girl forming a field of blades inching his way towards him.

He grit his teeth and ran towards the missiles. He jumped on one of them and quickly jumped off before it exploded point-blank on him. He rode the explosion over the valley of blades. When he finally had time to catch his breath he noticed three people who stood in front of him.

Two of the three looked familiar.

"Oh, how could you do this to us, your precious comrades!" The dramatic Jeanne looked like she was on the edge of tears, but it was more fake than anything else. Siegfried was in full battle mode, so the only thing he showed was a bloodthirsty grin.

The new guy, Heracles was grinning as well, in a more arrogant way. "So, this is the guy who Cao Cao was interesting in recruiting? Doesn't look like much to me."

"Doesn't matter. Fight now." Siegfried moved so quickly, that he was just a blur to Kamijou's eyes. Before his mind could even perceive what was happening, his hand was already moving in the pathway of the supernatural blade. Before the outcome of either his bisection or the blade breaking happened, another sword came from behind and blocked the possibilities from happening.

"We'll take over from here. You help Saji with the berserk Yasaka." A calm and tired voice spoke up and pushed Siegfried back.

Two other people came from behind and charged at the other two Hero Faction Members for a revenge match. The people that helped him were the three that were already knocked out. They got back on their feet and restarted the fight.

Kamijou nodded at the blond boy and charged directly at the two titanic beasts duking it out.

The colossal beasts could turn him into paste in an instant. 'Wait, what's that?'

Kamijou saw a thin film of something covering the giant fox. He clenched his right fist. 'I just need to touch that with my right hand, and maybe that'll work.'

It's a risky plan, but he's going to do it. When has he ever let fear overcome him?

Running closer to them is a bit more dangerous than he thought because of how much shaking is going on. He can barely keep his footing so he planted himself.

"You have a daughter that's worried about you, so it's time to wake up!" His yell pulled the two giants' attention to him. While Saji was distracted, the berserk nine-tailed fox threw him off to the side and charged straight at the black-haired teen.

Compared to the mountain sized fox, he was nothing more than a shoot of bamboo in the path of a typhoon. The maddened fox dropped its paw on Kamijou's head with the force of a fifty-ton guillotine.

With a shout, he intercepted the fatal smash with his right hand. The sound of something breaking apart was audible to everyone there. There was a rebound as the giant fox was slightly pushed away by the effects of something on her getting negated.

She fell to the ground causing tremors to be felt by Kamijou. Yasaka visibly shrunk to the form of a woman. He stumbled towards her to make sure she wasn't injured that badly.

When he got close, he noticed just how out of it she was. In his peripheral, he saw the purple serpent shrink to a more human form as well. He turned and noticed it was one of the guys fighting against the Hero Faction.

He grinned. "Thanks for the help, buddy! The name's Genshirou Saji." Kamijou nodded with a tired grin.

"God damnit! Do you have any idea how much work you two just ruined?! I had to make sure the coordinates were correct, make sure the Feng Shui synced up with the youkai, and then I had to make sure she didn't go too berserk and exhaust herself right before using her to call Great Red!"

Georg floated down, walked up to the two high school boys, and launched a tirade all while fiercely clawing his hair out. To call him upset would be an understatement. He worked so hard to set up this perfect formation and it was completely destroyed.

The Imagine Breaker held nothing back, so there wasn't anything to salvage. Once Georg realized this, he became apoplectic. When he was busy using those magic circles to keep everything under acceptable control, Kamijou's right hand ruined everything.

The formulas weren't just destroyed or negated or even shredded into dust. They were completely blown apart without a trace of them even existing in the first place. The cause behind his anger lies directly in front of him.

Kamijou lifted up Yasaka's arm and supported her with his shoulder. She was knocked unconscious from the feedback. "You…" Georg attempted to collect himself.

"Of all people it had to be you, a fellow human. You're nothing more than a traitor to the human race. We, the Hero Faction, were so close to achieving our goal. We were going to topple and overturn the idea of humans being weak and exploitable and you completely ruined it. What do you have to say for yourself?"

Georg was confused, shocked, and angry. He grit his teeth and aimed his palm right at Kamijou. Depending on his answer, he was going to fire something destructive.

"Traitor? I don't care about stuff like that. I just saw someone suffering and helped them out. That's all. If you want to overturn the weakness of humanity then go do it in more positive ways!" Georg laughed.

"Good, good. That's real nice. You have a very nice heroic personality in that mind of yours, don't you? It would've been so nice if you could've at least turned a bit of that heroism towards your own race instead of mucking things up like this!" He didn't accept that answer.

He was about to fire a blast of pure magic, but a dark cord attached itself to his arm. He looked to the side of Kamijou and saw Saji holding out a gauntlet with the cord coming from it. The look on Georg's face could've vaporized steel.

"Leave this to me. Hyoudo will need some help. That Cao Cao guy…he's dangerous." Saji narrowed his eyes and held out his free arm in front of Kamijou. He nodded towards the blond and set down Yasaka in a safe position.

He then forced his battered body to run back to the one he needs to defeat the most. 'Now that I think about it, I've been through a lot of stuff the past couple days. I know this usually happens a bit more than I would like it to, but could I get at least a nice vacation break anytime soon?'

There was the initial fight with Thor, which really had him injured. Soon after that he was displaced through a building with all the glass in his legs. He then ran around Kyoto for a day and a half and then got into a fight with a shadow user. Now he's fighting against a powerful group of humans on top of that.

He just can't catch a break in the slightest. His lips twitched upwards at that thought. 'Well, it's not like I would have it any other way. Better that I get involved in these incidents than not.'

He got closer to where his ally in red armor was fighting against Cao Cao. The lance-wielder himself is posed in mid-air taking a strange stance with his spear. There was a strange, almost respectful look in his eyes as he stared at Issei.

He was still holding up with one knee on the ground. Cao Cao was charging his stronger move from the arsenal granted to him by his Balance Breaker.

Balinayaka Ratana.

The seven pulsating orbs of light behind him started to all rotate around the True Longinus. They started spinning so fast, it formed a still halo of light. The illusion of stillness was maintained by the sheer speed of the orbs' rotation.

"This is the finishing blow. Take this, Red Dragon Emperor!" A platform of light, one perpendicular to the ground, appeared behind him.

He ran as fast as possible to stop it.

Cao Cao placed his feet on the transparent light and kicked right off of it at speeds quick enough to make the air scream out. The light shattered from the stress of the kick and the lance started glowing. It inched towards Issei at light speeds.

Right before it penetrated the armor and stole his life, a fist completely smashed through the spear, utterly shattering it. The fist's momentum didn't halt, and neither did Cao Cao's. It smashed right onto his forehead, knocking him back some meters.

His back arched through the air and he made a rough landing on the uneven ground. He immediately stood up and glared at who got in his way. Right in front of his eyes, the one in front of the Red Dragon emperor with his right hand outstretched in the form of a fist…was Kamijou Touma.

"Y-you? You're getting in my way again, Kamijou Touma!" He spat out that name as if biting into a very sour lemon. He never expected the effect his power had on sacred gears would hold true against his True Longinus.

'No, I can't think like that. It must be some kind of trick. I'll just probe it out…'

The cracks in Issei's armor started to spread and it eventually broke apart. He no longer had the energy to keep his Balance Break up, so he nearly collapsed to the ground. He's barely holding himself up, having enough energy to glare at Cao Cao who isn't even paying attention to him anymore.

"Thanks, Kamijou-san." Issei gasped for breath.

"I'll try to take care of the rest."

"I'm not giving you anymore chances, Kamijou Touma." He resummoned the lance in his hands. All of his plans were crushed because of the two boys in front of him. If Issei didn't stall him for Kamijou to stop Yasaka, everything would've been flowing smoothly.

Even if his enemy is human, he can't accomplish his dreams without breaking a few eggs here and there. With that thought on his mind he smirked and rushed forward at superhuman speeds.

Kamijou's specs are all lower than Cao Cao's. He doesn't have any special magic to boost his specs, nor is he an Esper with a special ability that can allow him to destroy an army. All he has is his wits and his special right arm, and…

'W-what? I should be faster than him, so how? How did he see through my moves like that?!' Cao Cao's spear was barely evaded and he had an uppercut waiting for him. He couldn't dodge because he overextended. It was unnatural.

He never thought that another human could react that quickly. Because he tried to end it in a single, swift blow, he was blown back by another punch. It was enough to rattle his skull and send his brain bouncing all around the inside of his head, but Cao Cao isn't that weak to fall from that.

He's hardened his body and trained rigorously every day for the sake of his goal. To bring Humanity itself past the realm of the supernatural. For them to stand at the very peak of the world with him as the spearhead, he trained and trained and trained until he could barely move.

With his body soaring above the ground, he flipped backwards and caught Kamijou's chin with the ball of his foot. What Kamijou did to him, he paid it back with interest. Cao Cao found his footing and called back his spear once more.

While Kamijou was disoriented and on the ground, he stabbed towards his direction. Kamijou rolled away from the initial thrust, but he wasn't allowed to rest with the multitude of thrusts continuing to attempt to pierce him.

He didn't get a chance to stand up, so he continued to roll. The next thrust was blown away by a swipe of Kamijou's right hand. 'That confirms it,' Cao Cao belatedly thought.

His balance was thrown off a bit by the loss of his weapon, so Kamijou kicked at his legs from below and tripped him. Before he fell all the way to the ground Kamijou mounted him and attempted to punch him.

"Why can't you just use simple and peaceful ways to rise to the top. If you really wanted to save humanity from exploitation, then at least don't go after those who did nothing wrong!"

Those words triggered something within Cao Cao. 'Did nothing wrong…?' Humanity did nothing wrong, but they naturally fell to the bottom of the food chain.

That was something he could never accept. Whether it was his pride or some twisted ideal that fell to the side along the way, he initially couldn't accept the idea of humanity being glorified livestock for the supernatural races.

Now, he wants to take humanity to the very top no matter what. Nothing is allowed to get in his way.

"Don't fuck with me, you naïve bastard!" Cao Cao slammed rose up and slammed his forehead on the bridge of Kamijou's nose.

He stood up and didn't even bother to summon his spear. He punched straight through Kamijou's hastily put up guard and nearly knocked him out.

"I don't need the spear. I'll use the strength I cultivated my whole life, my own human strength to destroy you!" He rapidly shortened the distance between him and Kamijou and feinted a left cross.

He instead threw a whip-like kick to his right side that knocked the wind out of him. Kamijou held on strong and tossed out a wild back fist to Cao Cao's left temple. Three blows to the head so far, which have increasingly exacerbated his balance.

Meanwhile, Kamijou's injuries from his battle with Thor were already healing. Though it hasn't finished yet, so this battle is only putting more stress on them.

Cao Cao saw Kamijou run at him from an odd angle. 'No, my sense of balance is all skewed.' The whole world in his eyes looks tilted 15 degrees to the right. He tried to focus his vision and he caught a punch to the cheek. He powered through it.

"That's not even close to enough!" He caught Kamijou in a headlock under his arms and repeatedly kneed his gut. He kept doing it over and over until his stomach and chest were making odd sounds.

"Gah!" He eventually spat out blood while struggling to get out of the lock. Cao Cao continued to mercilessly pound away at his stomach and when that wasn't enough for it he tried to cave in his chest with a single heavy knee strike.

Something cracked and it wasn't Kamijou's will to fight. "You stand here against us with your incessant need to make your ideals reality, yet you don't have the strength to do so. You don't know the way of the supernatural, yet you decide to get involved and swing your fist as if you're right. Why do you denounce me as wrong?"

He stopped his assault and waited for an answer. Kamijou didn't even need a second to respond.

"Everyone's right in their own perspective. I don't care about stuff like that. If someone is suffering from grief, then isn't it natural to try to help them? I saw a little girl desperately hurting for her mother back so I decided to fight against you."

"You're dodging the question with petty moralism."

"You still don't get it," Kamijou spat out. "I never cared about right or wrong in the first place! I stopped you because I wanted to. I'll impose my selfish ideals onto the world to make it a better place as much as possible and I won't shy from any ugliness. If your dream leads you to killing and spreading unnecessary pain…Then I'll stop you no matter what. That's my own will and nobody else's!"

Kamijou roared and grabbed the back of Cao Cao's shirt. He pooled together all the strength he had left and pulled him down to the ground. He slammed him hard and knocked the air out of him.

Cao Cao immediately had a second wind and pulled Kamijou down to the ground with him.

It was Cao Cao who ended up on top. He was breathing heavily, but he had a victorious smile on his face. "Even with those words of yours, they still mean nothing if you lose. True strength…is all that matters in this world."

Both his feet were on Kamijou's wrists. He couldn't move. The spear reappeared in Cao Cao's hand again and he thrusted through Kamijou's skull without hesitation.

Or…he would've pierced through his skull if there wasn't a blade blocking it. Cao Cao rigidly followed the blade all the way up a red gauntlet and continued to see Issei stopping him.

He pressed down hard on his spear, but Issei pushed back even harder and blew him away.

"Hyoudou Issei!" He choked that out with great fury. His eyes were set ablaze with a mixture of rage and resolve.

"It's over Cao Cao! We already smashed your damn plan to bits, so give it up already! We're not afraid to beat your ass into the ground as well!"

The wielder of the True Longinus didn't hesitate and darted towards Issei. Both of them are so low on reserves that they can't even use Balance Breakers anymore, but that's not going to stop them.

Issei danced a deadly rondo of blades and light with Cao Cao. He had to use Ascalon to prevent even a nick from a basically souped-up holy spear. With both of the opponents moving so fast, not even the sonic booms could keep up with them.

The next exchange was interrupted by a right hand throwing itself in the middle of the dance and accurately landing on and destroying the True Longinus again. Issei took this opportunity to rip through him. A crimson line made its way through his clothes and onto his skin. blood seeped onto his clothes and dripped to the ground

"I won't let it end like this…My ambition!" Cao Cao started backing up. A multitude of footsteps started reaching them. The Hero Faction stood in front of Cao Cao and Issei's comrades stood right by him.

It seemed like the Hero Faction was going to retreat, but Cao Cao's spirit was ignited during that fight.

"Cao Cao not now!" Siegfried tried to stop him, but it was too late.

He started rotating the reformed holy spear while chanting. "O' Spear. The true Holy Spear which pierces through God. Suck the ambition of the King of Domination sleeping within me and pierce through the gap of blessing and destruction. You. Announce the will, and turn into a glow!"

The blinding white light was like radiation towards the devils. Out of everyone there besides Cao Cao, only Kamijou was unaffected by the initial shine.

'You're wrong, Kamijou Touma. My goal isn't just right in my own perspective, the will of god is with me. It's because of that—through all the tribulations I've overcome—I know… I know that my dream isn't a mistake. So, I will show you the pride of humanity. After all, this spear isn't just backed by god's will. It's backed by my own as well!'

"—Truth Idea!"

A wave of pure holy light flared outwards. If it touched any devil, they would be undoubtedly erased. Kamijou didn't know about this fatal weakness, but he fortunately still stood in the way of that wave.

He pulled back his hand, curled it into a fist, and sent it flying forward with everything he had into that encroaching wall. It gave way like a thin papier-mâché.

God's Will felt a deleterious effect on itself. The spear left Cao Cao's hand and started facing forward from his chest. He grinned and guided it with his own Will. A hyperdense white orb of light began forming at the spear tip.

'You're right, Cao Cao. I barely know anything about the supernatural in this world and I know absolutely nothing about you. You might feel that you're in the right, and I could be the most evil villain in your perspective. I don't have the strength nor the charisma to stop that destructive revolution of yours with just words, so I can only turn to what I know best. I will stop your violence with my violence. There's no need to glorify it as something pure and righteous, right?'

Arcs of electric-like holy energy turned parts of the ground into glass. The sunlight of the sky was warped and twisted away to leave a dark sky. The light of the world was taken by the True Longinus and fired at Kamijou as a golden beam.

He stepped forward and pulled his right palm towards the direction of the beam as if to push it away. Both forces stalled on each other.

Kamijou winced as a weakness of his Imagine Breaker was made apparent. He cannot fully negate continuous supernatural forces as long as they regenerate faster than he can negate them.

This stalwart pillar of light is one of those types that's unfaltering in its attempts to purify the heretic rejecting its majesty. The force intensified on Kamijou's right hand. The speed of the beam rose even further.

He can almost feel his skin being peeled back, but there's something inside of him that's not letting him be pushed back even a centimeter.

"This is the Longinus which holds a fragment of the Christian God. Be wary." He doesn't know who that deep voice came from.

'Fragment of God?' The pain searing his hand became second to intrusive thoughts worming his way into his brain. They felt unnatural, yet natural at the same time. Those thoughts finally spilled out of from his brain and into his mouth.

"Screw that!" The pillar of light shortened. The owner of the Imagine Breaker moved forward with the beam's effects seemingly reduced. The amount of damage only increased, but Kamijou's resolved exploded when he heard what Ddraig said.

"Is that the reason you're doing all of this?! Because of some stupid God that proves you're right?!" Those harsh words were directed at the one wielding the True Longinus. Naturally, he responded.

"Of course. Having the Will of God with me proves that I'm destined to bring humanity to greater heights. You're only an obstacle in the way of that greatness!" Kamijou continued to move forward with a trembling arm.

The yellow light reached its maximum intensity. Kamijou could no longer move forward. If Cao Cao steadied his spear and kept up this continuous intensity, he will eventually win the battle.

Neither of them accounted for the sentient fragment of God within the spear. It instinctively viewed the boy before him as an anomalous entity that must be purged. The right hand roused all of its aggressiveness.

The beam of light changed directions and flew straight up into the sky from the spear's own Will. With nothing stopping the spiky-haired boy, he ran forward. Cao Cao gripped the True Longinus.

The laser split apart in the sky and came raining down in separate pieces like shards of lightning. The heavenly judgement's paths were predicted and dodged by Kamijou Touma who unwaveringly ran forward to Cao Cao.

Cao Cao took the spear and pivoted with it, thrusting it towards the direction of Kamijou's neck. One last bolt of divine wrath came breaking through the atmosphere at light speed.

Even that was dispersed away by the devilish right hand facing the sky. The spear tore through the air.

'God, if this world is being affected by your influence like this…then first I need to destroy that illusion!'

Kamijou swung his right hand down.

He swung it down onto that orb of light that held the Will of God within it. The sentient fragment experienced a sense of alarm right before its meager existence was blown away.

More than that, it was completely destroyed and torn apart like a paper plane in a hurricane.

The sinister hand continued onwards and closed down on the spear itself.

That too shattered so easily. Daylight returned to the world as everyone stared at the outcome of the swift clash.

Time seemed to slow as that hand closed itself and relentlessly pushed forward towards Cao Cao's face. While he was bracing for it, an awful screeching noise made itself apparent.

Everyone looked up in the sky to see the air ripping itself apart to reveal a technicolor void. Slowly, but surely, a red horn peaked its way through the gap. An extremely large red dragon made its way to the world.

Its eyes were incoherently looking through everyone at the scene as its wings unfurled.

"Great…Red." Cao Cao whispered with an almost broken composure. Large golden eyes turned towards him, then settled on Kamijou for a good long while. He felt a bit sluggish staring at the gigantic red dragon.

An unholy roar rang out.

Something impossible happened. Kamijou Touma felt something creaking in the back of his head, or was it his right arm? Was it his eyes, or was it his whole body? It felt like something was waking up from a long hazy dream. Something hiding behind the mirror which is himself. He was backed up so close against that mirror that it almost felt like he was touching it. As descended into darkness, only a single thought was on his mind. Or is it even only his mind at this point? Whatever it is, he can still say for sure that he is Kamijou Touma no matter what.

Nothing has changed.