AUTHORS NOTE: I DO NOT own any character from the WWE. Jade owns herself. I own myself (Kaley). Jeff Hardy also owns himself, but no one ever really owned Jeff Hardy. Anything In between // and \\ is someone singing or a song playing in the backgroud.


Kaley glanced at her cell phone.

"Oh hey look, its Rey Rey!" she shouted into Jeff's ear and shoved the phone in his face. "Hola Rey, Como estas? Que pasa?" she asked speaking quickly in a Spanish tone of voice.

"Hey, its Jade."

"Oh. (Long pause)."

"Well hola to you too."

"So what's up homie?" Kaley asked.

"Vince just called me, he said something about taking 15 superstars on a trip to some island out somewhere." Jade replied

"Oh great, some island out somewhere, this is going to be fun."

"And, yeah, he wants us to organize it, pick 13 other superstars to bring along."


"Hold on a second Jadina. JEFF TURN DOWN THE FREAKIN BUNNY HEAVY METAL!" Kaley screamed and threw an economy-size bag of skittles at Jeff's head, knocking him down from his bunny pose.

"And you call me a skittle abuser?!" he yelled back to her.

"Bite me!"

"Okay!" Jeff shrugged.

"OWW! I didn't actually mean it Jeff!"

"You know you really shouldn't say things you don't mean." He retorted

"Kiss my ass."

"Lick my balls."

"YOU GUYS!!!" Jade interrupted, yelling in her trademark voice. Kaley held the phone away from her ear. She and Jeff starred at it in amazement. "SAVE IT FOR THE BED ROOM!"

Kaley eyed Jeff and smacked him on the ass. He "hopped" back over to the stereo. //THOSE PINK AND YELLOW BUNNIES.\\

"Anyways, who are we going to take?" Kaley asked continuing her conversation with Jade.

"I don't know, you guys are at the Sheraton, right?"


"Okay, we'll be there in a half hour."

"Cool, lylas, see ya."




"Ooh Jeff, turn it up I like this song!"