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"Deep cleansing breath, deeeeep cleansing breath.." Kaley said out of breath as the superstars finally stopped running.

"Do you think we're safe?" Rey asked.

"We're we EVER safe to begin with?" Jericho rhetorically questioned, "I mean, if Triple H gets on this island, and is stuck here with us… its alllllllll over."

"Listening to that voice… oh god… he'll talk forever, and I bet he brought that stupid belt with him." Trish whined uncharacteristically.

"NO, you people! We are not letting this island turn into RAW on Monday nights! Besides, Kaley's writing this story, remember?" Jade stated.

"Aha… oh yeah!" An igneous came over the superstars.

" I have a plan!" Stephanie burst out, reminding everyone that she was still there.

"Oh yes, Miss McMahon, and what would that be?" Rey questioned.

"We'll tell Triple H that he's going to have to wrestle a match to stay on the island… but it's going to be a match… for the world title, seeing as he brought it with him. But what we won't tell him, is that if he looses, we get to banish him from the island, or do what ever evil mean things we want to do to him." Stephanie's eyes got really big and she started laughing menacingly.

"Who's going to wrestle him?" Trish asked.

"Why, Chris Jericho of course!" Stephanie blurted, and then went back to laughing.

Just then, Eric Bitch-off popped out of nowhere.

"You wait just a damn minute STEPHANIE! I'm co-gm of the newly recombined WWE rosters… and you have to consult with ME before you go making matches… I have an investment… a very BIG investment in that man (points towards the nose still floating into shore) and I am NOT going to let YOU mess up MY main event!" Bitch-off screamed.

"How the hell did he get here?" Kaley asked.

"Magical Bitch-off summoning powers?" Dawn made a statement that was more of a question.

"Who in the blue hell would want magical Bitch-off summoning powers?" Jade asked, clearly annoyed.

"DA-WN!!!!!" Lita, mad jungle women flew down from a tree branch and clothes lined Dawn. " AAAIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" She began beating he chest like Tarzan.

"So… continuing on with my point…" Bitch-off started… but was power bombed to hell (literally) by Bubba Ray Dudley.

"Ahhh, the beauty of magical table summoning powers! SUCKAAAAA!" Booker T shouted and did a spin-a-rooni.

~*~*~*~ In Hell~*~*~*~

"Wow, it sure has been boring down here lately…" Kane said.

"I know man, especially since everyone was brought back to life, damn, what I wouldn't give for some one to torture, doesn't any one DIE any more?" 'Taker complained.

"In good time, boys, in good time." Satan replied.

Just then, Eric Bitch-off popped out of the flamey ceiling of hell!

Kane immediately stood up, "It was YOOOOOOOUUUU who made me take my mask off and strike fear into the hearts of millions! GET THE ELECTRUCUTIONARY DEVICE!"

"Wait… guys I… I can explain!"

"There's not excuse makin' now you stupid bastard, you gotta live up to what you do…" Taker said as Satan came running back with the torture devices.

"Nooo…please…think about my wife and my children!"

"Your already dead… they don't care and besides… who the hell would want to marry you?" Undertaker replied!


~*~*~*~*~ Back on Earth*~*~*~*~

"So, who's going to be the one to tell Triple H that he's gunna get his ass kicked by Jericho?" Jeff asked.

"The Rock says make Steph do it, it's her idea, the rock, for one doesn't want to have to listen to that ape-nose complain."

"No you guy's, lets all go, to show our support for Steph's decision, and incase he gets violent, we'll beat him up." Jade said.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Approaching Triple H*~*~*~*~

"Well, well, well, look who it is, Mr. World Champion. Well, Triple H, if you want to stay on this island and live in peace, you're going to have to put that belt on the line… against Chris Jericho!!!" Steph screeched.

"Wow, she really cuts to the point." Kaley said aside to Jade.

"WHAT?! FUCK NO! I'm not putting my belt on the line… you can't make me!"

"Fine, then we'll through you back out to the sharks to be killed like you buddy Ric!" Steph said, pointing the bloody head of Ric Flair that had just washed up on shore.

"NOOOO! All right, I'll do it. So all I have to do is DEFEND it to stay on the island?"

"Of course." Steph smirked. "Somebody summon Earl and get Nate the Native to build us a ring! Its time to rumble in the jungle!"

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